Amazon Kindle releases the Queen’s speech

| 28/12/2011

_57585786_queen2011.jpg(BBC): The Queen's Christmas speech has been released as a free download for Amazon's Kindle e-book reader following its broadcast. The retailer secured access to the transcript after approaching the Royal Household with the proposal. The arrangement is an e-book exclusive although the text was also made available at Facebook, the BBC and the Royal Household's official website. Book industry watchers described the move as a "coup" for Amazon.  In addition to this year's speech Kindle owners are able to download the Queen's previous Christmas messages dating back to 1952, the year of her accession to the throne.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I was not inspired by the Queen's speech at all in light of how the Overseas Territories are being treated. To me, it was dry and bland… heard many others speak about Jesus and doing good… nothing new.

    • anonymous :) says:


      well, jesus say if they hit you on one cheek, let them hit on the next one too.  its called forgiveness

    • Anonymous says:

      I rate you down because I am English, and God Save the Queen!