$10k on offer for home repairs

| 25/06/2012

GIVING MONEY AWAY.gifCNS): The Premier's Office is offering grants of as much as $10,000 to local home owners who need important structural or health and safety repairs to their house but who are not in a financial position to undertake the work. Although no formal policy has beenannounced by Premier McKeeva Bush, an advertisement in the local press on Monday indicated that the money to finance the home repair grants was coming from government's deal with the Dart Group. The notice indicates that a committee has been formed to oversee applications and the members will visit each location to assess the work needed.

The advertisement, which appears on page 3 of Monday's Caymanian Compass, (posted below) states that, using funds from the ForCayman Investment Alliance, the Premier's Office will make ordinary grants of up to $10,000 and possibly more at the discretion of the committee. The office says each application will be decided by the committee based on its own merits, although there is no indication how many grants will be given or how much of the Dart cash has been allocated to the programme.

The government has not revealed the members of the committee who will be making the decisions, and the criteria for application appears to be quite wide, However, the advertisement says that reputable contractors will be required to submit written quotes on the repair work required by applicants.

Members of the public applying for the grants must be 18 years and the property in need of repairs must be their sole residence and be at least five years old. The advertisement says that those already receiving mortgage relief will not be eligibly for this additional grant unless there are extenuating circumstances. It also indicates that priority will be given to health and safety repairs or homes where children are at risk.

The notice appears to be the first indication of the new government policy as there have been no policy statements made by McKeeva Bush regarding this particular programme, or debate in the Legislative Assembly about the initiative, which is not being handled via the planning department but directly by the premier's office.

The funding is coming from money given to government as part of the ForCayman Alliance with Dart, although Bush confirmed that the donation of $5 million made by the islands' largest developer last year as part of a sub-deal signed with the NRA, government and Dart was going into general revenue.

The Office of the Auditor General said Monday that it had become aware of the proposed programme as a result of the advertisement and it would be including the project in its review of government finances.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Buy votes much?

  2. Anonymous says:

    See, this is why Dart paid so little – because it's all McKeeva needed to suit his own ends, he didn't need to insist on proper commercial terms.  He told them '$5 miillion is enough' knowing full well he was going to hand it right back out to his chosen people.  This just goes to show that in the Cayman Islands, you cannot rely on party members to have the appropriate amount of ambition for themselves, and a sense of shame, to prevent their leaders appropriating discretionary powers to themselves and exercising them in such a blatant way.  We need separate measures that bind whoever is in power.  


    AND we need an elector base that is smart enough to take his cash and vote him out anyway for being incompetent at his actual job!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I would love to go to take a loooong holiday in Europe.  Would you please sign off on my study leave as well?  Thanks KeKe.

  4. Anonymous says:

    CNS: What do you know about the Premier's Scholarship Fund?


    CNS: The premier's scholarship grants through the Nation Building Fund were separate from the regular grants awarded by the Scholarship Secretariat. The second link below has documents attached with more details.

    $10m spent on nation building

    AG to probe nation building

  5. Anonymous says:

    When the Brits take over, all of this money will be called back and if you fail or refuse to pay your properties may be forfeited to the crown. By that time Mackeeva will be off the island enjoying his stash.

    I am pretty certain the Brits will give him a running head start when they decide to come and take these islands back from this bunch of XXXX politicians presently doing as they like.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Prostitution without shame!

  7. Anonymous says:

    At 20.01  Last time I saw an article on this a couple of months ago it was reported that over there was over 10% unemployment REGISTERED with the labour dept. This does not include Caymanians having to leave there country to seek employment elsewhere and who is not registered . So estimate another 500-1000 on that number. 

    I believe expats out number Caymanians and so they are getting employment easily and not Caymanians. Many posters on this forum only rant that this number is because we are lazy , whining or just unemployable. I may agree okay that maybe lets say 50% is justified in being labeled and its shameful. So then the problem lies then in our education system or the Immigration?  And all our Government representatives can do is waste money, fight and then give away money and still not address this situation. But then again there is a saying Lead by example!

