Mac attacks Taylor

| 04/05/2012

Mac 13 may.jpg(CNS): The Cayman Islands premier has launched a full frontal attack on Governor Duncan Taylor as relations between the elected leader and the UK’s representative deteriorates to an all-time low. McKeeva Bush accused the governor of doing “nothing of substance” to help Cayman and of “stealthily and insidiously” undermining what Bush said were his efforts to get the local economy off the ground. In his attack on Taylor the premier said he was playing the UK’s “age old game of divide and conquer” as he once again claimed to be innocent in the face of three police investigations and implied that these were nothing more than a conspiracy. (Photo by Dennie Warren Jr)

“He’s done nothing for three years to help us but to throw cold water on whatever we were trying to do,” Bush said in an official statement. The comments came in the wake of a short statement issued by the governor on Thursday in which he denied Bush’s accusations of a conspiracy between himself and the FCO bureaucrats.

Bush accused Taylor of announcing the additional police probes into his affairs as deflection form coverage in the UK press about the governor’s family as well as extending his stay in Cayman without telling Cabinet.

“When the London press went after him a few days ago, he made the commissioner send out that statement on me to draw attention away from him, and his troubles,” Bush claimed in his statement. “To top it all off, he went and got an extension of his time in Cayman without so much as a hint to me as Premier or to my Cabinet because he figured I would oppose it. That is not how Governors are supposed to behave,” the premier added.

The premier said neither the governor nor the Foreign and Commonwealth Office officials had done anything to help the Cayman Islands and when criticized in London they have not stood up for the Islands.

“We have suffered unemployment. Has he tried to help us? What has he done? He has done nothing of substance to help these islands,” Bush added, accusing the governor of opposing his projects. “He opposed Dr Shetty’s hospital project and I had to tell him 'you don't like this but you have no vote in cabinet' He didn't support me hiring Lord Blencathra. This is just a bit of what I've had to put up with; that’s the way he has performed,” Bush said.

“He has stealthily and insidiously undermined what I've been trying to do to get our economy off the ground and get jobs for people. Meanwhile he's got an extension of time for his job where he's never had it so good,” the premier lamented.

The tirade against Taylor comes following Bush’s persistent comments over the last week that the three police investigations surrounding him are baseless and merely a conspiracy against him.

The police commissioner has confirmed that Bush is involved in an investigation relating to an illegal shipment of dynamite, one into a land transaction involving developer Stan Thomas and a further issue regarding “financial irregularities", all of which the premier says are without merit.

See Bush’s full statement below.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What a great pic!!!!!

  2. Donnie says:

    I'm sorry that my abbreviation of His Excellency with HE seems to have not been understood by some folks. I'm grateful for those who have sought to clarify on my behalf. You are right – it was His Excellency the Governor that I was referring to.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mr Bellingham, Mr Governor, PLEASE do something… this is like sitting in a circus, but its not funny at all, its our lives these guys are playing with.

    • Anonymous says:

      This is so true.  It's over Big Mac!  The Fat Lady has finished singing!

  4. Donnie says:

    Thanks Anonymous @ 9:04 today.

    I used 'HE' as an abbreviation for 'His Excellency' and I'm referring to is His Excellency the Governor.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Why is everyone so upset with Mckeeva?  It is obvious from his letter that he is not fit to run the country.

    The people to be upset with are the rest of the UDP for not having a backbone to stand up to Mac and tell him the party is over.

    If Rolston hopes to lead the country one day he has to start acting like a leader today and stand up for what is rite and not be scared of Mac.

    The UDP needs to remember that you are only as good as the company you keep and by keeping Macs company is only bringing them down.

  6. Anonymous says:

    October 7th, 2004, almost 1 month AFTER Hurricane IVAN and at the time when Grand Cayman Island was devastated, the people were hungry, living in shelters, had no electricity and no water for some, no homes and our beloved leader was in the secured Government office, thinking about how much money he can make on rezoning? WOWE! that's a hard pill to swallow.  He was not caring about his Island then nor his people, he was ONLY caring about the rest of the money.  We still don't know what the first amount was, just about the USD350,000.  Yes Siree, our caring leader.

  7. Anonymous says:

    follow the money, not the red herrings!!  follow the money, not the red herrings!!

  8. Anonymous says:

    Mac, you are finished…

  9. Anonymous says:

    Governor Taylor isn't upholding the Big Mac and supporting his XXXXX, therefore, the Big Mac is definitely going to launch a frontal attack BECAUSE that is what he does best. If you are not with Big Mac then you must prepare for an attack.  What the Governor needs to do is see that he ousted from the government never to be re-elected or put in any public office ever again and while he is at that, make sure that his followers are ousted with him.  That includes, but is not limited to the likes of Ellio, XXXX the other three stoges in WB, however, I do believe that Cline could be reformed.  “stealthily and insidiously” wow, how long did it take him to put those words in context, and if he bothered looking up the meaning of these words he would know that those words could easily constitute as direct deframation of the Governor's good character.  What is most bothering about Big Mac is that he really believes that he owns the Cayman Islands and can do or say whatever he wants and that his powers exceeds that of the very Governor who by the way was not elected by West Bayers but was appointed by the powers that be in the United Kingdom.

  10. Civil dialogue says:

    The actions of our Premier in this instance are irresponsible and inappropriate. As Caymanians we ought to denounce this type of utterance. If the Governor acts against the Islands best interest it should not go unaddressed. However, attempting to address our concerns in this manner can only adversely affect our relationship with the CFO.

    • Anonymous says:

      Civil dialogue,


      You need to log in to the British Parliment. Or just ask our this any different from the British way of slagging off MPs, Prime ministers, Governors, Commissioners, or any parlimentarian in the house of parliment. We are so quick to believe that Mr. Governor is going to kick Mac's ass for his comments. This happens in the house of Repensentitive everyday… in England. It's all there in the hansards as witness.       How about you, Whodatis?  you seem to know their behaviour.

  11. Anonymous says:

    This has been picked up by the Cuban news agency Prensa Latina under the headline 'Prime Minister of Cayman Islands rejects UK stance'.


  12. Anonymous says:


    Know all ye present in these Cayman Islands and the world that the Honourable Court of Public Opinion is hereby duly assembled.

    Before this Honourable Court of Public Opinion is the Hon Premier Mr. McKeeva Bush, Cayman Islands to answer questions on various matters in the ongoing conduct of three (3) investigations. 

    First Instance before this Honourable COURT OF PUBILC OPINION:

    The matter of a certain letter widely known as the published “real estate invoice” from The Hon Premier McKeeva Bush, at the time the letter was issued you were Minister of Tourism, Environment, Development and Commerce (T,E,D&C) , the letter was to one Mr. Stan Thomas, dated October 7, 2004 and faxed from the Ministry’s fax machine. 

    You previously announced at a public meeting of your UDP party that the subject letter was written in connection with services in connection with the rezoning of lands in the West Bay Beach area known as Vista Norte owned by Mr. Stan Thomas.

    Hon Premier Mr. McKeeva Bush you say your “heart is pure and your hands are clean”, you admitted that you sent the published “real estate invoice” to Mr. Stan Thomas for services provided XXXX.  Your admission statement of having issued the letter creates more questions for this Honourable Court than it gives answers.  

    Continue your story to enable us to begin to believe you are speaking the truth, now please tell us the people duly assembled in this Honourable Court:

    1. Mr. Bush, tell us the all of real estate service(s) that you provided to Mr. Thomas?
    1. Mr. Bush what was the total cost of all the real estate service(s) to Mr. Thomas?
    1. Your published “real estate invoice” was for the “the balance” of the funds due to you on the transaction, will you now tell the Caymanian public what and when was the previous amount(s) invoiced to Mr. Stan Thomas?
    1. Did you ever receive any funds from Mr. Stan Thomas, as a result of the published “real estate invoice” or payment on any other invoice issued to Mr. Thomas?
    1. Did you ever meet Mr. Thomas in Las Vegas?
    1. Did you ever receive funds in Las Vegas that originated from Mr. Thomas?
    1. If Yes, then why did Mr. Thomas give you funds in Las Vegas?
    1. The copy of the published “real estate invoice”, you admitted was sent by fax to Mr. Thomas, shows that you used the Government’s telephone services in the Ministry to send this “real estate invoice” by fax to Mr. Thomas:
    1. Was the use of Government’s telephone service (paid for by us taxpayers) for your own company’s business legal?
    1. Did the use of Government’s telephone service, for your personal or company’s business, violate any Government rules or operating procedures or General Orders?
    1. Did you repay Government for the use of Government’s telephone service for your own personal or company business?
    1. If Yes, then provide the proof.
    1. Did you use Government’s telephone service for any calls to Mr. Stan Thomas or any other person in connection with the real estate services provided to Mr. Stan Thomas or to any other person?
    1. Did you use Government’s telephone service or any other service(s) or equipment paid for by Government for your own personal or company business?
    1. Mr. Bush, the rezoning of the Mr. Stan Thomas lands known as Vista Norte on the West Bay Beach area were a Cabinet agenda item on several known occasions, when the matter was being discussed at Cabinet meetings did you notify the Governor and all other Cabinet Members, that you and / or your company were providing services to Mr. Stan Thomas in connection with the rezoning application?
    1. Mr. Bush, did you at any time declare your “conflict of interest” and leave the Cabinet Meeting when Cabinet was making decisions on the rezoning of the Mr. Stan Thomas lands known as Vista Norte?
    1. Mr. Bush, did you at any time have a “conflict of interest” in any meeting you attended (other than Cabinet meetings) when decisions were being made on the rezoning of the Mr. Stan Thomas Lands known as Vista Norte and did you declare your “conflict of interest” to all persons present and excuse yourself from the meeting?

