Cubans remain on cruise ship after ocean rescue

| 30/05/2012

Disney-Fantasy-official-image-600x399 (300x295).jpgCNS): Four Cuban men drifting aboard a raft were rescued by the Disney Fantasy cruise ship Sunday as it made its way to Grand Cayman. The men did not disembark in the Cayman Islands Monday, however, and remained aboard the cruise ship when it left for the next port of call. The cruise ship is currently in Mexico and will be in the Bahamas tomorrow. The cruise line has said it is now working with the US authorities on when and where the men should leave the ship. Crew members of the Disney liner reportedly spotted the men who were signalling for help near Key West as the ship sailed from Port Canaveral down to Cayman. Once on board, the men were provided with medical attention and food.

"We are proud of our Disney Fantasy crew members, who skilfully demonstrated their training and commitment to maritime protocols around saving lives at sea," a spokesperson for the cruise line stated.

The news comes in the wake of a law suit filed against Princess Cruise Lines by Adrian Vasquez, a Panamanian fisherman who alleges the Star Princess passed by the vessel he was aboard when he and his fellow crew members signalled for help in March. The four men were aboard the Fifty Cents, which had been already drifting for 15 days. By the time the Ecuadorian Navy came to the vessel's aid 13 days later; Vasquez' three companions had died.

The ship's captain has denied being informed by passengers that a boat had been seen but the lawsuit includes testimony from two cruise ship passengers who say they saw the disabled boat and reported it to a cruise representative.

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