GLF got $2M settlement

| 15/03/2012

toilet1.jpg(CNS): The actual settlement given to GLF Construction as a result of the premier’s decision to terminate talks with the developer over the cruise facilities is $2,093,750, according to the appropriation made on Tuesday at Finance Committee. Premier McKeeva Bush confirmed the speculation that the increase in the finance ministry budget for compensation from $605,000 to $2,698,750 was a direct result of the decision to settle with the firm outsideof court. He said the legal advice was it would be cheaper than going to trial, even if government could have defended and won the case. He added that the public purse would eventually be compensated as a result of the sale of ‘intellectual property’, the details of which he could not reveal, he said.

Answering questions from the opposition leader regarding the change in expenditure for his own ministry, Bush, who was chairing a special sitting of Finance Committee, also revealed that the expected costs of the Spotts Jetty had doubled in price. Spelling out why he had decided to move from GLF to CHEC, he claimed the Beijing-based firm was going to give government more and in the end the country would be “way ahead” with that proposal.

“As far as our legal team was concerned, it was best to settle out of court … rather than go to court as we felt it would cost us more, even with a chance to win,” Bush said. “I took the decision to settle the matter.  I believe the proposal that we have in front of us, where the dock is going to cost money to build that we don’t have and where GLF was not proposing to do certain things that we wanted done … being the Spots Jetty, which is between $6 and $8 million and the Turtle Farm, which we don’t have the money to do….”

Bush said that the redevelopment of the Turtle Farm had always been tied to the idea of a dock there, which was why the facility was costing government around $9 million in subsidy. He said the facility had been done with the support of the industry as Grand Cayman had needed more improved tourist amenities, but he said government would not have built it if the dock was not part of the deal as it would not have been able to get the people there.

“When I consider that we had worked out a programme with CHEC to build the Spots Jetty and to develop a facility at the Turtle Farm, that as far as we are concerned … even though we had to pay out $2 milllion, that puts us way ahead, that cost pales in comparison to $2 million of settlement that we agreed on.”

He said government would still be compensated as it would receive the same amount by the sale of the intellectual property, such as the framework agreement between GLF. He said the lawyers were dealing with it and it would be made public in time as to who was buying it but he couldn’t reveal the details yet.

Alden McLaughlin asked the premier if, given the settlement, this was a concession that the contract was wrongfully terminated.

“Well that was their position,” Bush said. “Even though we felt we could have won, it would have cost us much more to do battle in court. We decided we weren’t going that route … They held that they were wrongfully … we said ‘no’ … when it was all figured up it could cost probably $7 million or $5 million to settle with them if we went to trial …”

The premier also said that there were other reasons why he had chosen not to continue with GLF but he would not reveal those reasons but maybe it would come out in due course, he said cryptically as he went on to suggested he was being spied on.

“There is a tremendous amount of talk. There is even what I would term espionage going on because I certainly can’t go anywhere before I see two people with a camera following me up and down … and they are running around with petitions. They were people who were part and parcel of the local construction company … because they didn’t get the business they are doing their endeavour best to make this more than it is.”

Bush said that until such a time wherethat he could make things open, this was all he could say.

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  1. Fedup says:

    The phrase:    "the actual settlement given to GLF Construction as a result of the premier’s decision to terminate talks with the developer over the cruise facilities is $2,093,750"      is at odds with  ……….."the increase in the finance ministry budget for compensation from $605,000 to $2,698,750 was a direct result"…………. Somehow $2.7 milion got shrunk to $2million! The compensation paid was $2.7million in total wasn't it?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Another example of the costly incompetance of our politicians resulting in the people paying for their mistakes and incompetance.

    Cohen financing deal. undisclosed $2-3.0m

    GLF/CHEC port development deal. $2.1m

    Concessions to CEC and Shetty in lost revenue. $30.0m+

    Ritz Carlton/Ryan – loss of unpaid duty $6.0m+

    Loss of intellectual property belonging to the people. $2.0m

    Loss of valuable time – costs money. $15.0m+

    Stalling of port and airport infrastructural projects have cost the country an enormous amount of revenue.

    People of the Cayman Islands, ask yourself, "Does this incompetance deserve the re-election of the current UDP Government" ? They can continue to carry on about the costs of the schools, to cover their incompetance and mis-management, however spending on infrastructure is an investment into the country's future and the future of many generations of Caymanian children, it does not represent an incompetant waste of the country's money as seen with the UDP with the examples above of unrecoverable loss of money or future revenue for the country.

