Dr Frank appears at PPM rally

| 08/05/2012

dr frank ppm (251x300).jpg(CNS): Former UDP Cabinet minister Dr Frank McField received a warm welcome when he appeared as a surprise guest on the platform of a PPM political rally in Savannah on Monday night. The controversial character called for his former party colleague’s resignation and condemned comments made recently by Ellio Solomon that if the premier had done something wrong in connection with the Stan Thomas affair and land re-zoning, then the rest of his Cabinet colleagues did too. McField said that it was McKeeva Bush not the other Cabinet members that wrote to the developer demanding money as he called for a return of integrity to politics.

McField offered his appreciation and support to the opposition leader for inviting him to the PPM meeting. He said he welcomed McLaughlin’s move to reach out to a broader coalition of people that would be able to take the country back “to begin a new phase of honesty and prosperity for the Cayman Islands,” McField said.

The former minister for sports, gender and community affairs in the UDP’s first government accused Bush of forming the UDP as a tool merely to ensure he would remain as leader until he decided to retire, because clearly he “had no use for a political party”, McField said. He said that up until a few months ago he continued to try and offer the premier advice on how he could solve some of the economic and social challenges we have in the island but to no avail.

Although the premier is consistently blaming others for Cayman’s economic stagnation, McField said, the real reason for the country’s economic woes was down to politicians putting their own interests before the interests of the country.

“It’s these actions that cause people to become suspicious and trigger off investigations, that cause people to believe politicians are benefitting from deals being made,” he said. McField pointed to the dock, the hospital and other projects where he said people now had a feeling that had become entrenched that the politicians were looking after themselves and making something from the deals while the considerations of the country came long after.

He explained that when the Stan Thomas land came to Cabinet for re-zoning it was passed to facilitate plans for a resort to create jobs and boost the economy but none of the other Cabinet members asked him for money. “None of us wrote any letter to any developer demanding any sum of money for that particular act,” McField said, referring to himself, Gilbert McLean, Juliana O’Connor-Connolly and Roy Bodden, who were the elected Cabinet members at the time alongside Bush. “Nobody should have profited from that …”

McField said he has already called on his former party colleagues in the UDP to ask the premier to retire as leader of the party and as leader of the government because it is “their responsibility under the party constitution to make sure that he is disciplined and dealt with” and allow the party constitution to function.

“But nobody there seems to have the courage,” he said. “Nobody there seems to have the courage to stand up against Big Mac.”

McField’s surprise appearance was well received by the PPM party faithful at a meeting, which attracted around 300 people. Among others that lined up on the PPM platform was Woody DaCosta, who is one of seven new recruits that has expressed an interest in running on the PPM party ticket at the next election, if selected by the party membership.

He said it was time for people to unify and come together to address what he said would be grim times ahead. Da Costa said the new constitution provided new opportunities for more autonomy but it was being abused. The petition on one man, one vote showed that the people had a voice and should not accept being ignored. 

The potential West Bay candidate said that although the odds were stacked against the referendum after it was hi-jacked by government, it was still not impossible, as he urged everyone to come out and vote. However, he said that if the referendum day was lost, the people could hold government accountable in May 2013.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Let me put it in a nutshell. The sad fact is that by inviting “Dr” McField to speak, the PPM has shown in one move that it so lacks judgment that it is as unqualified to govern as the UDP is. This is a truly worrying situation. There is no party worth voting for. What the hell do we do?

    • Anonymous says:

      As I understand it Frank McField invited himself to speak, but I agree that it was bad judgement to let him.

  2. Squid says:

    You people need to releaze that UDP can't exist without PPM, and PPM can't exist without UDP. They need each other to make themselves known. It is an ego-power struggle with the poor people in the middle. Do you ever hear of POLITICAL PROPAGANDA?!  Get use to it, because the two-party system is just that.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Both parties need to be dissolved and any future ones. It just breaks up votes for the real candidates who want to make a difference and the ones just riding on the band wagon.

  4. Anonymous says:

    fco…..save us ..direct rule please!

  5. Anonymous says:

    "Relax.. (Don't do it.)."      by Frankie goes to Buttonwood

  6. Anonymous says:

    This is almost as bad as 'Turtle Meat, Self-Loans' former PPM candidate Joey Ebanks joining up with Mckeeva and then being appointed head of the ERA.   

    • Anonymous says:

      Has this Dr. Frank explained how he was shot?

      Or did he shoot himself?

      Was the gun licensed?

      Was the gun used in other gang crimes?