    Mr. Bush after receiving the truth and the whole truth answers from you on all of the above questions we will consider your answers and then determine in the Court of Public Opinion if your “heart is pure and your hands are clean” statement is worthy of belief or rejection.

    Following the completion of the investigation into the above matter and other matters that may arise as a result of this investigation and the information received in the other two (2) ongoing investigations you will be informed in due course of our decisions.

    However, be it known to all that your cooperation in submitting all requested information promptly and cooperating with the investigators will assist in a speedy conclusion to the investigation.

    Thanks in advance for your prompt answers, we will wait for them to be published in the Cayman News Service, Caymanian Compass or broadcast on Cayman Crosstalk, Talk Today or CITN 27. We are waiting.

    The Court hereby looks forward to your full cooperation with the investigators on all three (3) matters at all times.

    The Court of Public Opinion.

    • Chris Johnson says:

      Very good. You should become a lawyer.

    • Brief Encounter says:

      Or wait until trial, don't give any evidence so you can't be cross-examined, get Steve to talk about God for half and hour in a Chewbacca defence and wait for some West Bay numpties to help with the guaranteed acquittal.  Then go on TV and tell everyone how wronged you were. 

      Oh if only it weren't so likely to pan out that way. . .

      • Anonymous says:

        don't forget that during the trial it will be very helpful for a gang of power people to show up and let the jury know who the power people support.  It's tried and true.

      • Kung Fu Iguana says:

        Which is why we need an commission of inquiry like the TCI.

    • Knot S Smart says:

      Your posting is a bit long and I have a short attention span – but I guess its hard to make the list of charges any shorter as I understand that the list is increasing every day.

      So I will just give you a thumbs up…

  13. Donnie says:


    HE worked very hard during the 2 years that I served under him and I do not expect that this has changed in the last 3 months.

    Unfortunately, most of his time and efforts were spent on trying to get the government to not do the wrong things.

    So sad and embarrassing that this is the thanks he gets.

    • BORN FREE says:

      For those who are not sure, it is the Governor that Donnie is talking about. He says that it is "So sad and embarrassing that this is the thanks that he gets" meaning that after spending 2 years trying to get the government to not do the wrong things this insulting & shocking statement is the thanks that the Governor gets from the premier. Remember, Donnie was the Deputy Governor (thus the statement "the 2 years that I served under him").
      I agree with Donnie, this statement from the premier is disgusting, & it is also "So sad & embarrassing" for all of Cayman. It is a shame & disgrace, & if there was ever any doubt that the premier should step down because of the 3 ongoing criminal investigations into him, there should now be no doubt what-so-ever that he should step down, NOW!

      • Anonymous says:



        lets not forget that Donnie was a public servant. its a know fact that the elected Government and the appointed Government ( the bureaucracy side)had their disagreements.

        lets not forget the bureaucracy played out by his official government.which led the appointed government to streamline projects and  issues, dragged on by Donnie's side of Government.


    • Anonymous says:

      "Unfortunately, most of his time and efforts were spent on trying to get the government to not do the wrong things". What a joke. Maybe you should get our Auditor General's, and Mr. Bellingham's and Governor Taylor's, and the CTC's, and the RCIP's opinions on that and get back to us.

      • Anonymous says:

        HE=His Excellency the Governor. 

      • Anonymous says:

        I think that the "He" is refering to in this posting is H.E. the Govenor….the confusion makes it appear that he is talking about Bush.


        If this is not the case then the posting does deserve all the thumbs down it gets!

    • Anonymous says:

      Donnie it sounds like you setting yourself up for candidacy? Good luck!

    • Anonymous says:

      Donnie: stop using the "HE" civil service thing. It seems to bewilder people not used to civil service jargon from what I can deduce from some of  the posts below and the ridiculous number of thumbs down. Otherwise your post is spot on. I'm really disappointed that Mac has reduced it all to this. Even Caymanians not too enthusiastic about the UK/Cayman relationship and the constitutional role of the Governor, will recoil from this absurd, rude and unfair outburst, surprising in one who is actually deep down normally a very astute politician.

      Your old personnel buddy.

  14. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva's Statement to the Governor May 4, 2012: "Let us show the world who we are."


    McKeeva next time please ask us before you include us in your "we".


    McKeeva know that the "we" Caymanians to which I belong, is not your set of "we" Caymanians.




    McKeeva the "we" group of Caymanians to which I belong are honest hard workers, “we” expect to be fairly rewarded for our labour, “we” are not prepared to and we cannot work for the slave wages you and your friends want us to accept.


    McKeeva, if you want to really assist our Caymanian unemployed then tell your cohort UDP Labour Masters who have big contracts with Dart that those days have come to an end of allowing them to import unlimited amount of labourers tobe paid at slave wages. Send home a few thousand workers so that the 2,000 unemployed Caymanians can find employment at fair wages.


    McKeeva, that would be applying the Immigration Law correctly, what is so hard with following correct process Mr. Mac?


    McKeeva, do something right for once – comply with the Immigration and Labour Laws.


  15. Anonymous says:

    It doesn't make sense why the premier is saying these things that most would consider exceedingly rude to the Queen's representative and is seemingly antagonizing the Governor with his latest comments?   Why could he possibly be saying these things and not showing due respect to the Governor?  Is he deliberately goading the Governor into removing him from office so he can then turn around and sue?  Is he trying to work up a rational for Cayman to go independent from England? Most persons in office would have stepped aside gracefully until the investigations are completed, but the premier is not only refusing to do so, but now openly criticizing the Governor in a highly personal and disrespectful way? I have never witnessed such an act of  ill-graciousness on the part of a leader in politics.  Even Bruce Golding and Mike Henry of Jamaica's ruling JLP party, had enough sense to step aside / down / resign or whatever you want to call it in the face of controversies that rocked their administration under their watch.   I don't get it – why would the premier say such things?  What could he possibly hope to gain by this?  Someone?  Anyone?  Some enlightenment please.  

  16. Anonymous says:

    David vs Goliath………………………….McKeeva already took on the mighty UK in court and won, look like they forget………This time aroud they might get a bigger lick!!

  17. Anonymously IRON CLAD says:

    McKeever: “We have suffered unemployment. Has he tried to help us? What has he done?

    It is NOT the Governor's responsibility to get the economy on track and to get us jobs. THAT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILTY – STUPID !!!

    Stop trying to dispense your Half-A$$ed, propaganda on the people of the Cayman Islands!!!

    What you NEED is to be made to STEP DOWN… FORCEFULLY, not having all this pussy-footing with all your dragonism and unruliness that you have thrashed out on the People of the Cayman Islands.

    I would be the first to welcome you to a different Cayman Islands -Different Rules… The REAL stuff. Simply put you under HEAVY MANNERS.

  18. Anonymous says:

    And poor old Gilly, all he could say is "You're absolutely right! or you got a point there" to every piece of crap Foolio said defending his majesty. Poor old Gilly. Just like when he was UDP, and he couldn't see the cemetery for the sand and thus buried his political career, he couldn't see and hear this morning that Foolio was just talking crap to hear himself talk. Foolio na fooling us, but it sure sounded like he could fool Gilly with his FCO conspiracy crap. Gilly, let me explain it simply for you since it seems Austin wasn't there: The FCO/UK never drafted or sent the fax to Stan Thomas on Mac's (his majesty's) behalf; the FCO/UK never told Mac to try to "help" someone who was importing explosives without a licence or "proper documentation;" theFCO/UK never instructed Mac to circumvent the CTC process and negotiate with CHEC to build a port. So there is no conspiracy there I'd say, agree? "I know, I'm absolutely right! I got a point there." Now Monday you can tell Foolio that. Tell Mac that. Tell them stop, do the right thing; follow the laws, regulations and processes for good governance that once adhered to will bring fairness and equality to all. Then no one need fear the Anti-Corruption Commission, no one need fear FOI, no one need to claim the FCO/UK out to get them. What we need Gilly are politicians with integrity and come 2013 we hope to get them.

  19. annoymous says:

    That picture of Mac is not a picture of a lunatic. Just try and see some good in Mac. The picture looks good…. he was singing at church. 

  20. Anonymous says:

    OMG! Looky dah pic…wha a sight.

    Lookin like he gone off alltogeda…

  21. Anonymous says:

    In releasing that hot-tempered, bitter, vitriolic and badly written News Release dated 4th May 2012, the Premier has achieved the direct opposite of what he was supposedly trying to achieve.

    He has successsfully reinforced the view that it is much safer for Cayman to remain under the protection of Her Majesty's Government, without which Cayman would not have the stability, governance and security it needs to maintain its most important industry – the Finance Industry.


  22. Anonymous says:

    In classic Jamaican terms: ” the higher Monkey climb, the more ‘im backside expose”

    Mac, you should have learned your Greek mythology. In your arrogance you flew too close to the Sun. It is a long way down and I doubt anyone will try too hard to break your fall.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Thank you very much bushy for putting us again in the international spotlight


  24. Anonymous says:


    The Premier countinues to cause huge embarrassment for our Cayman Islands every day.

    Clearly it's past time he step down!

  25. Anonymous says:

    We're through the looking-glass here, people

  26. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva is making history as the Cayman Islands first premier and simultaneously the worst premier!

    Thanks mac, the international press has picked up on your conspiracy theories and not only have you made yourself look a fool, you have damaged Cayman

  27. Bethinking says:

    Whoa, he has finally spun out of control.  Blasting the Governor in public is completely unacceptable behavior.  Why would he do it?  I suspect he will be in a position soon to blame others for his ultimate demise. "I was setup Mon". Yeah right.

    Investigations are just that, investigating something peculiar, let those run their courses, do not speculate, they soon come.