    People, please wake up and smell the coffeefor "Investment in infrastructure" is an investment in the future of the country which can be amortised over 50+ years and provides continuing compounded ongoing returns to us all benefiting the country and every person living in the Cayman Islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      Anon 11;37

      Lets be real and stop fooling the people. which government has'nt paid out some sort of  penality.

      How many countries are able to start up any type of infrastructures, since this Global down turn in their economy?

      Paying for a country"s infrastructures never stops, we are paying for some now over 20 and 30 years old. Thats the way things are, we will continue to pay, and our children will take up when we pass on, so whats the big deal?

      I wonder how many of us will pay off our debts and not leave it for our  children…lets be real!


      • Anonymous says:

        Let's be real and stop fooling the people… how about NOT comparing ourselves to the rest of the world and saying, okay, we are not so bad because the entire world is in a recession so we can feel free to make stupid mistakes and piss away the local taxpayers money by not making intelligent decisions in the first place?   Let's be real… how about not simply saying we are a first world country, but actually live it up to it and stop acting like a banana republic.    Let's be real…how about electing some people who actually know what they are doing, who care for this country's future and who believe in transparency and good governmance and ensuring value for money?   Let's be real… how about not accepting inferior and substandard representation and demanding instead that our politicians be held accountable for their actions.   Let's be real… how about moving into modern times by implementing ONE MAN, ONE VOTE.   I think you are the one that needs to "get real" and stop accepting mediocracy from your leaders.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Someone please continue the list of Mac-Blunders that have cost this government unnecessary expense:



    Turtle Farm


  4. Dred says:

    CNS – I must say I ABSOLUTELY love the picture. I find it to be SO ACCURATE!!!

  5. Anonymous says:

    It’s time to act ppm and get rid off keke, how much things he have to do until you over throw his a$$!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      ppm? They need a leader that will do something. He seems more concerned about arden & ezzard than keke.

  6. Anonymous says:

    The Premier said "GLF was not proposing to do certain things that we wanted done … being the Spots Jetty, which is between $6 and $8 million and the Turtle Farm, which we don’t have the money to do….”   NONSENSE AND VERY MISLEADING.   The original invitation to bid did not include either of these docks and so none of the original competing companies would have included it in their original proposals.  To spell it out for you, the Port Authority never asked the original bidders to include these 2 other docks into their bids.    The Premier suddenly decided to move goalposts and claimed that because CHEC materialized (by the way, they appeared LONG  after the original bid deadline had closed and came in through some strange back-door channel yet to be explained and were not among the original bidders) and they offered to throw in these other 2 docks as "incentives" for getting the GT Dock (classic Chinese style of doing business), and HE decided to leverage the country's asset to get the 2 other docks done, and single-handedly decided to pull the plug on GLF.    I recall after they were terminated, GLF / Royal issued a public press release in the newspapers offering to add the Spotts Jetty and Turtle Farm docks to their original proposal.  Did the Premier give them the time of day and give them a chance to compete against CHEC's "out of thin air offer" or did he simply dismiss GLF out of hand in true autocratic style?  He has a LOT of explaining to do.   Please set the record straight with accurate facts and stop feeding us BS as usual.   We are tired of it and you are fooling no one.   

  7. Anonymous says:

    Only if it was considered that the potential plaintiff had a very strong case would it make any economic sense to settle on these terms.

    • Alan Nivia says:

      Which would require strong evidence that Mac's decision was wrong.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Mckeeva do me a favor please XXXX the Chinese and not get any further entwined with them. Nothing has even started yet and costs are already doubling. Think this one through because honestly this fiasco could well be the final nail in our coffin.

  9. Anonymous says:

    LIGHTBULB !  Could it be that you were probably a teeny weeny bit afraid of what MIGHT come out in a lawsuit fought in open court where the public would learn what truly went on and the level of incompetence that triggered such a lawsuit?  Could that be the real reason for settling it quietly out of court?   By the way, if it so happens that the money taken from Government coffers to pay for this will eventually be recovered from the sale of "intellectual property" and if it so happens that the Chinese buy this "intellectual property" from Government, don't ya think it is remotely possible that the Chinese will want to recover this wee little sum of money, by tacking it onto their costs to build the port and including it somewhere in their construction budget?  The budget they claim they will need some 50 years to recover and get paid back for what they spent?   Because there aint no such thing as a free lunch, somebody pays for it in the end, whether it is the taxpayers of Cayman, or the cruise lines passengers, or some other entity.  Anyone else except you.   Get my drift, MacDaddyo?