  8. Anonymous says:

    The government is established for the common good of every citizen of this country.  Collectively, the government is owned by every citizen.  If Dart bought a piece of government land, that money should be paid into the government's treasury for the common good of every citizen.  Not a few citizens chosen by the Premier, or some Committee that he appoints, but every citizen.  It is therefore wrong in my opinion for the Premier, or anyone else for that matter, to use fundsderived from the sale of government's land as grants to certain citizens that they select.  If I had been Dart, I would have said to Mac, "I am buying this land from government and I am payiing the cheque to government.  Don't use my name, or my company's name as if I am giving you money to dish out as you see fit, because it is not a gift from me.  I received property in exchange for it.  You may use my name only in instances where I voluntarily provide charitable donations and authorise you that you can use my name.  Otherwise, please do not do that."  That's what I would say.  How can the UDP and the Premier say this is good governance when they trade the land of the common people and dish the spoils out to a selected few?  I am tired of lookiing at the loopholes in this Constitution that allow such things to occur and I hope the next set of representatives change it.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Can I get a few dollaz to clear up some minor outstanding bills McKeewa? Broke folks need love too?!?! Call mi nowwwwwww!!!!!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    I say let's hit the streets and start a march and demand for McKeeva (the DICTATOR) to stop or be brought down!  Enough is Enough Caymanians!

  11. Jacky Boatside from Oldbush says:

    One cannot blame the Dart group for offering up money, if we keep taking it? Its as simple as that, Big Wheels and Big Deals.

  12. Caymanian Hypocrisy says:

    To those who think this money which we can clearly see and know comes from Dart Poses anymore a threat than the insidious hypocrites who are doing secret deals with the Dart group all the while pretending they care and even protesting about Cayman's future being destroyed. Yet those same very deceptive and shallow persons have no problem with taking Darts money quitely  and crawling around in their high end vehicles and expensive lifestyles whilst holding big political rallies in their yards. The PPM and it's so called leaders are infact so lost  that they are now babbling incoherent political fodder which serves to merely reinforce and justify the UDP's position to continue their Dart program and plan. Recent statements by the leader of the opposition on immigration clearly demonstrates what  the Premier has always insinuated that the oppostion leader merely wants his position. How sad for Cayman we have so many bottom feeders who in order to live extravagantly will jeopardize everyone else's future including those of our children. Cayman before we start blaming others we need to seek out and hold our very own accountable for their despicable actions and hypocrisy.

  13. King of hand outz$$$ says:

    Payoffs and Ripoffs continues asusual I  have set up my own comitttee too Free money Committee and i have also set up my own website FMC.com  please donate generously as i need all i can get.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I can not even begin to comprehend the thought behind this "NEW SCHEME" there are people who do not have homes yet he is offering money to repair other's homes? Additionally the budget is not balanced and yet he is giving out money. Talking about they can not pay the civil servants but he can give away 10K!!!!!! Remember everytime the government "Gives" money for such housing "SCHEMES" a LEAN is placed on your property which then is probably usded as an asset in their books. It is all i pure BS!! Some one needs to do something about this or else we will end up in a really bad shape!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Its lein and what is Govt supposed to do about people not having houses, build cheap houses? Did that already.  Develop something where people can access cash for a downpayment where they could not afford one normally?  Did that already too.

      I guess if McKeeva was just giving away houses instead of 10K you would be cool with that?!

      Its a buyers market and people have to opportunity to purchase properties cheaply.  Take advantage of it now before it passes.

      Who hasnt got a house or apartment yet just doesnt want it bad enough yet or is content to rent or to sponge off mama.



  15. Anonymous1 says:


    For the people too slow to realize this, the money from Dart is NOT PART OF THE BUDGET.

    It is separate fund established for a specific purpose, Government just cant spend that money for its operational expenses.  The Environmental Protection Fund has millions in too but they cannot access that money either.

    Only in Cayman would people associate Govt trying to help people with vote buying.  In the US, Cash for Junkers or something like that, gave people money for getting rid of thier old cars and that is only one example.  No one accused Obama of vote buying.  I am sure they are other schemes in place in the US and other developed countries that benefit their citizens.  What else are they supposed to do?  Hoard the money like Suddam and build personal palaces? All while their citizens and  thier children starve outside the palace gates?

