Teenager guilty of murder

| 12/06/2012

scott.JPG(CNS):  Full story — A 19-year-old man has been convicted of killing 21-year-old Asher McGaw in East End last September. Justice Alex Henderson found Chakane Jamelle "CJ" Scott guilty of shooting his friend in the early hours of 22 September. In his verdict the judge said the question in this case was whether he believed the crown's main and only eyewitness to the murder, or not. Despite some inconsistencies and inaccuracies Justice Henderson found that 18-year-old Antascio Rankine was telling the truth and pointed to corroborating evidence. The judge also drew an adverse inference from Scott's silence in the judge-alone trial as he handed down the verdict.

Justice Henderson took an hour and a half to deliver the ruling, in which he found Scott guilty of murder as well as possession of a firearm and three rounds of ammunition.  He immediately sentenced Scott to life in prison, as mandated by law, as well as imposing two concurrent mandatory minimum ten year sentences for possession of the gun and ammunition used to kill McGaw.

The crown had depended heavily on the testimony of 18 year old Rankine, who was 17 at the time of the killing last September, to make its case against the defendant, who was 18 at the time of the shooting.

The evidence given by Rankine about the night of the murder was, Justice Henderson said, sufficiently detailed to indicate that he was present at the shooting. However, he had to be cautious of convicting based purely on the teen witness and needed to be sure he had given a truthful account. The judge pointed to evidence from Earl Hart, a second crown witness and a cousin to the accused, who supported elements of Rankine’s account and whom Justice Henderson said he found to be a truthful witness.

The judge pointed to three damning issues which raised suspicion regarding Scott’s behaviour and tended to support Rankine’s claim that he was the murderer and which appeared to sway Henderson towards his guilty verdict:

Hart had described a mysterious change by Scott into clothes that did not fit him; secondly, Scott made a comment to Hart about East End being “too hot” as he left the district in the wake of the murder as police numbers swelled at the start of the investigation; plus Hart had overheard Scott threaten Rankine, which dovetailed with the main teen witness's account.

The judge also said that Rankine’s shame and guilt that he had run away and left his friend to die accounted for the young witness's second statement to the police after he had at first denied knowing anything about the crime.

Justice Henderson rejected the defence position that Rankine had lied to the police in his second statement, in which he accused Scott of the killing, in order to get an assault charge he was facing reduced. The judge said he was satisfied that Rankine was suffering from “overwhelming feelings of guilt” when he broke down and told the police about the killing and was not seeking to address his own criminal difficulties.

The judge said he found his explanation at trial for the second statement that he “couldn’t hold it in anymore” truthful.

By contrast, Scott’s silence in the face of a strong case to answer made the judge sure that the defendant, who recently turned nineteen, was guilty of McGaw’s murder.

“The crown provided a body of evidence that demands an answer,” the judge said in his verdict. “If there was an innocent explanation then Mr Scott would be the person to answer. In these circumstances I do draw an adverse inference.”

The crown never provided a motive for the shooting of Asher McGaw (21), who was found with three gunshot wounds to the body and a fourth to the head by police on routine patrol in John McLean Drive in East End last September.

In his evidence Rankine told the court that the three young men, who had all been friends since they were young children growing up close by each other, had gone to the East End clinic to let off a flare gun on the night of the shooting.

At some point while the three men were in the car park of the clinic, Scott turned on McGaw with a real gun.  Rankine described how Scott had chased after his best friend shooting at him before the young man fell to the ground. At that point, Rankine said, he saw Scott stand over McGaw as he lay in the road and shoot him again before running away.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    suck's that you have to live life in prison CJ… really sucks

  2. Anonymous says:

    Another lost soul bites the dust

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well I'm sorry but something is wrong. Why did this boy , yes I'm saying boy kill his childhood friend? He got life we are now safe but he won't be the only one. There will be more we are in crisis .We have all the experts from the world, Where is this coming from? We didn't have this crime before. Something is wrong ,we have always had parents who didn't take care for their children, who were single parents, drugs, incest, domestic violence, absentee fathers ,etc,etc. My god look at all the fathers who went to sea and their wives were fooling around and got pregant. The fathers came back and partying all the money in different ports. A lot of them were drunkards, gambling . Domestic violence, abuse, a woman couldn't say anything to their husband and neither could the children. Incest , well that been going on around here for hundreds of years that is not new. These things that you all claim did not create all this new crime we have with the youth.

    Drugs on the other hand is new maybe the crack , marijuana? But did any of these kids have a drug problem? I don't know I'm just saying. Something these children have incommon. 

