Mac rallies against OMOV

| 11/07/2012

_DEW9467.jpg(CNS): A public gathering held in West Bay on Monday night, advertised as an educational meeting on the forthcoming referendum, seemed more like a UDP rally as the premier spoke about the political issues rather than the process and criticised his opponents. He equated the idea of voting for the democratic principle of one man, one vote with voting for the opposition and told his constituents that if they stuck by him, he would stick by them. McKeeva Bush also used the opportunity during the public funded meeting to recite some poetry about those he expects will stand against him at the next election.

Bush railed against his opponents as well as the concept of one man, one vote and single member constituencies and accused the supporters of the change of seeking power. The “reckless and sudden” introduction of the international standard of voting, common across the democratic world, would be the cause of “torrents of community division”, the premier told the crowd as he toted the expected message of division over single member constituencies.

The premier said that he was spending less than $100,000 from public funds on promotions against the referendum question but the national poll would cost money, which he said he was forced to spend because the opposition would not wait until the general election. “It’s going to cost us,” he said. “But we as a government took a position to try and calm things down and have it earlier.”

Bush and the other members of the UDP made it clear that they did not support the change and wished to maintain the multi-member constituencies. However, he did not offer a clear position on what his government would do if the referendum does not carry on adding the extra three seats at the next general election.

Although the meeting was billed as an educational session about voting systems and the advantages of multi-member constituencies and multiple voting rather than single member voting, Bush mainly criticised his opponents rather than defend the status quo.

He did say, however, that in a multi-member constituency, if he got sick, voters could go to another representative for help, and that it was more united — as opposed to what he believed was the decisive system. He pointed to Singapore and Prince Edward Island as illustration of places which still have multiple-voting systems and accused the OMOV campaigners of misleading people about how common that type of voting is, although it is, in fact, used in general elections across the democratic world.

The West Bay gathering was the first in a series of what the premier is calling public education meetings, one week ahead of the much anticipated referendum for one man, one vote. Despite having stacked the deck against the ‘Yes’ vote, it was clear Bush was concerned that moving to single member constituencies could even break his own hold on his West Bay constituency as he pleaded with his people to go to the polls and vote ‘No’.

The public meetings will be continuing this weekend and through next, however the premier’s office has not supplied CNS with details of those meetings. Generation Now will be holding a debate covering both sides of the issue at the Harquail Theatre on Thursday evening.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I am going to vote yes but only for equality!!! What our government needs to figure out is how we can continue to live here in our own islands for the extremely high cost of living!!!

    Poor people fed up!!! Sick of this crap now, how the hell am I gonna pay a $1000.00 electricity bill??? That's some people rent money. 

    I am so sick of all this politics.  Fix the economy and drive down the high cost it takes to live here.   

    • You tube says:

      Turn your AC to a more reasonable temperature?

      • Anonymous says:

        OK so I exaggerated a little. So what? Isn't $500 a month far enough up the UDP's a-hole for you guys?

    • Anonymous says:

      If you own a home large enough to have used $1000 worth of electricity this month, you are not one of the "poor people"!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Leadership is not blaming everything and everyone for everything that go wrong

    and taking no responsibility for the ills we now face.

    You have been elected for 26 years,

    ****** 22 of which you were part of the governing party, but yet you insist,

    that all our problems are others fault because they did not listen to or

    follow your (MY) advice.

    Man you need to be on Wall Street.

     You are all about self and there goes the people money, $$$, and our Islands.

    As the CEO you are responsible for all the good and bad,

    so get on the job, stay on the job and work for these Islands long term

    best interest and remember one cannot manage things they know nothing

    about, thinking country and being humble might help.

    I have never told this Country a lie, could be the biggest lie of all lies!!!

  3. Sir wastes a lot says:

    I am very afraid of him. I feel that there is no real freedom of speech in Cayman, because if you do have a differing opinion you will be attacked personally or professionally.

    Very sad.

  4. Anonymous says:

    "if they stuck by him, he would stick by them"


    Bush listening to too many garrison-style politicos. If we keep following Bush we will end up like our neighbour

    • Anonymous also says:

      This type of statement by Bush is what is dividing the country, "if they stuck by him, he would stick by them" (this implies that together they would get even with the others.)  It is not Single Member Constituencies we need to fear because Single Member Constituencies will help to put and end to this type or divisive leadership.

      Vote yes on 18 July to heal the division of our country.

  5. Michel says:

    Only John Anonymous nearly sign his name , John…( hum) Listen folks I have read so many educative and smart comments here that I can't believe that NO ONE has signed his or her name so that undecided individuals could at least know where these comments are coming from or from whom. What are we all afraid of. We need to have more Faith in US the people. All this venting, frustration and driving us crazy right now is like blowing in the wind. Yet our leader has his educative meeting on OMOV / Politicalitically motivated at our expenses and is against us and OMOV. Why ? If you want Our Cayman Islands to change you better start standing up because I assure  your children will one day and look down on us for not doing OUR part. God Bless, Michel Lemay

    • Anonymous says:

      Really?  You cannot figure out what people are afraid of?  They are afraid of losing their jobs in most cases.  The reach of this administration extends beyond government into the private sector and it has been shown more than once that this administration is more than willing to act against those who would stand up for law and order.  McKeeva runs the Cayman Islands like gangster Al Capone ran Chicago in the olden days of prohibition.  Only, in McKeeva's case, he is not waging war on rival gangs but on the people of the Cayman Islands themselves.



    A would…like ta… exten'..muh great-est..coNASSITY…to you and yur peePUL!

    I am …here toDAY.. represenTINNN… da lowleh…republik..a weess. BAY!

    To …addresss…ann issue. Dat iz in fact… wereh importANT… but I …willl read poems… and shout at you…. To distrack you…from…da…. Real…matta at hand…

    I iz…jez a lil…suga head BOY from wes BAY!… Raize… ya hand if you beliewe … in CHRISse…da heawenleh fadda …*cue music* All tingz bright and buuutiful…all creachaz great an small..all tingz wise and wonduhfull.. Da LORD has made them all.. *cut music*

    WOTE NO!… To ONE MAN ONE WOTE and I will… hawe a load a grawel delivad… to ya on tursday…

    TANK… u..and GOD BLEZZ.

    *crowd goes wild, no real issues were discussed*

  7. Anonymous says:

    Here are four good reasons to vote yes for One Person One Vote on 18th July.

    1. Ellio can't get elected in George Town; 2. Cline Glidden Jr can't get elected in West Bay; 3. Capt. Eugene Ebanks can't get elected in West Bay; and 4. John John "Sacred Vessel" can't get elected in Bodden Town !!!

    The coat tail is reduced to a vest and not many can ride on a vest !!!!!!!

    Chuckster please run for Bodden Town again…….we need you my brother !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Libertarian says:

    Note:  Under the OMOV with more electoral districts established, the minority will get MORE representation. I hear some saying the representation will be the same. That is false.