    NO! If granny has a bunch of useless children and the heat is stiffling and the roof leaky, buy her a A/C with some insulation and fix the roof.  Take care of the people first and foremost.

    If Bush gave the 10K for scholarships for our young people, would you all be up in arms over that too?  Oh wait there already a program for that.  In the same thought he would be buying votes then too right?  Please!  Grow a brain if you can or atleast a heart.

    • jsftbhaedrg says:

      What you fail to realise is that this will be used for vote buying for UDP constituents, even the 3 blind mice can see that.

      • Anonymous1 says:

        Awww, thats how it is then? Keep playing the UDP constituent card.  Thats going do you plenty. I bet you I could get it and I am a NON-VOTER by choice. I like Mac and know hes not perfect but I dont vote.

        You can still vote for whoever you want to.  Isnt that how its supposed to be.  Your voters card is not stamped with any political party on it right?

        Bottom line is every politician have to appease thier constituents no matter which party/district they are in.

        Young people need homes too and it is very possible to get one right now so go out and get one while they're cheap. Use whats available.

    • Anonymous says:

      ummm, but it IS vote buying

  16. Anonymous says:

     Last evening Bush called together at short notice nearly 100 Liqour Licence holders and told them that he is going to increase their fees because the FCO would not pass his budget.

    Despite the industry being on its knees only one person objected while the rest sat like turkeys waiting for christmas. No unity within this group so no one dared question him. 

    He played the "i'm a christian" card again as well as constantly blaming the last government and the FCO for his governments f…ups.


    • Anonymous says:

      Did it make sense fpr us to speak when  the decision has already been made?  The only thing to do was to boycott the decision by not renewing our licenses. An increase is fees is one thing but like the two Roosters who stood up with guts and said that to lift the morotorium we will have every fowl on the corner applying . Mack is going to have to deal with all the churches if he touches that. All these paper Caymanians with Licences that love that idea is not enough to vote for him. He had a better listen to we Caymanians. Mr Lester and Mr Powell hands up to you both, we did not have to speak after you spoke so eloquentlyfor all of us. Revenue will increase if less trips etc are taken. All departments need to cut back even with all those big lunches during Committee meetings. Just dont kill a few of us please. I am making a suggestion and that is that Licencee holders form a Committee and Mr Powell Mr Lester Mr Davie cheer the meetings. We turkeys will back you. Just remember at short notice we werwe all in shock, we were not prepared for this. Who is applying now why the Morotorium will be lifted? Interesting to know.

    • Anonymous says:

      Would love to see a report about this short notice "emergency" meeting of Liqour Licence holders. 

      When i worked in a real business… We used to say "lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine"


  17. Gillud's corner says:

    All you naysayers shut up and vote UDP if you want to ever GP get Paid. Our great premier is putting licks in the UK too this is the Chairman of My Home & bank accounts welfare Comittee

  18. Anonymous says:

    Bush is not even trying to pretend to be fiscally responsible anymore.  Does that mean we don't have to pretend to respect him?

  19. Anonymous says:

    make sure they lookout for the pimped up suv's in the driveways……

  20. V says:

    Are people really surprised that he is doing this? It blew my mind when Caymanians stupidly put this man back in charge. It just showed me how little a large portion of the population of these three islands are capable of critical thinking. They are so engrained in to the wellfare nation that all of the politicians (especially bush) have created. The people who have all accepted handouts or favors are very much guilty of blatant corruption. There’s nothing different from accepting bushes handouts and handling stolen goods. Rather than caymanian demand their government fix broken systems to help foster entrepreneurship and make doing business easier to fuel growth to the islands, thereby encouraging the populous to be self-reliant, self-sustaining and forward thinking; the caymanian politician (especially bush) has trained a certain segment of the populous to be like dumb yapping mongrels by throwing the table scraps of handouts to keep them barely fed and whimpering in content while he sits at the table gorging from the horn of plenty curiously shaped like Cayman. Meanwhile his yapping supporters growl and bark at any sensible Caymanian who tells bush it’s time to leave the table. Because the mongrels are worried where the next piece of chicken bone will come from if bush isn’t there to give it to them under the table. Then there are Caymanians like me who want to cook our own food and sustain ourselves… but bush has bought up all the appliances and we can’t cook with gas because he’s raised the duty.He screws us all in the end. What Cayman needs is a revolution of the mind.