    There are rules of engagement and for many good reasons.  Learn to play by the rules and be good at it.  Nobody can criticize you for that.  The UK accepts the CI procurement process. Use it.  Bully outside the rules and you're done, done, done.

    We are an Overseas Territory and look what shameful silliness you have done and how badly that will affect our reputation with the UK and elsewhere.

    Please pack up your ball and go bye-bye because now almost nobody wants "Mac the Bully" anywhere on this island.  You sir are indeed done, done done.

    Just watch, your Buds will jump ship rather rapidly.

    Good, bad or indifferent the Governor is the Governor.  This should have been kept offline. That's RESPECT.  You blew it Mon.

    But I am quite sure there is a method to your madness and that will soon come.  Turks and Caicos comes to the forefront of my mind.

    • Anonymous says:

      Every time I read comments on Cayman News Service, I am more afraid.  McKeeva Bush is a "wannabe" dictator, but without the proper education or even temperament, he can't even do that properly.  Maybe he should visit Castro for instructions on how to do it.  Between his buddy, Michael Misick, Hugo Chavez and the others, he should do well towards packing up and moving to Venezuela with the other dictators.  The word Independence keeps on rearing it's ugly head.  Right now we enjoy a lifestyle unparalled by the rest of the Caribbean.  With independence comes an increase in the cost of just surviving, tourism will wander away, since, with independence comes taxation.  We can just barely survive now.  Think seriously about what it will be like with even less money coming in and more having to be spent just to have the basics.  Maybe "Foolio" will be deputy dictator.  Then, as the old people used to say, "dog dun eat unna supper".

      His family and supporters keep on   saying that he has not been questioned by the police.  Stupid people, while the police are investigating someone, nothing is said to the subject of the investigation until facts are  found and then the person is brought to the police station and questioned about the involvement. MCKEEVA BUSH KNOWS WHAT HE IS BEING INVESTIGATED FOR AND HIS DIEHARD SUPPORTS NEED TO STOP AND THINK ABOUT FACTS AND STOP THROWING WORDS OUT TO THE PEOPLE.  Caymanians are not stupid on a whole, and you know that, so stop blasting people and nthe British.  They can pull the rug from under McKeeva's feet and we won't be able to do anything about it. 

  28. Ted L. Nancy says:

    Is Mr. McKeeva Bush trying to take my Job?

    Sincerely, Ted L. Nancy
    Author, (letters from a nut)

  29. Anonymous says:

    Rise so high, yet so far to fall

    A plan of dignity and balance for all

    Political breakthrough, euphoria's high

    More borrowed money, more borrowed time

    Backed in a corner, caught up in the race

    Means to an end ended in disgrace

    Perspective is lost in the spirit of the chase

    Foreclosure of a dream

    Those visions never seen

    Until all is lost

    Personal holocaust

    Foreclosure of a dream

  30. Anonymous says:

    and there we have it.!…. written proof that mckeeva is not mentally capable of being premier…..


  31. Cayman Spock says:

    But Mckeeva remember what you said "they are here for us" Wha happen to you now? If they fool you once that is bad enough twice you have no excuse! How can a man support one part of a bias and repressive system and now claim to hate the other half simply defies Logic

  32. Anonymous says:

    UDP just became the pro independence party – not surprising given it’s infiltration by and dependence on Jamaican support and guidance. An inevitable result of a combination of stats grants and a failure to enforce our immigration laws since.

    Bit of a shock to all you expat big business types who bankrolled him until now.

    • Anonymous says:

      No surprises here, this is how it has been done since time immemorial. Take a charismatic politician and LXXXX him, to get him to go against the colonialists.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you @ 12:49. If citizens of this country fail to really look at the UDP we are really doomed.

      In my opinion, during the past 20 years there has been too much support for what could easily be considered SEDITION ( a criminal offence last time I checked) in this country, by persons who hate the fact that we are under British rule.  

      Those who think differently must stand up for their beliefs now before all is gone… if possible.

  33. Out To LUNCH says:

    How long are we going to put with this mans mistakes or whatever you want to call them? We must turn the page on him and his whole sorry group of drag lines. We are better then this. We have to move on and not look behind. Not all UDP's MLAs are bad but the vote will show just who has integrity and put our country first.

  34. Shock and Awe says:

    "You're stepping in it", Mr. Premier and in case you aren't aware  – This is a saying used to point out a really bad move. You could step back you see but you've already stepped in it.

  35. Sad but True says:

    You looking in the mirror Cayman? What o you see?

  36. Anonymous says:

    Remember this come election day folks

  37. Anonymous says:

    try leave the boss alone when alden get in he will do the same our worst keep up the good work big mac .  KING OF DC

    • Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

      What "DC"  (KING OF DC) stand for – Dunce Caymanians?

  38. Anonymous says:

    Is it just me or is everyone missing the big picture?

    The Governor publicly announced the Premier is under investigation last week without any notification to him whatsoever.  Anyone can go into a police department and make allegations about anyone but does that make it true?  Should it be published in the newspaper before it is even investigated?  Was the Governor trying to cause embarrasment to the Premier and the people of this country?  People do things maliciously and tell one sided stories everyday.  Who is the complainant in this matter?  Is there one?   It is up to the police to investigate and hear both sides.  The Premieir said in over two years the police have not asked him his account of the events.  Sounds pretty one sided.  Furthermore there is something called the Bill of Rights where people have a right to privacy and the right to a fair investigation/trial.  The Bill of Rights says people are innocent until proven guilty.  Where's the evidence?  Why nothing in two years? 

    I am a proud Caymanian.  I have lived here my entire life and I am proud of our little Island but we need to wake up.  

    The wounds from that fiasco Operation Tempura have not healed yet.  It is up to Caymanians and people who call the Cayman Islands home, to protect our country and ensure that we don't allow anyone to lead us down that path again.  This sure seems to have resounding similarities. 

    • Anonymous says:

      No it's just you – you are missing the picture. I suggest you read the excellent article by Anton Duckworth in the viewpoint section of this website.


    • Anonymous says:

      Since when do you know the police in any country to tell someone they are being investigated, least of all for something like corruption?  Gives them lots of time to destroy evidence, intimidate people, come up with stories – that's not how it's done.  They know that interviewing him will mean he will have his driver take him over and he'll insist on a gold chair to sit in to maintain his dignity while he's being questioned.  Everyone will hear about it, it will be a big mess, nobody wants that.  They are carrying out the investigation privately, quietly, in accordance with their duties and good practice.  The complainant is the Crown, society at large, for violating the laws and standards of this country.  Frankly your sentiments are not wrong but the substance of them is. 

    • Anonymous says:

      its just you……

    • Anonymous says:

      You are right. Caymanians need to wake up … most are now fully awake but it appears that you are still sleeping!

    • Anonymously IRON CLAD says:

      And then there are the 'Pay-Offs' wll known in the upper echelons of politics and 'business as usual'.

    • Anonymous says:

      To Anonymous 05/05/2012 : To answer your question,it's just you.

  39. Anonymous says:

    I like the Premier would hope for more support of the UK in the constant attacks on our Financial Service industry.  However, it is understandable why they don't give that support as they must feel our government leaders (UDP) are representative of the entire Caymanian population. 

    • Anonymous says:

      I'm sure that they do but McKeeva Bush does NOT represent THIS Caymanian. He is a disgrace, to the country, to West Bay, to everything he is supposed to stand for.

  40. Anonymous says:

    If Bush does go, don't forget about all his henchman reaking havoc in the higher education system turning it into a festering pit of hacks and religious incompetents. 

  41. Anonymous says:

    Found as a comment in a national newspaper but very apt – 'Ineptocracy (in-ep-toc-ra-cy) — a system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the wealth of a diminishing number of producers'. Now, who could that apply to here?

    • U Hurd Wright says:

      Well my good Caymanian folks, not wishing to be an alarmist but this is most definitely the beginning of the end. This is now beyond repair & I honestly believe that that is what the Big Mac wants. How more rude, uncouth & arrogant can he get? There is no justification for this personal & dirty (& untruthful) attack on the Governor, the UK's representative in Cayman. I pray we can hang on to the shreds until the elections next year, but it will be difficult. Cayman people, it is past time to demand he steps down, he must go!

      • U Past Dat says:

        The beginning of the end was about 5 years ago, and the middle of the end has been in the last couple of years. Like so many other expats, I saw the writing on the wall and left a couple years ago, mainly out of a healty need for self preservation (the easiest way to avoid a catastrophy is to not be there when it happens). I can back a while ago and half the businesses in the Island are closed. The other half are hanging on by their fingernails, and you can hear the splash now and then as another falls off. You actually are only about half a pint away from closing time.

  42. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva Bush is not worthy of the title, "Premier".  He is an uncouth, uneducated, self-serving dictator-want-to-be.  His Excellency should use his diplomatic power and have him and his supporters removed immediately.  That is the only thing that will save us now.  If this does not happen immediately, we will be walking in the footprints of TCI.  This idiot could very well ruin the islands' mainstay, "Tourism". 

    • Anonymous says:

      Question is, how long can this tirade continue?

    • Anonymous says:

      One problem, those who voted for the constitutional change removed the Governor's power to remove him hence the reason we must now rely on the members of his own Cabinet/party to do so!  That is unlikely to happen so, yes, I believe you are right in that we might just end up like the TCI with the British being forced to take over the reigns. This is what happens when the populace of a country elects inept individuals to run their affairs.

      • Anonymous says:

        The Governor never did have the power to remove him. He could only remove his portfolio responsibilities.    

