Governor says LA calendar based on budget

| 21/06/2012

Throne Speech by the Governor.jpg(CNS): In his response to the opposition leader about the unconstitutionality of the most recent meeting of the Legislative Assembly, the governor has avoided commenting on its legality but has pointed the finger at the budget delay. In response to a letter from Alden McLaughlin sent to him last week, Duncan Taylor said the proroguing and recalling of the country’s parliament on an annual basis is “inextricably linked to the preparation and presentation of the budget” and the delivery of the throne speech and budget address. As the premier, who is also the minister of finance, had not prepared the budget until last week he has been unable to give the governor a date to reconvene the LA.

In his letter the governor states that following Friday’s meeting he officially prorogued the LA, but he fails to address McLaughlin’s main concerns about its unconstitutionality. Taylor does, however, make it clear that the circumstances have arisen as a direct result of the failure of the premier to notify the governor’s office of his plans over the budget address.

Despite the lack of direct comment about the constitutional problem that McLaughlin had drawn to his attention, the opposition leader said Wednesday after receiving the letter that the purpose in writing had been served. “I think the governor has got the point,” McLaughlin told CNS.

The opposition leader explained that, despite comments made by the premier, his letter had nothing to do with the details of the business carried out last Friday during the meeting, which had past the deadline for the parliamentary year end. McLaughlin said it was about drawing a line in the sand regarding the constant abuse by the current government of proper processes when it comes to the Legislative Assembly.

“I wished to draw attention to the repeated abuse of the system and the governor’s silence on the unconstitutionality speaks clearly,” the opposition leader added.

Despite the issues regarding the legality of the most recent meeting of the country’s parliament, which was boycotted by the opposition, Taylor confirmed that it has now been formally prorogued as of Wednesday 20 June and has been gazetted.

In his letter to the leader of the opposition the governor states that “efforts to finalize the budget are on-going” but he gave no date for when he will be in a position to deliver the Throne Speech, paving the way for the premier topresent his budget, which is currently in the hands of the FCO.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    It's all relative with Mr. Premier being Mr. Premier representing a position he beholds, but what needs to be asked is what is it Mr. Premier is representing / : all I see is that of upholding the posture of a complete dingbat giving us an expression with which to relate. Soon to be added to the 'Urban Dictionary' – "don't be such  a premier"  & related terms. – thanks.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Well something is better than nothing. Mr. Taylor, do you have any idea how much the people of these islands have suffered in recent years at the hands of its leaders?

    How about you use your second term to really help us and leave this place in better condition than when you found it?

    Let's start by getting behind your Auditor General, your FOI Commissioner and really dig out what has been going on over the years. When you have MLAs brag that if they can't make millions in the LA, then they never will, it's a sorry state of affairs.

    Give your Auditor General some teeth instead of those rubber chompers he seems to gnash every once in a while and let him get on with the job. Perhaps his findings might give the police something to do?

    You only live once, make it count. Could you be known in history as the "Governor that fixed Cayman" or conversely just let things continue the way they are and be unknown as "No one who did nothing."

    A nation looks to you.