    • Anonymous says:

      Spotts jetty budget just gone up – wonder if there is a connection

  10. Anonymous says:

    I clearly don't understand the process of contracts and tendering etc but GFL didn't do any "building".  No cruise facility was even started, we were still in talks with them.  So how did the contract between us and them include some kind of we pay them if the talks are stopped?  Who made that contract?  Is this a normal obligation?  Was the 2+M a deposit?  I don't get it….

    • Anonymous says:

      XXXX There was an agreement in place, and certain conditions under which the agreement could be rightfully terminated.  In this case it appears it was wrongfully terminated and they sued to recover their costs.  It would appear that even though ground had not yet been broken, there was much that had to be done first to prepare for construction to begin.  Things such as coming up with engineering designs, architectural designs, testing, etc and etc.  Things which a client normally pays for.   Look at it this way –  If you agree in writing withsomeone to do something for you, and that person goes out and spends money to start the job on your behalf, and you turn around and wrongfully end that agreement without any good reason, the wronged party has a right to sue you for whatever expenses they incurred on your behalf.   There is such a thing as consequence for one's actions.   Maybe next time our politicians will stop and think before they make rash decisions that end up costing the country more money that it has.   

      • Anonymous says:

        How can a primary school Minister of Finance have the understanding, that a 'contract' is binding on both sides, and could end up in a law suit if it is broken by ether party.  This the reason we need intelligent, educated people in the government to represent us and not their own pockets.

        • Anonymous says:

          True, true !   The Minister of Finance apparently thinks that the contract is 1-way, as in "My way or the highway !"   No bobo, it don't work that way, not in the real world !   LOL !  

    • Anonymous says:

      I think the fat guy was laughing all the way to the bank.

  11. Secret Agent says:

    Mac, Mac, Mac,

    We have been spying on you for years and years. 


  12. Anonymous says:

    It is time to stop blaming Alden McLaughlin for overspending on schools to educate our children maybe he is trying to prevent more bushes from springing up to rule the country.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Apparently now it's time to start blaming Rolston Anglin for overspending on the schools.

      • Anyone remember pre-school? says:

        If the children would stop blaming each other and get something done, no one would have to be blamed.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ask Rollie how much the construction of his new kitchen costs and all the wastage under his poor management?  Workers have commented on increase costs due to his erratic changes.  It is like having a mad bull in a china shop.  Why dosen't he tell us all about that?

  13. Anonymous says:

    People -especially those in governments — make mistakes.   This is not one of those times.   The Premier made a choice against logic and against the process that had already been tendered.   

    Who should pay?  

    Who WILL pay?    Me, and you, and you.   Sucks to be us.

    • Anonymous says:

      I believe there is UK precedent that shows politicians can be held personally liable where their breach of rules causes loss. AG? FS? Gov?

  14. Anonymous says:


    If Givernment had a good case it would have cost GLF much more in suing unsuccesfully and they simply can’t afford it. Either GLF had a good case or they have just played a huge bluff and got away with it. Leet me think which seems more likely!

  15. Old Sea Captain says:

    Keep blowing it Mac and company, I know you can throw away at least $500million by May next year. When you leave make sure the deficit is as close to one billion dollars as you can get it. Let me suggest an easier way to give the money away. Charter Cayman Helicopters every weekend and fly over West Bay with $10million in cash, preferably $1 & $5 bills, and throw the money out from now until the elections in May 2013. Sign a memorandum to have this done get Ellio to ride in the chopper with you. This way your people will have to do a bit of work to get the money, they'll have to bend down and pick it up. This is all you have left to do to make the national heroes list.

    Caymanians should walk around hanging their heads in shame to condone this type of behavior. I wonder what happened to the people that was instrumental in getting this man elected, remember the ones that were on the UDP platform during the last campaign, I haven't seen nor heard anything from them since that disastrous day in May 2009, maybe they will now come forward and volunteer to pay back all the money that has been squandered during this administration.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Well he is going to re-coupe that lost money importing vegetables and fruit from Honduras. So you better start eatin…. What a premier idiot he is.

