Governor to return to LA later with Throne Speech

| 29/06/2012

Gov Taylor addresses (223x300).jpg(CNS): Following the failure of the UDP administration to deliver a full budget for the next financial year when the country’s Legislative Assembly opened on Thursday, the governor was unable to deliver a Throne Speech, but he said he would be back once negotiations over the spending plan were complete. Foregoing all of the usual pomp and circumstance for the new session of the parliament, for the first time in Cayman’s history, Governor Duncan Taylor opened the new session with a very short message.

Pointing out that the Throne Speech traditionally marks the formal start of the new parliamentary session, he said it also sets the tone for debates on the government’s legislative agenda and the social and economic priorities of the government.

"As you are all aware there are ongoing efforts and negotiations to arrive at an agreed 2012/13 budget. In the absence of a final budget it would not be possible to use this morning’s occasion to outline the government’s goals and intentions for the new parliamentary session,” Taylor told the members of the LA as they waited to debate the interim stop-gap spending plan produced in lieu of the annual budget.

“It has been agreed, therefore, that an interim budget will be presented to the House with a view to using the intervening period to finalise the substantive full year budget,” the governor added. “Once this has been achieved, I will return to deliver the Throne Speech for the parliamentary session as informed by the full budget.”

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  1. Castor says:

    What will be revealed when the budget is finally presented? I fear some very difficult decisions will be required, no question. As for no budget ready , what can be said?

  2. Michel says:

    What can be said except that it is very evident that this is all not good. Broken relationship with England ALL caused by one man. I never thought I would say this but it's high time for a well organised public protest on a work day. I say organised by the people not politically motivated, peaceful yet vocal towards one goal: " Remove our premier ". If a minimum of 5000 persons could cramp downtown Georgetown, our message would be simple, Mother Country we are capable of running our country but first things first. Our premier definatly needs to go. He can't fire or have you all fired for protecting the future of our Islands by participating in a first ever much needed event. He now has too many ghost in his closet. I say organised with the Governor's approval and all the necessary permits in place and most important no violence or improper conduct from the participants. Take Gandhi's approach but to the point of removing this out of hand ( add the names you want ) dangerous person we are ashamed to call Our premier. Shame on you.