    Could it be influence,  people from other countries that they look up to? Was it they're parent that kept pushing the idea that they shouldn't be like caymanians but be like somebody else who they believe was cool? Who are those people why were they cool? Was it there clothes ,their music , their slang. 

    Why don't these kids like to hang out at sunday school? Did they go to church ? Do they believe in god? Do they believe in an afterlife? This is the culture of Caymanians and the belief system that is here. It makes no difference if its true or not. If someone comes along and changes everything that you believe in . Then everything you believed in goes out the window. 

    Think of it like a computer , you delete the old programs and put in new programs . This is what i believe is happening with these children.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Some basic observations…

    A lack of adequate parenting, even if it is only in ONE household in a community can spell major trouble for the whole affected society.

    The goal of achieving "adequate parenting" is best addressed when there are TWO parents involved/present (the odds for success get even better when grandparents and other family members can lend there "assistance", and the figures "go through the roof" when the whole neighbourhood/community  is involved in the "parenting").

    A good recipe for producing psychopaths/sociopaths is as follows:

    Start with a young teenage single mother with a MALE child to raise who is bereft of a husband/mate or some other STRONG, LOVING, MORAL, MALE role model to act as counsellor, mentor, disciplinarian for the growing young male. (If you really want to increase the chance of success, choose a young woman who herself was not exposed to a good male mentor ie she also lacked a FATHER FIGURE, due to single parenting, broken dysfunctional home etc. And if you REALLY want to better your chance at success, choose one that lives in a community with sufficient "wealth" that allows the young lady to "live on her own", far removed from her family where there may have been SOME male presence !. I believe that is why, as far as I candetermine from mere observations, that sociopathic behaviour occurs more frequently in relatively "richer" communities  ("poorer" people HAVE to depend on one another in order to better their individual chances, and this co-dependency many times leads to better social mores and values in a community, and the unavoidable "sharing of resources/duties (including parenting responsibilities)): such environments allow the single parent more independence and autonomy, and in the same way at the same time, deprive the growing child the benefit of "communal living/parenting" )  

    Mothers do not make GREAT FATHERS!. Their job is to norture and comfort, pamper and justify…all good.. when their is a STRONG MALE presence to add the other necessary ingredients to counter-balance the picture ,( like, PRIDE,SELF DISCIPLINE, INTEGRITY, CHIVALRY etc.) A boy child that grows up under the care of a young independent/autonomous Mom, without the mentorship of a mature,self disciplined, well behaved, hardworking "dad figure" , in my opinion, has the deck stacked against him from the start. I strongly suspect that this is the story of young Mr Scott…and many more like him in these islands and the world at large…. 

    • Anonymous says:

      " A boy child that grows up under the care of a young independent/autonomous Mom, without the mentorship of a mature,self disciplined, well behaved, hardworking "dad figure" , in my opinion, has the deck stacked against him from the start."

      You are completely wrong, I'm now 23 and I've never had a father figure around me since a young age. You need to sit and think who children or YOUR child/children are hanging around and what they do with their friends in school and their spare time. If you don't know who your child is hanging around and the background that boy/girl has it's straight up trouble. It's called ""peer pressure and ignorance". 

      • Anonymous says:

        Young man grows up to a white mom and a black dad in the 60's in the US…dad had nothing to do with his growing up, mom raised him, yep in the 60's when racial profiling was horrific…young man grows up to be the first black president of the united states of america….

        CASE CLOSED!!!


        He made a choice, his mother taught him right!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        ..of course there ARE exceptions to the (every) rule…and when the exceptions are positive..we are all happy…but if we continue to hang our hopes on EXCEPTIONs instead of recognizing the general PATTERNS…then it is no wonder why we are perpetually scratching our heads in frustration and ignorance as to the root cause of many of societies ills!!!

         Obama is quoted as being one shining example of an exception. Well as far as i know Obama had the benefit of exactly the same scenario I mentioned above; imput from a significant and present MALE figure.. his Maternal Grandfather!! The point I was making was NOT that it is impossible  to be raised to a good standard by a single parent ; what I WAS saying is that a single parent home (that matched the scenario i took the time and effort to describe in detail) was a very GOOD PLACE TO START from , if you wanted to create (and to a large extent, sociopaths and the like, in my inexpert opinion, are CREATED by the SHORTCOMINGS of their formative social/domestic environments) such an individual!

        "Good parenting' involves vetting the company that one's offspring keeps!! Absolutely so!! My parents/grandparents KNEW where i was and what I was up to 24/7 …until they were satisfied that i had learnt the lessons they (and all the goodly neighbours and community members that passed their test of suitability as surrogate parents for me whenever they were absent) had taught me.

