Refugees returned to Cuba without incident

| 08/06/2012

Cubans on Brac April 18 12 (2) (255x300).jpg(CNS): Government officials announced Friday that the repatriation of 28 Cuban refugees on Thursday evening was carried out without incident. All of the Cubans that were returned to the neighbouring island at around 6pm last night had arrived in the Cayman Islands on 18 April on one boat which had run into difficulties in Cayman Brac. The group consisted of 27 men and one woman and included the four men who had escaped from the George Town detention centre where all of the refugees were being held by the Cayman authorities. Two of the men who had escaped were recaptured by law enforcement and two other had returned to the centre voluntarily within 48 hours of their escape.

Government officials said that the police assisted by Immigration Officers, had acted as escorts during the repatriation.

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  1. Alice says:

    For the 1000 time given them food water and fuel will only invite more to come. That policy lead to us having 1200 arrive in 1994. That cost us $6m. Does not sound cheaper to me.

  2. wrex says:

    I think some fuel, food and water is a lot cheaper.