TCI governor calls on Misick to return and face music

| 16/03/2012

MichaelMisick20060330IA.jpg(CNS): The Turks and Caicos governor engaged in a war of words with the former premier of the islands this week after he was called out for cursing on public radio. However, Richard Todd turned on what he said was the hypocrisy of Michael Misick and called on him to return to TCI to face the questions of the investigators involved in the country’s corruption enquiry. Misick released a statement after Todd used the word ‘sh*t’ on a local talk-show, claiming his behaviour was consistent with “an arrogant and heavy handed approach from this colonial ruler who continues to demonstrate scant respect” for the TCI people.

"He has disrespected the Christians that might have been listening.” Misick said in a press statement.. He accused Todd of recently passing guilty verdicts on those accused in what the former premier described as the “bogus, multi-million-dollar politically-motivated corruption investigation case” before a trial has taken place. “This is nothing more than an abuse of power, corruption of the judicial process, and a monumental travesty of justice,” he added.

.Among many other criticisms made by Misick of Todd, he questioned the governor’s morality because he had appointed a gay man to the post of chief executive.

In his response to Misick, Todd said he had apologized for the use of the word as he had misheard a caller but he said the former premier’s disrespect for the people was laid bare in the Commission of Inquiry Report, which had listed in tremendous detail the probability of systemic corruption during his administration.

“These matters are now the subject of a criminal investigation by the SIPT. Mr Misick should return to these islands as soon as possible to face the questions that the SIPT has for him,” he added.

“With regard to my participation in yesterday’s Expressions show, I have apologised for my use of a certain word. In stating this word I believed at the time that I was quoting back at my questioner what they had said to me, when they verbally attacked me, accusing me of having talked “… a crock”. In using this phrase I unfortunately used the full phrase that the caller clearly meant. I apologised then and I apologise again now for any offence caused. It was a genuine and human mistake,” Todd said in the wake of the talk show in which officials said the governor was repeatedly called a “liar and a dictator” but had, they said, remained calm.

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  1. Bernice says:

    All the strong and venomous comments about cowards etc etc. When will you in Cayman stand up for what is yours, for what is being taken from you? The arrogance of the average caribbean male is staggering. It's about time all you 'big men' stopped living in the 19th century and actually grew a pair to make a change in your country. You're as pathetic as the public figures you mock. Ladies, stand by your men only if they make change for the better.

  2. Anonymous says:

    He is in Dominican Republic?  Well, my answer is STFU.  I agree with Governor Todd.  Haul your butt back to TCI and take your licking like a man.  Lock him up Gov and hury up and come replace Taylor.  He sleeping on the job.

  3. Anonymous says:

    If you want to see just how disgracefully Misick abused the power he had while in office just take a look at the crown land transactions that took place and how many of the beneficiaries of his largesse were his cronies. This was no policy of empowerment of the people. It was a naked asset stripping exercise by which he transferred the only assets his country owns to a few families and developers in exchange for ….Dear reader … I leave it to your imagination to conjecture what could possibly have been Misick’s reward for such generosity.

  4. Anonymous says:

    A you hit the nail on the head, i left TCI 9 months ago to avoid living under DICTATORSHIP

  5. Anony Mouse says:

    Yeah, right! It is supposedly NOT moral to say "shit" on the radio thereby offending Christians, but it is moral to steal from the Public Purse, right?

  6. Anonymous says:

    Return from where?? It isn't clear in the article, but one would gather from the wording that Misick is in some other country. XXXX


    CNS: He is reportedly living in the Dominican Republic.

    • AUNTIE says:

      Shit?  is that a curse word.  Suppose the word Belch was used, or Fart, or Poop, or Lego air, or squeeze.  Are they all bad words.  Someone please hurry tell me and explain too.

      • Another Anon says:

        In my opinion there are no BAD words, just BAD thoughts and BAD intentions. These are just words. :))

  7. ChrisCroker words to Musick: says:


  8. Anonymous says:

    Is this McKeeva's brother, it sure sounds like it. When in doubt blame everyone else but yourself, a tried and tested Caribbean politicians way. Oh yes, and bring god into it, because he's done so much for the poor, sick and dispossessed of the world, I'm sure the devout will find an excuse for that as well.

    • Caymanian &Used to be proud of it. says:

      I don't know about the brother question,  but anyone who knows Michael Misick can affirm that he was seen at the swearing ceremony of our own premier.  Maybe he is advising our own.  Whatever the relationship, the Caymanian premier needs to apply his reins, because in another 13 1/2 months he might be in the same situation.  Some pensioners in Cayman were told that the premier was going to increase the monthly pension payments.  We have not seen that.  The people that get the monthly financial assistance saw an extra month in their December assistance.  Everyone was very happy to see that, but guess what the same amount given was taken away without explanation.  My friend said, and I quote "McKeeva giveth and McKeeva taketh away", unquote.   He killed a lot of support from that part of the Caymanian population. Anyway, "It soon be done".

  9. Latoya says:

    Michael, I wouldn't return to even see his face!  If they had enough evidence to pin you down with corruption, why didn't they arrested you then and there whilst you were in the country?  They are they ones who are the real hypocrits.

    • Anonymous says:

      It's common knowledge that Misick fled to DR to avoid extradition and has been hiding there since early days of investigation.  Not the actions of an innocent man.  

    • Anonymous says:

      It will all come to a head in due course.

    • Loopy Lou says:

      Yes, staying away from the TCI and refusing to face justice does heavily imply innocence.

    • Anonymous says:

      They didn't have sufficient evidence while he was still in the country. Duh!

  10. Anonymous says:

    MIsick was the "big man" who has shown himself to be a selfish little coward.  But the article does show how easily someone as dodgy as him can quickly play the religion card.  Does that sound familiar?

    • A. says:

      I  know what sounds familiar, a DICTATORSHIP. Someone who is not elected but APPOINTED to say and do whatever he wants over people, and they can't say anything back without fear. Such is what this Governor is!  If you think that Misick is still a dictator and have power to throw out religious cards, you are mistaken. He had his time, not its a worse dictator that TCI have in their country. Trust me you all, I know, because I lived there and see what is going on. It all has to do with power, control, and secret deals.