      I really dont think this is the type of person PPM should have speaking at their Rally – next they will have some notorious gangster up there.

    • Anonymous says:

      How desperate are you when your guest speaker is a rejected politician who was recently shot and can't tell the Police who shot him or even who carried him to the hospital?

      Really, Frank McField – this guy needs to go find his parrot and join Rudy.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Such a suck-up that Dr Frank is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did he come to tell the public who shot him?

     Why in  the God's world would PPM want a man like that to join their platform?

    How can anybody possibly trust the PPM and Dr Frank working together.? 

    Alden needs to put one of the biggest band-aids he can find over his mouth. His mouth is forever going blah blah blah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and saying nothing.

    PPM did nothing when they were in power but waste our funds and cant stand to see someone else trying to make a bad situation a little better for the people of these islands.

    Well I could tell one thing for sure that PPM couldn't buy my vote if they paid me all the money that the wasted when they were in power much less me giving it to them so they could get back in and finish crippling us.

    Most of the people that are siding with them if they got back into power they wouldn't give you the time of the day much less rescue from any distress you are in. They are USERS.


    • Anonymous says:

       "PPM couldn't buy my vote". You won't get any competition from the PPM on that front. Stick with the UDP for fridges.

  8. Anonymous says:

    With each passing day I have more and more appreciation for Charles "The Chuckster" Clifford's judgment. We can see more and more with each passing day why he left the PPM. The PPM leadership is devoid of political acumen…….this is the poorest political judgment I have ever witnessed !

    The UDP has now succesfully infiltrated the PPM and no one in the PPM has detected it !!!!!!!

  9. Knot S Smart says:

    Dr Frank again.

    Oh Dear…

  10. Anonymous says:

    I feel like my feeble and misplaced hopes for a strong oppostion have finally been dashed to pieces in a miserable heap of hypocrisy, implied insults to the intelligence of the electorate, and a complete lack of political judgement. I feel sick and I feel abused. And I  feel sad, truly deeply sad. We deserved so much better.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I understand Dr. Frank was invited to speak, he came and expressed his concern on the issue at hand. Individuals from a cross section of the island attended the meeting which shows me that many people are troubled over the way this country is heading. When something is right, Dr Frank will support it and when something appears wrong he will show his concern regardless of who is being investigated. 

    • Anonymous says:

      22.34. You're completely missing the point. In this case the medium was the message. What people will remember is that the PPM thought it appropriate to have Dr Frank, with so many serious and unresolved issues hanging over him like a cloud from a factory chimney, address their members on matters of corruption and integrity,  issues on which he might well claim to be an expert, I fully agree. The political judgement involved here is so inept, it necessarily casts a long shadow over the whole PPM enterprise. You only have to read these blogs to see how this has been seen by some  PPM supporters, who are feeling desperate now.  We all know politicians can make perfect sense when they want something, but a surer indication of their intentions lies in their track record.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The PPM had another chance at becoming the government again and what does Alden do ? Put Dr. Frank Bull-it on stage…….RIP PPM !!!

    Former PPM Supporter !

    • Dred says:

      We can always say what we want to say about people but Dr Frank (when not off the deep edge) does speak very intelligently and with great knowledge of the UDP machine.

      I see nothing wrong with allowing him to speak on his knowledge at the meeting. It's not like we are granting him a humanitarian award. We are requesting that all of this STOPS HERE AND NOW. Hell I believe if we had a current UDP member who wanted to speak as to why the leader shoudl step down he would be allowed to do so.

      What you fail to GET is the fact that this is no longer about UDP, PPM or INDEPENDENT this friend is about OUR COUNTRY. You think this recession was anything? Wait til you see the UK running us.

      We need this to end. We need the UDP members to see the LIGHT. No one really wants the whole UDP team to step down. All that is being asked is that the PREMIER step down and the UDP can maintain running the government.

    • Recycled says:

      Recycled Politicians.  Why dont the Island look and see that all we are getting is recycled Politicians.  Chem them out see if all of them have not been to the BIN before.

      We need to empty the drum now.  George Town recycled politicians need to be sent to the Bodden Town Dump.  It is a disaster .

  13. Anonymous says:

    This was like the wild  wild west.  Shouting from the podium calling Lord Blencathra a cripple, threatening to shot Elio and basically a lynching meeting for McKeeva. I had to go home and throw up..

    Is this what my country has lowered itself to?

    Are their any real Caymanians with country not self in mind that will step up to the plate. This is just sickening!!

