PPM urges end of rollover

| 22/06/2012

_DEW5940.jpg(CNS): The leader of the opposition has welcomed the findings of the Term Limit Review Committee (TLRC) and has urged government to remove the controversial rollover policy as soon as the public consultation period is over. The findings of the committee echo the sentiments put forward by Alden McLaughlin last year when he suggested that government remove the seven year term limit and allow all workers to apply for permanent residency (PR) if they stay on island for eight years. He had also recommended improving the criteria for PR and making that the point where the vetting process takes place — a recommendation adopted by the committee.

The opposition leader said he was very pleased with the findings, and although he had no quarrel with government publishing the report for public consultation, McLaughlin said that once that was over it needed to move quickly to stabilize immigration. He pointed to the continuous uncertainty as the most damaging issue when it comes to immigration and said it was important government settled the policy once and for all.

“We need to get away from the stigma caused by the policy and create some certainty surrounding immigration,” McLaughlin said.

Following the delivery of the committee’s report to government last month, the premier revealed last Friday that Cabinet had not yet discussed or adopted the findings but wanted further public input before any decision would be made.

The report recommends that government drop the seven year term limit, and in particular the key employee application process, which was the first hurdle that foreign workers needed to mount in order to be able to stay long enough to apply for PR.

It recommends that government implement a fairer and more transparent permanent residency application process for every work permit holder that stays on island for eight years. The committee said that it is at that point that foreign nationals should be either granted the right to reside permanently in Cayman or be asked to leave for a fixed period of no less than one year, causing a genuine break in stay before being on the island continuously for ten years.

See full report here.

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  1. CHECHE says:

    6 to 1, half of a dozen another. PPM, UDP, to-may-to, to-mah-to.

  2. Anonymous says:

    WELL WELL ive always voted for alden but this time around he will not be gettn my vote with this DECISION trust me i will vote for KENNETH first.

  3. Anonymous Too Smart says:

    Alden says one think one time, and then after months, say something else. He is not a stable leader. It would be a tradegy if people vote him back in. He has left us with an 81 million deficit and figures unaccounted for, exercise poor judgement during the time of incoming global recession and spent away funds on anew school when all the schools needed were simple renovations and more classrooms. Alden and Kurt have showed no remorse for their spending spree. Why would people be so dumb to put them back in for another 4 years of the same crap!  As soon as they reck up the country further, UDP will get back in and the same goddamn cycle all over again. Bye.  Gone fishing

  4. noname says:

    Looks like Cayman will be run by xpats that will kick their asses all the more in less than a decade!

    Thanks Alden for screwing us, I'm not surprised. You are a tripand always was.

    Never had my vote and never will. Stay away from the candidacy in 2013, you do not deserve a vote Alden McLaughlin, wolf in sheeps clothing.

  5. Thunder Strom says:

    Boiye Alden you aint no better than the UDP


    What an injustice you are doing to our people, and especially to our younger generation.


    I hope you loose this coming election and come to me for a job so I can tell that the expat I've hired is a key employee and that's the job you'll need.

  6. Goggle says:

    By the rate expats are fleeing with their cash rollover is irrelevant now anyway.

    • Anonymous says:

      They leave for the period and they come back if the other expat who filled in for him gets a job or they just go to the other firm.  Capable Caymanians need work!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Good move Al and get rid of the (TLRC)   while your at it !

  8. Anonymous says:

    Sounding like Mac these days. Why dont you make up your mind or just shut up.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Two things here people.  Caymanians and foreighners alike need to stop fooling themselves in thinking that Cayman should be some XXXX kind of Utopia because that's a myth.  Every country reserves the right to and does practises immigration control.  No one likes to be outnumbered in their own country and the rollover was put in place to address this very issue.  we have too many spineless Caymanians like Alden who think more of other people than Caymanians now that he feels like he in in a position to never go hungry again.  Every last person here who wasn't born here obviously came from somewhere else even if that place was Mars and that means they have somewhere to go to if our little country falls apart like so many of our neighbours.  I am all for investors getting permanent residency because they are bring something here to spend but as for workers i find it strange that we still feel the need to bendover backwards for these people when there are 7 billion people in the world with atleast 4 billion in worse off conditions than us and thus available to work here for a specific period and send their money home which everybody does anyway.  