  43. Anonymous says:

    Your Excellency, I am ashamed as to what our Premier has done and is doing purportedly in my name. The great majority of the People of the Cayman Islands will stand by you as you do what you have to do next. We are a seafaring nation, and understand that a ship can ultimately only have one captain.You Sir, when you can be seen to be acting in our best interests, are, and will remain that captain. We do need you now to exercise that authority – and assert it strongly.

    Regrettably, almost all of the present Government cannot now be trusted – for they continue to stand by and publically support someone who, even if they are not a criminal, is displaying clear megalomaniacal tendencies. In his present frame of mind (and I believe more generally) the Premier is unfit to lead.

    Whilst my loyalty is plainly to you I do not provide my allegiance blindly. The FCO have not always provided exemplary oversight. Many Caymanians have suffered at the FCO’s determination to ” ignore” many abuses and excesses for decades. Our current situation was not unexpected to those that have witnessed abuses for decades. If you are to be responsible for good governance, then we must ask you to exercise that responsibility fairly and consistently.

    We cannot yet stand on our own feet as recent years so richly demonstrate. We are nevertheless a good and resilient bunch and have incredible potential. Be open and transparent, and have honest, principled and respected Caymanians with business acumen and integrity stand by you. Allow these respected Caymanians to guide the path and the people will stand by you. Do not change our economic model – ours works and is the best for our economy – we just need to reign in spending and waste – and there is lots of waste.

    Our democracy is broken but not destroyed. It may need to take a pause. Some of our politicians rely on a well established system of grace and favour for their support. They literally buy it. They buy it with refrigerators and cashand paved driveways and grants of Caymanian status. They now continue with mortgage relief, and scholarships, and planning permission, and immunity from prosecution. They seek to do so with solar panels for some and not for others. This is a hijacking of democratic principles. Support should be given to people that need it, but by an independent and professional civil service that ignores the direction of politicians whether the issue be who gets free medical or who gets to import dynamite.

    We want and will have a better future – a bright one – where we can be proud of our home, one which we will be pleased to share with those that contribute positively and treat us with respect. Please be our partner in achieving this.

    • Anonymous says:

      Good morning Mac, I see from the thumbs down you are reading this. Welcome to the blogosphere.

    • Lachlan MacTavish says:

      07:25 Thank-you, what an excellent post. Please contact the OMOV committee and put your passion, energy and love for our country and assit them to get 10,000 votes and take back our country from the self serving politicians. The majority has given enough. It is time for the country to heal and grow again. The longer this takes, the more you give to the few and the more damage the country will sustain.

      Lachlan MacTavish


    • Anonymous says:

      If posts like this instead went in an envelope addressed to the Governor we might see some action. He has expressed his skepticism about online media. We should heed that and direct our pleas in the manner that is most likely to persuade him.

      • Anonymous says:

        If posts like that could only be submitted in writing to the Governor ( and signed by the author) then regrettably, in the present environment, they would never be written.

        If the Governor could protect anonymity he would receive a lot more.

        Whilst not a religious person I literally thank God for CNS – I genuinely believe it has allowed enough of an airing of issues to cause note and action to be taken. It is the only truly free speech many can exercise here. I believe that is changing quickly – and admire the examples of Chris Johnson, Dennie, Lach and Wayne in proclaiming their identities. I hope we shall all join them soon, without fear.

      • Anonymous says:

        If it indeed represents your thoughts and beliefs, please adopt the words as your own. 100 individuals, particularly persons who care deeply about Cayman, writing in these terms may wake the FCO up and help it adopt the right path.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank god, someone who can see through the muddied waters at last. I also agree with the post who encourages direct communication with the Governor and the CoP RCIP, its the only way to make an effective point and be listened to. Well done.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Bush will blame everyone that he can push the blame on. He should take responsibility for his actions and, if guilty, just admit that he was overtaken by greed. I must be dreaming to think this will ever happen. 

  45. Anonymous says:

    i think sach baron cohen should do a movie on mac!

    • Anonymous says:

      Ever see "Club Paradise"?  Like Peter O"Toole, Governor Taylor should saddleup his white charger, wave his saber and come to the rescue. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Mac saw the movie too, and upon seeing the ending and realizing our Governor had a horse at Government House, immediately banned the riding of horses on SMB. He thought that would change the future.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Ok, so now we’ve identified another hole in our Constitution, that is to say, the inability of the Governor to fire the Premier where it appears that he is of unsound mind or unable to represent the best interests of the Country. Otherwise, we could make a plea to the “CoP” to have Mac arrested under the Mental Health Law and evaluated, and surely that would give the Governor the basis to act. The beauty of it would be that it should not require a 2 year long investigation. In fact, if we still had Dr. LaHee (remember him?), he would fix Mac up with a nice intravenous Molotov cocktail and the problem would be solved, at least until next election, since, after all, we have seen other mental cases elected before. What a mess we are in. Right about now I’m thinking that hiring Uncle Fidel to manage the country would be less of a PR nightmare! At least then we would have an educated leader with integrity!

  47. EYE ON THE ISLAND says:

    I don't want to pyle on but the Governor could make sure we have a clean honest refferendum on ONE MAN ONE VOTE to assure the election next year will be by what we want.

    • Anonymous says:

      You need to ask the UN for that-election observers

    • Anonymously!! says:

      If the governor has no say in what happens here then Mac will conyinue with his rampage. I for one is embarrased at his lack of respect for his fellow caymanians and now the governor. Yes he needs to step asie now.

      I have no dislike for the premeire but when you behave like a barn yard biddy, then its time to step aside.


  48. Baldric says:

    Seems that Mac and the Governor are Beatles fans. Mac with 'Twist and Shout'  and 'Here, There and Everywhere'  and the Gov with 'Golden Slumbers'.

  49. Big Whopper says:

    One word….Bellvue……

  50. Anonymous says:

    What was that – written on a Blackberry then cut and pasted ? Utterly deplorable. . .

  51. Anonymous says:

    Just finished reading that nonsense a second time just in case I misread it the first. I didn’t unfortunately! I have never read a more outrageous, ridiculous, obnoxious, nonsensical, pathetic diatribe as that. Clearly a man who will blame everyone else for his actions and inactions. He’s just digging his hole deeper and deeper and I hope the people of the Cayman Islands will bury him in that hole by voting him out at the next election.

    • Anonymous says:

      My opinion is an Honest UDP is better than an Honest PPM, however, the former doesn't appear to be an option.  Why don't the intelligent, the successful, and the honest Caymanians who have prospered here give something back and help their people in our time of need?  I would love to see a party made up of the Woody Fosters and Jennifer Dilberts of these islands.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes 05/05/2012 – 09:08 you are right, in fact I would have liked to see Jennifer Dilbert appointed as Deputy Governor. Very capable, well educated and experienced lady.  She has the brass and would surely be standing up in the midst of this mess.  

      • Anonymous says:

        Stop drinking the Kool Aid! There were NO accusations of corruption against the PPM when they were in power, even by the UDP.

  52. Anonymous says:

    One of the ways Misik and cronies stole from their countrymen was through land deals.  Can someone look into some of the land transfers between Government and individuals during the current and past term of the UDP government?  We may have more never ending investigations.

  53. Anonymous says:


    Just use established due process to continue with your projects and they will have no ammunition.   With your apparent nefarious support of CHEC deal it seems to all that you have nothing but self interest in your heart.  If you can't do that step down and take your yes men with you before you ALL destroy these islands.


    A Caring Citizen


  54. Anonymous says:

    I think it all the traveling giving him jet lag.

  55. Anonymous says:

    Do us all a favour and go home and lie down, McKeeva. You'll feel a lot better, we'll all feel a lot better and we can begin to make some kind of progress. Thank you. A McKeeva supporter.

  56. Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Agreed…he would definitely be a flight risk due to the pressure of the investigations…however there doesn't seem to be all that much pressure.

  57. Anonymous says:

    ha ha "full frontal"… just had a flashback of "The Full Monty". Blimey!

    only thing you can you do now; is sit-back, laugh, and wait it out.

  58. Anonymous says:

    Whats with the COLD WATER, Does the Gov have different temp water's for the Premier., he makes no sense with the water temp. he should have Mcfield speak for him.

  59. Anonymous says:

    Hope Austin And Gilbert make some space on Rooster  for Baby Mack {foolio} on Monday for FACTS as he called it.

  60. Knot S Smart says:

    Sounds to me like someone flew over the cuckoo's nest!

    And its time to bring out the straight jackets…

  61. eagle's perch says:

    crazy and insane to think the Premier is blaming the Governor for the problems of our country!!!!!!

    "McKeeva Bush accused the governor of doing “nothing of substance” to help Cayman and of “stealthily and insidiously” undermining what Bush said were his efforts to get the local economy off the ground."

    Isnt this the Premier's job?????  Hellllluuuuer!!!

    How does two substantial investigations (Stan Thomas letter & the importation of dnyamite without a permit) that directly involve the Premier, "get the local economy off the ground"? I think this will get the investors running or stop the honest ones from coming to our shores.

    When there are serious allegations of financial corruption being made of the highest govenment official, the leader of the country, can you in all sensible and reasonable thinking expect the UK to defend him?????

    Wow, he certainly is "special"!!!



    • BORN FREE says:

      What can McKeeva Bush hope to gain by releasing this shocking statement? There is no logical reason for this, none. Why is he continually antagonizing & insulting the Governor, the FCO & the police commissioner? There can only be one reason & that is that he is preparing for the inevitable, & when that happens he can tell the Cayman people that this is "proof" of the conspiracy that he has been talking about. This statement is very shocking, but it also very scarey & very very worrying because a statement like this can lead to one thing only (maybe that is what he wants), but be prepared for his even louder shouts of "my hands are clean & my heart is pure" & the "conspiracy theory"! It is coming people!

  62. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva Bush is incompetant. He has done nothing but sign MOUs that have cost millions to the Caymanian people. He has nothing concrete to show for his "efforts".