    • Anonymous says:

      yeah..they a" lil" bit better then UDP..just a lil bit..nah not really..just "bout the same" or maybe lil worse since they put Frank up there with them.

      Sickening is right…and they really expect me to vote for them after all of that the other night.

      i would rather stick my head in the sand!


      • Anonymous says:

        To Anonymous Wed,05/09/2012     Sorry ,but I believe you mean keep it in the sand.

  14. Insider says:

    Let's be clear. Dr. Frank did NOT appear at that meeting as a future candidate. His appearance was simply about him explaining the part he did not have to play in the whole Stan Thomas deal as Elio insinuated on Crosstalk last Friday morning that all cabinet members at that time were party to McKeeva's shenanigans.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, well the PPM should have left Frank to the call in shows to give his explanations there. It was incredible that someone thought that giving Frank air time at the PPM launch to show ‘new faces ‘ was a good idea! Besides who cares about his explanation in not being involved in the Stan Thomas affair? If he wants to explain something tell him to explain who shot him and dumped him off at the GT hospital! Come on Alden, time to up your game, not lower it!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Say wha unna say – I just like his earring!

    Betta believe she blingin too ya nah – eva see him Rumba on Thursday night?! Sheesh … like a strobe light from way 'cross the club!

    As we say roun' ya … "sweet boy" awa?!

  16. Anonnymous says:


  17. Anonymous says:

    Dr. Frank and PPM?? This is like oil and water- they dont mix (Well they shouldnt be mixing)…whoa my respect and desire to possibly suppport the PPM just flew south with this revelation. If this is a dream, someone please dont bother me cause I am enjoying the laugh. I too am no supporter or fan of the UDP- however they (UDP) must be rejoicing with this shenanigan! Is this real? CNS are you sure (and I know the story is correct) that you reporter heard correctly and reported the facts. LOL……….this is politics at its best. So guess what, the PPM are now just as discredited as the UDP, when they (PPM) can associate themselves with someone who refuses to talk to the Police- the same thing they are lambasting McKeeva for not doing. Frank McFiled was shot in the leg and to this, as far as we know has not been forthcoming to the RCIPS. So I say to the PPM, STOP the tirade on Big Mac and demand the same answers now from you apparent new member. Oh by the way, where was Wayne? XXXX. In closing, I have heard that Lucille and Fonso wants to join the UDP in George Town. Any credibility to this???? 

  18. Anonymous says:

    I think I have read enough crap for the night, so I am signing off now. I cannot believe that Frank and the PPM could be so jealouse of Mac that they could successfully removed  the lime lght from him.

  19. Anonymous says:

    So DOT will be landing Jerry Springer and his camera crew on shore any day now to film what can only be the most hideous daytime show ever seen … No wait that won’t work can’t get DOT to do a darn thing to help …. No matter not even that trash show would take this soap opera on, holy cow!

  20. JUST SAYING... says:

    What desperation…Ezzard Miller and Dr Frank present at PPM Rally? Who will next be declared as PPM candidates.

    Now this is where I call for an investigation? Whatever happened to Dr Frank being shot? Why wasn't the investigation reported to the public?

    They are all so thirsty and power hunger but you all with have to come better than this!!

    Mr Premier you and UDP got my support all the way…and I voting "NO" for Referendum on 18 July 2012.


  21. Anonymous says:

    Hey Frank, what happened to the investigation about you getting shot in Scranton? You better be careful that Ezzard and Arden don't ask for you to present yourself to the authorities to clear your name.

    What a farce? PPM, come on this is getting really silly..Couldn't you guys find someone better to trot out last night?


  22. Amjed says:

    Last joke 2012 lol ahhaahahahhaahah

  23. Jordanian says:

    Lol. Hahaahahahahahahah

  24. William says:

    This is not the Cayman I knew. What's happening to that piece of paradise!

  25. Sam Putt Putt says:

    Well it's official, the PPM now has no credibility whatsoever.

    Is there just one honest Caymanian with even a half a grain of sense that is willing to wade into the cesspool that has become Caymanian politics and save us from these UDP and PPM troglodytes?

  26. Anonymous says:

    Hey Dr Frank who put the bullet in you and why didn't RCIPS investigate the shooting?

    His reappearance sums up the whole scandal doesn't it?

    This is getting to be a sick joke and the only people getting hurt are the Caymanians.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, who shot you, Dr.Frank? I have the sense that were it to have been another public figure Dr.Frank would have been the first to lecture the individual (and the rest of us) about "the responsibility of playing one's part in an open and cohesive society etc etc.etc…". But because it was Dr.Frank we're all supposed to pretend it never happened? Come on, man!!

