Cop on trial over allegations of arrest brutality

| 26/06/2012

rabe welcome.JPG(CNS): An officer from the RCIPS who is currently suspended from duty has finally gone on trial in connection with an alleged assault that occurred at a gas station in June 2009. Rabe Welcome is charged with wounding a man at the Red Bay Esso on Shamrock Road during an arrest that he and other off-duty officers made at the gas station. The four-day jury trial presided over by Justice Alex Henderson opened on Monday morning in court five, more than three years after the alleged incident of police brutality took place. Meanwhile, concern has also been raised over another accusation of assault by a senior police officer on a junior cop, which may now pass the time limit for charges to be brought. (Photo courtesy of Cayman27)

An unnamed officer has reportedly been investigated for an assault on a young officer in the RCIPS, which is believed to have occurred outside the George Town court house. Sources close to the incident tell CNS that the file was passed to the legal department, which was believed to have advised that charges could be laid

However, no charges have been filed against the senior officer, and as the incident occurred in February, the six month time limitation for bringing charges in category C offences once a complaint and an accused has been identified may mean the case is never brought to court. The RCIPS has refused to comment on the incident and CNS has learned that the officer in question has remained, up until Monday, on duty.

Welcome was, however, suspended immediately following the allegations of assault made against him, along with another officer who was present during the reported case of brutality. Charges against Adrian Clark were dismissed by the magistrate following a successful 'no case' submission by his attorney in summary court in 2010. A third off-duty officer present who was involved was eliminated from the police enquiry into the alleged brutality at an early stage.

When the assault happened, the victim, who is the now chief prosecution witness, was also accused of being armed with a machete. He received a broken arm when he was placed under arrest by the off-duty cops in the early hours of the morning on suspicion of threatening violence and possession of an offensive weapon. The man sustained a number of injuries during the incident, including a laceration to his face, and was released by police without charge.

Officials from the RCIPS said at the time that it takes incidents “of this nature extremely seriously” and although police officers do find themselves in situations where the use of force is necessary, they are required to justify that use of force, showing that it was proportionate and legal, and that there was, at the time, an absolute necessity.

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