UK wants high standards

| 25/06/2012

William-Hague_1957887c.jpg(CNS): The new white paper on the Overseas Territories published by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office says that people living in the territories have a right “to expect the same high standards of governance as in the UK”, pointing to human rights, the rule of law and integrity in public life. The document also states that the British government expects high quality public financial management and financial services regulation to build resilient economies. “The UK is determined to tackle corruption inall its forms,” the new document warns as the Foreign Secretary makes a commitment to work closely with the territories with a long-term programme of support for the public services.

In the paper, which was based on a broad public consultation period with all the territories and stakeholders, the foreign secretary sets out what will likely be a more hands-on approach to the territories, where the UK will share expertise from across the entire government  and not just from the FCO in order to raise standards.

“The Government has responsibilities towards the people of the Territories and of the UK to ensure the good governance of the territories,” the report states. “The Government acknowledges the sensitivity of this area of work but believes that those living in the Territories have a right to expect the same high standards of governance as in the UK.”

In his introduction to the document, which will form the basis for Britain’s relationships with the territories from now on, William Hague says the White Paper is broad ranging, but does not "pretend to be comprehensive”.

Focusing on the economies and environments of its territories, the paper highlights the need for good governance.

The UK and the Territories will continue their partnership to meet the high standards set out in this White Paper,” the paper states. “The UK will provide support to the Territories, where necessary, to develop good governance, robust public financial management and sound economic planning. In particular we will support greater exchange of expertise between public servants in the Territories and the UK.”

As a result, public officials from the territories will train and work with colleagues in the UK, and UK experts will work in the territories.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The Royal Bank of Scotland

    Northern Rock

    Bank of Scotland

    MPs expenses

    The Leveson Inquiry

    London riots

    Occupy St Pauls

    Binge drinking

    60% tax

    Drive by shootings

    Asian sex gangs exploit under age girls.


    Remind me. Where did all this happen? 

  2. EYE ON THE ISLAND says:

    I do hope the UDP reads this?

  3. Will Ya Listen! says:


    UK (read ENGLAND) wants high standards

    Go for it England – get some high standards.  At the moment  England's politics is a cesspool of self interest, hypocrites, liars, shady deals with the Media, denials of the obvious  and a mean spirited resentment (elevated to an art form) towards the Cayman Islands – and they have a crap Football team.

    Nice thought though.


    • Whodatis says:

      You be careful there now, buddy – such truths are not allowed on this forum.

      You may think them but you dare not speak (post) them. Understood?

      By the way, it really was painful to watch the spectacular crashing out of the England team from EURO 2012.

      And in all seriousness (some may find this odd) … I was cheering for them all along their journey.

      Better luck next time … same ol' hollow well-wishes yet again.

      • Anonymous says:

        The English don't need your cynical support, the same as they don't need your cynical country. Good luck with your debt ridden rock, its all yours, good riddance to bad rubbish.

        Back in the real world however…………..

        Unfortunately, its not your rock, its ours and your're just going to have to live with that and start following rules which are going to get evermore stringent. You have proven to the world that you are not capable of good governance and prudent financial stewardship, so its time for mother to put you back in line.

        All the time the union flag flies over Cayman its a UK territory, not an independent country. Just because successive waves of immigrants have populated this island, doesn't alter the fact that it remains, as it has for centuries, a British outpost. Of course if you don't like being a BOTC, you can always leave, but I'm not entirely sure who'd want you with your reputation for financial irresponsibility and endemic corruption.

        • Anonymous says:

          Well, now.  There's a helpful response.  Sorry you had to read that, world.

        • Whodatis says:

          [Earth to you]: "Please call home."


          1. "Good luck with your debt ridden rock …"
          2. "You have proven to the world that you are not capable of good governance and prudent financial stewardship…"
          3. " … but I'm not entirely sure who'd want you with your reputation for financial irresponsibility and endemic corruption …"

          (Ah boy … give 'em enough rope – then sit back and wait. The arrogant ignorance within certain folks always shines through in the end.)


          Are you sureyou meant those words for me or yourself, Mr/Ms. Brit?!


          (That was a good one, thanks!)

        • Whodatis says:

          Lastly, my support for the English football team was not "cynical".

          I always back England when it comes to international matches.

          Ashley Cole and Wayne Rooney are two of my favorite footballers at the moment – although Rooney was only taking up space on the pitch on Sunday.