  27. The lone haranguer says:

    Frankie baby!

  28. Anonymously IRON CLAD says:

    Now I know either I haven't read what I've just read above or I'm finally gone bonkers, but nonetheless if that is what it is, I want to give massive Kudos to Frank for making the 'switch' or finally having some change of conscience with respect to the acknowledgment and need for McKeeva and the UDP to be dealt with MORE FIRMLY and to PUT A HANDLE on all the dirty politics they are playing and the UNRULINESS of McKeeva Bush(not deserving of the title, Premier).

    Let's get the show on the road and in high gear!!!

  29. Anonymous says:

    For Dr. Frank to seriously desire to reenter the public arena he must get honest with the circumstances around his shooting. It is beyond belief that any voter would or could simply overlook that serious incident. 

    Until there is a public airing of the incident negative speculation will abound and his future in public service is unlikely.

    • Anonymous says:

      See, Dr.Frank reckons he's different and shouldn't be subject to such questions. Hope this helps explain things.

    • Anonymous says:

      Let  us get one thing straight, Dr. Frank McField will never be a PPM candidate in any electoral division. He only spoke because he is so ashamed of the way that Mac is abusing the office and position of the Premier of the Cayman Islands. For Alden to give Frank that opportunity to speak at that meeting, is a brave gesture of selflessness, from a modern leader, nothing more! Nothing less!

    • Anonymous says:

      Dr Frank asking the Premier to talk.?  Why dont Dr Frank talk where that  Bullit came from and why.  To me that  is more dangerous than anything, because if it had went a little higher, he could have been dead.

      PPM it only shows that you are now being like a drowning man grapping at any straw.   Your PPM team is washed and you all need to go.   By  the way I was more shocked to hear Anthony Eden speaking, because I never heard him open his mouth in three years I thought he had gone dumb.  I wonder what they gave him the other night.

  30. Anonymous says:

    well kiss mi neck……………….can someone please explain to me wha the hell goin on!

  31. To Be Frank says:

    That spells an end to my support for the PPM and any respect I had for them.

  32. TennisAce says:

    Dr Frank at a PPM rally.  We are really entering the silly season now.  You cannot make this stuff up

  33. Anonymous says:

    So am I lead to believe that the PPM rally had a speaker who was arrested for disorderly conduct at a serious road side car crash in Savannah, for abusing RCIPS officers and accusing them of being racists? ( & was charged in court). That the same individual showed up at the hospital shot with a handgun, went to Miami for treatment & then refused an explanation to the Police & public at large…I'm just checking ?  

  34. Anonymous says:

    PPM's views on Dr. Frank looks a lot like LBJ's view on J. Edgar Hoover, "it's probably better to have him inside the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in". LOL.

  35. Anonymous says:

    PPM is desperate ,,,Ezzard and Frank on their platform??..what is this world coming too.? Are they that desperate? Come on PPM?? fresh blood please

  36. Anonymous says:

    Did the police ever end their investigation into why he was shot? Was it self inflicted?

    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe he was cleaning it?

      • Anonymous says:

        Cleaning it? at 4am in his car in Scranton?? Hmmm..there is lot going on in Central but no one comes down in here to clean their guns particulalry that time in the morning.

        Ezzard and Alden, can you please ask the Governor to investigate?

        • Dr.No(body will ever know) says:

          Er, sorry…….it was a joke, therefore not to be taken literally. Didn't mean to have alarmed you. Tell you the truth, in these trying times I'm double-tea bagging on Earl Gray every morning to try to calm my nerves, and I guess I'm getting pretty wired up as a result, along with my imagination, hence the wild suggestion about Dr.Frank cleaning his Beretta at 2 o'clock in the morning whilst sat in his DB5 (and maybe toying with the idea of hitting that gear knob button even). One thing's for sure, whatever mission Dr.Frank was on that night must have been pretty top secret for him to have remained so tight-lipped on the matter.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Wow.  Is this the same Frank McField who was shot in Scranton at 4am and then refused to cooperate with the police in the investigation?   I'm not going to bother rehashing all his previous escapades as they are well documented in our memories but if this is the PPM example of the change and honesty to come then they have much bigger problems than all the others I'm already aware of.  If i'm the PPM campaign manager I'm nervous about my next paycheck after that decision….

  38. Anon says:

    He said shoot Mr. Solomon….