  9. Anonymous says:

    "He pointed to Singapore and Prince Edward Island as illustration of places which still have multiple-voting systems and accused the OMOV campaigners of misleading people about how common that type of voting is".

    Poor Mac. Since 1996 PEI has had 27 single-member districts and is NOT an example of a multiple voting system. And he has to the nerve to talk about OMOV campaigners misleading others?

  10. Anonymous says:

    This idiot just wasted 170,000.00$ in the last two months. Let’s put him on a plane and ship him out!

  11. OPOV says:

    Here is a funny  thought about the OMOV. I currently have the choice to vote for just one man…and in past elections  I have made the choice  to vote only for one candidate although I had the opportunity to vote for 3. In  other elections I've even voted for candidates from opposing parties. ..did I waste my vote …I don't think so. I just decided that of the choices I had 2 of the candidates were worth it…the other guy not so much.

    It's a small island and of course I know the candidates in the other districts and i often felt that if i had a vote to cast or not cast that I would love to have an affect on that candidate success or failure….but I don't …and instead  hope that what I see the residents of that district see..but that is almost never  the case….so many good people have been overlooked ,and some not so good people…they never seem to be able to get enough votes. 

     If you limit my choices even more and tell me that I only have to choose one candidate and I don't like  or know that candidate I may choose to not vote at all….and maybe if  i lived  in one of those single member districts I would be one of those staying home on election day…cause I did not like the candidate….but what do I know …I know that my point of view is just my own, and my span of influence limited.

    The  current system gives me more choices and the party system attempts to get me to see a side of the candidate in the other district that I might not have known and an opportunity to support that team….but I still won't vote for anyone I don't believe is right. (don't care who say's i should.)

    I know that they are alot of good people running and serving in public office but I get very disappointed when they don't work together. So although I admitted mixing apples with oranges on election day and think some of the independents are smart people the real issue is unless they work together it just makesit harder to get the job done.

    To tell you the truth I would love to cast a vote for each of the ministers….but then that would just beone individual opinion of 15 candidates….I'm telling you now ….I'm sure I would choose to not  cast a few of those as well.  Some willingly and other because I just don't know the candidate. …Naw leave it the way it is.. I would hate to have to listen to 15 independent ministers debate…(no offense to any of the independents.)..just don't want the "tower of babel"… !

    The only way we are going to get this right is by working together.





    • Anonymous says:

      Having OMOV does NOT mean a political party will not win elections. All it means is that all Caymanians have an EQUAL vote. A solid party will still win the elections. Just as happens worldwide

      However it cannot be correct that some Caymanians have 4 votes and their across the street only have one. What is the difference? Would you feel the same way if you were living on the other side?

      In all elections you will find some folks that you support and some that you will not vote for. OMOV does not impact that. All happens is that we all become equal in electing our legislative assembly. That’s all.

      If on the 18th some folks could vote 4 times for the referendum but you only once would you think that is correct??

      Vote YES for a fairer system….one that will bring us all equal.

    • Anonymous says:

      You have the CHOICE to vote for more than one but some do not have that choice….how could that be fair??? And all just because you rented a house down the road.

      Unfortunately your own argument is highly flawed. Either give all Caymanians the right to vote 4 times or as OMOV is doing, give us all the right to only vote once.

      • one point of view says:

        My position is not flawed as it accurately describes my (our) reality.  To argue is it fair requires that we establish what is fair.  To frame the argument as "you have more than one vote because you rented a house down the road" is incomplete. 

        The reality is that Districts that only have one vote for one candidate is suffiently represented. They should have no more representation because they are only a small portion of the entire population. In fact the problem with the current system is that small special interest groups want to have the same say as larger groups. (that's flawed)

        Dividing up the entire country into "special interest" groups is stacking the deck for endless debate. 

        The reason for elected members is to serve the interest of the community, and we have 7 communities/districts the members of every district is represent sufficently. If a district grows then it is reasonable to have another member in the district. It is also reasonable for those members to have a say, beacause they live in that district. 

        It is fair that you have a say in your district, it is fair that if you belong to a larger district you have more representation. Why in the world would you not want to consolidate your interest into functional areas that represent reality..i.e. larger communities require more representation.

        We are one people. Why would you decide to make it so we can all start fighting and debating  over which 1/18 of the country get's what . … At least now there is clear reason for it…."the greater good."

        Under the current system I can influence my entire district and have a proportional impact on the country.  That's fair. 

        OMOV is a step backward….but maybe that is the point. 









  12. anonymous says:

    OMOV does NOT change the representation of a district.

    West Bay and George Town still will have 4 representatives. Bodden Town will still have 3 reps and Cayman Brac & Little Cayman  will still have 2.

    You are not getting less representation. In fact in the next elections GT & BT will actually increase their reps. These MLA's when they arrive at the LA represent ALL Caymanians not just their area.

    Nothing changes with OMOV except the weak candidates cannot rely on a strong candidate to get them in–Our reps will improve in quality and capability and as a result will become more accountable to us.

  13. anonymous says:

    OMOV Simply Put……

    It simply cannot be fair for one Caymanian on one side of the street to be able to vote 4 or 6 times but his neighbor literally across the road, 50 feet away, to only be able to vote 3 or four times, or even worst only 1 time. This happens now.

    It should not be the case that where you decide to live in these islands is the reason that decides how many votes you have. This is not fair and certainly not equality. No one can counter that argument.

    Next week we only have ONE VOTE in the referendum….why not give all folks in George Town & West Bay 4 votes and those in BT 3 votes??  Why not?? Because It simply is not democracy…forget all the other arguments and scare tactics you are hearing.

    Vote YES for equality….vote YES to make all Caymanians the same.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Lets take a positve stance by voting OMOV and remove such "grim reapers" from our LA and restore the value, respect and pride, both for the LA and  for our future geneartions.

    If you dont vote 'YES" for OMOV, its just as good as saying we accept being placed back into slavery, and being denied our rights to democracy / equality.

    After-all, wasnt slavery abolished on the premises of liberty and equality (The French Revolution) !

    Further, isnt a democratic society built on the premises of equal rights for ALL!

    In addition, have we considered the impact of voting "NO" in relation to your Human Rights liberties?  

    Consequences are:- We certainly wont have the opportunity to write a blog without the fear of being imprisoned!  We can certainly forget about having a fair trial in court if  we ever needed one.  We can certainly forget about freedom of speech in fear of being sued. We can certainly forget about marching down George Town or anywhere else as a matter of fact. We can certainly forget about Ezzard ever letting us know what's going on behind closed doors!!

    Please take a few minutes to refresh your memory or learn for the first time!,1&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL

    Women, not so long ago, you were NOT allowed to vote for many years.  Do you want this Right taken back from you?