          (Don't confuse my disdain for the British establishment, as it relates to our political relationship, for disdain toward Brits or British society in general.)

          We are all logical adults on this forum – hopefully we can manage to draw the respective lines. Furthermore, the average Brit today is very much disillusioned and disgusted with their politcal "leaders" as well. However, many of you on here pretend that this is not the case for the sake of these debates.

          Going forward, kindly bear in mind that we Caymanians are aware of the tremendous disconnect between the British "government" and the British people.

          Feel free to continue with the charade – but always remember that we know what is what, ok?

        • Whodatis says:

          One final point … and you may find this odd;

          But I actually like you.

          At least you have the balls and "integrity" to say how you really feel toward us Caymanians, as a Brit.

          If there is one thing I despise it is a lying, back-stabbing, coward.

          I do not consider you a very nice or pleasant individual, but I can at least respect you for sharing an honest perspective.

          Now, in your opinion, would you say that your sentiments are shared by the majority of your fellow Brits (and others) amongst us?

          (Hopefully you won't back down now. Other readers are welcome to contribute in this regard as well.)

           – Whodatis

    • Anonymous says:

      Yea, yea, yea another delusional fool learns to criticise but fails to notice his own back yard. If you don't like the UK, renounce your BOTC status and leave for your forefathers homeland, which obviously wasn't England. Good luck.

  4. Just Sayin' says:

    They came to the wrong place.

  5. Knot S Smart says:

    The UK needs to understand that we are 'living high off the hog' and we dont have no time to have any standards – moral or otherwise…

  6. Anonymous says:


  7. Anonymous says:

    "UK Wants High Standards" could also be stated as "UK Want UDP Government Ousted"




    • Anonymous says:

      Anon 15;59

      You might want to rephase that statement. The FCO plainly said they would rather not have the PPM Government take control of this country again.

  8. The ThinkerV says:

    A toothless dog makes a poor watchdog……

    The new white paper on the Overseas Territories published by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office says they're going to step in and really make some changes.  Wow!  I can hardly wait to see results.  Until then, I will classify their white paper the sameas the roll I have in my bathroom.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Yes this is the United Kingdom that has spearheaded a campaign in Afghanistan, Libya and even Iraq. We know how good the UK is in enhancing high standards of governance.  This is the same UK that is aiding rebel groups in Syria, I am very proud of having lived in the UK that is exporting governance standards world wide.

    • CLOTHESPIN says:

      12:04  Hahahahahahahahahaah "Yes this is the United Kingdom" Hahahahahahahaha.  More dirty Laundry is being aired.  Dont turn of the washing machine, keep washing. and hanging out all the dirty socks, T shirts and Tear-up drawers.  Heheheheheeheeee.

    • Ant Agonist says:

      Just to confirm, do you mean the same UK that went into Iraq on the premise of looking for weapons of mass destruction?

    • Anonymous says:

      So because the UK's rubbish at plenty of things they can't be right about saying Cayman needs to be much better?  Don't discount the message just because you don't like the messenger.  I'm pretty sure we could get a consensus that there are many areas that could be better here, as can everywhere, but don't discount the crticism.  

      • Anonymous says:

        Anon 14;23

        I agree, but you must also do better,and stop pointing fingers, no one is perfect. Certain people tend to think their shit don't stink.

        Don't discount the criticism!

    • Anonymous says:

      So you are comparing Afghanistan, Libya, and Iraq to Grand Cayman in the hopes of making Cayman look good and the UK as a bad thing?  Really?  UK oversight of the failing and pathetic attempt at pretending to be a Government is a bad thing.  O wait.  Yes it is a very bad thing for many of you here.  Never mind.  I see where your coming from.  Veva la gascard!

  10. Dreadlock Holmes says:

    the Foreign and Commonwealth Office says that people living in the territories have a right “to expect the same high standards of governance as in the UK”, pointing to human rights, the rule of law

    Chagos Islands?  What happened there?  Are they saying it was a mistake? Or their policies have changed?

    The rule of law worked in that instance when The High Court in London ruled in favor of the Chagossians and against the Office of Foreign Territories when they were forceably relocated and stripped of their rights as citizens of a territory but it mattered little. Because there was another agenda at stake.

    • Whodatis says:

      As far as the British establishment and the FCO is concerned, non-White, "British" overseas citizens are not really British.