  39. Anonymous says:

    Who else is the PPM going to drag out next?…Slocum? good lord that was the best they could do..


    Slokey you stay home child!!

  40. Anonymous says:

    We are waiting to hear who the 7 new members are. We heard about Woody DaCosta (postive) and then about a guest speaker. 

    I'm NOT a UDP supporter, but isn't this the typical incompetence that lead the PPM to loose the last elections? They may be honest, but they can't seem to put one foot in front of the other.



  41. Anonymous says:

    You know, I have been reading Dr. Frank's comments and listening to him on Rooster lately and he has some valid, intelligent points, observations and ideas.  I say to the voting public, please do not condemn Dr. Frank just yet, he may have and has had some personal issues, but that does not warrant total condemnation.  I know he had a raw deal with the housing when he was UDP, but he did a heck of a job with the Prison system, as he is a Socialist more than anything.  Everyone deserves another chance, like Bill Clinton's and Mckeeva's had many chances.  How many chances have you given McKeeva?  Think about that!  Dr. Frank is no worse than Mr. Bush, trust me on that.  George Towners you decide, Ellio or Dr. Frank?  May you, Dr. Frank on the otherhand, make those changes and learn from your past mistakes, same to all the PPM candidates too.  You guys were over ambitious with the schools, the CIG Building, the Roads, the Boxing Gym, the new Licensing Dept, but you were only proceeding according to the figures that the Financial Secretary was giving you.  Next time, by all means continue to strengthen the infrastructure, get ALL of the Government books audited from 2001 upwards, to current and then proceed.  I think the figures after 2009 was more like $18mio deficit than $81mio deficit, but that is yet to be proven.  Do not blame, just get on with the job at hand. I know it will be a tangled web to clear up, but steadfastenly proceed.  Stay humble PPM, stay straight and only collect your salaries.  No briberies, no favours for money and most of all, put Country first over self. May God guide you all deligently.

  42. Anonymous says:

    Rather ironic that he is back on the scene – wasnt he shot and that investigation swept abruptly under the carpet ? Why doesnt he own up to what exactly happened. I have been here for almost 20 years and it's all the same he said shesaid crap. It's a shell game with all these used Politicians…except for Foolio – now there's trouble in the making.

  43. Anonymous says:

    If the PPM wanted to have any chance of securing enough seats to be part of a coalition government they blew it big time by letting Dr. Frank (Bang Bang) anywhere near the stage and mike.

  44. Anonymous says:

    Does Frank remember those metal houes he brought from Cuba that rusted to pieces in no time…Wonder who he was looking out fro then..I didn't see to many Caymanians dancing in his club alongside his Cuban entourage..

    Come on Frank …get a life…You are washed up and the only places you can get an audience is with Austin and Alden..We want fresh blood not Spanish or Cuban machetes…

  45. Anonymous says:

    Can we have the list of new PPMers please?  Much more interested in that.

    • From the Marl Road says:

      Wayne Panton

      Al Suckoo

      Woody Dacosta

      Marco Archer

      Mervyn Smith

      Paul Rivers

      Kenneth Bryan

      Have all been identified by the PPM as potential candidates and were all in attandance at a recent party meeting. This could just be rumours and gossip so please take it as that. the official PPM statement is simply they have no announcements to make at this time.


    • Anonymous says:

      Was that just a stunt to try to get more people to come out to the meeting?!

  46. Anonymous says:

    Whatever his motives for saying so now, Frank McField is absolutely correct in his assessment. Sometimes we have to disregard the messenger and listen to the message.  

  47. Rushdoune says:

    Isn’t it interesting to see Frank and Alden in bed together, under the political covers, in a warm embrace of convenience; Is Alden not the one who accused Frank of corruption, from status grants to housing, and is it not Frank who complained so bitterly that the PPM destroyed his political carrier after Alden and others had him investigated for some 4 years. He complained how the police came to his house and seized his computer etc. I remember this quite clearly. The revelation is, PPM is all about power, and when you are hungry for power anyone will do. I consider this a marriage of desperation, PPM desperate for power and Frank desperate for attention.

    • Anonymous says:

      What about the Turtle meat and the pen that was used to sign the "agreement" after elections in 2000. "Politics make strange bedfellows" is old but true saying.

  48. Anonymous says:

    Well ain't this a kicker!! Boy just when you thought this saga coudln't get any more dramatic turns…we wake up to see this. Well the good news is, Frank finally see's the so called friends he had when he was on the UDP are now the seem pirates that we dealing with now!!