    • Ching Ching says:

      Great quote

    • Anonymous says:

      Love the imagery. You have it exactly right. They are like hyenas that live under the table and growl at anyone who comes over to it. You can only sit there if they like you and if you ignore the elephant in the room and let his stick his snout wherever he wants.

  21. WestBayer says:

    Why did Mr. Dart give McKeeva this money? and for what? to buy votes and to keep McKeeva's UDP Government in power, so he can continue the take over of Cayman? Why?  Everyone knows by now that Mr. Dart funded the UDP Government last elections. Is he doing it again this going around?  People be SMART, be WISE and VOTE NO to this UDP Government next election, As a matter of fact, vote "YES" for One man one vote.  If you are against these actions of McKeeva, then do what is RIGHT for Cayman.  This one man show is the root cause of Cayman's demise today.  He will go down in history as the worse Politician ever for Cayman.  He has created a welfare state and he has made Cayman's people lazy, as we are so branded by the foreigners.  


  22. WestBayer says:

    If this money is from Dart and derives from crown land swap, why is it not going into the Government coffer and going through the proper procedures? Is this not the people's money and should be handled as such.  Why is the Premier in FULL control of this? is it not bad enough that he is giving away the people's properties without the people's approval? now he wants to control the money paid? It will be interesting to see, who benefits from this one too.  I know its fresh on everybody's mind the Nation Building Funds, the "slush" Funds and more.  Is this the replacement way for the fridges, the CUC Bills, the food vouchers etc etc.  Is this not a form of buying votes for the UDP? WOW! How low can one stoop.  I was always taught that the receiver is just as bad as the thief. Watch how you rob Peter to pay Paul.  All you receivers of these monies, beware you are not welcomed in the eyes of God.  God do not like ugly. So stop proffessing to be Christians.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Time to start that new construction company I’ve been thinking about…

  24. Anonymous says:

    status grants to new West Bayers………. check

    secure their CIG jobs……………………….. check

    let them get their pensions……………….. check

    help them fix up broken down homes purchased or homes started with help of pension funds and fellow new status grant WB residents……………….. check

    no need to more about OMOV, new voters in 4 new constituencies……………………….. check







  25. JTB says:

    A cash fund for handouts to voters?


    I guess there must be an election coming up …


    Why is this seen as OK in Cayman, when in any other country in the civilised world it would be a police matter?

  26. SKEPTICAL says:

    We know about the millions given to church communities, the mortgage relief that has been offered to individuals – now we have the public announcement of a ” refurbishment ” programme – $10,000 per qualifying home. What is the total amount of the funds that will be made available; what “independent” survey will be made to determine whether a particular property needs work done, how much work – and by whom? Whatever the answers, all these are issues in the public domain. HOWEVER, would Bush please quantify the amount of money purportedly being distributed as “Food Vouchers” ; to how many is it being distributed, and what is the Means Test to determine who qualifies. There seem to be more and more reports of shoppers being seen in Supermarkets, paying for trolley loads of top end groceries and produce using some sort of voucher – are they accurate reports. If so, why has this not made it into the local media?
    Taken as a whole, the picture is one of a descent into some sort of Welfare State. Not an attractive proposition in any context – especially if at some point there are Insufficient resources for it to be sustained – Bush must know what happens if you try to take back a lollipop you have have given to a small child.

  27. Anonymous says:

    It seems like McKeeva is acknowledging that the UDP cannot win the next election, so his plan is to leave the finances in as terrible a shape as he can (by giving as much as he can to the UDP faithful) and pissing off the FCO and everyone else in the process.