    ALL the signs (not wonders) of being stripped of our Rights are right in front of our faces. The "grim reaper" doest give two sh*ts about anyone else besides himself, first & foremost, and then a few others that sanction his wrongs.

    He's the civil servant and WE, the Electorate, are HIS master!!

    Lets make him do what WE say AND what WE want by voting YES on Thurs  July 18, 2012!



  15. my my says:

    Can the WB people who vote for this man and his posse because they benefit personally please put the good of the nation ahead of their greed. Consider trusting that a fairly elected government and a well-run country would benefit everyone, including West Bayers, in even more and in bigger ways. They are running amok with everyone's money, and even if you are getting a little "piece" in your pocket, it's not worth the damage to our tiny country. 

  16. Not today bobo... says:

    Well I tell unna wha rite, I gine out on 18 July, but I voting NO!!! We don't need "a split, we need unity!!

    If unna wha ask me why…call me on VOTE NO!! 


    • Anonymous says:

      The UDP line on dividing cayman is really funny…..we should take that to it’s natural conclusion and get rid of the district divisions also. When we do that then what?…would it be fair for the folks of the united cayman islands to have varying votes just because you live on one end or the other?

      Yep…that ” don’t split us up” argument makes no sense does it?

    • Anonymous says:

      You call what we have now unity?  You mussi mad.

  17. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva's house of cards is about to come crashing down. He has gambled our future on red and its come up black.

    Ouch! Time to pay up.

  18. John Anonymous says:

    I have to say that Mr. Bush has done more for the poor, elderly and the average Caymanian than most. It seems to me that every time this country gets a political leader that looks out for the common person he comes under attack. The leaders who are extremely pro business are never accused of corruption or attacked in such a manner. Not that Mr. Bush is not pro corporate cayman, just that where he has come from seems to be the reason he is attacked rather than a reason to acknowledge just how much this great man has achieved. Caymanians are truly great at attacking their own, put better, as I once saw in a FB post, “Caymanians Eat Their Own.”
    So Mr. Bush, if you read this or one of your reporters sees this, please know their are some of us out here who appreciates your hard work and committment to this country and it’s people.
    Gob Bless YouSir.

    • Anonymous says:

      OMOV has nothing to do with McKeeva. Nor Ezzard or UDP or PPM. it’s about us the people getting together for equality. That is all. Please vote YES.

  19. Libertarian says:

    Very crucial and significant that the one person one vote passes. Why?  Because it will be a loud statement to the government that the people have the power to cause decisions to be made. It would champion the cause of democracy, and that representatives (MLA) are accountable to the people. For this sole reason is why I am voting for it. IF OMOV DON'T PASS THEN IT JUST REINFORCES GOVERNMENT THAT THEY CAN REPRESENT THE SPECIAL INTEREST WITHOUT WORRY OF THE PEOPLE OVERTURNING THEIR AGENDAS

    • air bourne says:

      Lib, that dart went right into the bulls eye!  wait up im comin with ya

    • Empty Chair says:

      D E S P E R A T I O N!

    • Anonymous says:

      Countries that have One man One Vote (OMOV)  in Single Member Constituencies also have 2 houses of partliament. The Lower House is made up of elected representatives. The Upper House or Senate is made up of appointed members that are nominated by the Government and the opposition.  The Cabinet Ministers can be taken from members of any/both Houses.

      members of Both Houses are paid and often the Senate is almost the same size.  This means that you will have a suignificant increase in cost.

      There is good reason why you will not find a OMOV system in the Commonwealth Caribbean without the Bicam legislature or @ Houses of parliament.  Anyone want to take a stab at answering that question?

      One thing is for sure a vote for OMOV is also a vote for significant increase in costs of running government.




      • Libertarian says:

        A bicameral system like the two legislative houses under the U.S. federal system (House of Representatives and Senate), were instituted by the Founding Fathers as a check against majority rule. As to cost, I think most Caymanians already know that they are paying dearly for not having enough "representation." Either you want to pay the cost of having more representation or you want to pay the cost of having less representation. The crux of the matter is, the minority must have a voice in the legislature just like the majority for there to be more representation, and that is why the country must divided into more constituencies. If the one person one vote is implemented, it would at least break the power of the majority into 18 times and this would allow the minority of each constituency to have more representation. So in a way the 18 electoral constituencies consisting of the range of 900 to 1000 persons, solves the urgent need for having a bicameral system in place. Because that too, serves as a check against sole majority rule (at least for now until the population increases where you will need more representation). It all boils down to what "cost" at this time in our history, you are willing to pay for. I think we will pay dearly if we continue with this system. Change is always a good thing. Most people don’t like change, but without change how are we going to improve ourselves?  Ellio Solomon's idea of having a national vote for all candidates would be a regression in our representation, it would entail a complete rule by the majority, cutting off the Sister Islands and people in the outer districts who would be in the minority. If we get a new change of the system, one person one vote, we have done well… if we get this change and adopt a bicameral legislature as well, we have done even better. Our democratic representation is more important than cost, and besides, there are other ways government can reduce cost. Yes, they know too well what they ought to do with their expenditures. Regards

      • Anonymous says:

        Every provincial legislative assembly in Canada is unicameral and elected by one man one vote in single member constituencies.

        In the Caribbean St. Kitts, Dominica, St. Vincent and Guyana have unicameral legislatures which are elected by one man one vote in single member constituencies.

        Try again.

        Not that is not for sure. That is simply an unsupported claim of the government.

        • Anonymous says:

          BUT, they still have  nominated members of their legislature who are NOT elected.  I have no problem with OMOV and SMC, what i can tell you is that once we go that route, non-elected members of the Legislature or even a separate nominated Senate is the next change that will come.

          Government costs will go up.

          • Anonymous says:

            So what ? They are not a second chamber which was the point being argued. In any event what does having non-elected members add that is necessary or desirable? Do you prefer less democracy? We used to have non-elected voting members in our legislature as well. Thankfully we moved on from that. 

  20. Disenfranchised Eligible Voter says:

    He said. “But we as a government took a position to try and calm things down and have it earlier.

    So early you could not even allow people time to register to vote? Vote YES and send these dishonest XXXX a clear message on 18 July.

  21. one point of view says:

    It only a week or so before the vote and I had to work very hard to be able to vote about this issue.  I know the reasons to leave the system as it is but not tochange it.

    I will vote no because there is no reason for me to vote yes. The OMOV issue has not been explained ( i mean it has, it just does not make sense.)  and while the present system still results with me not agreeing with every thing it does allow me to participate in the process.

    The change to OMOV does not make a fundamental difference. What are the benefits ? How exactly will it work ?

    I've only been told how it may work (laws have to made, areas defined)  and frankly I don't  like it.  It is hard enough to get the ministers to work together on campaigned issues..issues that the party promised to work on . It's  only reasonable to assume that it will be harder with the "tower of Babel" method. 