  49. Anonymous says:

    Recyled Politician!! Here we go again. Come on PPM …Frank McField!!! Really!!

    Doesn't anyone else but me see that the only reason he is on that platform is to cover his a$$?


  50. Anonymous says:

    Do people still put credibility in Dr. Frank?

    • Anonymous says:


      • Anonymous says:

        yep.. Alden, Ezzard, Arden, Moses, Tony and Woody still do…They love him…What's wrong with a little humor on the PPM stage??


  51. Anonymous says:

    Lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas…Dr. Frank errr…Richard Nixon…

  52. Anonymous says:

    He's baaaack! UGH.

  53. Anonymous says:

    CNS is it not also true that Mr. McField also said and I quote “I hope that I do not have to shout Ellio” this is what we are encouraging, violence and hatred. I was so disappointed in this meeting.

  54. Who shot the Sherriff says:

    Who shot the sherrif?  It must have been his deputy.  Surprise, surprise, surprise.

  55. For Petes Sake says:

    I have heard of Spanish Machettes, but I never saw any in action until the PPM meeting in savannah.   Although I am for some PPM and some UDP I have to be very straight up and say Dr Frank of all the surprises I have had last nights meeting took the award.   Was it really you Dr Frank.  no, it must have been someone else.  One thing I cannot comprehend, is people who dance with their feet off the ground.   And to the PPM party I say take a spy glass and look at all those close to you.  Half of your platform is having meetings for independent urposes.  Watch your back Alden, you maybe standing alone come May next year.

    • Anonymous says:

      Perfect analogy..Spanish Machete is right!! He is protecting himself and using the PPM. Of course the PPM is so desperate now they will go as low as putting him on their stage.


      Politics in Cayman at its lowest!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Dont worry Bo Bo big surprise is coming, with some very young and brilliant young educated and Independent Caymanians. Election is still too far away to show hands. All the same Dr Frank might be used but he controls alot of support out there. He did alot of good for his people when he was in, and he used some of the best on his comittee etc etc. But thats how it go Bo Bo they put you in and they take you out , its not for ever. But nobody should under estimate Dr Frank because he is going to be a winner this time regardless of which side he is on. People dont forget the help given by him during the Ivan Hurricane and after. Frank could be seen on the back of trucks taking stuff as far as West Bay. Go for it Frank, and Beulah you can be a winner too.

        • Anon says:

          Bo Bo! Bo Bo must be the cry of a haunted man. No worries, the 2009 election numbers of Dr. Frank should wake you up from that nightmare and bring you back to reality, the reality that his chances of getting re-elected is indeed a shot in dark at best, to say the least. Also FYI: Dr. Frank’s back of the truck rides was no display of humanitarianism but use-my-power-to-help-myself entrepreneurism at best, afterall those trucks were his, compliments of the same Italian group he used to build cheap metalic affordable homes, yes, imagine that, waste millions of tax payers dollars on over-priced sardine cans and then give yourself a contract to clear trash after the worst natural disaster that these islands have ever seen, now thats what I call a double whammy display of how to capitalize on the people’s suffering. THAT was grounds for an investigation and as some may say “he is shooting from the hip” or “it takes one to know one”. So who’s gonna get elected again Dr. Who? Dr. Frank? oh no Bo Bo.

          And last but not least, finally Alden is showing his true colors, after all,as the old saying goes “birds of a feather, flock together’


          • Anonymous says:

            Re birds of a feather I should remind you that Frank was a founding member of the UDP and a UDP Cabinet Minister. Up until recently he was hosting a McKeeva sponsored talk show. He is not a member or candidate for the PPM. I think you just sank the UDP.

    • Dred says:

      Nothing UDP wouldn't do I am sure.

      The same way some politicians and pressure their fellow team members to continue to back them the same way someone who was cast out and turn and bite thenm with their privileged info.

      I don't know about you but I truly like it.

      I am not saying give the man a humanitation award but what he has to say should be of great interest for sure.

    • Anonymous says:

      Arden Mclean (East End PPM) continues to come out with joint statements with Ezzard (independent) including one where they were going to London together to complain about the government. In a subsequent interview the PPM leader (Alden Mclauglin) admitted at that point he had not even been asked to go to London and that he was not sure what it would achieve.

      The East End MLA is certainly acting in ways that are embarrassing to the PPM leadership whether they admit to it or not.  Maybe Arden is still upset he did not get the leadership position. I cant see him getting the Deputy leader of the PPM now either.