    Additionally, I don't care who you give status to if you weren't born here you're not a caymanian which means you have other options.  Too many caymanians are notworking now  and this is not because they are lazy or don't want to but because some employer thinks it's better to have a foreighner/indentured servant as an employee than a caymanian who ain't afraid.   Those of you who are now new Caymanians will soon come to experience this.

    • Stnkybtt says:

      Alf Garnett for Premier!

    • Anonymous says:


      Of all the other measures, this is the most definite method of population control in terms of those work permit holders seeking permanent abode.


      After 7 to 8 years if they don't meet the stringent requirements when applying for Permanent Residency and/or Caymanian Status, and after all appeals are exhausted during the 10th year, then the individual has to ROLLOVER and can then come back after a year.


      Population increase is a good idea because we are a consumption based economy, more numbers mean money being earned and spent, but we cannot issue PR and Status to everyone looking for a better or another place to live and call home to detriment of Caymanians in all aspects.


      Existing industries have to be developed and new ones introduced and developed in order for a population increase to work properly.


      The key element in this is that all Caymanians who are qualified or highly experienced must be given priority in the work force, then all others after. This ensures that Caymanians will not be left out as it is now appearing in some instances.

  10. RemainObjective,ThinkLongTerm says:

    Hopefully, with the coming of Single Member Constituencies, we will get some sensible(read that educated with private sector experience) representatives after the next election who will set proper long-term immigration policy. To make sensible long-term immigration decisions one must first understand that population mix(non-permit holder vs. permit-holder) and the total population number are ultimately controlled by the economy's demand for human resources.

    Basically, the demand for human resources will be determined by the economy. This type of demand cannot be a number set in stone. It will fluctuate depending on the state of the economy. Maybe now that number can be no greater than 60k but in 10 years it may be 65k-70k. Simply put, a stronger economy will demand more human resources than a weaker one.  

    However, it must ALWAYS be a priority when setting our immigration policy to make sure that all reasonable efforts are made by employers to fill positions with non-permit holders(Caymanians and those with PR) and spouses of Caymanians before a permit is issued.

    Economies such as ours do not have an infinite potential for growth, thus there is no need to fear that our little island will experience a population explosion and hostile takeover by foreigners. The key is to have sensible immigration policy that puts non-permit holders first, and one that also acknowledges the need for permits where justified.

    • R.B. says:

      And what better way to help Caymanians than to source excellent education for their children.  Ah, but their educational institutions are run by politicians with a different agenda.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hostile takeover?  Too late – here already.

  11. Anonymous says:

    As  A Caymanian, I am slowly making plans to Rollover myself from my country! This place expensive bad, and they making it Harder everyday on the working man! The old retiring and having to go back to work in order to make ends meet. Gas prices go up and stay up! Everything is in dissaray—Laws/Regulations/Society….As a Young Caymanian, I don't want to work and live here anymore!!!! This place gone! I don't want to become another statistic or someone that society forgot, as those old men that congregate by the waterfront–eating $1.80 hamburgers and ptted meat, in attempt to make it to government pay date and collect their small pension…….

    I met three old Caymanians in Ganabo Cuba the other day, they gave up on Cayman Islands, only come back every two months to collect small seamen money and go back again—say they live alo better, as their money goes a lot further out there, etc……….


    Too much Greed here………


    • Anonymous says:

      Dear God, as a young Caymanian one would have thought you would have a better grasp of phrasing, punctuation and syntax before you post comments like that.
      Good luck in the real world my friend..

  12. Boigo Sukyama says:

    The PPM is sinking faster than i thought…………………..PPM enforced r o policy during their term which caused Cayman to sink by running thousands away,sorry PPM too late now.

    • Anonymous says:

      "The PPM enforced ro policy". lol. You mean the term limits law that was enacted by the previous UDP govt. in 2003. Obviously the PPM's "enforcement" wasn't the issue since, after agonising for 3 years, the UDP now sees fit to change the law rather than just change the "enforcement".