    McKeeva Bush rants against the governor. The governor must tread very softly because the Caymanian people, in their democratic wisdom, have elected McKeeva Bush into office. The governor must respect Caymanian democracy, such as it is. The governor is caught between a rock and a hard place. Do not expect him to lightly overturn the Caymanian democratic process (even if it is blatantly corrupt, it is, after all, democratically elected by a bunch of voters with new fridges, air conditioners, paved driveways, and soon to be installed solar panels).



  63. Anonymous says:

    I am so ashamed to have him as the Leader of our country. Obviously he is feeling the pressure and trying to shift the blame for his Govt not accomplishing much over the past 3 years, people we need to wake up and get him out of power.  We need the Governor and FCO to keep the premier in check, God help us if we ever became independant. The constitution has given that position too much power

  64. Anonymous says:

    Hoy Mack! Ya getto boay go way! Ya tooooo ruude!

  65. Anonymous says:

    This rant has been picked up by Rueters.  Just lovely.  Hope you're happy now McKeeva.  It even has the part about you being under investagation.  Can't you just STFU? Somebody give him a valium or something. Jeez

    • Anonymous says:

      If anyone should have made it a statement it should have been mckeeva's lawyer not mckeeva himself. He sounds like a ranting lunatic.  The only thing I have to say though, if he is found not guilty of all 3 investigations, the governor and the police are going to look like a bunch idiots and the cayman islands is going to have the biggest lawsuit against them.  On the other hand if he is found guilty of any of the charges, England will have someone in his place before you can blink an eye.  What worries me is one of the investigations have been going on for quite sometime and nothing has been brought forward.  I would think over a year would have been enough time to find an indiscrepancies, but again this is the RCIPS.  

      No matter what the outcome will be, the world knows what is going on and that includes the financial industry.  People are going to wonder what on earth is happening here in the cayman island  

      McKeeva has a lot of nerve to blame the governor for the crime here.  The crime here has been happening way before Taylor took over the post.  Mckeevas west bay has been a breeding ground for gangsters for over 10 years and nothing was done about it!!!


  66. Anonymous says:

    when I heard Baby Mack on the radio this Morning i did not know it could get any worst But I was Sooooooooo wrong

  67. Anonymous says:


    You are not biiger than life or England you fool !

  68. Truth says:

    Wow!  The inevitable has happened! You all know what happens next.

  69. Anonymous says:

    At time of writing this there is exactly 4 naysayers on all posts, how many computers do they have at the udp office?

    And who is the sorry soul working this late?

    • Anonymous says:

      don't worry, i is getting paid.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dunno, but when the place is bursting at the seams with brand new appliances space must be at a premium I'd have thought.

  70. Anonymous says:

    Mac is awesome

  71. Anonymous says:

    always blaming others.

    the  WIGGLE, TWIST and SHOUT  party.

    Desperate now, will blabber his party into deeper waters.

    Get the arm bands out guys we,  dun



    Oh boy, lets wash our hands and blame the UK,

    i need to be able to appoint the next Chief  O. P.

  72. Anonymous says:

    So what if the Governor's son fathered a child with a local woman – where is the scandal in that?   If anything, it shows the Govenor's family does not act as if they are part of some elite group that live in Cayman but look down their noses at locals.    When Prince William had a relationship with a commoner whom he met while pursuing his studies at University and later ended up marrying her, England applauded that he did not go marry another Royal, as the Royals tend to do.   So what is the whole hullabaloo about here?  Why is this even relevant to the matter at hand i.e. 3 ongoing investigations?  What an embarrasing politician of a leader we have !

  73. Anonymous says:

    Keke needs to have a drink at the UDP watering hole (lower deck) lol

  74. Anonymous says:

    Crass and uncouth behaviour – not worthy of the position he holds.   We need a true statesman in that position – not someone who as each day goes by, makes our heads hang lower in shame than the day before.   Since his party refuses to do anything about this situation that is making Cayman looking like a true banana republic and will no doubt affect its reputation as a leading financial centre, it is high time the FCO / Governor do something about ensuring good governance.

  75. Anonymous says:

    Holy smokes, Foolio will be sweating like a Ho in Church next Friday, I think the host will be back from fishing by then. The way I heard him slighting Austin this morning on the man's own program I can't wait to hear the peppering next week when Austin starts questioning him about this little rant by his Honourable Premier. Folks, I'm sorry, I have to try and find the humor in this, otherwise, as a Caymanian, I would weep for days from the pure embarrasment.

    • Anonymous says:

      And poor old Gilly, all he could say is "You're absolutely right! or you got a point there" to every piece of crap Foolio said defending his majesty.  Poor old Gilly.  Just like when he was UDP, and he couldn't see the cemetery for the sand and thus buried his political career, he couldn't see and hear this morning that Foolio was just talking crap to hear himself talk.  Foolio na fooling us, but it sure sounded like he could fool Gilly with his FCO conspiracy crap.  Gilly, let me explain it simply for you since it seems Austin wasn't there: The FCO/UK never drafted or sent the fax to Stan Thomas on Mac's (his majesty's) behalf; the FCO/UK never told Mac to try to "help" someone who was importing explosives without a licence or "proper documentation;" the FCO/UK never instructed Mac to circumvent the CTC process and negotiate with CHEC to build a port.  So there is no conspiracy there I'd say, agree?  "I know, I'm absolutely right!  I got a point there."  Now Monday you can tell Foolio that.  Tell Mac that.  Tell them stop, do the right thing;  follow the laws, regulations and processes for good governance that once adhered to will bring fairness and equality to all.  Then no one need fear the Anti-Corruption Commission, no one need fear FOI, no one need to claim the FCO/UK out to get them.  What we need Gilly are politicians with integrity and come 2013 we hope to get them. 

  76. Anonymous says:

    Just love the banjo-plucking hillbilly you guys elected as Premier. A flippin’ turtle would be less embarrasing as a Premier!

    • Anonymous says:

      We did not elect him as Premier. It is the brain dead folks in WB who keep electing him and his three stooges given them 4 votes in the House and therefore the ability to get in Cabinet.  

  77. Anonymous says:

    I think he realizes the jig is up, he has failed on all fronts the one straw he had hanging on to was supposedly turning Government's finances around, now I hear he is grappling with a shortfall of over 100 million in this year's budget and no hope of solving it without borrowing which he needs the UK's permission for. Yet he's going out offering free solar panels.

    The only thing I can conclude is that he's trying to get himself arrested or forcefully removed, that way, when the stuff hits the fan, he can claim it was because he wasn't there that things fell apart. It's going to get worse before it gets better folks, brace yourselves.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just give government a $100m donation from Nation Building slush fund…easy peasy

  78. Another Anon says:

    This is the stuff John Grisham novels are made of.

    BTW – awesome picture of the Big Mac, CNS. It is a spot on image of a stark raving lunatic.

  79. Dred says:

    This is Bush pushing us in the direction of independence. This is what McKeeva Bush wants and we are no where near prepared for this. How could we ever believe we are prepared for something of this magnitude when we have corruption running rampant, crime now rising its ugly head and our economy still in the tank. The last and I mean LAST PERSON I WANT AS PREMIER would be Mr Bush. I could name a few unsavorly Charars I would even trust more than him.

  80. Peanuts says:


    Noriega and Robert Mugabe must be the idols of Bush and his ‘Mimi-Me’ Ellio Solomon, did you here Ellio on Rooster with Fractured Friday Facts spew his distorted version of guilt and innocence. The plan to cry Wolf will not sell in Cayman, too many of our residents have a IQ above those crying Wolf.

    • Dred says:

      You know for me the sad thing is this, I actually know Ellio and me and him never really made it well BUT I must say I thought him to be a bigger man than this OR I should say I HOPED he was a bigger man than this. .

      I recall listening to his talk shows and how he asked the probing questions and I ask myself where did his ability to apply logic to a situation go. It was FUNDAMENTALLY his greatest gift at the time. Are you required to become deft, dumb, blind and stupid to become UDP? Do you swear and oath to this? How does this work? How can grown men who suppose to have pass 5th grade brain power not see how STUPID the position of the Premier is on these matters?

      I actually Mike from back in his CAL days and never would I have imagined a man of his integrity would have sold his soul to the devil himself

      This really baffles me to no end. I mean how could the FCO be involved?

      – The Premier sent the bill to Stan Thomas for performing a service that does not require a charge. Now because the Exec Comm members were not coerced does not mean something wrong was not done. There are always two sides to a coin.

      ——1) He could pressure the members to pass something they would not normally want to pass. He could do this with threats or other means. Listening to Gilbert and Dr Frank it does not appear this was what happened.

      ——2) He could tell Stan he would make the Exec Comm REJECT the rezoning if the funds were not paid. This is the other side. Keep in mind this project was sent to the board several times. Why? I believe that at one point it was to be heard by the board but Mr Bush removed it from the listing of items to be heard possibly because Mr Bush either was away or went away. This possibly could have been a message.

      But what I want to ask is this. So the Premier supposedly sends a letter to Mr Stan Thomas and this letter later turns up in a court case between Mr Stan Thomas and an associate of his. How did the FCO come into this? Where is the conspiracy? Did he the Premier not create and send the letter? I think not because he has all but admitted to it by calling it a "Real Estate Bill". If he created and sent it then the FCO had nothing to do with it and it's of his own doing. Now the legalities of this "Real Estate Bill" is what is in question. If there is nothing left to be billed for what "service" did the Premier provide?

      I think there are those out there that think that just because Mr Mclean and Dr Frank said they were not pressured mean that the Premier did nothing wrong. Well people there is still the fact that we have a bill for a balance of $350,000 for a service that does not normally exist. The money element has not disappeared. The question now is if not influence over the board members is there another way to convince someone to pay. Could it be extortion?

