Cops find ganja floating in ocean

| 19/06/2012

police boats.jpgCNS): Police have recovered several packages of drugs from the ocean in the district of Bodden Town. According to an RCIPS report issued on Tuesday, officers from the Marine Unit on offshore patrol in the Bodden Town district on Thursday last week (14 June) spotted a suspicious package floating in the water. The officers examined the package and found that it contained an undisclosed quantity of ganja. As a result of the drugs find the marine cops made a further search of the water and beach, which resulted in more discoveries of the drug. Police said that officers are now investigating the matter and are appealing for anyone with information relating to the drug discovery to contact the Serious Crime and Drugs Task Force.

Anyone who has any information about crime in the Eastern Districts or who wishes to report any suspicious activity should contact Bodden Town police station on 947-2220 or Crime Stoppers 800-8477 (TIPS). In an emergency always call 911.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Didnt hurt the Mt Pleasant trade at all!

  2. CHECHE says:

    Now, Look, these people don't have a lick a sense. What they need to do is be out there patrol them waters, there is now way drug lords should be allowed to enter our borders as small as this place is!

    In addition, people out there droppin off all kinds of things, only jah know what else is out there floatin around, especially since the salt content of our water is so high it really helps with that buoyancy.

  3. Jah Wings says:

    Grape Tree Watcher the "tings" of which you speak make no sense to the audience you have on here simply because most have no knowledge of what transpires in the underbelly of these islands and they probably don't want to know either.Your assessment is very accurate of how things run ya so and you are correct about the smuggling syndicate which now operates out of XXXXXX location on a certain island. Your keen observation to the movements on our streets is also spot on, Its too bad that our elaborate law enforcement apparatus doesn't seem to have your abilities. Never mind some of the foolish comments they simply just don't get and probably never will! Yes and the only Caymanians smoke it comment, demostrates an extremely high level of ignorance, you need to try learn about this place before you get on here talking about Northwood its Northward. That whats wrong with many like you who come here and think unaah know this place. Try go sit down because when they lower that alcohol driving limit many of like you will be in a real mess then.

    • Grap Tree Watcher says:

      Jah Wings, That is a good name you have choosen for yourself.  However you are soaring too high.  Come down to earth and listen silently, and watch carefully, between the smoke maybe you will one day talk about something except Jah Wings.

      Besides Grape Tree Watcher did not come here as you suggest

      .  "Grape Tree Watcher Born ya"  Intelligent Caymanian, who born ya.  Dont care what language I speak, it would not make any sense to you because you are  "Jah Wings" and to be "Jah Wings" that means you are not from this planet at all.

      I know what I know, and I am not one bit sorry for exposing the ring.  Just hope the police read between the lines, and dont tell me that what I am saying do not make sence.

      That is all you are going to get, keep flying "Jah wings"

  4. lookeyhere says:

    Gotta love that shot of the police boat! 70 miles an hour across the north sound. 5 high powered engines sucking up $$$$$$$$$ s on gas. and when they reach you with 6 policemen onboard they say," slow down, your in a no wake zone." lol. and goverment is wondering how to save a few dollars? 

  5. Anonymous says:

    Please do not bias or judge all Caymanians due to Grape tree watcher stupid as post! What ever he is smoking its not green. 

  6. Like It Is says:

    Criminality in "historic" Bodden Town? Never!

  7. Anonymous also says:

    Will anyone expecting a shipment of pot that did not receive it please contact the Bodden Town police station at 947-2220.

  8. Dat Minze! says:

    How the hell they expect me to pay for these new rims now?


    I PEEKED THROUGH THE GRAPE VINE.  Drugs are being dropped off at locations off Bodden Town inside reef.  Professional divers go out and find.  Hide it and go back later.

    SURPRISE !!!    the persons who are doing this is not Caymanians.

    The big drug trade going on in Cayman now is set up between Cayman and the Bahamas, and they are not Caymanians doing it, but people here on work permit..

    Police and immigration has to watch women coming here from USA visiting Caribbean nationalities here on a work permit for a week or two.  iMMIGRATION IS SLACK in checking up on people here who has a Temp. or Full.  work permit but is not working.

      Come on Immigration you are not doing your job good enough, and the police is also not doing theirs.  They need to stop cars driving around with three men in it after 9. am in the morning and search them.   WHERE ARE THEY GOING?   Do you have a work permit. Do you have a job   Then Why are you not on the job.  The police patrol is worthless and lazy in this area.   I dont know why they are wasting government gassoline driving around.   Let these people stay home if they are going any where.

    • Anonymous says:

      Looks like someone got into the first batch to float ashore…

    • Expat Businessman says:

      Apparently you have been there to watch itall happen and you did not call the police?

      Stop cars driving around with three men after 9am? Have you ever heard of days off?

      What are you smoking?

    • Anonymous says:

      How many people do you know on Cayman are here on work permits from the Bahamas? You dozy, narrow minded moron, of course Caymanians are involved, who do you think orders, distributes, sells and controls drugs on this island, the tooth fairies?

      Young Caymanians are the gang members who kill each other for control of the drug trade. They are also the idiots responsible for most of the robberies, dangerous driving and most other law breaking infringments currently going through the courts. Why is Northwood full of Caymanians, are they just unlucky or victims of a racist agenda by the courts? Of course not.

      But then again, its easier to blame everyone else and live in denial, isn't it?  

      • Anonymous says:

        No not the tooth fairies, our neighbors to the Northwest who are here MARRIED to Caymanians.

      • NeoSurvivor says:

        If you know something (we're not talking Marl Road gossip here) — really know something, then go to the police or phone in the information.   You sound like part of the problem, rather than the solution.  

      • Grape Tree reporting says:

        09:50 Anonymous idiot, cant you even read properly.  I did not say they were on permit from the Bahamas.  I said that the Trade and Drug business in going on between the Cayman Islands and Bahamas residents.  Between Jamaicans and Bahamians citizens, not Caymanians.  Dont open your mouth about what you do not know.

        I can talk because I was listening to the phone  conversations.  So please shut up.  Of course many of these people are working right here on the Island.  The conversation was going down between  Jamaican Nationals and Bahamas.   I have phone numbers, so be careful your is not one of them I have captured on the list..

        So shut up before I post the phone numbers on CNS.

        Police and Immigration do their job I do not have to say any more.

    • jsftbhaedrg says:

      Judging from your moronic response 17:57, i can only assume you yourself discovered a package on the beach, failed to report it and smoked it all.

    • datisme says:

      Which Caymanians are the work permits under?  OOhhh.  Not Caymanians ………..Aliens!  Disuised as Caymanians!