  28. Danonymouse Man says:

    How can the Premier give away more money when he can't get a balanced budget? This is real crazy now! is this just money for voters? I am so ashamed of this government. I feel like I am at the Miss Universe contest sitting by my grand mother, who is wearing a see through dress!.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Will this include Cayman Brac as well. There is just one home that was badly damaged on Watering Place that never got any repair, standing close to Government property, and more than that belonged to one of Macks big fans who used to say of Mack "THATS MAN'. Perhaps it dosent matter since he is passed on and cant vote by postal ballot that one vote for miss julie.

    • Anonymous says:

      Every one in the Brac got their homes repaired and in fact improved on, and everyone knows which house did not get anything done to it . That house is sitting right on Watering Place.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thank you Mack for helping us, but for God sake please get a committee of real people who is fair minded and business like in knowing about moneys worth for money spent. Also the Committee should be comprised of people who more or less know these people in the community. For God sake I hope that something is done for those poor people on Fairlawn Road, and for those of you on the Committee who dosent know it is on the road pass the Tripple C school. When it rains some folks have to put their furniture and appliances up on blocks. These are the folks who should have the priority. Would do good if Uncle Dart can get some of those pictures. Just hope that NO Politician will be involvrd neither in Cayman nor Cayman Brac. NO POLITRICS PLEASE.

  30. Dred says:

    Do I really have to say what this is?? Really do I??

    A blind man can see this.

  31. Knot S Smart says:

    Well I be a monkey's uncle!

    This is what you call 'Nit-Wit' economics…

  32. Anonymous says:

    Well I’ll be darned…. Again.

  33. Anonymous says:

    You commenters just don't get it. This is the way it's supposed to work. $500,000,000 has to get spread around to as many Cayman voters as possibleever4y year.  Only half of the voters have government jobs so the other half need something too. This is the purpose of the government. The job titles and dress up and high-minded speeches are just for show.

  34. Anonymous says:

    It doesn't matter where the money came from.  This initiative is SIMPLY OUTRAGEOUS!!!! Even in good economic times this initiative is SIMPLY OUTRAGEOUS!!!!

    The trouble is, he probably won't be stopped.  I really can't believe McKeeva Bush would stoop so low.  His actions are beyond reprehensible.


    Truly Disgusted

  35. RemainObjective,ThinkLongTerm says:


    (in-ep-toc'-ra-cy) A system of government where the least capable to lead are elected by the least capable of producing, and where the members of society least likely to sustain themselves or succeed, are rewarded with goods and services paid for by the confiscated wealth of a diminishing number of producers.

    Mr. Bush and the UDP, stop insulting us with blatant vote-buying handouts, instead we want leaders who will run the country in a manner that will allow us to earn a paycheck and provide for ourselves.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Sooooo tired of the UDP's poor management. Next elections can't come soon enough.

  37. Anonymous says:

    Unfortunately, this socialist style of Mac's has become the norm in Cayman. Gone are the days when Caymanians were a proud people who worked for what they had. Now they are influenced by Mac's handouts and are all too happy to line up for a little "hep".

    What has happened to my Caymanian people? Shame shame on all those that Mac is pandering to via these schemes.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Having left some time ago I can’t help but occasionally monitor the fiasco that is Cayman governance on CNS. This is high comedy even for Bush – he wants to give away money (that the CIG doesn’t have enought of) that either belongs to the government or became Bush’s under very irregular circumstances, when he has a CIG budget that not only he can’t balance but to all external perspectives appears unable to understand.

    • Chris Johnson says:

      I was privileged at Mr Benson’s requestto sit on the Housing Development Corporation in the eighties along with an outstanding board of directors, including Angela Miller, Dan Scott, Rupert Ackermon, Jimmy Powell and several others. I lasted sixteen years until Mr bush chose to have me replaced. I am told that during those years I had the best attendance record. That is of no consequence. What I can say is that this board raised several million dollars from the finance sector, made a profit, gave Caymanians the opportunity to buy the homes.
      For some reason the Government of the day sold the portfolio and dissolved the corporation. Why did they do this? No idea and what a stupid decision.
      Now we have this grandiose idea of giving money away. Why and to whom? Just who will determine who gets the money and who sits on the committee that determines who gets the cash.
      Well let me say. I for one for one would like to be on that committee. A number of my colleagues in the community will also offer their services for free to assist the community.
      I have thrown out the gauntlet. Now UDP give me a challenge.

