Driver badly hurt in crash

| 28/12/2011

(CNS): An early morning single vehicle collision placed two men in hospital Wednesday with one in a serious condition officials have said. The smash occurred at around 2.20am this morning on Linford Pierson Highway when the Honda Civic which the men were in left the road and collided with a tree, near to the riding stables. The driver, who is aged 26, and his 24-year-old passenger were both taken to the Cayman Islands Hospital where they are currently being treated.  The driver is described as being in a serious condition and the passenger stable. The smash comes just days after Cayman roads claimed the seventh life of the year.

Richard Alutaya Rivera (39) of East End was killed on the Shamrock Road in the early hours of Friday morning (23 December) when the Honda Civic that he was driving also smashed into a tree after leaving the road at speed.

As a result of this morning’s smash police said a section of the Linford Pierson Highway was closed to allow traffic investigations to take place but the road is now open and inquiries into the crash are ongoing. Anyone with any information is asked to contact PC Athelston Watts at the RCIPS Traffic Management Department on 946-6254.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    cops need to crack down on the muppet boy racer mentality…..i.e crack down on window tinting, illegal mods…etc…

  2. Anonymous says:

    This smash occurred at 2:20am and involved a single vehicle. Why was Linford Pierson still backed up at 7:30am? Does it really take over 5 hours to sort out an accident involving one car and a tree?

    • Anonymous says:

      It is because our RCIPS are incompetent and lazy.  It was a single vehicle accident that was not even blocking any lane, yet the RCIPS being too lazy to direct trafffic, decided to close the road, just because they can.  There is absolutely no warning of this until you come across a barricade.

      Not only are the RCIPS incompetent at solving crime they are also amateur with road traffic accidents.

    • so anonymous says:

      It does in Cayman!

    • Anonymous says:

      Sadly, we now know why the road was closed for all that time.

      If the driver's injuries are potentially serious enough to result in death the site has to become a crime scene. On this occasion RCIPS did it by the book, they were right andthe officers involved deserve credit for that decision.

      As has been posted before I am staggered that the injuries were so serious because the published photographs show very little damage to the vehicle. No seatbelt?


      • Anonymous says:

        Crime scene?  They happen everyday and not every road is closed because of death.  Nope, this was just laziness to direct traffic.

        • Anonymous says:

          An injury only crash scene, which is what you see every day, is not deemed to be a crime scene so traffic continues to flow once the carriageway is clear.

          However if the crash involves a fatality, or injuries so serious they might result in death, it becomes a full-blown crime scene and the road will remain shut until that is dealt with whether people like you like it or not.

          RCIPS are under a legal duty to fully investigate road deaths and I'm sure you'd be the first to start screaming if they just cleared up the mess and said 'So someone died? Tough!'

          The purpose of fatal crash investigation is to find out what happened then try to prevent it happening in future. If you don't like that you probably shouldn't be in charge of a motor vehicle because you clearly do not understand what is going on the road around you.


  3. Reality Check says:

    It is clear that there is a real problem with young working class Caymanian men driving cheap old Japanese cars dangerously.  They can kill and maim themselves all they want, if they want to be that stuoid, but they need to be punished very very seriously because they endanger the lives of innocent families with their stupidity.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Alcohol involved?

  5. Anonymous says:

    More importantly, what the devil do they need to close the road for when a car has just gone in the ditch according to the photos, and to leave it closed while people are going to work 5 to 6 hours later and the not even communicate when the road is open.

    So good at closing them but why bother opening them in a timely manner.  Useless, serioulsy useless.  Making themselves look important. 



  6. Anonymous says:

    its not modifications to the car as much as modifications to the mentality of these balloon head drivers with no sense. honestly? how do they pass their test?

    • Anonymous says:

      The same way they get their jobs.  Are you Caymanian?  Here's your job, drivers license, healthcare, gas card, etc.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I hope this driver recovers from his injuries without any serious long-term effects.

    I challenge the insurance companies to explain their logic of charging double the premiums for 6 & 8 cylinder vehicles when IN FACT, more people are killed and seriously injured in the smaller 4 cylinder cars. The statistics are there for them to review.

    For what an insurance wanted to add my two young adults to my Ford Explorer insurance, I could have bought and insured a Japanese pocket rocket. I chose to pay the big insurance  bucks and put them in the Explorer – no doubt they are a bit safer. But I can't help from feeling scammed!

  8. Dreadlock Holmes says:

    Tragic.  I guess a lot of people suspect another boy racer big tailpipe and small driving skills  incident.  Just the same….be careful out there…………….please watching Speed Vision and playing Grand Theft does not make you a race driver.

  9. Anonymous says:

    As long as little boys think it is "cool" to drive fast, we will have these accidents.

    And you don't need to modify a car to die in it, so that is not the problem.

    The problem is the culture.

    More police cars on the road and take away drivers license the moment you are caught.

    I don't care if you run of the road and die, as long as it is not my family that you are hurting with it.

    YOU are next i line . . . . . . .

  10. Anonimuss2 says:

    Just for the record,  could this vehicle been exceeding the speed limit???

  11. Anonymous says:

    I don't care what anyone says about which make of car is involved in those accidents. Those accidents have NOTHING to do with the vehicle, it is all about the bad attitude of those drivers. If your attitude is stink and you think the traffic law (which includes the speed limit) does not apply to you, you could be driving a Ford, BMW, Citroen, Suzuki you name it – your driving would be still bad and probably and result im some sort of consequence (whether be it a speeding ticker or an accident).

