Home invaders strike in early hours

| 11/05/2012

crime-scene-tape.jpg(CNS): Police have now confirmed that they are investigating an aggravated burglary reported to have taken place around 3.00am on 8 May in Northward Road, Bodden Town. An RCIPS spokeperson said that two men broke into a house where they held and threatened the male victim and demanded cash before making off from the scene. Although police did not say if the intruders were armed, other sources tell CNS that the victim was a man in his 60's whom the suspects assaulted while he was sleeping in his bed in order to wake him up and ask for the cash.

Police said that enquiries are ongoing into the home invasion and anyone with information is asked to call Bodden Town police station on 947-2220 or crimestoppers on 800 8477 (TIPS)

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sadly, I reckon the chances of these two legged beasts being apprehended are less than zero. That these lower-life forms are in our midst fills me with dread.

  2. DanDan says:

    CNS have you noticed that crime has either come to a stand still or the RCIPS has decided the public should go back to knowing as little information as possible?

    Back are the old days when everything on this Island is being swept under the rug and hidden from sight. They would have us believe that they have a grip on crime when in actuallity they are way in over their heads.

    Tons of crime committed in 2011 and I've heard of maybe 5 convictions. Which still doesn't mean anything because they were more than likely convicted of crimes from previous years!

    The RCIPS has not solved a crime in God knows how long and it forces me to wonder just who are those involved!!

    RCIPS 2012 Objective – Learn how to fight crime better than the criminals who are committingthem!!


  3. Anonymouss says:


  4. Anonymous Visitor says:

    Excuse me?!  They did what?!  …."assaulted [him] while he was sleeping in his bed in order to wake him up and ask for the cash."  What a frightful experience!  I certainly don't want to become complacent here. No more overstaying in Cayman.