  17. Just Sayin says:

    I hope the "intellectual property" he plans to sell not his own…otherwise well all going to hell in a hand basket.  Thatch if you please…


    Just Sayin.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Either your lawyer gave you ill-advice and should go back to law school, or maybe you think you can continue to feed John Public the same BS you have been feeding us for years and expecting us to believe.  If you win, the other party is usually instructed by the courts to pay your legal costs, or you can countersue to recover those.    We are smarter than you think, it ain't working this time.  And PLEASE, PLEASE ask your SPIN DOCTOR Elio to give it a rest, we are so tired of hearing his non-sensical yapping that just goes on and on and on, without saying anything intelligent and just trying to shroud everything with confusion and misinformation, anything in an effort to distract attention from the real issues.  He must think that the multitude of words that spew from his mouth make him sound intelligent, either that or he actually likes the sound of his own voice.  All he manages to do is convince us that the old saying "politicians are masters at evading intelligent questions" is so true.   Why don't you politicians desist from refusing to answer to the people who elected you, and realize that as your employers, they have a right to correct information, to be updated on your comings, goings and dealings, and to be consulted with before you all go off and make decisions on their behalf?  How about that for a refreshing change?

    • Anonymous says:

      I truly get tired and weary when I try to listen to Elio's drivel and pick sense out of nonsense, an impossible task when it comes to his loooonnng wearisome speeches.

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree – he uses a whole lot of words when often a simple yes or no would anser the question.

        He assumes we are all fool. He'll soon learn!

        • Anonymous says:

          Helium likes to blow a lot of hot air in order to steam up / fog up / obscure / shroud answers to questions, so that by the time he is done speaking, we are left saying "Huh?  Did he answer the question or not?  Coz I didn't understand what he just said – after the first 10 minutes of round-about, can't-get-to-the point verbiage, I lost track of what he was saying."   Master politician he is.   Pity he doesn't realize that this type of dinosaur-style politics is on its way out.   He is dealing with more intelligent, savvy people in a more modern age who, come election time, will not vote for politicians who try to obscure the truth.

        • Anonymous says:

          For a man, he certainly can talk – even my women friends couldn't keep up with him.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Bush selling 'intellectual property", LMAO, definition of an oxymoron.

    • Anonymous says:

      An oxymoron yes, but I understand the logic; anything to do with intelligence is superfluous to his requirements.

  20. Anonymous says:

    "because they didn’t get the business they are doing their endeavour best to make this more than it is.”  Sir, you are doing a fine job all on your own, demonstrating to the general people that, there really is more to this than what YOU would like us all to think.  The scales are dropping from people's eyes and they realize that things are not what they seem on the surface as YOU would like us to believe or according to how YOU SPIN IT.   It is evident that even those within your own inner circle are now getting quite disgusted too.  Did you hear what Captain Bryan said on the Panel a couple days ago? How else could the Chinese plans and drawings have been leaked, if not from someone close within your own inner circle?    Can you answer that one?  Huh?  No?  You are at a loss for words in explaining that one?  Try as you might, you can't even convince those close to you that this Chinese plan is a good deal for the country, and someone with a conscience saw fit to educate the public on what the Chinese intend to do, something you and Elio should have been doing all along.    

  21. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva, Shame on you!!  You need to pay GLF out of your own pockets and leave our money alone.  You need to pay everyone of your mistakes out of your own pockets, that is including the 6Mio plus owed to us by Michael Ryan too.  You are too abrupt and negligent and the owness should lie with you and you alone.  Can you imagine what areas that money could had covered?

  22. Anonymous says:

    Its truly amazing. The UDP won because of Alden's overspending. The UDP also overspend, but we seem to ignore it for two reasons. One, the UDP continually has us focused on Alden's overspending. Two, Alden to this day denies that he overspent, which keeps our focus on him. With each day of Alden's denials, the UDP get away with another day of overspending spending. And they magic isn't real. Hate him or love him, this is where Mac is a master. 


  23. Anonymous says:

    he paid out $2m on case he thinks he would have won???????

    his logic is mind boggling….

    any comment mr. governor?


    • Mr. Governor says:

      Huh, o yes, hmmn hmmn, well…….actually i thought this was just a vacation, didn't realise I was expected to work.

      What Did Mr. Bush say about it?