      Both the PPM and the UDP agreed on term limits. Both now see the need to make changes.     

    • Anonymous says:

      This is a complete lie that the UDP have spawned! Sherri drafted the rolloverin 2003, XXXX the actual rollover didnt impact the public until 2006 after the time alloted to work permit holders started to expire which happened when the PPM were in power.  The PPM foolishly agreed with the policy and now clearly regret it. In fairness they reduced the period of time that a worker had to leave the jurisdiction from 2 years (as drafted by the UDP) to 1 year.  It is a lie to believe that the UDP didnt draft the policy and put it into law.  If any of them were honest and believed in it why did they find it necessary to try to give the law firms complete exemptions from the rollover? Why dont you ask Sherri and Mac about that?! 

  13. Anonymous says:

    No rollover does not mean instant residency grants.  It just does away with some of the huge cost of running a business in the Cayman islands.  Just some of the huge cost.   The only thing that will solve the problem for someone like you is some kind of training so you can compete.

    • Hmmmm.... says:

      Actually, I think you're wrong on this point to a certain degree. No rollover means someone could stay as long as they like. If they stay longer than 10 years and Cayman remains a British Overseas Territory, then there is no way the government is going to be able to deny permanent residency to these people. After 10 years here, they're not gonig to have to apply for permanent residency; they'll get it automatrically.  By dictating that people have to apply for PR prior to 10 years and that they have to leave if they don't get it, the only other way to keep people from attaining residency rights is by denying them their work permit (which is what started happening in the late '80s to expats approaching 10 years of residence).

    • Anonymous says:

      i agree. there should not be any pension contribution for foreign workers.  The cost of doint business is almost impossible now.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I think the Pension should be gotten rid of and only paid in for Caymanians, permanent residency…why should we pay for someone's pension who will be leaving in 7 years or 10 years and taking their money with them to THEIR country…come on Politicans help the companies that are trying their best but are slowly closing up due to rising work permit fees (doubled and trippled), pension, health….

    • Sir Henry Morgan says:

      On the subject of pensions. I think Caymanians under the age of 40 should have the option of applying their pension deduction to their mortgage. I for one see this as a much better and safer investment of my money than letting some "investment expert" squander it. Atleast when I hit retirement age chances are I'll have a roof over my head.

      • Anonymous says:

        Anon 11; 42

        You are so right.

        Ellio did a fantastic job when he indroduced the  law to allow Caymanians to withdraw part of their pension to invest in the most sensible, lucrative investment one can ever dream of …realestate.

        Yes, you will have a roof over your head, which you will thank God for. I will tell you now, the mandatory… by law savings  will have nothing in it for you, by the next 5  to 8 years.

        Those ponzi schemers will only get richer. and as you can see, the investment world is crumbling daily.

    • Anonymous says:

      It can't be gotten rid of and only paid in for Caymanians. It either exits, or it doesn't.

      No one pays for someone else's pension. 

      Do you really see a problem with someone taking their money to their country? Not only is it their money (earned) but you don't want them here. What if our sea captains were told they could not send their money home to Cayman? How would we have survived?

      Funny how so few make the connection between the rollover's natural reaction of not spending money (saving) and local companies closing.

      Its as if mostof us cant see the school for the fish. What happend to good old common sense?

      • Anonymous says:

        13; 15

        I dont think he has a problem with them taking their earnings home with them, as the Caymanians seamen did.

        But for all these small businesses that  pay for high work permit fees, pay their wages, and  contribute 5% on top of their earnings, is rediculos.

        Remember, this pension scheme was introduced for CAYMANIANS to have some sort of savings for them, when they got OLD and could not work.

        This was supposed to alleviate the burden on the social services, and Government.

        Now, can you or anyone explain, why small companies have to, by law, to put aside a 5% of these intransit workers  salary,  and when they leave in 7 years or 9 years, they are allowed to withdraw  this savings from the scheme…this is total madness..it is not a pension scheme as the government fooled us to be.