    There is nothing wrong with Party polictics, any other method just gives the politican more of an opportunity to discuss and debate…AND WHILE THEY DO THAT NOTHING GETS DONE.  

    When a party wins it should be allowed to take the course of action it campaigned upon. It's been madness watching how the opposition refuses to participate. (for the last 20 +  years ….before that I never cared) 

    We have a leader, let's follow him and when it not working let's vote him out the same way we have done from the time these islands were founded.



    • Anonymous says:

      Please reconsider your vote. Please call one of the OMOV team and they will come by and discuss it with you personally, that is how committed they are. They are using their own time and money to get us OMOV.

      How about the thinking that the current system is not democratic because some people get more votes than others?

      Thank you.

    • Richard Anonymous says:

      I wish I could thumbs up 1000 times. Well said.

    • anonymous says:


      It cannot be fair for one Caymanian on one side of the street to be able to vote 4 or 6 times but his neighbour literally across the road, 50 feet away, to only be able to vote 3 or four times, or even worst only 1 time. 

      It should not be the case that where you decide to live in these islands is the reason that decides how many votes you have. This is not fair and certainly not equality. No one can counter that argument.

      Vote YES for equality….vote YES to make all Caymanians the same.


    • Anonymous says:

      To "One point of view" Wed,07/11/2012 15:32   You state that "when a party wins it should be allowed to take the course of action it campaigned upon".Are you then saying that UDP are following up on campaign promises when they are doing secret deals, and apparently firing Civil servants for doing their duty;and what about threatening to use Dart money to get Arden removed as the Mla for East End.I wonder if you would take thissame approach with someone you hired to build a house:leave him to do the job he promised when the contract was signed ,even though it is quite obvious that he is not doing a good joband is not even following the plans you gave him .It is exactly this way of thinking that has helped put us in this mess.You also say that the opposition refuses to participate,but the truthis that the premier has refused  to accept suggestions from any Mla outside  his party ,(Remember when he referred to the opposition as the" bunch a dem").                                                               One plus for the SMCs will be that we will now have 18 Advisory District councils instead of the present 6. That means  that we will have 216 individuals advising our MLAs rather than 72;and remember these councils will be made up of people from within each constituency.Also these councillors are supposed to be chosen by the voters and not by the Parties as Mr Bush prefers.Another plus will be that long established communities like Savannah or Prospect will no longer have their MLA indentified as " the member from Bodden Town", or "the member from George Town"  but rather they will be "the member from Savannah" and "the member from Prospect " respectively.This system could also be applied in West Bay where we already have established communities such as Boatswains Bay,Northwest Point,Mount Pleasant etc.                                               I sincerely hope that you will reconsider your position and vote yes on 18th July.

      • one point of view says:

        I am not saying anything about the UDP just did.  I am saying that once we vote in candidates and they choose a leader, by majority or by default the others should support them. For the last couple of years it seems the campaigning has never stopped.  

        I know it's wrong to withhold my vote and I do it to hopefully effect the outcome of a election, but it definately wrong for a minister to withhold his support once he has been put in office.

        He has higher calling an obligation to us and his position.   

        All the other slandering is just that, I have heard it about everyone. I want a higher standard for my mininsters. 

        Say what you will about any of them. The truth is the majority got their vote the right way, someone thought they would be good leader. 

        Someone believed in them and the fact that they got control is that we gave it them. So although my candidate  is not the Primer he is still a leader.

        Leaders Lead. I am not impressed when candidates I have supported and voted for just debate issues and moan because they can't have their way.  

        Now is the time for leadership, we beat up the primer for campaigning when he should be finding solutions. but I feel that way about the opposition all the time. 

        To cite your example :

        If my house contractor had to deal with staff and partners that were tearing down every board and decision he made or put up  I would fire him, and my house being the biggest investment of my lfe I would not feel kindly to his destructive helpers either….I might even try to change things as you suggested.

        But a house is not a country, and governement officals not private contractors. I should have full say how my house is constructed but I hardly expect to to be able to "stop the work"  on the country because I don't like the governement policy on sunday trading. 

        For Governements to work mininister  not only have to make decisions but implement them….

        I am tired of the

        "tower of babel"

        As for the multiple district councel..more TOB .













    • Peanuts says:

      The simple explanation why the OMOV is better for the people of Cayman is as follows. Under the present system Mr. Bush who is supported by a number of people in West Bay has over the years secured his seat along with three others. All who vote for Bush, vote for his fries or extension cords.

      With OMOV he may still get his seat, but the other three will have to win without his votes. In addition when a candidate get's a seat in the LA, he will not owe Bush for any of his Votes.

      Benifit for Cayman, Bush will not be able to dictate to that Member how to vote in the LA.

      When last did Capt  do any thing for Cayman other than support Bush? What has Cline done for Cayman other than support Bush. 

      Last but not least some people only vote  for one or two Candidates on the ballot, and by doing so they affect the count and create a unfair situation. That can't happen with OMOV.

      OMOV is not the silver bullet but it will get us better repersentattives, who will be HONEST and that will get us a more honest caring  Government, and that will get the all the police investigations behind us. 

  22. Anonymous says:


    These are all bogus points.The fact is that under MMCs people can and the majority are presently elected with less than a majority of their constituency supporting them and it does not require the contrived numbers that you have presented. However, once they are elected an MLA represents the entire constituency including those that did not support them and indeed whether they could vote or not. Unfortunately, the idea that you are only representing those that voted for you is one of the ills that afflicts Caymanian politics now. If you will be a candidate in the upcoming elections I trust that that will not be your stance.

    I do not know that there is any evidence that women are less likely to be elected in SMCs. The fact of the matter is that Mrs. Edna Moyle was elected 4 times from 1992-2009 in an SMC.

    Since you believe that the solution is that we must elect persons who have "high moral and ethical standards, persons who are great role models both publicly and privately, giving our citizens role models to look up to and aspire to follow" you should be rebuking and not supporting those in your party that do not live up to those ideals.  

  23. Anonymous says:

    Did you really give it deep thought? I find that worrying for the next generation. However you did make a few statements that, although not original, are worthy of contemplation. Specifially you said "The solution is we must elect better persons, individuals with strong character, persons who really understand what it is to serve, representatives who understand what accountability is and have high moral and ethical standards, persons who are great role models both publicly and privately, giving our citizens role models to look up to and aspire to follow. Cayman does have such candidates, but many of those persons shy away from politics."


    You lament the shortage of such persons, yet you have you chosen to align yourself with the youth wing of an organization that is bereft of such persons. Why is that?

  24. Anonymous says:

    Sorry Richard but your comment contains some of the most incredibly flawed logicthat I ahe ever seen in print. It is embarrassing. I have talked to you many times and know that you could not possibly believe such nonsense even if you believe that you must submit it because of your position in the UDP.