  24. Anonymous says:

    Next Up. Tom Jones

  25. Anonymous says:

    Is this not the same payment that the Premier advised last year would NOT be paid out of the public purse?

  26. Anonymous says:

    We need to sue him for losing our money.  It can then be deducted from his salary/pension every month.  Hmmm…I think we have a new petition from the devil worshippers.  What do you say to that one Mr. Praymer?

    • Anonymous says:

      If you want to sue someone for waste you need to sue Alden for starting those schools!.. those are $200,000,000!! ….. not $2M.

      Or put another way, 1/3 of our national debt.

      • Anonymous says:

        Ah such ignorance as to the facts… 

      • Anonymous says:

        The UDP broke ground on the schools before the election, maybe you should remember that and sue them you idiot.

      • Anonymous says:

        The UDP has made them cost $200m. While I agree that Alden mishandled the schools project there is no reason to believe that he did anything unlawful.

        • Anonymous says:

          Anon 1342 in the end this project will be known in Aldens name. If the UDP causes this project to cost more it will be on Aldens account not the UDPs. The UDP in turn will try to claim to have improved the project and as in all things suggest that they saved the country from the PPMs mess. The shoe fits on either foot as that was the PPMs story when they went in. It politrics 101.

  27. Anonymous says:

    KEKE NEEDS TO GO!!!!! i can get my 2 year old kid to do a better job than what he's doing? my kid can count to 3, can count to 3 KEKE???? I GUESS NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Anonymous says:

    We would never have known about this till Rolston Anglin admitted it on Rooster one morning, other wise we would still be in the dark about how much we had to pay GLF. What a disgrace and waste of our money, I am sure Rolston got a tongue lashing for making that announcement, I really feel sorry for him, CG and Eugene they are McKeeva puppets, and have to do exactly as he says. God please help these Cayman Islands under these UDP reign.

    • Anonymous says:

      I wonder if any of these gentlemen will have the balls to do the right thing and break loose. Me thinks they would do a better job on their own and would earn a helluva lot of respect by standing up doing the right thing.

      Time will tell

  29. Anonymous says:

    he is a joke, one cannot recover the $'s thrown away.

    throw away $2.00 last week,

      sell intellectual property today for $4.00, got your $2.00 back,

    NO, NO, NO   if you did you will have $6.00 in the people's treasury and not 4.

    it's like saying i lost $2.00 shopping yesterday but i got it back because i went to work today and got paid.

    Finance minister!!!!!!, oh heee,

      when will the majority of voters wake up and put the Country 1st.

    not anytime soon because the are becoming more and more selfish,

    it's all about me, me, me.

    but you should know when the Country fail we all fail.

                  lets get some integrity back into the system

    • Anonymous says:

      Integrity is like virginity – you only lose it once – and its long gone I'm afraid

  30. Anonymous says:

    KEKE is such a fool and it's showing everytime, did this guy miss primary school? for sure he did not attend high school! if he did have a little more brains.  If he don't have  and brains he should have someone to consult him rather than making these foolish mistakes eveyday!!!! this man is hopeless!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. Anonymous says:

    You People All Put Up With It, So Enjoy Your Enslavement And SHUT UP!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Aha.  Now, apparently, the media ("people with a camera") are involved in "espionage" against McKeeva Bush.  That sounds a bit paranoid.  Mr. Bush, it has been quite some time since you have been able to provide the people of the Cayman Islands with a rational statement or response to statements.  Perhaps you should step down and seek professional help.


  33. Anonymous says:

    More smoke and mirrors Mac, you need to explain WHY we have to pay GLF to NOT build a port and resign when you admit it is your fault for changing your mind for your own reasons. We don't need you to explain that it costs less to settle out of court, we aren't idiots as you seem to think we are.

  34. WeSoF*%#ed says:

    “Even though we felt we could have won, it would have cost us much more to do battle in court."

    Mac, Do you have to show us how ignorant you are every time you open your mouth!? Have you ever heard of a counter suit to recoupe your legal fees when you win? Clearly the above statement is complete BS. You screwed up big time and it cost us, admit it!


    • Anonymous says:

      Clearly his legal advisor, XXXX needs to go back to law school.

      • Anonymous says:

        The only problem McKeeva doesn't have is the quality of advice he's getting.  It is entirely with him – all of this, this crumbling edifice of a country, is because of one man who won't let go until we all go down with him.

    • Anonymous says:

      It would have cost more than $2 million dollars to win your case?  Sad that you believe we might believe that.