      I still say there are still a lot of things to come. Alot.

  81. Anonymous says:

    Open mouth, INSERT FOOT

  82. UDP Supporter says:

    It is truly amazing how much hate there is for this good, Christian man who has worked and struggled his whole life to do what is right by his Caymanian people. You must all be expats because none of the good, Christian Caymanians that I know especially in the great district of West Bay would be this disrespectful and ungrateful! Do not forget that Jesus faced doubters and critics while He was on Earth! McKeeva will overcome just like the Lord and be Premier for many, many more years!

    • A. Caymanian says:

      it's amazing the loyalty that a little free beef will buy you in the district of West Bay. Surely, you can not be this naive? The man is risking the livelyhood of everyone that calls these islands "home" for nothing more than his personal ambitions. If McKeeva genuinely thinks that he is acting in the best of interest of Caymanians then I'm sorry to say, the man is even more naive than you appear to be

    • SKEPTICAL says:

      Drivel – from another UDP voter whose IQ is never likely to even match his age.

    • Anonymous says:

      Signed, lost in outer space.

    • Anon a mouse says:

      Surly you jest?
      The ‘Great Deceiver’ comes in many forms, often transforming himself into an Angel of Light’.
      You, ‘UDP Supporter’, have been deceived.

    • Empty Chair says:

      Anon 17:07, all I can say is hahahahahaha ohooooooohhhhhh hahahaha, sorry, I can't say it I'm laughing so much hahahahahaha, good? christian? hahahahaha

  83. Whodatis says:

    As far as this particular matter is concerned, I still have one unanswered question, which in my opinion is the crux of the matter, regardless of what side of the fence one stands.

    Why were these investigations announced?

    If an experienced "Governor" and an entire arm of the British government (FCO) could not envision the domino effect that is this current political turmoil – then I am unsure of their usefulness in this equation. Judging by the current situation they have failed in their duty of ensuring and maintaining "good governance" within the Cayman Islands. (I am fully aware of their other "primary" duty – which in itself does not help to diffuse the situation.)

    Our experienced and crime-fighting professional CoP apparently did not feel a need to announce whatever it was that was taking place – why then should a visiting British Member of Parliament?

    (If the Premier is in fact guilty of criminal offences he will be found as such – that was a given as the wheels of justice were already in motion. Therefore, leaving that issue to one side for the moment … why was the situation handled in this way? Did they believe that by making as many people as possible aware of the situation would enhance the probability of a fair and just investigation, and if required, trial?)

    Regardless of my dislike of many things about the Premier – this simply makes no sense whatsoever – and even encroaches upon the accepted legal progress.

    I refuse to let my emotions cloud my judgement at a time which could prove pivotal in the history of the country I love.

    Hopefully someone can help me to understand.

    *Serious posters only need reply (to the actual question please). Ad hominems will be duly ignored.

    • Anonymous says:

      i would like to help you understand, but I suspect that you have no desire to understand anything other than what you already believe.


      You have asked a simple question "why were these investigations announced?". Now I will ask you a few questions that should precede yours:


      1. Have you ever heard of an investigation where there was nothing to investigate?

      2. Do you not believe that the Premier's fax to Stan Thomas is worthy of investigation?

      3. Do you not believe that the Premier's involvement in the legal issues surrounding the iillegal importation of explosives is worthy of investigation?


      Take away the Stan Thomas fax and the explosives interference, both of which the Premier admits to, and ask yourselfif the FCO would have otherwise announced an anvestigation during their visit?

      • Whodatis says:

        The existence of an investigation is not the same as the announcement of an investigation.

        My question was not; "Why are there investigations taking place?"

        I appreciate your response, however I fail to see how the announcement of these investigations benefits any of the parties involved – and it appears as if the Commissioner of Police (the individual with ultimate responsibility for these ongoing criminal investigations) feels the same way.

        So … again I ask; "Why did the FCO announce these ongoing investigations?"

         – Whodatis

        • Anonymous says:

          There could be a number of reasons (aside from the fact that they were asked about the investigations by journalists):

          1. To refute McKeeva's denial that there were any investigations against him;

          2. To reassure the public that the matter was not being buried, as had been speculated by some, and that there are indeed active ongoing investigations.

          3. To apply some pressure for McKeeva to step down. This might facilitate their investigations and it would certainly minimise embarrassment to the UK if he resigned than if a serving premier of another British Overseas Territory is arrested and charged. 

      • SKEPTICAL says:

        Item 2 – Do you not believe that the Premier’s fax to Stan Thomas is worthy of investigation ?
        Just to remind everybody – it was a Grand Court Judge who noticed the copy fax in a bundle of documents which were evidence in a Civil Lawsuit over which he was presiding, and it was that Grand Court Judge who felt that it warranted review by the Police and/or the Judiciary. Clearly he had some concerns about what it might represent.

    • CI Future Hope says:


      We live in a time in which the greatet asset you can have is the ability to think independently.  Group think that exists is going to finish us off.

      Few people are willing to look beyond the poor grammar, the biting comments, and the angry rant to see any truth in what was said, or to look at the entire situation.  We are either getting rid of Premier or supporting Premier.

      In my book, nuff blame is to go around for all involved: Police, Governor, FCO, UDP, PPM and the Premier.  We didn't get here overnight.  

      My concern is people in this country are so concerned about controlling our own, that others are given a free pass.  In fact, they shouldnt be questioned.  They are of course superior beings.  Just look at how one sided the criticism on this entire matter has been.

      Just look at how clear the pattern is of coincidences, ironies, and mysterious revelations.  Something is not adding up on either side.  

      It seems there is moral deficit and those who are quick to choose sides, do so at their own peril, because there are power games at play.  What is lawful, what is right, and what is just is of little importance to any of the players in this saga.

      Maintain an open mind…there's more than one bad guy in this plot.  In fact, I haven't seen any good guys pop up on the scene….except maybe Al Suckoo.  His statement this week which is posted on Cayman 27 may not have won him brownie points with the opposition, but it was about the most fair, balanced and right thinking thing i have heard since this fiasco began.


      • Whodatis says:

        Thank you for replying, I really enjoyed your post.

        I appreciate "thinking" individuals.


        • CI Future Hope says:


          The UK knows how tribal our political environment is?  Don't you think they realize what will be achieved by slow justice- and by slow justice I mean inching along investigations into the single most polarizing figure in the Caymanian political scene?

          There is nothing more that any government official likes more than power.  The unprecedented level of power now resting in the hands of the FCO was created by the financial mess which was created by the overambitious capital projects of the PPM.  That's not even a matter of question but fact.  

          So piece #1 falls in place.  They now have a control mechanism over our day to day activities in the form of the FFR- because of poor financial management, overspending and unsustainable debt.  Something that has NEVER occured in the history of these islands.  Imagine some FCO bureaucrat who lives in a 1 bedroom flat telling us how we spend our money?  

          Piece #2 falls in place with the usually questionable actions of the Premier.  Publicly advocating for outcome over process and always circumventing globally accepted standards, mishandling procurement, and constantly being under suspicion for 'helping yourself' while 'helping others' is like sharpening the executioners axe before you lay your head on the block.

          Piece #3 falls in place when the people no longer have confidence in the Government.  If the government is bogged down in controversy, fueled by an investigation or in this case 3, then they cannot accomplish anything to move the country forward and change the status of piece #1.  Do you think that there is any irony in the fact that the UK themselves were competing with us for Shetty's services?  David Cameron has been trying to get Shetty to setup in the UK.  Do you think that the Chinese investment in Cayman is pleasing to the UK?  The world is trying to get their hands on cheap capital- heck even Europe is looking to China to help bail them out.  So having China enter the market in Cayman in a big way, could only open the door to a new era of economic prosperity for this country and this region.  Of course, it could also open other doors we aren't ready to deal with, but the UK would take a CHEC deal tomorrow and seek to grow the relationship if the had the chance.

          Piece #4 falls in place allowing the FCO to save face/justify Tempura's botched investigations AND the mess that is occurring in TCI.  (its amazing to hear some people praise what's going on in TCI).  Those in the know in the UK consider the investigation an embarrassment.  I will not say anymore- you can read between the lines and figure it out.

          So I shake my head at those who are fawning over the Governor and seeking to reassure him of their undying love and loyalty (in light of this tantrum from the Premier).  The Governor is doing his job and looking out for those he is answerable to.  Anyday our interests and the UK's interest intersect, guess what side he chooses?   We get to hold McKeeva, Alden, Kurt, Truman or whoever we are dumb enough to elect accountable.

          Who holds the FCO or Governor accountable? Or are we still giving 'massa' a pass in 2012…2012, not 1969, not 1890, 2012!  

          Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery.

          Think for yourselves people….don't get sucked into the Game of Thrones.

          • Whodatis says:

            @ CI Future Hope,

            Like I said before … I like "thinking" people!

            That was an amazing post my fellow Caymanian.

            Take care.

            (Standby for the thumbs down and ridicule though. Isn't it simply awesome how "they" like to run us down for our commentary yet they go through all the trouble to find our content? Watch 'um … see 'um right dey, lol!)

    • Anonymous says:

      Think you will find that the Stan Thomas letter – investigation 1 if you will – was announced in response to an enquiry by the opposition as why it was not being investigated  – answer was that it was, and had been unannounced.

      Investigation number 2 was admitted by Bellingham in response to press enquiries as to whether there was truth to the rumour that McKeeva was under another investigation (prompted by stories that he was involved in an admitted investigation into the dynamite saga).

      Investigation 3 was then admitted whem the press enquired as to whether investigation number 2 was the dynamite matter or something else.