  39. Quikcash says:

    It is on the tip of my tongue.  What is that phrase again?  Ah yes, slush fund.

  40. Anonymous says:

    How about protecting us in fair job application and placement so we can work and sustain ourselves instead of socialist handouts. This just gives more justification for us to be ridiculed and called lazy. Dont judge all of Caymanians the same just because of a few bad apples. Come you are telling me over 3000 unemployed Caymanians are lazy and unemployable. 

  41. Anonymous says:

    What on Earth is going on! The country has to borrow to balance it's budget but is handing bags of cash out? Even if that was a good idea it would be almost impossible to administer fairly, even in a country with actual checks and balances.  In Caymanistan it's absolutely guaranteed to turn into a circus and go into the back pockets of the people who need it least.



  42. anonymous says:

    "Although no formal policy has been announced by Premier "

     C'mon…EVERYBODY knows that the Premire's formal policy is and always has been:


  43. Anonymous says:

    Mac… Mac… mac…….

    why …. why …… why…

    why did I vote UDP…… why why why

    Stripping me naked in heroes square could not be more shame.



    • Anonymous says:

      You voted for him and feel so bad about it, imagine us who never voted for him and have to put up with it!  The man is absolutely insane and all those who support him are no better.

    • The Confused One from this BS says:

      Da wa ya get….. bout VOTE UDP…. DA WA YA GET….. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA…… 

      Macky can't save ya when ya down….

  44. Anonymous says:

    Lord Dart speaks ,Premier McKeeva Bush JUMPS even before asking "how high".

    • anonymous says:

      This has nothing to do with DART…this is clearly vote buying by UDP!! Thats all it is.

      • Anonymous says:

        um, no…ForCayman Alliance IS Dart…read the article carefully, get the facts, and get it right..

    • Anonymous says:

      It would not be very high.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Some of the applicants will probably be amongst those who never got their repairs done after the EU-funded post-Ivan recover program collapsed in 2007.

    It seems back then many, many people were made to sign up for work that was never done and this looks horribly like history repeating itself.

    • Bodden Town Supports too says:

      I can remember after Ivan when the Premier Bush had set up funding to repair homes and business in the Bodden Town District.

      When the PPM Government got in they stopped it and took it away.  It was one million dollars.

      T WOULD LIKE THEM TO DENY THIS and also tell the public what did they do with the Million dollars they took from the Bodden Town, which was to help the people.   Deny it and talk.  More to come out.

      • Anonymous says:

        He shuld use the same people who was on the save the homes program. They seemed to have done a good job, and was fair based on what i am hearing.  A lot of people got assistance and no mention was made about whose side you on.

        Why set up another committee, use the expertise that is already in place. Although those people might be too busy. Looking forward to hearing the new names, hope dey trustworthy now.

      • anonymous says:

        If I remember Roy and Gilbert refused the money before elections…PPM had nothing to do with that. Roy & Gilbert thought they could get elected without UDP funds but as they say…history reveals all.

        • Bodden Town again says:

          19:13,  "If you remember?"  what are you talking about anyway?

          This money was not there at the Housing repairs office to support any elections for Roy Bodden & Gilbert McLean.   The money was there to repair people homes, buy furniture and appliance that they lost during the hurricane Ivan.

          Come with a better story than that.  People who were on the committe can tell you different.

      • Anonymous says:

        We wants some money!!!

        • SHhhhhhhhh says:

          PPM you better begin visiting people in the night at Bodden Town, becausewe never got anything from either Government,so if  you want our vote then I would suggest you see some people up here.  This is one district that is saying no money no vote.  We do notwant any refrigerator stove or furniture.   X's for sale,.

      • Let's get this straight says:

        And I remember when it came to family W foundation to repair the homes in Bodden Town with wheelchair residents and the elderly – the old newspapers still show the charity and not the glory of politicians.  The Govt was nowhere to be seen then and the EU money was still far away.

        Our politicians are shameful, the whole lot ot them.  This two party system has succeeded in ruining any chance of good governance.  It is cronyism 100%.


