Politics, governance and transparency

| 18/01/2012

At the Cayman Business Outlook 2012 Conference the panel is asked to discuss “Politics, Good Governance and Transparency – What Does the Cayman Islands Report Card Say?”
“Politics”: a name for activities that some find unappealing, even disgraceful. But they go on in all real democracies. They are necessary for democracy, they are part of democracy.

For politicians and their supporters “politics” means trying to get elected or re-elected, the methods or stratagems that they use to win votes, and, for those who are elected, the performance of their constitutional responsibilities, either in government or in opposition. These activities necessarily involve disagreement, criticism, and confrontation — which is usually what people have in mind when they say that they do not like politics and do not want to get involved. The truth is that you cannot have democracy without some confrontation, though it is also true that political confrontation has a tendency to overheat.

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