    As someone who has supported the UDP in the past, although I certainly do not now, please don't submit comments that are so poorly thought out. 

    OMOV is by far a better option that what we have now.

    • Fed up with McChavez says:

      I wish I could shake your hand.  Richard used to be a very intelligent young man, but obviously, McChavez has brainwashed him into believing such drival.  Anyone who stands against OMOV is afraid to let go of the breadwagon they are holding so the rest of us cannot afford to even buy a loaf.  Cayman is under a dirty dictatorship and of course, our dictator does not want to lose his power.  However, anything that happens is better than him selling his birthright and the birthright of the rest of us for 30 pieces of Dart Dollars and CHEC dollars for the port that will not even belong to the Caymanin people for a lot of years.  Wake up people and do what you can to keep us nfrom following in the footsteps of TCI.

  25. Anonymous says:


    Let us be honest.

    There is no one in UDP that gives "deep thought" on any matters!

    The Mac says and does and you little minions OBEY your master!

  26. Anonymous says:

    As you correctly point out, there aren't enough qualified candidates to have a close 4 way race like you suggest.  SMC does not preclude female candidacy, and in fact, females are likely to do a much better job than the male candidates, since they are less likely to be handicapped by ego.

    • Anonymous says:

      excluding Julia of course, as the roads in Cayman Brac are paved with gold, some of them are anyway depending on which side of the street you are on

  27. Anonymous says:

    The 4th graders I teach are more mature than this. 

    • Anonymous says:

      The evidence suggests that they may be more literate and numerate as well.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well that's because the 4th graders have had more schooling, you see.

  28. R. Christian says:

    After deep thought on the matter, some of the areas that concern me the most about OMOV are as follows:

    Under SMC I feel we will get less representation. For example, if one constituent has 1,000 voters, let’s say Candidate No. 1 receives 300 votes, Candidate No. 2 receives 250 votes, Candidate No. 3 receives 225 votes and Candidate No. 4 receives 225 also. Candidate No. 1 would win by obtaining more votes individually. However, the 700 voters (70 per cent) that did not vote for Candidate No. 1 are somewhat un-represented. The other concern is 100-200 of those voters that Candidate No. 1 got could potentially be family and close friends. Remember, a representative is supposed to represent the majority; however, how can you truly represent the majority if only a handful of people elected you? MMD promotes a more diverse roster of candidates; you will more than likely have someone within the bunch that can relate to your needs and concerns and therefore represent you. There is a good deal of evidence to suggest that women are less likely to be elected under a SMC regime. Why would we want a system that puts women at a disadvantage of being elected? Especially knowing that a group of women in Cayman stood for their right in the 40s and 50s and demanded that they be allowed to vote and stand for election in Cayman.

    I have said several times before, the party system is not the problem, nor is MMD the problem with our politics. The solution is we must elect better persons, individuals with strong character, persons who really understand what it is to serve, representatives who understand what accountability is and have high moral and ethical standards, persons who are great role models both publicly and privately, giving our citizens role models to look up to and aspire to follow. Cayman does have such candidates, but many of those persons shy away from politics.

    I truly feel there are genuine supporters of OMOV lobbying for its implementation; however, what concerns me and should also concern the people of the Cayman Islands the most, are those out there that are trying to push it through purely for political gain and their dislike for the current government and its leader, not taking into account the effects OMOV will have on the Cayman Islands financially and socially for years to come.

    YUDP / President

    • Anonymous says:

      you are a joker,

              Capt. Eugine got elected with less than 34%

      of the votes the first time he ran as a UDP member.

      Are, are you saying he do not represent the 66% of

      voters in WB that did not vote for him and the rest of the Island.

      Check out CG and Rol Rol on their first time winning.

      When the OMOV is passed WB will still have 4 representatives

      and they will still be responsible for the good Governance of

      these Islands and you can still go to either of them for whatever

      you want.

      They will still be the elected representatives forthe Cayman Islands

      and that includes all districts.

      • Anonymous also says:


        Whogene represents Mac. End of story.  That is why we need OMOV.

        • Anonymous says:

          OMOV would not change  that – any MLA in a single constituency could still be a partly loyal!

          (Or an 'independent' sell-out as we have seen in the past)

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr. Christian can you please explain the "political gain" that supporters of OMOV will obtain if they are successful.

      You also haven't explained what you think will be the social and financial effects of OMOV and on what basis. You have just assumed that they exist and other people haven't taken them into account.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Aah. That is brilliant Richard. You mean like the 2000 elections where Capt. Eugene got elected with 35% of the vote in West Bay?


      You people really take the rest of us for idiots.

      • Anonymous says:

        Or the 30% that CG got?

      • Anonymous says:

        The percentage 'game' can be applied to all districts and parties, so let's not confuse the facts.

        PS – Capt Eugene was the THIRD elected member for WBay in 2000, so that's not at all the 'least popular' position – especially considering the many candidates who didnt get back their deposits.

        • Anonymous says:

          You are missing the point. The point is that the existing system yields the results that Richard is saying would occur in SMCs so that is not a valid argument against SMCs.  I have used Capt. Eugene as an example from his own party to bring the point home since he was saying that persons so elected are not legitimate representatives of the majority. You are right, Capt. Eugene was 3rd. Cline was 4th with 30% of the vote!   

    • Anonymous says:

      So, you think that of the 100-200 votes that candidate A receives could be family members or friends and that would not be fair representation?  Rumor has it that money, ham, chickens, refridgerators have been used to buy votes.

      Now, tell me what the difference is between this and voting for a family or friend? 

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr Christian i have a few questions that i would love answers to

      If i am elected do i only serve the people who elected me? or all the people in the constituency

      What reports / studies were conducted to back up your claim of "There is a good deal of evidence to suggest that women are less likely to be elected under a SMC regime"?please point me to the studies that show this?

      You state "The solution is we must elect better persons, individuals with strong character, persons who really understand what it is to serve, representatives who understand what accountability is and have high moral and ethical standards, persons who are great role models both publicly and privately,giving our citizens role models to look up to and aspire to follow. Cayman does have such candidates, but many of those persons shy away from politics."

      I would agree that there does exist people who fit this description, and i add that the  current members of the UDP are not the best for the country, and they sure dont dont understand accountability or have high moral charachter or ethical standards, and they surely are not good role models for the younger generations 

    • Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

      Yes Mr YUDP President, you are the same one that stated on a Talk show yesterday, that if Bodden Town was divided into 4 constituencies as recommended that it will be easier to be elected as the candidate would only need 200 votes (go check the recording as that is what you said), This emphasizes your knowledge of the OMOV and the constituecies – not much! It is not how many elected seats in Bodden Town that decides how many votes you need in each constituecy, BUT how persons seek Elected Office in each constituency! WHEN Bodden Town isdivided into 4 constituencies, there might only be 2 persons vying for Elected Office in 1 of the constituencies, therefore the winner would need to get half of 800 votes +1 (your figure of 3200 voters divided by 4 = 800) to have the majority. If in another constituency there are 8 candidates vying for the seat, then the winner would need only 100 + 1 to be elected. I am just using round figures as the constituencies will not be exactly equal in the amount of voters but I am just explaining how you are totally OFF BASE – But it is not surprising as Mac & his UDP puppets are trying to make the waters "mirky & muddy"!