      (Let us never forget that the fate of the Chagossians were based upon and justified by the Brown and Black color of their skin … in these modern times. Classy, huh? Yet some people are insistent upon us respecting or giving a hot damn what the FCO thinks or does. I have a twig and pair of berries with which they can all occupy themselves.)

      That is the end all and be all of the situation concerning the Chagossians and many other former colonies / B.O.T.'s.

      However, we aren't supposed to highlight this blatant fact.

      Instead, the BOTC's that fall under this category are meant to carry an invisible and inexplicable cross … quietly.

      • Pit Bull says:


      • Really? says:


        It seems difficult and a stretch to use a the same broad brush to paint the FCO office for the wrongs done to the Chagossians in the 60's. with the same brush as the office of 2012. The office was staffed by people in the 60's and still is, however they are entirely different people than those who were responsible for the poor decisions of 1965. 

        Would you consider Andrea Merkel in the same light as Adolf Hitler- they held the same office? Any different than the FCO scenario? Jus sayin


        • Whodatis says:

          Do you care to comment on the ongoing attitude and disrespect still being shown to the Chagossians to this very day by way of the British government's handling of this case?

          They are staying true to form and have chosen the despicable route of waiting out the final death of the directly affected Chagossians.

          Resolutions, forgiveness or "moving on" cannot take place until acknowledgement occurs.

          Unfortunately, the British government lacks the decency and integrity to do such a thing.

          Furthermore, after 400+ years of enslaving the forefathers of the Chagossians and thereafter shooting, castrating, torturing and killing countless amounts of their people after the fact – there was absolutely no acceptable excuse for that they did in the 1960's and 1970's to those poor, innocent people.

          Furthermore, to justify their actions (at that time) on the basis of the color of their skin (" … but a few tarzans and Man Fridays.") is beyond despicable.

          What perplexes me the most is that anyone would even attempt to defend or justify the initial and ongoing actions of Britain in this regard in this year of 2012.

          Just sayin …

          • Really? says:

            Whoa Nellie… I am in strong agreement about there being no excuse whatsoever for the actions of the British or US governments for what transpired in Diego Garcia. No debate there.

            I just don't share the connection of the actions of the 1965's FCO office with todays FCOs office and its relationship with Cayman present day and am fine disagreeing on that point. i think they are two different discussions and don't warrant the same brush. 

            • Whodatis says:

              Do you care to comment on the ongoing attitude and disrespect still being shown to the Chagossians to this very day by way of the British government's handling of this case?

              Re: "I just don't share the connection of the actions of the 1965's FCO office with todays FCOs office and its relationship with Cayman present day and am fine disagreeing on that point. i think they are two different discussions and don't warrant the same brush."

              How do you / we / I know that though?

              The first step to moving on from a problem is the acknowledgement and discussion of said problem / crisis / offense.

              The UK has not provided that opportunity. Furthermore, when we consider and compare other actions on their behalf since that time we clearly see a continuation of that spirit.

              "Benefit of the doubt" means diddly squat in the real world, my friend … especially in this year of 2012.

              Only one who is safely outside the realm of potential harm in this regard could and should take a stance such as yours.

              • Really? says:


                So are you confident that Cayman has undertaken sufficient sympathetic, financial, diplomatic, and legal reparations towards:

                1) Past slaves dating back to the 1600's- have all been properly addressed? How do/you/we/ I know that? 

                2) The participation of Caymanians in the noble career of piracy in days gone by 

                3) the numerous expats who have had their work permits revoked over the last 30 years by a jealous ex Caymanian boyfriend or girlfriend, co-worker they pissed off, or someone who just didn't like them- all because they had "connections" in Immigration. No due process followed. Any official acknowledgement to those incidents by the CI government past or current?

                Which office of the CI Government should I be holding in contempt until the above are duly and properly resolved and acknowledged?

                I am not British, nor American, but both are responsible for wrongdoing. However there is little I can do about the situation. Nor am I about expend excessive thought and energy on getting the above to be given proper acknowledgement. Instead I choose to put my energy into the present and future issues which I can impact. 

            • Anonymous says:

              The trouble is that it is perpetuated by the 2012 FCO. The connection is obvious. If there is no connection then come clean, apologise to Chagossians and make things right. Don't try to create reasons why you don't have to do any of those things.   