    • A Cayman Attorney says:

      As an experienced litigator and having read the underlying documents there is no prospect whatsoever of this case ever costing anything close to $2m dollars.  That claim is utterly unbelievable.

    • Reality Bites says:

      I have never heard of such a counter-suit.  One just asks for costs.

  35. Anonymous says:

    > He added that the public purse would eventually be compensated as a result of the sale of ‘intellectual property’, the details of which he could not reveal, he said.

    Say what? Use the people's money now to correct your screw ups and yet B.S. them into saying you're goign to pay them back… but you just tell them how right now. It's for their own good.

    So much for an open, transparent government.

    • Anonymous says:

      McKeeva Bush cannot reveal the details of the sale of  "intellectual property" because his claim that the public purse can be compensated by the sale of such property is nonsense.  $50 says he could not define "intellectual property" if asked.


      • Macapedia says:

        Macapedia defines "intul egg shell property" as broken egg shells from Cayman's wild chicken population that are found on your back yard (property).

      • Anonymous says:

        Reporter: Premier, if I could ask you a question?

        Mac: Yes sweety?

        Reporter: What is your definition of "intellectual property"?

        Mac: A definition?  Dat dem smart books like Encyclo..pedia Brita..nnica, yeh dats what dat is.

  36. Stranger than Fiction says:

    The Premier's position is a job. J,,. O… B.  The old saying you can't make money without spending it seems to have turned around in his head to you can't make money without losing it.

    Reality Check:  He is paid $14,000 CI per month plus perks ie. no personal expenses to do a job which he is continuously failing at and win, lose, or draw, he still collects his salary. But it isn't his money he continues to lose no other job on earth creates this kind of situation except perhaps on Wall St.  After his latest money losing venture… his a$$ should be fired for incompetence. 

    • R.U. Kidden says:

      And do you believe $14,000 per month is all the loot he's getting?

  37. No mon says:

    His lips moved again. Every freakin’ time his lips move…

  38. FREE LANCE says:


    That is definately what our people will do when they cannot have their cake and eat it too.  Part and parcel of a local construction company????  Can you believe that???How greedy they are, when these same construction people have drained Cayman for years, becomming rich and over rich, but still cannot get enough.   Now because they did not get the business, they are making a mounting out of a mole hill.  Why dont they take a seat for a while and stop the grudgefulmimindedness.

    Mr Bush what I would like to say is do what you think is best for Cayman and all those who live here.  Do not let the Power hungry greedy people change your mind.  YOU KNOW WE GOT YOUR BACK.  Make sure every weekend you enjoy stress free times with friends and family.

    • Anonymous says:

      I can now see why McKeeva keeps getting re-elected!

    • Anonymous says:

      He does enjoy "stress free times"…ever seen him out on weekends?

    • Anonymous says:

      What type of freelance work do you do?

    • Pitiful bloke says:

      I believe you might be 1 of the many parked off by his house on Sundays.

    • Anonymous says:

      Local contractors have for decades employed local workers, local companies including plumbers, electricians,professional firms such as architects, engineers, quantity surveyors, etc, purchased locally from hardware merchants and retail stores, rented apartments for staff thereby supporting the real estate industry, supported local supermarkets and entertainment facilities, and overall contributed to the growth of Cayman's economy, just like every other industry here.   Construction has been the 3rd largest industry and private-sector employer in Cayman – do not underestimate the role local contractors play in building Cayman's industry over the past 30 years and contributing to YOUR way of lfe and YOUR creature comforts.  Many local contractors worked without  pay after Hurricane Ivan to help restore homes and businesses so people could move back into their places, and to this day many of them have still not been paid by clients and insurance.  Our premier seems to have forgotten the local contractors who have helped to stimulate and support Cayman's growth over the years, as he has now introduced a foreign company who local contractors cannot hope to compete with, because they basically represent China and have deep resources that give them an unfair advantage.  The local contractors have better pray that this new Chinese company will not be here to stay, because they might as well close their doors from now.   You would find it very enlightening to see how Chinese Companies operate – google how many contracts around the world the Chinese have reneged on and drawn on the fine print in their well-written contracts to get out of their obligations and screw their client, and how the negative impact they have on the local economies that they have done business with. 

