Miller appalled at grants

| 27/06/2012

ezzard june_1.jpg(CNS): The independent member for North Side described the news of the premier’s latest community initiative as “preposterous, outrageous and unprecedented”, and said that even if government was in a position to use the Dart funds which were put into central revenue for such a programme, it should be handled by an appropriate agency and not a political board. Miller demanded transparency over the revelations Monday that McKeeva Bush was planning to hand out grants that could exceed $10,000 to applicants who need health and safety repairs to their homes but who cannot afford to undertake the work.

Miller said that the community affairs ministry should handle this type of work as the Department of Child and Family Services was the agency normally dealing with the needs of people who needed repairs to make their homes safe or who needed septic tanks and other essential work done but couldn’t afford it. That department had the expertise, he said, and if there was extra government revenue for this then it should be appropriated through that ministry.

“We have established agencies that are supposed to deal with this,” he said. “If the $5 million from Dart has been contracted lawfully as the Anti-corruption Commission claims and the funds have gone into general revenue, on what authority is the premier’s office doing this?” Miller asked as he queried why a politically appointed committee was now going to decide which of the country’s vulnerable people would be given a grant.

He also pointed to the failure of the government to reveal who was on the committee and described it as another “state secret” which the premier needed to reveal to the public.

“This is typical of the UDP style of doing business,” Miller said, pointing out that there were proper and existing channels to give money to those in need and to politicise it in this way was totally unacceptable.

The independent member for North Side noted that in the ad that appeared in a local newspaper on Monday, although the grant was described as up to $10,000, it suggested that in certain circumstances it could be more and there was no indication of how many homes the government was going to be able to help and exactly how much it would cost, and that this was still public money.

He called on the Office of the Auditor General to closely scrutinize this latest government project as he said it was quite clearly inappropriate and open to immense speculation about what was going on.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    And I bet that the only homes that will be deemed in need of safety repairs are all in WB. The Premier thinks we are all stupid. This is just a way of him securing his votes in WB, in the event that this one-man, one vote thing happens, he needs to make sure him and his croonies are re-elected. 

    This is his good-will gesture to the people of WB.

    I have heard of people who have gone through the proper channels and applied for funds, based on the criteria they were denied, they went to the Premier and suddenly there was this fund called "Promotion of Nation Building" that gave funds for anything from scholarships to go overseas, assistance to pay mortgages, pay school fees, help build more churches and the list goes on. Yet the Premier says his hands are tied. He could have cut back on a lot of spending a long time ago in a lot of areas, he chose not to. 

    There are some critical services within Government, think Fire, Hospital, Police but what the Premier seemed to miss in Finances 101 is when you are financially strapped that is not the time to implement your wish list but the time to even begin to scrutinize your "needs" list. 

    I need a new fridge (not cooling well) and a new stove (only one burner working) but given that I have other priorities I will choose to continue to live with these things until I can get myself in a better position. 

    I know it is sometimes easy to criticize when you are on the outside looking in but even some civil servants have admitted that the spending is excessive and some things are just unnecessary. 

    Mr. Bush took a pay cut and was proud to tell us that but what he didn't enlighten you all with is that a pay cut is nothing when you are making $15,000+ per month and all of your expenses are paid for by the public purse because he is "entitled" to that as Premier and because he is entitled to his pension he is getting that too so for him to make the people believe that he understands what they are going through and he is "suffering" along with them by taking a paycut is absolute hogwash

  2. Anonymous says:

    Why is it that Lord Dart is always pulling the puppets ( Mac Bush) strings ? When are the LAWS of this country going to kick in ? When a foreign national has this much power over the Premier of a country only BAD things are going to happen.

    • noname says:

      Someone said 5 persons missing?

      I thought they were only 3 persons wo are the other 2  I know of Nathan,Anna, Keran

      Who else?

    • jsftbhaedrg says:

      Last time I checked Dart was Caymanian.

  3. Brit says:

    And I bet it all goes to West bay if he has his way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Anonymous says:

    It obvious that both parties UDP and PPM don't want their votes taken away by Ezzard Miller. So nearing election watch PPM try to cut him down too. 

  5. James says:

    Miller MUST GO

    This man is killing the Island. Having destroyed his own private sector businesses with totally ineptitude, one must ask.. WHAT GOOD DOES HE ACTUALLY DO?? Has he CREATED  a SINGLE JOB?? Has he proposed a valid initiative to create employment? NO! Nothing. Ever. He is and will always remain a complete joke

  6. CHECHE says:

    I must agree with Mr. Miller, this should be handled by the appropriate department, and not the Premier.  