      So in effect none of the investigations was announced by the authorities – quite the opposite – but they replied when asked by the press.

      Whilst you may prefer a conspiracy theory to fit your world view of colonial governmets, ask yourself this – if it was a conspiracy and the announcements were made to embarrass Bush, then a) why didnt they announce the Stan Thomas issue until prompted b) why dont they announce more investigations – there are certainly plenty of opportunities.  If Arden can be investigated for a complaint about non payment of his electricty bill, and Dart for the $5m payment, why on earth arent there investigations into the long standing stories about the Ritz concessions and the commission paid at the time, the discontinuation of payments by Ryan, the Cohen deal, GLF/CHEC, even Bush's admission in the paper last week that he procured a Quincentennial scolarship for Millar ….the UK government has no shortage of opportunities to announce investigations, yet it seems that the news of investigations only comes out when there is a leak and press enquiry.

      Not everything that is bad in the world is the fault of a colonial government…sometimes someone else is to blame. 

      • Whodatis says:

        Thank you poster, the first three paragraphs of your post were much appreciated.

        If your words are accurate then those are details I was unaware of until now.

        However, the FCO is the authority in this situation – not the press. They (FCO / Governor) have ultimate control as to what and how much specific information is released to the public.

        Furthermore, they are ultimately responsible for maintaining "good governance" in the country.

        In my humble opinion, the way in which this situation was handled was a failure on their part in regards to what supposedly is their role in this equation. (Bear in mind, it appears as if our own CoP would have preferred for these announcements, and the subsequent fallout, not been made.)


        • Anonymous says:

          Dear Anonymous who responded to Whodatis on Sat, 05/05/2012 – 05:04.   I myself long gave up trying to answer Whodatis' questions long ago, because no matter what factual, sensible answers you provide, he will still stick to his position and rhetoric about colonial mishandling, even when his view defies all logic.   Dear Whodatis – those facts in the first 3 paragraphs that the poster provided you with – are indeed actual facts – and have been reported extensively in the press from as far back as a year ago.   Do a little research, won't you?  You will see the poster is correct, the investigations only became public news because it was leaked to the press and Opposition, obviously by unknown individuals in Government who were "in the know" about these things, and were probably quite disturbed by what they knew was going on and felt somehow the public had a right to know.   The opposition and the press then questioned theGovernor, FCO and authorities if these investigations were in fact real as the marl road suggested.  How is it that you are acting as if you didn't know these tidbits the poster provided and you are thanking him / her for the information and claiming that if the poster's words are accurate then you were unaware of it till now.  Where have you  been living all this time, under a rock? For someone who tries to come across as the residential expert on colonial mishandling, how come you didn't know all the facts?  Even when you got the answers to your questions, you are still hanging on to the misapprehension  you are laboring under, because you cannot give it up – you seem obsessed with the colonial powers that be, and blame them because, according to you, they are in control of how much information they release and they have mishandled the whole thing.  So what if they answered the questions of the Opposition and the press – aren't we living in an age of what is supposed to be transparency in government?  Aren't we the people supposed to know when our leaders are under investigation? We are, afterall, their employers?   Give it up man, your axe to grind with the colonial powers – is frankly getting old, tired and just plain nonsensical – give it a rest.   Signed, ad hominem.

          • Whodatis says:

            Oh dear … someone is a tad bit upset.

            Dear "Addy",

            You claimed that you gave up on replying to me but then dove into a long tirade aimed directly at yours truly. You okay there hun'?

            By the way, it was quite a journey to get all the way back to lil ol me … you know you love me. Don't fight it baby.


            • Anonymous says:

              Okay, I admit, I like arguing with you.  You present a challenge.  There, I said it.  But I mean it -please do try to keep an open mind and consider for a moment, that not everything that goes wrong is to be blamed on the colonial powers – sometimes the blame must be laid squarely at the feet of the politician(s) who cause us to be in this messy situation.  Okay, hon? 🙂

  84. Anonymous says:


  85. Anonymous says:

    I love the deranged photo, CNS, but could we not have a full frontal one to exemplify the "full frontal" nature of the attackon the Governor?

    • Chris Johnson says:

      Forty three responses. Wow. Anyone notice but they are all anonymous! Come on guys please stand up and be countered. Wayne,Ezzard, Peter, Anton and I are getting a bit tired of this. Please do something positive for your country. You all have a voice so use it.

      As to Bush’s raves. What is new? You can expect more until he is put down.

      • Anonymous says:

        Sorry Chris am the sole breadwinner for my house.  I can't afford to lose my job.


        • Chris Johnson says:

          Why would you lose your house? Please explain how this might happen using your anonymous title so the public understands.

          • Anonymous says:

            Chris, I am not the anonymous to whom you have directed your question and I hope he or she will answer – but the reality has been experienced by me. Opposing the UDP on anything with that man in charge is the end of any discretion in your favor. Your applications for permits and licences get lost, your attempts to do government work are sabotaged, and you are shunned by the political establishment to the extent that the survival of your business becomes an issue.

          • Anonymous says:

            I will not lose my house Chris but I would lose my job.  My house is paid for.

          • Anonymous says:

            The poster may not suffer retribution by using the Anonymous title but that is a real possibility if they should stand up and make their voice and face known publicly.  You must understand that there has been a tremendous amount of bullying of the public and private sector by this administration (of one) in order to achieve their aims.  People are afraid of their own government and it is not unwise to remain anonymous.


      • Anonymous says:

        I am rather concerned to see Ezzard's name in there with yours and the other three gentlemen, Mr Johnson. Hopefully the only thing in common is the willingness to sign your names (which I respect, even in the case of Ezzard).

    • Anonymous says:

      That one might scare Mr. Bellingham and Mr. Taylor away.

  86. Anonymous says:

    wah wahhhh whine whine b!tch cry pout sulk whine


    • Anonymous 2 says:

      Does any of you know whether ther Premier is right.  He knows what the governor is doing.  Because the saying is to know me COME LIVE WITH ME.  So if they are the two powers on the Island,  Trust me they both know why they are up in each other,s faces.

  87. Anonymous says:

    Julianna needs to bathe Mac's feet and cool him down. This nonsense is embarrassing and will be meat and drink to the UK press who love to fill their readers with the "millionires' tax dodging- money laundering- shady politicians- banana republic- paradise" sort of stuff.

  88. Anonymous says:

    LMAOOOOO Mckeeva vexxxxxxx .

  89. Anonymous says:

    Looks like the premier needs to go back to grammar school!  What an embarrassment this statement is to our country!!!  How much longer do we have to suffer with this lunatic in power?!

    • Anonymous says:

      For the record, you can only go back to places you've been before! McKeeva failed the 11+ exams so he was sent to Secondary Modern instead of Secondary Grammar to finish his education.


      Now McKeeva's failure at the 11+ exams are really of no concern to me. Many people with lesser (formal) education have enjoyed enormous success. Also, the quality of one's education has nothing to do with one's ethical and moral values. It is McKeeva's failures as Premier and Minister of Finance that bother me, and not his grammatical errors.

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually, I think the (US?) writer was referring to what we'd call primary school here.

        (And, hey, I failed the 11+ and still managed to become a qualified brain surgeon, so we're not as thick as some might assume!)

    • Anonymous says:

      Fri 16:06, don't worry, we'll soon have…er..Alden…..or…er..Ezzard….er…or…Arden….er…or Julianna…to take over the reins of power. Cayman is truly blessed.

    • Anonymous says:

      Did you mean Mac needs to go to school? He never went to grammar school.

  90. Anonymous says:

    In a way Bush is right….The governor has not helped the Cayman Islands the way he should have…what he should have done is REMOVE BUSH FROM THE OFFICE OF PREMIER the day after he arrived on the Island!!!

  91. Anonymous says:

    Thank goodness the Premier recognizes this conspiracy by the FCO, the RCIPS and other shadowy organizations. Control of the press to discredit the Premier is only one of many tricks they will use.  Wait until they unleash the "Weather-Controlling Machine".  You'd better give it up now Mr. Governor. You're dealing with a Genius.

  92. Plumbago says:

    I do believe that if the Governor, FCO  wanted to get rid of Bush they could easily find a plethera of  well founded  issues instead of manufacturing  "things" as Bush and the UDP are saying.  However his rude  crazy comments could be the proverbial "straw that broke the camel's back"   I hope this has ignited the Governor and Chief of Police to double up their efforts to put him away and give us a chance of redeeming our Beloved Cayman Islands and the respectable status that we enjoyed before he came on the scene.  Of course he is hoping and wishing that the Governor goes away – but can Caymanians imagine the carnage that would exist if Bush and his henchmen had full sway.  Did you all hear him and Rolston on Tuesday night?.  They are planning to take Cayman to Independence and the first move would be to remove the Governor and Chief  of Police appointed by Her Majesty's Government.   Bush is constantly saying that he has done nothing wrong – well if that is so why don't he talk to the Chief of Police.  Why don't he confirm that the Chief of Police wants to meet with him but he refuses. The Chief ofPolice is perhaps trying to avoid further embarrassment for The Cayman Islands by not  forcing him to come in. until the investigations have taken its' course.  Maybe soon and very soon both the Governor and Chief of Police will  stop dancing around and who knows what will happen then.

  93. philip says:

    This letter will be the straw that broke Mckeeva's back, final nail in the coffin,…. come on guys help me with the rest i am brain dead its friday afternoon.

  94. Anonymous says:

    Now Mr Governor, grow some ba*ls and do what you should have done some time ago!!

  95. Anonymous says:

    The time has come to "Roast " this Arrogant Dictator that we have as Premier.

     The UK / FCO / Govorner needs to reveal ALL that that they have on the Premier to the people of Cayman, & let the chips fall where they will.