    • Anonymous says:

      If you knew anything about the construction industry, you would know it is a thankless and hard industry to work in, and contractors are not rich.  Why?  Because the work is not steady, unlike banking, selling groceries, utility companies, etc.  Projects only last for a certain number of months out of the year, and local contractors are only as good as the project they currently have.  Many times, work is so scarce, they have to tighten their belts just to survive the slow times.  Usually any net profit that is made on a project, does not go into their pocket for personal use, rather it is stretched to pay the companies' overheads, payrolls to their staff to avoid laying them off, rent, operating bills etc. until they can get another project going.   That is why many construction companies go bust within a short time, becausethey cannot stretch the dollar long enough to ride out the slow times.    So you are seriously deluded, my friend, in thinking that local contractors have been draining the local society and getting richer and richer.   You need to engage those little gray brain cells before speaking, it might do you some good and you would not be considered to be ignorant.

    • Anonymous says:

      The only people who have drained Cayman society and got richer and richer for decades, are the politicians, DUMB ASS.  Check out how many have them have put on weight since taking office.  Life is sweet and good when someone else pays for your mistakes, huh, Politicians?  It does not come out of your pay or your perks, DOES IT?  THE REST OF US PAY. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Persecution complex can be symptomatic of a disorder.   People with cameras (the press maybe?), others spying and who knows – maybe wire / email / phone – tapping?   Sounds a little paranoid, if you ask me. 

    • Anony Mouse says:

      If this is the calibre of the greater voting public, we are royally SCREWED, folks!

  39. EYE ON THE ISLAND says:

    Another desaster by The Traveling Man. Is he ever going to do anything right? Is he ever going to step up and take the blame for his mistakes or bad judgement? Step down.

  40. Anonymous says:

    May 2011 our Onerous Ministers pubilically stated that it was worth six months delay to give the port  to the Chinese and Caymanians could have owership. 

    Six months was up – November 2011

    December 2011, January 2012, February 2012, March 2012 ….

    Our Ministers have too much pride and not enough shame.




  41. Kneel says:

    Hail the Premier!  I, for one, will be attending the sacrifice of the goat.  Once he examines the entrails, it will obvious to all going with CHEC was the right decision. Be patient.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Maybe he can get the Chinese to buy the "intellectual property" in the Cohen fiasco, and the "intellectual property" in all his luxury travel, and the "intellectual property" in the deferral of the customs payments relating to the Ritz property, and the "intellectual property" in the unfunded pension liabilities. It would be fantastic if he could turn every disaster his goverment is responsible for into saleable intellectual property. That would make CIG the richest government on the planet.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not to mention the intellectual property in the Stan Thomas affair, the details of which we all keenly await to hear with bated breath.

  43. Knot S Smart says:

    I think people are spying on me and its some kind of espionage to get my intellectual property.

    Sometimes at night I hear people walking on my ceilings, and there are people following me around taking my picture, and wherever I go the satan worshippers are whispering to themselves and writing petitions against me.

    So I keep washing my hands to make sure they are clean, and I have bought a whole case of heart purifier…

    That should keep me safe no matter whether the Scotland Yard investigators are here or not…


    • Anonymous says:

      I hope it keeps him safe from the witches and peeping toms too….  Delusions are suggestive of something serious, party members should encourage him to seek medical care –  he seems to be suffering from much stress.

  44. Anonymous says:

    If government had any real likelihood of success it could not possibly be cheaper to simply pay $2.1m rather than going to trial since if you are successful you would get an order for costs against GLF. It only makes sense if you didn't have a case at all.

    Anyway I thought this was going to paid by sale of "intellectual property rights". Whatever happened to that or is it that you cannot believe anything the Premier says? 

  45. Anonymous says:

    The problem here is that our well-travelled leader has no practical real world experience dealing with the Chinese in large scale construction projects.  He still believes that promises will be kept, that contracts will be binding and that there would be some legal recourse if things didn't proceed as scripted (assuming a plan).  Trust that the seasoned Chinese are four or five moves ahead of our amateur delegates (having already negotiated and reneged on thousands of projects worldwide) and that out-manoeuvered, we, and our children will ultimately pay the piper (plus a consultant's finder's fee to the lead negotiator).  

  46. Anonymous says:

    said it before…..if this happened in other country the person responsible (bush) would be forced to resign……..

    this is incompetence of the highest order

    • Cheese Face says:

      Man, where you been??? You don't get sacked here for incompetence, you get rewarded!