    The "Minister of all t'ings" is taking this on too? No wonder he can't get the budget done.

  7. noname says:

    Money talks!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, at $10,000.00 per vote, things are getting pretty desperate, or is that per family of votes? 

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, it buys a family, but worse, it buys a family times four in West Bay, that ensures a controlling block in a small assembly, OMOV should help stop that and the consequent abuse of and contempt for the LA.

    • Bling man says:

      And it buy votes.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Blogger @ 10.07, Why beat up on Ezzard and the PPM? They are not at fault for all of this, your UDP Government is at fault.  Ezzard, Alden, Arden are doing their jobs as opposition and might I add, minority opposition.  They are there to oppose, spill the beans, point out mistakes, let the people know and just again oppose.  They have solutions, but they are not even given a chance by McKeeva, Rolston and others that dare to speak up, as every time they open their mouths, they are shot down in the LA.  When they do make a suggestion on how to do things the proper way, McKeeva picks it up and run off with it, as he and his cronies cannot think how to and for the betterment of the country.  Their ONLY interest is for their rich friends, who uses them as puppets to push their own agendas.  One thing with Ezzard, Alden, Arden, Kurt they will NOT be bought out by the rich Investors, to bypass any laws just for monetary favours.  When they create something it is for the betterment of the people, the Islands and the infrastructure, you can see what they have done after 4 years.  Maybe a little over ambitious, last time around, but they have produced and can produce more. They just need another chance to get it right, They have learnt from their mistakes, more than I can say for McKeeva.  He can't even admit to his mistakes, as he is perfect and don't make any mistakes, its always someone else's mistakes. One thing with those guys they will NEVER lose their souls to gain the world.

    • Anonymous says:

      Read it again. There's nothing pro-UDP in there.

      The point is that between the lot of them nothing pro-Caymanian has been achieved. The very fact that you immediately decided to choose sides shows me that you missed the point entirely.

      Also, why do we have to have politicians that publicly disagree on everything to the detriment of the people? So my job is to disagree for the sake of it. Put that guy in my business and I'd fire him in a few weeks. I don't want talk and excuses. I want results. As a Caymanian taxpayer, you should demand the same. It matter not from where results come, just all legal, above board, and in front of the people.

      All we need are a few decent, honest politicians (is this possible?) who can get around a table and thrash out something good before it costs us a day's wages for a loaf of bread. Innit?

    • Anonymously!!! says:

      I dont think that the writer was beating up on Ezzard alone, he/ she  was simply pointing out the blinders that they are wearing. Its not fair to say that its only the UDP to be blamed for our downfall, remember Alden's saying about the school building, I remind you, only God almighty can stop me from doing what I  want to do on the Clifton Hunter school.

      So if we are going to baet up and tear down, lets be fair and call a spade a spade, they are both bad for Cayman. I remember Ezzard saying that he was independant , but if he was to join any party it would be UDP not PPM. Just saying, how we change our minds and stripes so easily to conveince what we want.  As the writer said , I cant wait until may to get rid of  all of them. Good ridance.

    • still starving says:

      "they just need another chance to get it right"…………………………only mad people keep making the same mistakes over and over,PPM term of  2005/9 was the  bigest mistake the common man and woman made,not on the brightest of days wouldi ever vote for them ,the UDP must also go!!

      • Anonymous says:

        Still starving by your own admission then why is the UDP in now.

        Look back with me and realize that when the PPM was put in power it was because the Government (essential run by what is todays UDP) failed this country.

        So you should not have made the mistake first. So dont come and preach to these people now.

        PS all that will happen this next election is Mac will still get in one man vote or not but Mac will not have power.

        Then we wait four years and maybe Mac gets back in power. This is the cycle that Cayman is in.



  9. Anonymous says:

    How come there is not more outrage when people learn that the government is allowing people and businesses to KNOWINGLY violate the law?  The laws are violated, everyone knows, the government knows, and NOTHING is done.  The violations get exposed, all of the comments dismiss the actual violation of the law to either promote their own agenda or vent, but nothing productive happens.  If an MLA knows of a violation, don't they have an obligation to report it or take action…but NOTHING happens.  It's all so corrupt, incompetence, posturing, preposterous, outrageous, and appalling…and still NOTHING gets done and nobody takes action.  If you simply had enforcement of the laws, held people accountable for their responsibilities, the rest would take care of itself…but nobody is worried about the consequences of their actions and nobody fears exposure or fears losing their job…they are too busy using the next person to cover-up their own wrongdoings…UNBELIEVABLE!!!