        Yes, Cayman..and indeed any and every community on the globe…it IS largely the job of the parent(s) to produce good sound citizens of their children, and certainly, the parents (not the Government, not the schools/teachers, not the churches, not the NGOs etc…these institutions may play important roles in the whole picture, but they are much more guaranteed greater rates of success IF they have the sound foundation that "GOOD PARENTING" can and does provide forthem to build apon!) are the ones that should be held ultimately responsible. It has been recognized by many (but perhaps still too few?)that to produce a good citizen some basic tenets have to be met and maintained in the lives of each citizen, and like it or not, a KEY component of that tenet is.."ADEQUATE PARENTING" (and ALL that that entails) from day ONE


  5. Rational says:

    It is a shame;

    – people are so releived the RCIPS/judge carried the case through to conviction – this was murder with a testifying eyewitness, how bad are things when you are relieved that this ends in conviction!

    – People defer so much to prayer for his soul/thisisland etc. It is very likely the Judaeo-Christian god does not exist – shouldn't you be doing something more than praying.. you know, just in case?

    • Anonymous says:

      What you mean?

      Perhaps most are surprised that there was an actual conviction.

      Regardless, any God is only as real as the person's faith/belief; so those who believe in a Christian God have their personal understandind and relationship, which is not understandable to an outside person.

      And as for the Bible – it states that spiritual things are spiritually discerned, and the Word is as fooolishness to those who do not believe.

      • Rational says:


        The surprise at the conviction is a shame – that's all I said and meant, meaning the lack of confidence in the police and judicial system is unfortunate, if deserved.

        Despite disagreeing with you on the potential for the animation of God to be based on someones beliefs (as does the bible, by the way), you agree, then – we should be doing more than prayer.. Let's try well regulated investment into women's health and education, the key factors WHO and UN identify for economic AND social development!

        PS – "Using the bible to prove the legitimacy of the bible is like using the Harry Potter books to prove Hogwarts is a real school."

      • Anonymous says:


        Religious countries are the most violent.  But we all know superstitious people are impervious to facts.


  6. Kadafe says:

    Good feeling i bet…. Trying to sleep on the first night of alife sentence!!! 🙂

  7. Anonymous says:

    Its sad to see so many of our youths committing most of the crimes being taken place on Island. All we can do is pray for the parents and the youths of our Island because if this trend continues, Cayman’s future doesn’t look bright. I hope this young man’s life will be turned for the better while he’s in lockdown and come out to be a better person!

    • Anonymous says:

      Come out? He got life.

    • Rational says:

      "All we can do is pray…" – if this is your solution, then the future is definitely not bright. Try doing things, rather than praying.

      • Anonymous says:

        We must do- AND pray!

        They young man still has a heart and a conscience, and jail will not reform him – as we all should know.

        That true change only comes from inside, and can occur behind bars – or while free.

        • Rational says:


          I still think lose the praying.

          Any faith in ‘god’s plan’, ‘divine intervention’, etc distracts from practical steps you can take. The attitude ‘I will pray for you’ is the same as ‘I will do nothing but hope for blind-luck’. 

          Agree utterly about 'prison-reform' – nonsense concept.

        • Anonymous says:

          I don't think he has a conscience and I myself wouldn't want him out anytime soon.  To shoot your friend in cold blood is not someone who I think came become rehabilitated.

          Thank you Judge Henderson!!!!  And yes it does start from the home, I am sick and tired of oh he comes from a single parent home, or his parents work…so what…teach him good manners and upbringing, know where he is at all times, if he is living in  your house you have a right to know his comings and goings….These boys are roaming the streets at a young age and their parents mother or father are allowing them.  Their parents are denying the fact that they are gangsters…wake up, when your boy doesn't have a job and is driving a nice car, has nice jewelry, nice clothes and you aren't the one supplying them, don't you think you should question that also?  If your son isn't working why the hell are you insuring a car for him, giving him things….don't you find it funny he sleeps all day and out all night…..

          I don't think praying will help for if it did we would't be in the mess we are in now so stop passing the buck to pray and everyone else.  I for one am glad he go tthe sentence he did…


        • Anonymous says:

          This young man made a choice knowing full well it was wrong which in eyes of the law has caused him to forfeit his rights in law-abiding society forever.  Jail is his life now til dealth and that is appropriate.  If he can reform himself in jail as to have a peaceful death then that suits me, but this young man consciously assassinated another human being…I would never wish my children to share the streets with his kind.  Good riddance and fine job by the courts and RCIP.