        • Whodatis says:

          Re: "Would you consider Andrea Merkel in the same light as Adolf Hitler- they held the same office? Any different than the FCO scenario?"

          Are you sure you want to go there, my friend?

          Shouldwe compare the sympathetic, financial, diplomatic, and legal reparations undertaken by Germany onto its victims with the same (non-existent) undertaken by Britain?

          Tread carefully …

    • Nick Robson says:

      WHy do the British citizens of the colonies not have a vote in Parliament in London? One could argue that we are still second class citizens.

      • Brit Ex-pat says:

        Because UK citizens do not have an automatic right of residence in the OTs. You could equally argue we are second class citizens.

        In the French colonies citizens can vote in French elections but in return they have to accept  that EUemployment laws apply – no work permits or business licences required by EU citizens and definitely no rollover.

        I'll quite happily do a trade off like that with the people of the Cayman Islands – you can vote in my country, I can stay in your's 🙂

        • Anonymous says:

          I'll bet you would. Very one-sided deal that would be.

        • Anonymous says:

          Please stop repeating that Caymanians can live and vote in the UK. It is simply not true.

      • Anonymous says:

        For the same reason they don't pay taxes. Would you like to pay taxes?


      • Anonymous says:

        because you're not residnet in the UK, if you were, you could vote

        Unlike in Cayman where a british and live and not be able to vote.

        No (indirect) taxation without representation!

    • noname says:

      What happened in Chagos Islands is the same as is happening here.  The UK did not take it away.  The Chagos Islanders lost it with their own doing.

      • Dreadlock Holmes says:

        Excuse me??  It was Chagossians' own doing?? Where have you been?? 

        I suggest then you watch Stealing A John Pilger who is an outstanding journalist it's available on YouTube. The filmmay change your attitude.

        • Red White and Blue says:

          Old news, broken record.  This has noting to do with Cayman in the 21st century.

          • Anonymous says:

            You are idiot. This is happening right now to the citizens of a UK OT in the 21st century.   

  11. Anonymous says:

    “…and not just from the FCO in order to raise standards.”

    The UK House of Commons Foreign Affairs Committee in their 2008 report on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office’s (FCO) management of the Overseas Territories (OT’s) recognized that the FCO is a large part of the problems of corruption and mismanagement in the OT’s.

    It is to be welcomed that we will get out from under the thumb of the FCO which oversaw corruption in the Turks and Caicos Islands for decades, did nothing to correct the problem or arrest those involved in corruption.

    The FCO standards are very low so we now stand to benefit from improved governance from our administering power.

    It is hoped that we can look forward to an era of honest open government, establishment of the law to give effect to the Standards in Public Life Commission, stop vote buying, stop the violations of laws and receive true value for money.

    Red Shank come out of your hole, the British are coming to save us from the Dictator!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I thought our bloated, inefficient, overpaid civil service was modelled on theirs?

  13. Anonymous says:

    First shot across the bow!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Want they want and what they get is two different things, The UK also have a role to play in this process and fulling this place up with their mandates and personnel is adding to our enormous cost which is also causing this budget problem. This police service in comparison to size of this island and population is woefully over budgeted and staff and in need of a serious overviewed. We simply cannot keep continue expanding certain services indefinately to meet every law enforcement whim.

    • JACKHAMMER says:

      And who are these police but ENGLISH POLICE there is only a handful of Caymanians left inthe Police Force. . 

      Now guess which Government caused all of this to take place. Hello !!   Lately I have not been hearing a thing from Alden, or Kurt, or Arden well Anthony never said anything any way, and Moses oh my please get in line somewhere.   Ezzard I always said you would be left holding the empty bucket when all have bailed out.

      Know why they are not saying anything, and keeping quiet.?  It is because now it is too late, they have realized what they have done, they realize that all the dirty laundry is being aired out for the whole world to see the holes what has happened and what is going to take place.

      All I have to say is this  DA WHA UNA GET.

      • Anonymous says:

        Tell me, which govt. caused it to take place? It is not obvious to me.

      • Anonymous says:

        That's because you can't be trusted to police your own people with honesty and with integrity.

    • Anonymous says:

      Your budget issues come from fiscal and moral corruption.

  15. Whodatis says:

    Hmmm … any stats to back up these homegrown standards of "good governance" to which you speak, Wille?