    Are you acting responsibly?  There are more than enough people who have enough information to expose the wrongdoings, enforce the laws. You have an obligation to expose those who are violating the law and support the enforcement of the laws by those in a position to do so!!  Or are you just part of the problem and part of the corruption?

    • anonymously says:

      I am an outlaw and I love to violate inlaws all the time. What are talking about?  this is Caymanian heritage!

    • Knot S Smart says:

      Your answer is correct!

      I'm just not sure what the question was…

    • Anonymous says:

      They have been reported by the oppostion, look at the Turtle farm enquiry Tibbets passed on to the AG, etc

      The authorities then take it no further, hence 3 police investigations jsut spinning their wheels

      The investigating authories are the problem, dude.

      In the end it gets like banging your head against a wall, then those who have highlighted problems and taken them to the press to try and shame the AG, etc into taking action get flamed for trying to ruin Cayman's reputation.


    • Lawsten Fown says:

      All too true.  It is possible that the phrase, "You can't fight city hall" originated in the Cayman Islands?

      • Anonymous says:

        Anon 14; 46

        That is all rubbish, all you need  to have are  balls to fight city hall. Caymanians need to realise that they have all rights to open their mouth.

    • Anonymous says:

      MLAs do report. The problem lies with the investigators and their failure to take action. Investigations simply get buried.  

  10. Anonymous says:

    Ezzard is always APPALLED..

    Yeah with no solutions!

    • Anonymous says:

      We just LOVE YOUR solution.

    • datisme says:

      Not one of the incompetent (leaders?) have or have had any viable solutions to the problem with Caymanians self governing themselves.  The fact that the UK has problems themselves does not mean they can't do a much, much better job.  But then they are not Cayman to da bone like the leaders you have now.  But at least you can trust them to do what they always have done.    Fail.  The UK will only show that they are better at governing Caymanians and I don't think they can survive that truth.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Mr Ezzard Miller,

    The more I hear you rattle your sabre and do nothing, the less stock I put in your words. You have been playing the role of dutiful opposition member very well.

    Note my careful selection of the word, "playing". I hope the Caymanian people see through this charade at election time and choose someone that will actually do something.

    You have ranted and raved about how appalled you are, yet between you, Alden, Arden and all the other salary drawers on my payroll, I've received nothing in return.

    My nation is broken in pieces, indeed even now the vultures circle looking for scraps and rather than band together and fend them off to protect your people, you blow wind; meaningless, inneffectual wind.

    No you politicians, you have fed off the backs of your people for too long. You mock us as you draw your big salaries, yet you gain nothing of note for us. The system that you espouse is worthless and its only beneficiaries are you, your cronies and hangers on.

    I for one am sick and tired of your empty rhetoric. Tell me one thing that you have done to remove the rod from the back of the Caymanian people? Just one thing, Mr. Miller. Some of us do not even use airconditioning any more because we can't afford it. We are living off rice and beans and the odd fish that we catch. Filling up our cars takes more each week and you politicians are shielded from this as you draw your hefty salaries.

    I am shaken to the very core of my being at how badly you have all let us down. You have allowed the UDP to savagely dismantle this country and as far as I am concerned, you are just as responsible as them.

    I hope you are all swept away at the next opportunity and that God raises up some true Caymanians who have not forgotten exactly who it was that "founded us upon the seas."

    There are slim pickings for sure, because a lot of our young leadership have already been corrupted by their seniors who initiate them into their secret societies where the love of money outweighs the love of country. I call this treason.

    • Anonymous says:

      Perhaps you can enlighten us as to what you think Mr. Miller should have done that he has not already done. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Excellent post.


      Time to do something Mr. Miller instead of endless talking. 


      If you really are one of the people how about standing up and saying "no" to some of the perks and privileges you MLAs have approved for yourselves? I was impressed when you chose not to claim your pension as well as your salary like Bush does, but we need more. Try living like one of the people instead of one of our pampered overlords.


      That might show you'e willing to walk the talk.

    • Anonymous says:

      UDP have a majority in the house so the oppostion is pretty much powerless to do anything.

      The only things they can do are:

      Bring to light any dubious actions of theUDP

      Speak to the press and show why what the udp is doing is wrong

      Maybe Boycott the LA, if they deem any UDP actions illegal or unconstitutional

      Arrange protests or petitions to show the government they do not have a majority backing for some of there plans

      Shine a light on any apparent corruption such as not following the tender processes

      vote against motions they disagree with

      WOW seems Ezzard has done all that

      Maybe you can enlighten everyone what else he can do? maybe put on a blue and red latex suit and fly arounf the earth backwards turning back time to a UDP free world?