        The burden on the social services and government still remains

        This action in its entirety,  makes this law, not  only  erroneous, but also is a breach of natural justice, for the businesses in the Cayman islands.

        The unprecedented, mandatory… by law savings,  for intransit workers will only destroy the 1,800 small businesses in the Cayman Islands. It is not going to work.

        We are not a tax based country. These ideas are picked from union countries, by our government. We  do not have unions here, because the foolish people that own businesses in the Cayman Islands think it is taboo. They will only get screwed, if they don't unionize.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Rollover policy may have some "Human Rights issues" come November? I can't wait? Immigration needs to understand that Caymanians and foreigners alike are being abused by this, and forced to live by their rules? WHY? As the Guiy stated in the Caymanian Compass, Why does he have to marry a girl in order to keep her in the Cayman Islands with him? And isn't his girlfriend a Human being? Is this a Christian Nation? Immigration needs to review their policies and say to themselves, are dictating how to live ones lives, or is there a much better way to deal with this?

    • Anonymous says:

      Apparently you think human rights guarantees a free for all. Why does someone have to marry his girl to keep her in the Islands? Are you crazy!? Where in the world would accept that as an argument to remain? You could be his girlfriend today and not his girlfriend tomorrow. If you have marriages of convenience it must be much easier to have boyfriends/girlfriends of convenience. I know of one case where the U.S. does not even recognise the right of the spouse to remain in the country with their U.S. citizen spouse. Won't even grant then a tourist visa.    

  16. Anonymous says:

    Maybe my units will be rented again. 

  17. anonymous says:

    silly, silly, silly position if you are for Caymanians! Clearly you and PPM are not.

    Our country is too small to acccept the potential level of immigration. We have 23,000 persons on permit here with a population of only 32,000 Caymanians.

    This PPM position would be the equivalent to having 270,000,000 persons as guest workers in the USA with the potential of all of them becoming Permanent Residents. That would potentially increase the US population to over 650Million people!! 

    This roll-over is critical to remain in place and I cannot believe that our politicians would consider and support destroying what is left of our country especially in an election year.

    silly position and I hope all voters note those that proposed this idea.

    • Rational says:


      A couple of problems with your logic;

      There are already 40million legal immigrants living and working in America and the US govt estimates a further 12 million illegal immigrants. Your calculations were based on the assumption that 100% of the 310million population are American. They are not. And unless the 2 economies were similar in size, structure, cycle etc then a comparison does not teach us anything.

      You are also assuming that we are already at critical mass, which is difficult because A: The economy is not functioning at the capacity it will after recovery, and B. Removing skilled labour (ex-pat or local) will slow down the rate of recovery to some degree, making the problem worse.

      Now for an opinion – I believe the rollover is disastrous, but not for economic reasons, for crime. Rollover is removing people from society who care enough to want to stay and live here, and also informs new arrivals to not invest their money here as they will be asked to leave at an arbitrary point. Now, given that social control is so important to reducing crime (people looking after their neighbours/neighbourhoods, people communicating with police etc) I believe Rollover is directly responsible for the increase in crime in Cayman. You replace ex-pats with a sense of community, who care about Cayman, with ex-pats who know they are there temporarily and have no incentive to care.

  18. Anonymous says:

    Thank god, some common sense prevails.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I am confused. Is McLaughlin saying that we should end rollover altogether or is he agreeing that it should be done at 10 years? 

  20. Anonymous says:

    So Alden wants to end rollover and let everybody and sundry stay here forever?  Good grief, has thim man gone mad? This place will be overrun in less than a decade.  Goodbye, Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      Cayman will be under water in a decade.

      • Anonymous says:

        What makes you think it's above water right now?

        • Independant says:

          Interestingly, PPMers were behind Alden in support of the Rollover Policy. Then when he flip-flops and tells them he is now against it, they are so blind that they are now for it without any thought of their own. Cayman's biggest problem is that we have too much FOLLOWERS like sheep, but no one THINKS for themselves! 

          • Anonymous says:

            "Then when he flip-flops and tells them he is now AGAINST IT, they are so blind that they are now FOR IT without any thought of their own".

            You are not making any sense.