    • But says:

      Mr Christian your logic is flawed. the 700 who didnt vote for the winner did not vote for 1 other candidate, their votes were spread across all of the other candidates therefore the majority winner is the one with the most votes individually. This actually happens in MMC today so your comments are indeed misleading and typical UDP Mathematics which do not add up.

      Please return to Home, do not collect $200 EPIC FAIL!!!


    • Anonymous says:

      "deep thought" = struggling to find a rationale for opposing equality. Guess what  – you failed. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Richard, really – is this nonsense the product of your “deep thought” because you are just regurgitating UDP clap trap which does not hold water:

      More like you took a deep GULP of that UDP kool-aid

      Please provide supporting references for these statements because these are contrary to both common sense and my research and reading on the subject

      Other than Wikipedia you did not cite any support for your comments

      It’s very worrying if this is your deep thought product, unsupported, baseless, weak argument…I know you and think you can do better: have you considered the arguments in favor of OPOV or discussed with the proponents?

      Please reply again

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr. Christian the example you give under the SMC is no different from the reality of the 2009 election result in George Town, where Elio Solomon got less than 31% of the votes and he is elected as an MLA.  Under the democratic system of elections, the person with the majority of votes wins an election and he represents all, even those 70% that did not vote for him, in your example. No democratic voting system will change that. Following your same example a woman could get elected with 300 votes, that seems to help women not hurt them. However your are inventing poor excuses, that I do not believe even you consider sensible. You need to stay away from Mac he has decided in his ever so smart mind, long ago, that SMC would stop him from getting elected.  I think it is fair to say your concerns are not even valid. The promoters of the OMOV initiative are very professional and have conducted themselves much better than any other political group I have seen in Cayman. If they have a desire to seek public office, then you can rest assured they will be a lot better representatives, should they be elected, than many of those who are now representing us. Please vote YES as this will create equality FOR ELECTORS and Yes more accoutability forelected officials. Remeber your example above in a SMC, it will only take 300 people to get rid of a poor representative, unlike now, when it will take about 1000 or so, that means more accountability in itself.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Touring free comedy road show, coming to a District near you!

  30. Anonymous says:

    So now we see the reason for him handpicking his Chief of Staff – it's his poetic skills that set him above all other potential candidates.

    Maybe we will be treated to poetic campaign speeches as we move towards May 2013. I'm sure he will get plenty practice trying to right that budget speech for him in the next few weeks!

  31. jsftbhaedrg says:

    The fact that Mac cannot explain the concept or provide any solid defense as to why we shouldn't implement OMOV, says it all.

    He is only concerned about one thing, himself.

    Last time i checked Mac you are in your position to serve this country and its citizens, that means everybody, not just West Bay. Everyone who is capable of thinking is now demanding that we steer the ship in a new direction because it is sinking and you want to oppose with not one solid reason to back your claims?

    Way to go buddy, what a leader. Your actions and inactions speak volumes.

    • Anonymous says:

      Exactly.  It is all about who has political power in the Cayman Islands – McKeeva Bush or the people of the Cayman Islands.  No wonder he is against it.


  32. Anonymous says:

    Two words…Raving lunatic!

  33. Anonymous says:

    Clearly it is equality that the proponents of One Person One Vote are concerned with! And OPOV will provide more accountability and eqaulity of Politicians also.

    To me it's simply a matter that each voter should have the same number of votes…period!

  34. Anonymous says:

    What a pompous fool.

  35. Anonymous says:

    If they would do the right thing and amend the law, it wouldn't cost anything.  They should not be using $100,000 of OUR money to oppose this.  Those Govt. members who are against this, should raise their own money to hold the meetings.  This is not a govt. expense.  Why are they being allowed to waste more of our money.  Hasn't this Govt. wasted enough of our money?  I for one am sick of being flat broke every month because of the increases on everything imaginable due to the fuel duty increases.  Its scary going to the supermarket because $100 buys less and less every week while the chosen few party, party party on my money.      

  36. Cay101 says:

    To change our electoral system at a time when we should be thinking about the economy. To be bashing people and investors like Dart is to clearly say that the current system of voting that we have used to elect successive governments for the past 40 years is flawed, unequal, and unfair. And moreover, that giving concessions to people so they can invest further, a method that was used by sucessive governments is also flawed.

    Franklin D. Roosevelt once said, “The real safeguard of democracy is education.” Instead of us following the emotional whim of who could shout the loudest, we should be educating ourselves. The one man one vote system is not infallible. It is not the kingdom of God on earth. There is more to what appears to be democracy!  Has anyone read the book is Behind the Ballot Box, A Citizen’s Guide to Voting Systems by Douglas J. Amy, (Praeger Publishing, 2000)?  

    The one man one vote, reinforces the two-party system. Have you ever seen how Jamaica is divided into so many districts, how tribal the districtsbecome to each other in a one man one vote system?  Have you ever seen a more away from the 2 party system?  Under the one man one vote system have you ever seen so much gerrymandering? 

    We already have equal legislative representation – on the basis of district size; however, we do not yet have a bicameral legislature. Therefore, if the one man one vote gets its way, it would do us more harm because we do not have a bicameral legislature. So for it to really work we need a change from our current Constitution. Will the UK allow us to dramatically change it and include a bicameral legislature?  These things the advocates for the one man one vote should be looking in to.

    Yes McKeeva is not perfect and the system is perfect, but I recalled that we rush for a new Constitution as well to have a Premier, and so many of us today, regretted that we did so. Are we going to close our ears to the other side, because they wear the color blue; or, are we going to listen to reason and educate ourselves before we vote.

    Right now, the Premier is all about boosting the economy and allowing investors like Dart to help jump start it. Opposition is tearing them down. Notice they have not come with any solutions. Why no solutions?  If the Premier is doing such a bad job, why not come with solution?  Shouldn't the economy be FIRST on our priority list?  Instead they are in the business of tearing him down and seeing to his character assassination.

    • jsftbhaedrg says:

      "Instead they are in the business of tearing him down and seeing to his character assassination."

      You are way off.

      It should have read as follows;

      "Instead he is in the business of tearing himself down and seeing to his own character assassination as well as that of our country."

      Does anybody in West Bay have any idea of whats going on in Cayman? Do you all get the news either by TV or Newspapaer on a daily basis? Or is Mac's UDP TV the only channel you watch?

      Stop thinking about it all as a UDP vs PPM issue, it has nothing to do with that. IT IS ABOUT OUR COUNTRY.