  8. Anonymous says:

    murders, robberies, mugging, stabbings, shootings, gangs – all young Caymanian males early 20s: check all the recent reports

    and to think we got another 30-40 years to endure with these young thugs.

    Cayman slack parenting is starting to bear fruit

    • Anonymous says:

      "Cayman slack parenting is starting to bear fruit" it is quite clear that you are not a Caymanian and as far as am concerned you should be afraid to live in the Cayman Islands if that is how you feel.  To make a broad statement like that shows just how stupid and prejudice your kind are against Caymanians.  Please honestly answer one question, what do you have to say about the parents from other countries, and most likely where you hail from , whose kids murder for a cell phone, rob and murder old people for a few dollars, and I could go on and on but I am certain you got my drift.  Well, it would only be fair to say that those criminals are the product of bad parenting.  As a Caymanian parent and one of a child who has been on the wrong side of the law, I can attest that all my children were raised in a  home where they were taught to love God first and love their  neighbours as they loved themselves.  I believe that this was the norm in every Caymanian family.  Common sense speaks for itself, something you are quite  lacking. I don't believe there is a parent in this world that would raise their child to be a criminal.  Afterall, there are no winners, you take a life and you serve the rest of your life locked up behind bars.  You, my dear, have quite a heavy burden on your shoulders and you need Jesus, as they say, because it is obviuos you are the product of very poor parenting.

      • Rational says:


        The irony of making a sweeping statement, in a response criticising someone for making a sweeping statement, is delicious.
        PS – don’t teach your kids to love god, teach them to think for themselves. If they decide on religion – fine. Depriving kids of critical thinking skills is dangerous in the modern world, influences are everywhere and kids need to work out right and wrong for themselves.. not from a book you believe is correct. 
      • Charley Chaplin says:

        ANON @08;38 What are you trying to say, that Caymanian criminal are better than criminal from other countries?. All criminals are criminal. What if it was your brother or sister or other family member was murdrred would you be playing the same music and dancing to it?.YOU people love to talk about other countries and sometimes you don't even have an appreciation for what goes on in the other countries. I actually suspect which other country you talking about and its not the USA, or Canada, Or UK or Australia .For a long time some of us turned up our proverbial noses at Jamaica how it was riddled with crimes. Some even advised tourists not to go there because its too violent. Now fast forward to the  21st century, the "shoe is on the other foot". News Flash"!!!!!!!! Crime is a worldwide phenominon and Cayman is not exempted because they are "Gods's Chosen People". Now we hear blame game. Stop blame other people for your problems and grow up your children with discipline. While you are at it , stop blaming other nationalities for your problems. Amen.

        • Anonymous says:

          Someone please list the criminals that started the up-surge in crime in Cayman, not today but from years ago.  Who entered through the roof of a house and murdered the vicitim?  I am sure it wasn't a local.  There are many cases that raise eyebrows and stretch ears and we are sure they were not Caymanians.  Searching for the truth.

          • charley Chaplain says:

            Still looking for some foreigner to blame EEh…….2307? How convenient.

      • Patrice Ebanks says:

        Huh! that comment 'really mash your corn' as my grandmother always said. Or put another way, 'fling a rock in the pen and the pig that squeals is the one it hit'.

        How to respond to your rambling..not even sure if I should bother but for what its worth, here goes:

        – I am Caymanian, born and raised proudly, to two Caymanian parents, 4 Caymanian grandparents and am Caymanian thru and thru both sides for 5 generations.

        – I am afraid to live in Cayman, because we are going to have to endure 40 more years with these undisciplined thugs continuing their life of crime on all of us.

        -"To make a broad statement like that shows just how stupid and prejudice your kind are against Caymanians."  Not in the slightest. Facts are facts.

        Countless reports of robberies, murders, shootings and crimes are perpetrated by young Caymanians 15-30 age bracket. CNB Countryside robbery, Moneygram Express robbery, gang shootings, machete attacks, tourist mugging in East End, home invasions (Bowen), murder in crowded nightclub, mugging 3 schoolchildren by Fairbanks Road, Dominoes robbery included young girls, the list goes on and on.  These are Caymanians -not foreigners. This is more than your comfort zone might allow you to accept but facts are facts. 

        This is a terrible trend which we do not want repeated here in Cayman. But we are not far from it at this rate – whether you want to believe it or not. 

        Bully for you that your kids were supposedly raised to love God first and love their neighbours as themselves.  What do you want – cookies? This is not the only aspect of parenting. DISCIPLINE and RESPECT are also.