    Should we begin with current the economic standing of the UK?

    *Talk is cheap and tired rhetoric is played out in 2012. If you can't show me the money then you really ought to just stop talking.

    • Anonymous says:

      From experience I can at least tell you the homegrown standards of good governance in the UK are far far far preferable to the homegrown standards of dictatorship and corruption here. 

    • Anonymous says:

      The U.K. has a history of persons resigning for corruption, lack of morality, etc. We do not. Quite th contrary. Yet we have roughly the same laws. Why is this?

      I used to believe we had greater values. I fell for the whole Christian / honesty thing. However, once I witnessed the wheels turning in our Immigration system I felt great shame in my naivete. To watch many good / innocent people being dragged through the gears of immgration was unbelievable. Good people, with families, treated like scum. The phone calls, the favors, the pulling of files, the lies, the defamation, the total disregard for law and procedure, the pre-meetings, the pre-decisions. Would you call this good governance?

      How many persons do you know in Cayman who have been fired for incompetence, or resigned for abuse of power, lack of morality, corruption etc. Misick's pathetic defense was "That's the way we do business in the Caribbean." Whodatis, can you provide any stats to back up Cayman has standards of good governance? Or are you also too naive to think because no samples have been taken, there is no disease?


      • Whodatis says:

        Re: "Whodatis, can you provide any stats to back up Cayman has standards of good governance?"

        Unlike the UK, we have not appointed ourselves as the North Star in this regard.

        I addressed the issues in the news item – you seem to have undertaken an exercise of deflection.

        Regardless, there are literally countless people the world over that have been and still are enduring far worst at the hands of the UK than what you believe takes place in the Cayman Islands.

        All it takes is for one to open one's eyes to reality.

        • Anonymous says:

          As a self proclaimed Christian nation, passive people, we have certainly appointed ourselves as the North Star of compassion. There is no attempt at deflection. Quite the contrary, its an attempt to see all sides. 

          For you to state "what I believe takes place in the CI", implies what I say is not true. Given your disposition this stance is not hard to believe. You are so focused on hating anything U.K. you are blind to our own sins. Who is deflectingreality?



        • Anonymous says:

          All it takes is for one to open one's eyes to reality.

          Whodatis, I used to admire your writings and rantings and encourage you to go into politics, but we seem to be getting further and further apart these days.  Perhaps you could try open your own eyes to the reality which exists beyond that which you always see… then we might be back on track again perhaps?

        • Anonymous says:

          I thought not. I've tried to assist you, reason with you, in previous posts. I have never attacked because you seem sensative to this tactic. But its clear I'm wasting my time. From now on as long as I see your name, I'll skip the comment. 


        • Anonymous says:

          You obfuscate when you accuse the UK of setting themselves up as a "North Star".  I don't hear them telling Canada or Australia how to run their economies, and this is because both of those countries have opted for independence.  The UK, for better of for worse, has some responsibility for oversight here.  A financial mess in Cayman is not something they can currently afford, as you quite rightly point out.  They have the right to insist that you get it right, even if they have not.  You are free to complain, but that is fair game until such time as Cayman no longer relies on the UK for anything at all.

    • Anonymous says:


      In theory, the UK at least has conventions in place to *attempt* an honest and effective government and society.

      In practice, it is unfortunately true that corruption and incompetence exists everywhere.  The difference here is that when it is found out in the UK, there is some effort made to eradicate it.   It is called "sleaze" in the press, "misconduct" in the house, and it often leads to convictions.  Here, we feel it more effective to point out the speck in our neighbour's eye than worry about extracting the plank from our own.

    • Anonymous says:


      Can you name 10 things to U.K. does right, or that you admire?


    • Anonymous says:

      Sir, unfortunately the majority of politicians world wide are self serving and can't be trusted. The difference is in larger countries there is more 'bureaucracy' to insulate the country from the damage that can be more directly inflicted in small countries.

  16. Anonymous says:

    so why the feet-dragging on the investigation of the Premier?

    • Tryit says:

      08:21  Friend if you know what I know you better keep quiet, because if some of you people do not come off the Premier Back, all Hell is going to Break loose.

    • Anopnymous says:

      so when the feet are worn out they can declare full rule

  17. Pit Bull says:

    "[H]uman rights, the rule of law and integrity in public life." Obviously never been to Cayman then.