UK to create new climate plan for all territories

| 05/02/2012

water.JPG(CNS): The UK is planning on creating a new programme to address what it believes is the vulnerability of its territories to the most severe ecological impacts of climate change. The British government believes this vulnerability presents a potentially huge contingent liability, which will fall “to the UK taxpayer if action to prevent, mitigate or adapt to the impacts” is not taken. Following the recent forum in Grenada the UK's DFID has put together a proposal to develop a programme for the territories. Cayman was noted as being one of three territories vulnerable because of thin water lenses and decreasing fresh water availability.

"Those territories, islands which are predominantly of limestone and coral formation such as British Virgin Island, Turks and Caicos, Cayman have thin water lenses and decreasing fresh water availability and are therefore highly sensitive to sea-level rise and changes in rainfall distribution,” the Department for International Development has stated in its report.

“OTs have a narrow economic base and for the most part are dependent on two or three sectors, such as the financial services industry and tourism in the Caribbean…..Subsequently they are highly sensitive to external market shocks with little economic resilience and capacity to adapt.”

The UK wants to promote a low carbon climate and has indicated there will be financial and technical support available to different territories, dependingon criteria such as their eligibility for Overseas Development Assistance and the UK government’s willingness to assist.

“The business case shall develop a logical, justified and differentiated approach to what type and amount of assistance should be made available to which territory and why,” DFID said, adding that some territories have a higher per capita income than the UK and would therefore not deserve financial assistance.

Acknowledging the diversity of the OTs in terms of size, population, economic activities and GDP the UK said that they range from the fragile, environmentally dependent subsistence economy of the Pitcairn Islands “to the more robust economies of Bermuda and Cayman Islands” based on tourism and offshore financial services. But the UK believes there is “logic to providing a generic framework in form of one business case with targeted selective areas of action for individual or groups” as they share characteristics making them vulnerable to climate change.

The plan aims to address how the territories can be best equipped to deal with existing climate related risks and prepare for future changes via one of four possible approaches which are to be explored and analysed by UK experts. “The suggested implementation options must take into account that all OTs face capacity constraints and should spell out how the programme will avoid creating a management burden on the territories,” DFID said.

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  1. Dennie Warren Jr. says:

    Another con…

  2. Anonymous says:

    The UK's Framework for Fiscal Responsibility (FFR) was necessary because of our fiscally irresponsible government.

    It is hoped that the UK will force the National Conservation Law on us as well so that we will be saved from destruction by the greedy and shortsighted. 

    Butterfly, we see, we know.


  3. Dare to Dream says:

    Yes, and the UDP government was hell-bent on destroying the water lens in East End until Arden and the East End folks got out and march against them and Imperato.  In the meantime they are still allowing the destruction of the magroves, not to mention the ill-effects of Mount Thrashmore because the dump is not managed properly.  Of course moving it to Bodden Town, will only cause more polution, when east meets west somewhere on the shores of  the north sound.  Mouther Country please return the CIU$1,000,000 that we sent to you during the Falklands ware along with whatever else you can afford to help us manage the enviromnent !!

  4. ex-Civil Servant says:

    Treat anything that comes out of DFID with extreme caution.

    This is an organisation that almost exactly meets the criteria for a 'waste of space'. If HMG closed down DFID tomorrow the only noticeable change would be a slight increase in the UK's unemployment figures.

    The only upside, if you have the savvy, it that they are very soft touch when it comes to handouts, even giving money to countries that don't actually want their help. All you seem to have to do to qualify is claim poverty and be very politically correct.


  5. Anonymous says:

    So does this mean I need to learn how to swim 😉 Talk about water front property will now be in the water property. I dont worry about global warming –  This all made up by G-20 Governmentst to scare the planet. The polar caps melt every few thousand years and it goes back to its normal state  also.

  6. Anonymous says:

    So now McKeevaspeak has reached Parliament in London! It was only a matter of time he havin spent so much time there.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Yep….. Andsmoking is good for you too ……. Zzzzz

  8. Anonymous says:

    "the more robust economies of Bermuda and Cayman Islands"  What are they smoking crack.  They must think the unemployment rate here is zero and we are paying 25CI for our electric.  WAKE UP

    • Like It Is says:

      Any "country" that does not need to charge income tax is extremenly robust.

      • Anonymous says:

        Taxes are being charged on income (indirectly); everytime we buy something there's a high duty fee asscoiated with it, moreso than other countries.

        Locals and tourists acknowladge the high costs of goods on island; most likely the highest in the Caribbean.

        That dosen't make for a robust economy, that makes for an overburdened one.

        Obviously you don't live here or have so much money that you are unaware of the cost of goods for day-to-day living.

      • Anonymous says:

        I dont think these people realize that things are still very good in Cayman. We have a lot to complain about yes but other countries have even more to complain about. We have unemployment but other countries have even bigger unemployment problems. We have crime other countries have crime too.

        However we do need to be very careful to protect what is there. I know an election is coming up in the not do distant future. Many promise you things now that is the nature of politics. As soon as they all get in they dissappoint.

        And please the comment was not meant to say that we should kick out all expats or bring them in.

  9. Anonymous says:

    don't worry we have caymankind!……..zzzzzzzz

  10. Whodatis says:

    Dear UK,

    Re: "Climate Change" Plan for British Territories

    Considering that;

    • hundreds of years ago Londoners regularly enjoyed ice skating on the River Thames (which is unheard of today)
    • the Romans tended to wine vineyards as far north in your homeland as the Scottish border
    • Vikings planted 'hard food' crops all over the British Isles and various parts of northern Europe
    • you are currently in your FOURTH consecutive year of record breaking harsh winters
    • 300 people have frozen to death in Europe in the past 5 days alone
    • the UK is about to grind to a freezing halt come Monday morning … for the 4th consecutive winter (perhaps more)
    • carefully edited and presented propaganda films and "documentaries" are laughable at best and its 'scientific' findings throughly rejected
    • the terminology of this 'crisis' changes as regularly as the CLIMATE in order to keep up with its failed 'scientific' track record
    • there are political and economic incentives behind the "climate change" agenda
    • scandals and leaked emails surrounding falsified scientific data that "supports" this ridiculous theory have been displayed for the world to see …

    I as a citizen of one of the aforementioned territories outrightly reject your proposal.

    It is clear to any rational thinking individual armed with science and data absent from political manipulation that there is no identifiable historical pattern in regards to anthropogenic 'climate change'.

    (In my life the climate 'changes' every time morning comes back around.)

    You are not God / the creator / Mother nature (take your pick) – and your scare-tactics bear no significance on me whatsoever.

    Your ultimate, albeit unmentioned, proposal of a "climate change tax" will do absolutely nothing to 'curb' any 'changes' in the overall climate of the freakin' PLANET!

    Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Environmentalism – all require a degree of faith to be believed and are in effect religions, but which one is unique?

    Environmentalism – as it is the only one freely allowed and actually encouraged to be taught in modern schools. (And Al Gore is the prophet, LOL!)

    *Someone is planning to be very rich and powerful off of absoulute worthless crap for a very, very long time. Hmmm … sounds familiar actually.

    ** Lastly, you and your fellow broke-pocket western buddies need to get off your pampered, lazy a$$es, bring back actual jobs, start making something – anything again, fix your failed economies, find jobs for your masses of unemployed citizens ("green jobs" anyone?), and quit working on bullcrap stories of a melting planet as a means of distracting the public and securing a dollar.





    P.S. I am no litterbug nor do I endorse the rampant wastage of the Earth's natural resources however, the 'doomsday' element surrounding this agenda is now beyond ridiculous.


    • Like It Is says:

      While we all knew Whodatis was off his rocker for some time, I did not think even he would be crazy enough tobe a science denier and reject the obvious impact of global warming.  However rejecting it on marxist/anti-imperialist grounds is quite novel.


      • Anonymous says:

        I disagree, Whodatis is not crazy…I am convinced though that he is the 'mouthpiece' for all the anti-colonialists, anti-american, anti-bristish West Indians living amonst us since the majority of them have and continue to use that rhetoric behind the scenes regarding every issue.

        However, they befriend those same persons with their clandestine statments that they too are at the 'mecy' of our immigration laws etc and they work other foreigners to label native Caymanians as xenophobic while working with the other groups to have their fellow West indians gain control. Trust me, I have lived it and heard about but we don't have a 'mouthpiece' out there spreading the truth.

        So that's the truth Whodatis….your friends/people are against all American/European history, views and positions because it's all part of the brainwashing going on. Checkout his blogs….bet the CHinese were defended

        • Whodatis says:

          Wow – my biggest fan right here.


          Ummm … you do realize that the topic at hand is "climate change", right? Come on … try and keep up – you can do it!

          • Anonymous says:

            yes Mr Whodatis, I am a 'fan' 🙂 and maybe you could have reminded yourself of that, and simply voiced your opposition. Trust me, I did get the topic and ironically agree with your main points of caution, seeking to educate ourselves of both sides. As your biggest fan, do feel that you tend to focus every historical negative position of the US/UK…which may undermine what we are all seeking. The truth. If we have gathered as much available evidence then make a decisions that is one thing but to constantly attack the idea/proposition because it is from the UK/USA may not be the wisest choice either.

            Your Number One Fan 🙂


            • Reality Check says:

              There are not two sides to this debate any more than there are two sides to the evolution/"intelligent design" debate.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is the most ridiculous response i have ever seen.   There is no denying climate change, the issue is the impact it will have on this islands.  Mark my word, Cayman and islands will be among the first nations to be affected by rising sea levels.  We do not have anything to combat the harsh weather patterns we will face.  Storms that willl be worse than '32 and Ivan.  Summers of extreme heat and all with less fresh water.  This means more cancer from the sun, less food produced on island.  Impacts to the insurability of these condos that they are building on the ever encroaching sea levels.  Eventually it means that investors will leave the island.  Sure, climate change and the impacts to the island don't exist. 


      What difference is it to you Whodatis, whether the UK attempts to help the island territories to combat climate change.  If it doesn't exist why do you even bother writing?

      • Whodatis says:

        Re: "If it doesn't exist why do you even bother writing?"

        Because plans are in place to take money out of my pocket, that's why.

        One can believe in Christ, Mohammed, Krishna, Buddha, the tooth-fairy and who or whatever else you choose so long as it does not affect my life.

        Hence my voiced opposition to this very popular 'movement' now.

      • Anonymous says:

        Global warming is the greatest hoax ever perpetrated on the public.  Its designed to accumulate hundered of billions (with a B) in Bogus Taxes on just about all forms of energy and transports.

        There is no PROOF of global warming.  The evidence is also against it and the email scandle shows there people ahve been fuding the number deliberately.

        It could'nt possibly have to do with Millions upon millions of reaserach grant money that would influence this c"concensus" would it?  Naaaaaaah!

        No global warming, no need for a fortune in reasearch grants.

        Do the math.

        The ide that Cayman Islands has ANY influence of the weather is abolutely absurd.  Complete loonacy.

        Don't buy this hoax from these snake oil salesmen and theives,  they are after taxes, Period.

        Even a fraction of of a percent, on energy companies, air lines, shipping lines, trains, trucking companies… amounts to potentially hundred of billions globally, perhaps more.  This is the true incentive about this "Climate Change"

        The whole notion of the Climate Changing being asomething abnormal is crazy.  the Climate "always" changes, cyclically, sometimes phenomenally it always changes, the ice ages and melt downs proves this.

        Don't drink the kool aid.

      • Anonymous says:

        Although we disagree about a number of things I don't find Whodatis's post on this subject ridiculous at all. You appear to have misunderstood the point he was making. He did not say that there is no such as climate change but rather that there was no consistent pattern of anthropogenic (caused by human activity) climate change. His views are shared by some eminent scientists in the field including Prof. Fred Singer, Professor Emeritus of Environmental Sciences at the University of Viriginia and founder and president of The Science & Environmental Policy Project – a non-profit research group of independent scientists.  He is no kook.  

      • Anonymous says:

        I figured you would complain that the testimony of Prof. Singer to the U.S. Congress in 2000 was too old so here is a link to more recent material in the same vein:


    • Whodatis says:


      Let it be understood that I expected this type of response to my post.

      However, so long as more of us are exposed to the other side of the 'debate' then my work here is done.

      Take care.

    • Anonymous says:

      Whodatis, Boy you sure got a lot of your chest.

      O great one please advise us in the errors of our ways. You seem to be all knowing in all areas.

      Your humble servants await your next post of stupidness.

    • Al Nomadi says:

      Dear WhoDatIs,

      Since you are a climate change denier I have a very nice piece of waterfront property that you may be interested in. It is approximately one meter above sea level and is a wonderful location for a mega development. I am willing to trade the said property for an equivalent sized property at a somewhat higher elevation. Any interest?


      Climate Believer

    • Whodatis says:

      I must say that I am somewhat surprised by the amount of support received considering myperspective.

      It is interesting because society has arrived at a point where we can freely mock and disagree with the notions of any given religion, but to be a "climate denier" is the greatest sin today.

      The 'science' surrounding this theory simply does not stand up nor do indisputable historic climatic changes align with its findings.

      I sincerely thank all of you that have taken the time to forward your own perspectives, sources of conflicting evidence, links and economic breakdowns.

      My final wish is to see the awakening of the many on the other side of this 'debate'. Furthermore, calling someone 'crazy' or a 'climate denier' for expressing a perspective formed AFTER careful analysis of the entire issue (researching beyond the mass media headlines), will simply not do.

      At a minimum, objectors should have forwarded some type of evidence or explanation that demonstrates an anthropogenic link to the climatic variations referred to in my original post.

      Take care everyone.

       – Whodatis

  11. Like It Is says:

    Dear UK,

    We have $40m sitting in an account in Cayman for spending on environmental matters.  Don't let sticky fingers squander it.

    Thank you.

    A skeptical citizen

  12. Anonymous says:

    Smoggy the Polar Bear says: Only you can prevent climate variation! Put Out That Fire!

  13. Anonymous says:

    What a waste of breath.