    I am just always reliefed when there was a single car crash rather than accident that involved innocent people who just happen to be on the road at the wrong time, suffering the consequences of some selfish, ignorant and stupid people!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Dear “Honda Civic”,
    Spoken like a true idiot. You obviously have no clue about driving a car and vehicle control.
    The problem is MOST local drivers have not been through a proper Driver’s Ed program, and therefore have no knowledge & skills with regards to car control in unusual situations.
    Yes, improper modifications to motor vehicles IS a major factor as well. When you see a HONDA ‘slammed to the ground’ & bouncing all over the road with the wheels protruding at obtuse angles from the wheel-wells, it was NOT made that way by the manufacturer, but rather modified by some back-yard mad-chanic, and IS NOT ROADWORTHY.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Sink holes in the roads with throw you away also…

  14. Anonymous says:

    You all are giving Hondas a bad name. 

  15. Anonymous says:

    Honda Civic… again???

    Doesn't anyone in Cayman learn from others' mistakes? Obviously Not.

    Listen, you cannot control, a front-wheel drive vehicle, at speeds above 60… once that back-end starts to slip out on ya… yuh salt.

    That's why Mustangs, Firebirds, Ferrari, NASCAR, F1, Police Cruisers – Rear-Wheel Drive.
    Subaru Impreza – All Wheel Drive – even better.

    Run your Ciivcs at high speed on the Bodden Town Speed Way, and in a straight line only; the minute you try to corner at high speed, back-end slips out, and coconut tree or light-pole gah do da rest.

    Practice Smart Driving.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you really think the average Caymanian would be able to control a Mustang if it's starts sliding over 60MPH anyway?

      Civics are one of the most common cars in Cayman, that's why you'll see m ore accidents from them.


    • Anonymous says:

      Can't…they closed it down.

    • Chris Johnson says:

      If you know anything about driving at high speed you can control the car if the back begins to slide. However I would recommend a driving course before trying it. After that you can try a Fangio reverse lock but please not on Cayman roads.

    • Anonymous says:

      Actually i think you will find that a decent driver can corner a front wheel drive at speeds in excess of 60 MPH. The word DECENT should be noted as most of the locally trained drivers here on the island have no idea about car control or driving at higher speeds, most cannot judge speed and distance at lower speeds. 60MPH in some countries is actually considered an average speed, including the UK where it is the average national speed limit unless in built up areas. The Linford would be designated a 60MPH for certain in the UK.

      Also in a front wheel drive car you get what is called UNDERSTEER which is when the speed of the rotating front wheels causes the car to loose traction and in a turn the car goes in a straight line even if the steering wheel is on full lock. The back end comes out normally when it’s too late and the speed of the vehicle has slowed enough for the front wheels to get traction again. That is what causes the back end to snap around. You normally get OVERSTEER in a rear wheel drive car which is when the same thing happens to the back wheels, they lose traction and the back end slides out. This is easier to control as you can steer into the slide if you are a DECENT driver. Front, rear and four wheel drive cars are easy to crash if you have an inexperienced driver who has been poorly trained.

      According to an English friend who did his test here on the island (and said it was a joke) you cannot exchange your CI license for a UK one as they do not recognize the Cayman Islands. It says the same on the UK Gov website.

      I can only assume that they do not feel the standard of driving is good enough to allow people to swap it over. Strange when other Caribbean countries like Barbados are recognized.

      • Anonymous says:

        There is need to drive 60mph in Cayman. These little boys just need to cool their stupid egos, slow down and drive the dang speed limit. They always trying to prove something…So insecure.

    • Anonymous says:


      You clearly do not know anything about cars or driving… Once over 60 lsoe control? You must cant drive… bro. Front wheel drive usually under-steers.

      Rear wheel drive can actually be easier to lose control if the back end slips out and you start to drift. Ever heard of over-steer?

      The police impala's are front wheel drive.. STILL

  16. Anonymous says:

    Untill something is done in regards to the modification to road vehicles, this will continue tohappen.

    Unfortunately most mods are done to Hondas.

    These mods make the insurance nil and void! RCIP do your job and tow these vehicles!

    Whilst on the subject, can anyone tell me the rules on rear passanger window tinting?

    I failed inspection at the Gov center, yet see cars all over totaly blacked out!

    • Anonymous says:

      How about the even more offensive tinting of license plates?  We can change the law to ban the use of cell phones, however the police here simply don't enforce even the most basic traffice laws – it should be an embarrasment.


    • Anonymous says:

      The vehicle looks perfectly stock in the only photo published so far.

      What is surprising are the injuries in a car that shows very little exterior damage. No seatbelts?

    • Anonymous-awoa says:

      The windows are tinted after inspection, or they have a friend do the inspection and pass it.

    • Anonymous says:


      Dude, seriously? It doesn't matter what mods are done to the car. Any car can get to 100MPH and lose control. Have you see the picture of the Civic? It's on CayCompass. Take a look, that's not even a type of Civic people do modifications to.

      Now re-read your post and realize you just wasted some of your life typing foolishness.


    • common sense says:

      There is not even one Mod on the vehicle. It wasnt even a "kids" car. It is the mothers car and is a four door civic. As far as damage the roof on the drivers side is almost touching the floor so it is severely damaged. Also how fast do you really think they wwere going when it happened 150 yards from the round about

    • Anonymous says:

      Really? So every Civic in Cayman has bene modded?

      Cmon son…  You can speed in every car. All it takes is lack of driving skills or to simply be drunk.


      Btw tinting you car is a modification so if you dont want to "mod" your car – #fishbowl