Motorcyclist and passenger hurt in late night crash

| 11/06/2012

(CNS): Two people are being treated at the Cayman Islands Hospital for serious injuries after a smash involving a car and a motorcycle. Police said the collision occurred at about 11:56pm on Saturday (9 June) night at the junction of Crewe Road and Smith Road in George Town. Police said that a Mitsubishi car, travelling west along Crewe Road, made a right turn in the vicinity of Crewe Road and Smith Road junction, when it smashed into a motorcycle which was heading east coming from Smith Road direction. Both people on the motorcycle were conveyed to hospital, where their condition was listed as serious. The driver of the car sustained no injuries.

Officers from the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service are appealing for any witnesses that may have been in the area at that time of the collision. Anyone with information is asked to call George Town Police Station at 9494222.

Meanwhile, three cars were involved in a crash close to of Club 7 on the West Bay Road on Saturday afternoon in which three people were taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

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  1. South Sounder says:

    Just an observation from a life long biker…

    No helmet= moron, no brain, no hope
    Helmet balanced on top of your head= big moron, no brain, not impressing anyone and no hope
    Cheap helmet= tight assed moron, some brains left, if they are lucky.

    Is it not time to insist all helmets are crach test approved and enforce the law with big fines….far too many gifted young people have died, or become seriously injured because of this stupidity and obsession with appearing cool, in a plastic Nazi helmet…

    At the very least, the Insurers could insist that no approved helmet means no cover for the bike and medical costs.

    Are there not enough traumatised families on these islands to make this simple act happen?
    One young man is now severely injured as a consequence of wearing an unbuckled cheap helmet

    • Anonymous says:

      Careless driving caused this 

      No one will argue with you that helmets are essential for all bike riders. I only question why you felt the need to utilize name calling and to write your post in such an obnoxious tone. Both of the victims in this accident were following the rules of the road & wearing helmets. You blame this terrible situation on the cost of their helmets? I have known them both for sixteen years and I don't know the cost of their helmets – I highly doubt that you do.  

      One of the victims endured his third surgery today and his son has been fighting for his life for one reason – careless driving!

    • Anonymous says:

      And you know this was a cheap unbuckled helmet????

      Please – facts are nice. Let’s stick to them.

      How about we discuss drivers using and or texting on cell phones…

  2. Anonymous says:

    The 2 men are father and son. The son is 17 years old and he is in very critical condition. The time of the accident was before 11 pm not 12 as reported. There were plenty of witnesses who gave information to the police.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I heard that despite the location one of the injured did not get an ambulance for an hour and the other had to wait forty minutes.

  4. Anonymous says:

    As always, in any fight between a car and a motorbike, the motorbike always comes out losing.

    I learned a good motto after many years driving a car: "Pretend you are invisible."

    Imagine that no one else in the road can see you and act accordingly.

    Driving along West Bay Rd? Well EXPECT that car to pull out in front of you and be ready to swerve or brake accordingly.

    Also be ready for that pedestrian who is just standing on the sidewalk to just step off into your path without looking..

    This rule is doubly true for motorbike riders and cyclists.




  5. Anonymous says:

    Another tragic accident.  Praying for their full and speedy recovery and that God will strengthen the wife and mother of the two and the rest of their family.  God Bless!