  46. Sam Putt Putt says:

    We've certainly come a long way from the days when an oscillating fan or a load of marl could secure a vote. I beleive both of the Dart brothers are Caymanian now courtesy of the Premier's Cabinet status grants. I wonder why they simply don't stand for election themselves, buy thier own votes, depose Mac and cut out the middle man when it comes to securing Government approval for thier development projects. They will probably have to employ this strategy prior to when they propose to dredge the North Sound as all developers here eventually do.

  47. CHECHE says:

    Oh, looky! Just in time for elections. I need a new washer/dryer set and a stainless steel fridge anyhow, too bad with CUC's rates I won't be able to run them.



  48. Cheese Face says:

    Hey Keeewa, I can't afford a summer holiday to Italy this year. Help a brutha out?

  49. jsftbhaedrg says:

    Its clear that our space cadet Premier has no inclination to balance any budget….he only intends to balance his vote count for May.

    Good ol'Caymanian Common Sense at its best.

  50. Anonymous says:

    I would be careful, with a $10,000 grant i am assuming you wont have to repay this money, read the fine print. If it can be argued as a loan in anyway Mr. Dart could end up OWNING Grand Cayman  by default, if he hasnt already done so. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah no doubt, similar to what he did to Argentina but I guess the difference is he lives here and kind of depends on citizenship here to avoid taxes plus has quite a bit invested here so MAYBE that will influence differently

  51. Bling man says:

    Refrigerators, washing machines,TVs etc be a lot cheaper. 

    • Anonymous!!!LY says:

      This is a shame, But let me say this, I have never received any hand out from either government, But the Poor, poor management team gave away a lot of stuff. I went to a ladies house and she had a refrigerator and stove sitting on her porch, still in the boxes that they came in, she say, I didnt need it but they were giving them away so I took it.

      This is whats wrong here, one party painting the other black, they are both guilty of this offence. However, I lay the blame at the foot of the voters, they dont have to accept bribes, just be honest good citizens.

      There should be  no room for this type of garbage in this island

  52. Anonymous says:

    This must be a joke!  Got to be! 

    • Anonymous says:

      This is not a joke, this lady is telling the truth and alot of this kind a thing happens. Committee members are equally to be blamed and in some instances to be blamed even more. Then when their Politician tells them to strike certain names off the agenda thats past the limit. We would like to see the day when it would be illegal for a politician to hand out anything. Then when a Politician will give instructions to strike off the name of a widow whose husband received a monthly cheque from Government because she is not liked for supporting the opposition thats REAL REAL BAD. Alot of wrong s need to be looked into, not only the yard paving, in other Countrys some politicians would be in big big trouble. Again I say power in the wrong hands.

  53. Anonymous says:

    F(*%ing ridiculous. Why don't they just set up a stall that says "Cash for votes".

  54. Anonymous says:

    I very much doubt that Mr. Dart understood how his money might be used, but what I really want to know is whether I can get both new appliances and the 10K or if I have to pick one. Was there any information on how many votes were required to qualify?

    • Anonymous says:

      For those people who get more than one vote you can use one vote for appliances and one vote for repairs and one vote for health and safety related repairs.

  55. Jenny from the Block says:

    Insane in the membrane! 

  56. Anonymous says:

    Blatantly buying your vote again. Only in Cayman.

  57. anonymous says:

    Vote buying funded by Dart.
     I do not understand why the funds Dart gave to Government have not been applied to general funds to help right our fiscal wrong.  Not another "Found Money" to be given out as our incompetent leader desires once again  attempting to buy votes. with our money.

    The UK needs to stop this crazy man now before there is no Cayman Islands left.

    • Sum Bodi Hep Mi says:

      Let me reiterate what you have just said {Mon, 06/25/2012 – 14:21}. This announcement "is in my opinion" is the most flagrant violation of the anti corruption law I've seen. Vote buying is corrupt and this "SUDDEN" ridiculous offer by the ruling party should be looked at with much suspicion! Little do these "nincompoops" realize that the the voting populace of this Island are smart enough to what this sudden windfall is nothing more than A refrigerator or a stove in disguise.