      • Anonymous says:

        Anon 13; 17

        Maybe he can find jobs for his people! put his balls in the right place!

        • Anonymous says:

          Like Mac has found jobs for the Caymanian people?

          Last time i checked the cost of living has increased dramatically as has the unemployment rate as has serious / violent crime since the UDP took the healm 3 yrs ago.

          Couple that with the fact that they cant balance a budget, have initiated absolutely nothing in terms of these so called major projects and have cost US (the people) millions upon millions of dollars for the "mess ups" and you left with what?

          Serious problems that are not going to go away. Now go back to La-La Land with all the other blind people that follow these bunch of IDIOTS.


          • Anonymous says:


            Mac has found lots of work for the people.I know personally he gave many PPM and UDP supporters work. Especially the  building contractors. They built the homes for national housing. look at all the truckers and heavy equipment workers doing the road extension.

            And lets not forget the completion of the two new high school that PPM started. many local small builders worked to  finish those schools.PPM and UDP,he is not bias we all got work, thanks to mac.

            • Anonymous says:

              This is a great post. It tells the whole story. Cayman regards the government as a cash cow that employs half the voters directly and gives contracts to the other half. Everyone thinks this is great because most of the money comes from foreigners.  Only thing is, you have to treat the cow nice. That's aproblem lately.

        • Anonymous says:

          Lordy, when will you figure out that providing jobs is not something that governments do well. They are just handout, make work jobs. Real jobs are created by people doing buisness.

    • Fed up with McChavez says:

      Try to read what you posted and remember, there are only 5 opposition members of Parliament and when they sit in the chamber and dare to open their mouths, they are shot down by Mary Lawrence or McCastro himself.  All they can do is talk, becquse the government won't allow them to do anything else.  Put your blame where it belongs. remember "Good-bye West Bay Rogue".

      • Anonymous says:


        Rubbish, mostly all they bring to the assembly are things to make the rulling party look bad.

        All they do is point fingers.. saying, the Premier is  corrupted,he needs to step down! they are an inept government, they are incompetent!

        We are getting sick of Ezzard's crap. whycant he bring motions to the house for the betterment of his Caymanian people, instead of fighting a losing battle with the UDP.

        I hope the NS see through him by now and dont let him fool them any longer. He is not working for his people, he is working for Ezzard Miller's ego. Even a blind man could see that.

        Ask a NS what opportunity he has brought on board…as a single member constituence, and see what they tell you. "Well you see, Miller don't have the power, cause the Premier won't let him have his way"   Bull shit, he has to be man enough, pound his fist on the table and get what he wants for his people.

        The opposition need to do their work and stop fooling their people. look at the rest of the world's oppostion party, they work for their people.

    • Anonymous says:

      Impressive post.  THe only thing worse than these politicians that are feeding off of us is the judicial system in this country.  10 murders can't be solved.  5 people are missing.  Worse than the useless politicians are the uselss 911 operators and the police who're afraid to earn their pay.

    • Anonymous says:

      Blaming Ezzard for the UDP's failings is ridiculous. He is a lone, independent MLA and is doing a heck of a job given the obvious constraints of that position.  The better question is why are YOU letting the UDP off the hook by misdirecting your wrath? Why aren't you openly demanding McKeeva's resignation since you believe the UDP are "savagely dismantling this country"? Why is it all Ezzard Miller responsibility?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Ezzie you can bet your house aint on the list.  This is for UDP supporters only

    • Anonymous says:

      the premier would do best if he just used the same group that was appointed for the save the mortgage committe.

      i personally know of about five GT families that got assistance, and they are not udp supporters. Also have a friend in NS who got help too.

      I have not heard of one instant where politics played a role in who qualified. the vetting was initially done by the ministry of finance personnell, i know this  because i submitted my application and got approved too.

      Guess what, I am a PPM supporter, but at no time was that an issue or even brought out.

      Good people on that committee, professional, fair, of the greatest integrity and compassionate.

      Am sure neither person would have a problem assisting Ezzard if he was to ask for help, especially the banker cause that what she does best, banking and lending.

      • Anonymous says:

        I don't believe you. You are almost certainly not a PPM supporter but it is convenient to say so here for this purpose.  

  13. Anonymous says:

    In theory there are limits on how bent things can get in just 3 dimensions. Perhaps the budget is going to introduce an extension into an additional 16 or more dimensions to keep this government going.

    • Anonymous says:

      …and random walks in higher dimensions never return to their origin…they just flitter around without any respect to where they have been or are going…