Mobile stations to visit districts ahead of referendum

| 31/05/2012

vote here 2.jpg(CNS): The elections office has confirmed it will be taking its mobile booths out to the districts ahead of the 18 July referendum on one man, one vote. The supervisor of elections has confirmed that those who qualify under the law to vote ahead of polling day because of work or incapacity will have access to mobile voting. The teams will be in East End, North Side and Cayman Brac on 9 July,Bodden Town on the 10 July, in George Town on 11July and in West Bay on the 12 July. The mobile unit will start in Little Cayman on 6 July. Some voters will be required to attend a mobile station but house bound voters will be allowed to vote at home.

According to the law where an elector is unable or likely to be unable- to go in person to the polling station because he is or is likely to be in a hospital, rest home or other similar institution, or because he is a geriatric at home or by reason… of physical incapacity to go in person to the polling station he can vote at a mobile station. Also a voter, who can’t go because of the general nature of his occupation, service or employment and is not entitled to vote as an absent elector, can also attend a mobile station if the application is allowed by the registering officer.

Registered voters are advised to contact the elections office as soon as possible to ensure that their vote will count.

With government having stacked the deck against its own question and requiring 50% of the electorate plus one in order to carry the move to one man one vote rather than a simple majority of voters, campaigners for the move are imploring everyone who supports the change to vote however they can. Close to 8000 ‘Yes’ votes will be required in order to introduce a more equitable and democratic voting system and anyone who stays away from the polls will be voting ‘No’ to one man, one vote.

See orders below for locations and times in each district and election law

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Note: Although many scrambled to make the deadline to be added to the official registry for July 1st, they cannot vote in the Referendum since their registration will not be officially validated "into force" until October.    

    Anyone wishing to vote in the General Election in May 2013 must be registered by Jan 1 2013 in order to be "in force" for 2nd Quarter 2013 Register of Electors.  

    Similarly, any new blood that wishes to declare their candidacy must do so by March 19, 2013.  

    Don't leave it to the last minute!

  2. Anonymous says:

    why not make it easy to vote by letting people vote by mail if they want to without having to prove a reason? is there some benefit to making them line up on election day?