     Since the UK lacks the balls to get rid of him, then allow 'the people' to the opportunity to do so.

  96. Anonymous says:

    This man. Mckeeva Bush (if those three words can be truthfully used in the same sentence), is now completely out of control.

    And ALL of his political cronies are as guilty as he is if they do not try to stop him with this preposterous behaviour.

    Time for the demonstrations to begin. We cannot possibly be any worse off as a result despite what some may say.


  97. Anonymous says:

    And he wouldn't let me play with all the other big boys or give me a ride on his bike.

    You really don't get it Mac, he's staying to make sure that you go down this time. You've pulled the lions tail once too often and now its going to bite. If you want to be treated as a statesman, try behaving like one and not like a child who can't get his own way. A little dignity might be more appropriate and possibly wise at this time.

  98. Anonymous says:

    Bush is being deliberately provocative in his usual obnoxious way.  Of course, it's all part of his own agenda.

  99. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva has gone fully mad. What a disrespectful, unprofessional, uncouth fop.

    I have never been more ashamed to be Caymanian than today.

  100. Anonymous says:

    Mr Bush has lost it. I would have hoped his highly paid Chief of Staff (Dilbert) or his Press Officer (Glidden) or his Political Advisor (Parchment) could have stopped him from making an idjut of himself in this way. If they agree with him putting out this rant, then they like him are an embarrassment to Cayman. The Daily Mail (and other press) will have FAR more fun with this attack on a UK Governor than ever they did with a totally silly non-story about the Governor's son fathering a child by a local girl.

    • Anonymous says:

      I wonder how the UK press got the non-story…..not something that they wouldn’t be interested in, I mean as a story outside of the UK. maybe someone deliberately tried to rake up some muck by giving the story to the uk newspapers?….who would have a motive for that??? Also the story mentions how the Governor was awarded a CBE for his work as Consulate in New York after 9/11. Hardly a fact to be mentioned in a story where the British press were “after him” ?

      • Anonymous says:

        I meant to say “not something they would normally be interested in……”

    • Anonymous says:

      15;35, why would you expect the persons you name as Mr Bush's staff to try to persuade him this was an unwise move. These guys owe their salaries to him and not a single one of them was  successful at any job they had before becoming his sidekicks. They will support him and they will fall with him.

  101. I Care says:

    McKeeva, you are out of line. WHY DON'T YOU STOP BLEAMING OTHERS FOR YOUR OWN SHORT FALLS and be a man and take your licks? You always claim to have done nothing wrong, my hands are clena and your heart is pure….. This I doubt, nothing you say can be taken seriously , really, you are just a big bully , limited eductaion , can't see past you noise. I use to be a big suporter of yours but I am not suporting any party next year, I will be voting independant in West Bay Gods will.

    In order for people to respect you , you have to earn it , not demand it. Can't you see that you and your puppets are messing up this country worst than the PPM, and God forbide if they get back in . They will spend 4 years undoing what the UPD did , its always this back and forth with the bunch of you.

    All of you grow up for God pete sack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




  102. SKEPTICAL says:

    Delusional rantings of someone who seems virtually out of control – is the pressure finallybecoming too much for him to handle.

  103. Anonymous says:

    Bush is blaming external forces for his internal failings.


    This is a typical action of an incompetant person. Sad for Mr. Bush and even sadder for the Cayman Islands.

  104. Anonymous says:

    If anything Governor Taylor has helped Macdowrong Bush more than he has helped anyone else.  He surely hasn't had any consideration or regard for all those Caymanians who are crying to save Cayman by protesting all the agreements government is making against the majorities wishes..  In fact he has passed those concerns on to Macdummy Bush to deal with and he is the one making all the unilateral decisions we are all unhappy with!  I would say Taylor has been in the UDP camp more than ours so sit down and shut up Macdummy but step down before you sit.

  105. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva Bush ends his statement with the words, "I implore the good people of Cayman to call for an end to this tearing down of reputations and the good name of Cayman. We will all suffer for it if we do not."

    Very well.  McKeeva Bush I am calling for YOU to end tearing down reputations and the good name of Cayman."  It seems you have blamed everyone in the Cayman Islands except for yourself, the one person who has been given the responsibility of the office of Premier.


  106. Dr. SaySo says:

    I am truly convinced this man is stark raving mad! If you are so law abiding PLEASE SIR clear your name or step down! I can't speak for everyone but I am sure others as well are tired of all this crap. Let's face it my caymanian people , the UDP is looking toward independence and taking complete control of the Cayman Islands. We will see how much they really are for the Caymanian people then. I hope their big supporters have their boats and paddles ready. Maybe that should be their next request before the next election.

  107. Anonymous says:

    This is terrible. What is he thinking…..the handlers need to put him back in his cage. How embarrassing for Cayman. Shame Mac. Take the high road as the leader of our Island, dont bring us down in the mud.


    Embarrassed Caymanian Voter…

  108. Anonymous says:

    Thanks mac, I love it when you open your mouth like this, out pours the true you and a little more rope we have


    Outstanding, what an idiot.

  109. Anonymous says:

    wow…. his statements read like his blabbering incoherent rants you normally see on the tv…..

    this man is the biggest danger and threat to the future stability of the cayman islands…..

    he must be removed now!

  110. Slowpoke says:

    Somebody needs to go back on their medication…

  111. Anonymous says:

    mckeeva… you are the biggest muppet alive… could not have wished for a more passive governor…… it's only after you have dug your own grave that you are blaming anything and everybody else………..

    i for one look forward to the arrival of the fco and to put an end to the most shambolic administration that these islands have ever seen!

  112. Anonymous says:

    Mac you need to hush your pie-hole and STEP-DOWN cause the only person who abuse our islands is YOU! Selling your own country out but yet you're heart is pure and clean.

  113. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva Bush has lost his tiny little mind.  Yet again we are subjected to his paranoid whining.  Now he's blaming Governor Taylor for all of Cayman's ills.

    The last thing the Cayman Islands needs at this point is to have a whining bully in charge.  McKeeva Bush must step down for the good of us all.


  114. Anonymous says:

    OMG! He has finally totally lost it.

  115. Anonymous says:

    This is disgraceful, I would have thought better than this coming from the Premier. Know I hope his UDP colleagues sees his real colors. Shameful McKeeva, don't you have any morals and values left in you? I also feels sory for your wife and family.

  116. Anonymous says:

    I for one gave Premier Bush some leeway in whether he should step down or not but this is the last straw…or more accurately I should say " last grasping at straws".

    The Premier has clearly now lost the plot. I call on Glidden, Anglin,O'Connor-Conolly, Scotland and Seymour to stop this now. The others, Adam, Ebanks and Solomon will go down with the Premier but the rest of you do not need to. DO SOMETHING!

  117. Anonymous says:

    Was that thunder?

  118. Anonymous says:

    The most impressive thing about this "release" was the letterhead.

    The content was absolutely shameful and certainly not fitting of the head of a government. It appears that Challo simply recorded Mac's rant and typed it up directly.

    MacKeeva Bush is an embarrassment to the position of Premier. He is an embarrassment to the Cayman Islands. He is an embarrassment to Caymanians and residents of Cayman.

  119. Cow Itch says:

    How embarrassing for the Cayman Islands…. Big Mac deserves 50 lashes with a 6 foot cow cod in heroes square!!!!

  120. Anonymous says:

    I smell the declaration of independence in the air……

  121. Anonymous says:

    I hate to be crude (not really) but it's time someone told McKeeva to STFU.


    "I have  not imported or caused to be imported any explosive material."

    Well, every fool and his dog knows that, but why don't you flap your big fat lips and say "I did not attempt to circumvent the process by intervening on behalf of someone else importing explosive material".


    Why don't you say exactly what the bill to Stan Thomas was for? Is that so hard? Every other real estate agent in Cayman can itemize their bills with details of service provided. XXXX


    The people of Cayman have heard enough crap and lies.

  122. Mac Attack says:

    Pay no attention to Mac. These are nothing more than his regular attention diverting tactics. Trying to divert attention from OPOV this time.

  123. Knot S Smart says:

    Well I be a double-dipping, conspiracy-claiming, pure-hearted, clean-handed, God-fearing, cussing-and-blackgarding -everybody – Christian Man!

  124. Stiff-Necked Fool says:

    This is the begining of the end!

    I am totally devastated by McKeeva's action towards the Govenor and the UK and if the respected members of the UDP, who love Cayman and consider the future of their children, cannot stand up to their leader and get rid of him, then they are to be fully blamed along with McKeeva!

  125. Anonymous says:

    Looks like Mac has declared a personal war on the UK.  I guess he wants to go out with all guns blazing.

    It is a shame that he might take the future of Cayman down with him.

  126. Anonymous says:

    He needs to be locked up -XXXXX – he's said in his earlier statement that he was "helping a friend" who was importing explosives and now he's saying that he has not "caused explosives to be imported" – both statements are from him – which one is true – did he help a friend and attempt to cause explosives to be imported or did he not have anything to do with the importation – he can't have it both ways and per his earlier statement of "helping a friend" – he's essentially admitted his guilt in which case it begs the question as to why he isn't already under arrest?


    And whilst on the topic – a very big round of applause to whoever it was at customs that had the you know what to stand up to our premier (I'm sorry – I can't add the honourable bit anymore!)


    • macs gotta go says:

      Did someone at Customs actually stand up to him? Or did they simply follow the maker and breaker of all rules?? Hmm

  127. E. says:

    Get this man out of the Premier seat IMMEDIATELY my fellow citizens.  He needs to be stopped NOW.


    • Anonymous says:

      Mac's latest statement is a prime example of the old Caymanian saying, "It is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt".