Stomach bug still plaguing community

| 28/02/2012

stomache-ache-t15209 (241x300).jpg(CNS): Government’s public health officials are urging the community to practice good hygiene to help stem an on-going outbreak of gastroenteritis. Medical health officer Dr Kiran Kumar said that although there has been a decline in the number of cases during the past week ending 25 February another 85 cases had been reported. “Usually, we see between 15 and 25 cases of gastroenteritis per week at the Health Services Authority facilities, however,  in the week ending 5 February, we had 64 cases and for the following two  weeks 132 and 133,” Dr. Kumar  added. Since 5 February, 42 children and 5 adults were hospitalised and all have recovered. 

“During the same period (5 – 25 February), we tested 22 stool samples of which 11 were positive for Norovirus and 8 were positive for Rotavirus, thus indicating that we are experiencing a viral gastroenteritis outbreak,” the public health boss said.

See attached guidelines for advice on keeping the illness at bay

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Could this not be the Norovirus? The Cruise ship that had 356 people on board with this infection came here two weeks while having the outbreak. The cruise line did take precautions to contain it. It spreads as quick as the flu, Only one passenger would need to have it then we would get it here!



    • Letsby Avenue says:

      Wow, are you Sherluck Holmes or just someone who goes around stating the bleedin' obvious?

  2. Anonymous says:

    No wonder diarrhea killing me!!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Three of my family members were sick from Feb 4th for a week.  This number is actually a lot higher as many people did not go to the hospital.

  4. Tummy says:

    Taste of Cayman – food poisoning.  Gastroenteritis – something completely different.  Of the two pick food poisoning. 

  5. Me says:

    And we still dont know which vendor was responsible for the tast of cayman outbreak. How are we supposed to know where to avoid if they arent named and shamed?

  6. WillYaListen! says:

    It's the government's fault.

    Everyboy is sick of them.

  7. Anonymous says:

    any update on the taste of cayman outbreak? or did that just get sweeped under the carpet? i'd be interested in knowing the full extent as I'm convinced the 15 ppl originally reported was far from accurate – two days later when I'd had enough of feeling like death, I went to my docs,  there was one other person in there in the same predicament. and at the pharmacy the chemist'swords were "you wouldn't believe the amount of ppl we've had in hear for this."