      • deepdiver says:

        your implication that the voting populalace is "smart enough" would appear to

        be completely incorrect. I suggest you attend the next West Bay Town Hall meeting

        and re-educate the voters – they appear to be lost…

    • Caymanian Family that Suppoprt Dart says:

      I am hoping everyone reads my Post, and understand how this Caymanian family  feels and a copy can be sent to England for them to read too..

      What I have to say is this.   It is about time the Governor, and England,  open their eyes to all the Expatriates  and the Poor People Mistake people who obviously wants to cause a big unrest in this country.

      If the Dart Aliance wants to help poor people with their homes, tell me what is wrong with that.  The Cayman Islands Government dont have it, and if they could help they would have to Beg England to allow us to have a loan.  I smell that  these people is begging for an unrest in this country, and the Governor needs to keep an eye open at what they are doing.

      McKeeva Bush does not have to buy votes.  He has his followers who will stand by him, win loose or draw.  The premier cannot buy my vote, and I support him because he is a good man. It does not matter whether England, The Governor or anyone else like him.  I am a Caymanian, and my family like him.  Like Hell am I going to let anyone come into my country and try and tear it apart.  Mr Bush I know you must be sorry that you gave those  w. rich and famous status.  See they want to run this country, But YOU ALL DO NOT HAVE MORE MONEY THAN KENNETH DART-AND WE LOVE HIM.  What will all of you do the day Dart runs for Office?.  I hope he hurry does.   This too shall pass,  and those Caymanians want to be expatriates, remember you have to live here, your children have to live here and they are listening to you talk.  Stop trying to cause unrest in this country.

      • anonymous says:

        You are missing the point..this is not Dart doing anything….I am sure Dart does not want to hand out money to anyone or he would have done it all these years he has been here.

        This is the Premier, Rolstan, Julianna, Mike, Mark, Ellio, CG, Dwayne and Captain Eugene buying votes. Nothing more….nothing less.

        In May 2013 show them how many votes they actually bought and vote them all out. 


      • anonymous says:

        sounds like you are already on the list!!!!

      • Anonymous says:

        We have read your post. And we understand how you feel. And we feel that 'Mr. Gullible' is a much more appropriate name for you than 'Caymanian Family that Suppoprt Dart'. Or perhaps you could even try 'Mr. McStupid'. Apart from the sorry contents of your post, the most pitiful thing about you is that you obviously do not have enough respect for your family to allow them to think and speak and decide for themselves. I sincerely hope for their sake that your family finds a way to awaken from your nightmare.    

      • Fed up with McChavez says:

        The only party trying to cause unrest in this country is McKeeva Chavez Bush.  I agree that he has his followers who will support him.  However, obviously you are the people who follow like a herd of cattle.  If the lead bull runs over the edge of the cliff, you are going to jump also.  For Christ's sake, people, open your eyes and see what is in front of you.  What is going to happen is that we will be known the second TCI that has to be straightened by the direct rule once again.  McKeeva is selling his country for 30 pieces of silver and since we still belong to the UK, he had better have enough stashed away to be able to pay Hugo Chavez for Venezuelan citizenship, when those warships pull into port.  He thinks nobody can stop him, but I have prayed for Dart to cut a canal right across West Bay Road making it mandatory to pay fees for crossing the canal to get into the other sections of the island.  The only unrest in Grand Cayman is by the people who are smart enough to see what is being done to the people of the country.  Mr. Governor, please advise our mother country about what our premier (yes, I put it in small letters, since that is the sum total of what he is, very small- minded), is doing.  We can barely eat and this madman is still selling our birthright. to the highest bidder. XXXX

  58. anonymous says:

    Did I go to sleep in Absurdistan and wake up in the Twilight Zone???  The govenement cannot put forth a balanced budget, and is so far in the red that it looks like it was stabbed,  but Mac is figuring out a way to GIVE MORE MONEY AWAY???


    C'mon Guv'nor…step in already and put this to rights, man…

    • Anonymous says:

      If the $$$ was put into Governments Account they would not be able to buy votes with it!


      I hope this is abundantly clear to everyone?