        You say you believe that this was the norm in every Caymanian family.  Really? Do you deny that your Caymanian families suffer from serious dysfunction – single mothers, absentee fathers, domestic violence, abuse, incest, drugs? I'd love to know what Cayman (or planet) you living in? Go talk to Social Services, Ministry of Family Service, Police, the Crisis Center, Estella Foundation, NCVO, Francis Home and Marine Institute officials and get a clue about the social problems which have been building for years and are now showing up in the kids from these dysfunctional Caymanian families.

        The rest of your post is too idiotic to respond to: not sure where to even start. Attacking me personally is your way of ignoring the facts outlined above, so oh well. Keep on your rose-colored glasses and pretend that sending your kids to Sunday School is enough parenting.

        As for me supposedly being "the product of very poor parenting" – what is the basis for this statement? Never mind, tee tee. This topic is too complex for you to understand and contribute to.  However, I would leave you with this: I am a successful professional, my parents, siblings, nephews, husband, grandparents and all 2 of my sons are responsible and (unlike yours) have never been on the 'wrong side of the law'.

        Your post is way too defensive. Like you need to explain why you not a bad parent. And like a simple-minded Caymanian, you trying the "God" card. Whatever, lady. Stay there and make your conscience eat you up.

        Have a blessed day!

        Patrice Ebanks,

        George Town



      • Anonymous says:

        I think the original poster was pointing out that parenting (everywhere) is sorely lacking.  What I have seen is way too many kids being raised by the nannies (who are undereducated and underpaid), and then you wonder why your kids turn out the way they do despite taking them to church once a week.  How many kids are raised by only one parent in Cayman?  Do you not know the fact that Cayman has one of (if not the highest) divorce rates in the world?  And that rate doesn't include all the babies daddies/mommies who have no interest/contact with their own offspring.  

      • Anonymous says:

        "As a Caymanian parent and one of a child who has been on the wrong side of the law, I can attest that all my children were raised in a  home where they were taught to love God first and love their  neighbours as they loved themselves"

        Geez… looking at it now, that's really worked out well hasnt it…

    • Anonymous says:

      Slack parenting? Caymanian?  WTF? Didyou even stop to think before you wrote this?  You lack common sense in every perspective.  You deserve a kick in the rear! 

      Why did you not state where you are from? 

      I am Caymanian and I have raised my children with God, good morals and lots of love.

      I wish people like you would stop being so racist and take a good look at yourselves in the mirror before you even suggest that it is the nationality of a person that makes him a bad apple.

      You are truly empty between the ears and I would like to tell you where to get off! And stay off! 

      Before you read the local news you should have a look at the news of many differnt coutries. 

      I won't even waste any more of my time with you.  You are a very lost soul and in dire need of help.

      • Anonymous says:

        And I bet you call teh talks shows and rant there too..Yes, you 13:48

    • Anonymous says:

      Of course!

      This is the second generation of the genertion that our bright MLAs declared must be 'written off' some years ago.

      Didnt they realise that they would soon raise children with those 'lost' values?

  9. Anonymous says:

    another wannabe bad man off the streets. what a fool. no sympathy for him sorry. live by the sword die by it.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Born Caymanians killing Born Caymanians.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Well done Judge Henderson and a BIG THANK YOU.  Now let's see if the Prison does its job and keeps him there for life.  Let me know if you need any help there.  I don't sleep on the job.

  12. Anonymous says:

    What a tragic situation and a perfect waste. Two families forever hurt by this and there is no reason for this violence. He can now begin to serve his sentence and his family will serve it with him.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I grew up with Asher and i'm sadden to see him go.

    As for CJ from the first day I met him i knew he would live his life behind bars.

    What a troubled boy.


  14. concerned caymanian says:

    2 young lives not being able to fulfill their God given purpose !!!   Lord have mercy on us as parents, youth and all others responsible for making our homes and communities safe & loving places

  15. xxx says:

    Justice is served.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Well, Hallelujah!  For once, we can feel safer with a murderer off the streets.  Well done Justice Henderson. 

    • Anonymous says:

      AND well done the RCIPS in getting this to court

      • Anonymous says:

        It's not the RCIPS you have to thank, but the young witness who risked

        much to reveal what he saw happen….

        Kudos to him for being brave enough to reveal all..as this case

        is testament to what the community can do to further solve crimes and

        lock up individuals who need to be punished, It will take John public

        to solve Cayman's crimes- with of course, the assistance from Police and the courts.

    • Anonymous says:

      I'm sorry I cannot find anything to rejoice about.  One young man dead, the other locked up for life.  Their families will have to live with grief, guilt, sadness, etc. all their lives. Who knows what these two young men could have made of their lives if only things had been different.  I am absolutely sickened at the loss of our young people through murder, traffic accidents and other tragedies.