      • Anonymous says:

        Im a West Bayer… have been for all my life and I am disgusted to the core with these politicians who claim to be something even remotely close to "decent".

  37. Anonymous says:

    Strange, but four top stories that all link up.

    OMOV, and the Bush dislike of it, Dust gathers on the conservation law, Dart gets a special deal on taxes, and the Highways man gets his marching orders.

    OMOV is the accepted basis of proper democracy worldwide, but not by Bush. No wonder, because it is the means of his clinging to power because through his worthless cronies, all effectively elected regardless of their merits because Bush only needs to convince (fridges maybe, or paving?) his own small neighbourhood and he gets a block of four MLA's, the other three relying on him for their position. This means he can control the LA, and effectively ignore it.

    That in turn means he can suffocate a law he doesnt want, or more realistically his backers dont want (Conservation)

    Hand thank you's to his backers (tax breaks for Dart)

    And, here I am guessing, ensure that a man who crosses him gets fired (the man who rightly reported his involvement in the explosives debacle). I could of course be wrong here, but I find it difficult to believe that he was fired for the reason stated.

    There arecountless other examples, his treatment of the last two Auditors General, continuous ignoring of proper procedure for reasons we can only guess at, but they all come back to this, he does it because he can, and he can do it because he can always get a block vote in the LA, because Cayman does not embrace OMOV. This is your chance to change all that!

  38. Anonymous says:

    Why did Bush try to upend the people initiated referendum by calling an earlier Gov't referendum with almost impossible stipulations and he is now opposed to it and spending the people's funds to fight against it?????  I hope the people of West Bay don't fall for his lies and propaganda anymore but…………………unfortunately there are none so blind as those who refuse to see.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Shameful behaviour and yet more wasted public money.  However, that's nothing new here is it?

  40. Mrs. Evergreen says:

    wait a second. what? 100,000 from public funds?… which includes from those both for AND against omov? oh, seen. =|

    This man is really something else though ya know… Why does he always feel the need to point fingers and call names? Rather than take a stance to honourably defend hisposition and thoughts on Omov, he takes the opportunity to make it all about him – surprise surprise. His ignorance just compels me more to vote YES on July 18th.

  41. Knot S Smart says:

    Remember the saying "Throw a rock in a pig pen and the one that squeals loudest is the one that got hit"?

  42. CutTheBS says:

    OMOV is about voter equality, plain and simple. It is about what is best for the people, not the politicians.

  43. Anonymous says:

    Prince Edward Island is such a bad example to use in support of multiple voting systems! It is right now subject to changes under the Electoral Rivision Committee because of this unfair practise!

    • Anonymous says:

      Extract from PEI govt website:


      Prince Edward Island has the smallest provincial Legislative Assembly membership in Canada. Each Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) represents one of the 27 electoral districts, and every Island community is part of a district. MLAs are thus responsible for representing the wishes of their local constituents at the provincial level and, as a collective group, for drafting and passing the laws of the Island.  UNQUOTE

      • Anonymous says:

        The poster was probably refering to the national representation in Parliament where 4 MP's represent only 144,000.

  44. Anonymous says:

    The premier said that he was spending less than $100,000 from public funds on promotions against the referendum – THIEF.

    • Anonymous says:

      That's nothing. His church took two million from him that they knew full well was not his to give. Now they're as quiet a a church mouse and they pretend that CNS doesn't even exist. God deliver us.

  45. Anonymous says:

    What a disgrace you are… please do us a favor and step aside….. i mean…… real embrasement..SMH

  46. Anonymous says:

    Mac and eunuchs to supporters: "The one man vote thing cant work. Its Anti-Caymanian. Its unfair. So each of you use your one vote on Wednesday to prove that OMOV doesn't work" 

    Questions Mac.

    1) If OMOV is so unfair, why are you encouraging people to use it next Wednesday? Aren't you against the concept?

    2) Shouldn't you encourage your supporters to boycot instead? 

    So really, if you genuinely believed what you're preaching, there should be zero no votes on Wednesday. Of course, you would then be perverting the democratic process. But when one digs deep, isn't that really what you are about, perverting the democratic process.

    By the way, a more appropriate title than Honarable, would be Donarable. Indeed, we seem to be run like a garrison. Whoever supports the Don can get handouts. Those who stand in his way are dealt with accordingly. 









    • Anonymous says:

      VERY GOOD POINT, if OMOV is such a bad idea, why is Mac asking people to use it to vote against the referendum next week?

  47. Anonymous says:

    The UDP better be concerned as he is right, next Wednesday is as much a general election as it is a vote for or against OMOV. Caymanians have to realize the importance of turning out and voting 'YES" as it will send a clear message to the government that we are not only demanding equality across the board, but we are not going to stand back for the next 9 months, while they give away all our prime real esate, rights and the income of future generations to multi-national venture capitalist organizations like Dart and communist backed venture capitalists like China Harbour who take far more than they give. It done as of next Wednesday! 

  48. Anonymous says:

    $100k? For what pray tell? Passing out $100 bills?

  49. Anonymous says:

    The UDP should fund these meetings because the meetings are actually election campaign meetings, albeit a tad early.


    These meetings are definitely not "educational".

    • Anonymous says:

      Educational and McKeeva  should be banned from ever being said together in the same sentence.

      Quite frankly, if anyone on this island believes anything that comes out his mouth you need to go and get your head checked  because you are far less eductaed than he is.

  50. Anonymous says:

    Mac, you can rant and rave all you want but, you can't change my YES vote.

  51. Rorschach says:

    Why oh why wouldn't you guys print some of the "poetry" that Big Mac was reciting??  I could have used a good laugh in light of all this other BS…

    • Anonymous says:

      As a McKeeva speech afficionado who sometimes puts them to music, I would really appreciate if you published that poetry. Thanks!

  52. Anonymous says:

    OMOV is a positive step.

    However the vote goes in OMOV, at the Election vote this man OUT!

  53. CHECHE says:

    "Despite having stacked the deck against the ‘Yes’ vote, it was clear Bush was concerned that moving to single member constituencies could even break his own hold on his West Bay constituency as he pleaded with his people to go to the polls and vote No." – Yes, I figured that's why he was opposed to OMOV. He has an insatiable hunger for power.

    WHY is he spending $100k of PUBLIC funds on this?

  54. Dred says:

    As usual wasting the people's money on UDP initiatives.

    Another $100,000 flushed down the drain by the WASTEFUL UDP Government. So my question is WHICH TAX upon the people is going to pay this ticket??

    • Anonymous says:

      The referendum is a politically related issue, therefore the UDP should be funding the No Campaign, not the Government.  I deeply resent my taxpayer money being used by a political party to further its position on an issue

      . In my opinion it is a misuseof Government funds. The proponents of One Man One vote are not receiving any funding from Government therefore the opponents should not.


  55. Anonymous says:

    It truly boggles my mind as to how this man can even face the public.

    • CashHasEveryCorputSmiling says:

      His Shame Tree died. Captain Bush and those traveling in the Sacred Vessel, have run out of Shame, and they cant see moral reef that they about to run upon. 

  56. jsftbhaedrg says:

    "He did say, however, that in a multi-member constituency, if he got sick, voters could go to another representative for help, and that it was more united — as opposed to what he believed was the decisive system. He pointed to Singapore and Prince Edward Island as illustration of places which still have multiple-voting systems and accused the OMOV campaigners of misleading people about how common that type of voting is, although it is, in fact, used in general elections across the democratic world."

    I would  haveexpected nothing less from a person grabbing for straws.

    Great argument McKeeva, truly amazing.

  57. Anonymous says:

    You cant educate Zombies so stop spending public money to do so and calling it an educational public meeting. Instead you should call it Zombie research and development.

  58. I was says:


    I attended this meeting and it was a sad and pathetic display but was also Big Mac at his best. At times he was so incensed and angry I thought he was getting ready to leap off the stage and attack people. The hatred and venom he sprayed at the (small) crowd was pathetic and typical Mackeeva.  He referred to the merchant class taking over and wanting poor people to wash their clothes, and blamed the PPM and MR Ezzard for this, he also used his usual old time Cayman slang to explain how OMOV was going to destroy the islands without using any specific detailed arguments, scientific research etc. In fact I heard Cline Glidden use the example that if you get 200 Criminals in a Single Member Constituency you will have a SMC controlled by crime and that they will elect a criminal to run that particular SMC. Well MR Glidden if you have 200 organized criminals in one SMC Id say you have an issue that not even OMOV can fix. 200 criminals in one West Bay SMC tell me that the UDP has not done its job in their home district!

    The entire meeting was an embarrassment, I heard Roulston Anglin tell the crowd that they should have patience even though they have not heard from the UDP in a while because they have been busy working behind the  scenes creating opportunities for them, and even though they have not delivered jobs for everyone who needed them they were “working on it”. Who does he think he is fooling? The only thing he has done is give the Dart Corporation concessions, land and now Government revenues. This is the same thing they want to do with CHEC. The UDP is playing serious politics, playing on poor people’s emotions, and giving the country away to foreigners.  They have done nothing for the people and we continue to follow them like sheep. I really hope and pray that Caymanians wake up soon we are on the brink of extinction at the hands of our own Government!!!

  59. Michel says:

    All at our expenses with the money that we don't have and to keep the people ignorant. I don't believe what I see and hear and I also take it like a slap in the face and and licks in other places too. You talk about wanting to cling to that power real bad . God help us ! Michel Lemay

  60. noname says:

    I will add something else to the equation,that the OMOV will not miraculously inject accountability or character into the beings of OMOV politicians.As a matter of fact they all claimed not to be politicians and suddenly pulled out their 'bait and switch blades' on us chanting " now we are all running for office! Some legal pundits would label their conduct as 'obtaining property by deception', yes, asking for signatures under disguise is dishonest! Is that accountability? Is it even transparent? the OMOV movers and others are not being forthcoming with the people no matter how strong an argument you bring to the table. Caymanians will lose political control as those electoral boundaries are growing with expats being the fastest growing demographic. They will go back to the drawing board demanding the right to vote and run for office based on time lived here in Cayman. Remember expats keep getting what they want, already they are talking about running for office since the OMOV initiative, so what does that tell you that they have a plan or not? They will force us to change the constitution because they have out numbered us already and will run and rule in those electoral boundaries! Numbers dictate that the majority rules! Why do you think these foreign journalists in every Cayman media newspaper are helping this message get accross and withholding input from Caymanians presenting the real truth to the public? They realize what's in it for them, polical power, just like the Chamber! As the electoral bounderies are built, and expats the largest and fasting growing demographic in this island, they will indeed groom politicians to take over our legislature and the UK will back them if they lobby hard enough. The constitution says one thing today but they will make sure it says something else tomorrow allowing them to vote and run for office even though they have no Caymanian ties. It will hand the Legislative baton over to expats in Cayman and Caymanians will experience their biggest nightmare- What they feared the most will indeed come to pass. Godbless you and may he open your eyes to this OMOV designed to keep politicians in power and do nothing for the people. A NATIONAL VOTE IS THE ANSWER

    • JTB says:

      You're right, expats are evil, and want to destroy the Cayman Islands. They eat babies too. And woship Lucifer. Hell, some of them even employ Caymanians, pay work permit fees, and spend their money with local businesses. They should all be expelled. Then we can go back to harvesting coconuts.



  61. Anonymous says:

    If our current members of the legislative assembly were to be cast in a remake of “The Wizard of Oz” who would be:






    Cowardly Lion

    Tin Man


    Note: Mckeewa is ruled out as Dorothy cuz he surely doesn’t feel there’s no place like home with all his traveling. Since Ezzard is always picking on McKeewa we can also rule him out as the cowardly Lion.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dorothy = Juliana (or Rolston)

      Toto = John John

      Wizard = Helium

      Scarecrow  = Cline

      Cowardly Lion = Mike

      Tin Man = Eugene

      Puppet Mac = Humpty Dumpty but that another story….

    • Anonymous says:

      Dorothy – Juliana "my bread is buttered in Cayman" O'Connor-Connolly
      Toto – Elio "annoying little-dog barking" Solomon
      Wizard – Kenneth "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" Dart
      Scarecrow – played by various MLAs – looks like a real man but actualy made of straw
      Cowardly Lion – McKeeva "chicken-sxxt blowhard" Bush
      Tin Man – the people of the Cayman Islands – they have the heart to make the change!

  62. Anonymous says:

    It doesn't matter what kind of vote I get, it will be used against this tyrant.

  63. Anonymous says:

    More like stick it to them.

  64. Anonymous says:

    This OMOV really makes no difference whether for or against it. It will just be the same sh*t new day….yawn. I'd rather stay home and watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates with my kid at least Jake always gets the job done.  

    • Anonymous says:

      If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Maybe you like the way the country is being run? Hope Jake cuts it for you!

    • Another Anon says:

      Yeah sure, that is your choice to stay home and watch movies with your kid. Really, really smart move, my friend. Just don't go crying when the Honourable MacChavez f***s up what is left of your country. This is the time for every Caymanian to stand up and be heard.

    • Anonymous says:

      When in years to come the truth comes out and Cayman is in ruin, and the kid turns round and aks why, make sure you let them know you, and others no doubt, stayed home and watched movies while McKeeva got the job (ruination) done, instead of going and doing something positive that could have made a huge difference… things could have run differently, if only you and others had fully understood OMOV back then, and gone and voted for it.  OMOV will come to Cayman in the end, and you will find it makes a difference.  But for now, you carry on living in Neverland, see where it gets you.