Bush defends tax giveaway

| 12/07/2012

cashgift.jpg(CNS): The premier has denied that there is anything unusual in the decision to allow Dart Realty Cayman Limited to collect 50% of the taxes paid by guests in any of its tourist accommodation as part of the ForCayman Alliance deal. In a statement broadcast on Radio Cayman on Tuesday evening, the premier said that hotels around the Caribbean and the world are not getting built without incentives, as he accused MLA Ezzard Miller of being mischievous when he exposed some of the deal government and the NRA signed with Dart last December. McKeeva Bush said his priority was to create jobs and that was why he agreed to the various incentives.

“Other countries offer tax incentives, such as tax holidays, with taxes either waived or deferred. In the Cayman Islands we are doing the same thing,” he stated. “These are not taxes that the government is currently collecting; these are taxes that would only be earned by the government if the hotel is first redeveloped and then if the hotel is occupied with paying guests on a nightly basis."

However, the agreement states that Dart will also be able to collect taxes on any existing hotel it buysor acquires over the next thirty year period. This means that if Dart Realty or any affiliated company purchases the Ritz-Carlton, the Westin or any other local hotel, government could lose half of an existing revenue stream.

Nevertheless, in his latest statement  Bush justified the generous terms of the agreement pointing out that hotels in the Cayman Islands have been closing or are being transferred to long term residency.

“In the last ten years, we have lost the majority of the rooms in the former Hyatt Hotel, the Sleep Inn, Indies Suites and the Courtyard by Marriott, the one now under discussion. We need new hotel rooms; that’s the way we can grow our tourism," he said.

The 100% customs duty waivers would apply only once per hotel redevelopment, Bush indicated, and only to “major hotel redevelopment”, and Dart was expected to create an additional 200 to 300 new hotel rooms over the next few years. Bush said this would stimulate the economy and contribute to government coffers as a result of the multiplier effect, commonly referred to as trickle down.

Attacking Miller, the independent member for North Side, over his decision to reveal parts of the Dart agreement leaked to him last week on CNS, Bush said that once completed, the final NRA Agreement, any amendments and the results of the independent review would be made available to the public.

The premier accused Miller of being irresponsible for releasing the document out of context as he accused him of not following due process.

“Mr Miller preaches due process every Tuesday and every opportunity he gets, although he didn’t follow it many times himself. However, for his own politricks he is more than happy to mislead the people and not follow the same process he preaches about,” Bush stated.

The premier asked the public to focus on the economic turnaround and the need to create jobs.

“We’re trying to get money flowing into the country and allow people the opportunity to get jobs to take care of their families,” he added. “A closed hotel cannot help us and anything we agree with Mr Dart’s group of companies in regards to new hotels will benefit the Cayman Islands more than the revenue we choose to give up,” Bush claimed.

See premier’s full statement below

Check back to CNS on Thursday for the complete Dart, NRA and government agreement.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Let's look at the reverse side. Dart builds some hotels and GIVE the Cayman Islands 50% of the tax that he collects off visitors to his hotels for 10 years and 100 % thereafter. What is really wrong with that? I think the man is very generous. Half of a loaf is better than no loaf for the next 10 years

    • UH UH UH says:

      Dear 08:59  Are you serious? You are either ill informed or  a bit daft. Taxes on Hotel rooms are levied by the Cayman Island Government therefore neither Mr. Dart nor Mr. Bush have any right to use or to  disburse them. These taxes are the peoples money and any "legitimate" use thereof should and must go through all the requirements of the regulatory laws that govern them.  


      Some time ago when Mr. Bush first entered the political arena two well respected "local" gentlemen predicted: THE DAY THIS YOUNG MAN ACCEDES TO A POSITION OF POWER IN THESE ISLANDS,  WILL BE  A DAY EVERY CAYMANIAN REGRETS. How profound, how wise!!


      Oh for the days when wise  and learned men  placed OUR PEOPLE  above  SELF, and POLITICS.

    • Anonymous says:

      What's wrong with it is that it's totally unfair for the government to make the public purse subsidize just one private hotel project, when all the other hotels have to pay 100% of their taxes.  It's anti-competitive and it creates an unlevel playing field in the hotel industry. 

      In any case, If Dart is such a good business man he should be able to make money on the hotel project per se, without fleecing the public purse of it's FAIR SHARE of the duties and taxes.  The gowerment is giving away TOO MUCH, or looking at it another way DART IS TAKING TOO MUCH. 

      Half a loaf is not good enough when the country is starving.

    • Anonymous also says:

      Let me see if this works.  I com in from Miami and the duty on my goods is $600.00.. I tell The customs agent, " I will give you $300.00, 1/2 of what I owe you and you should be happy cause I could give you nothing."
      What are you smoking???

  2. Anonymous says:

    The following was posted earlier by someone:

    The Premier and Dart ( I will leave the rest of the UDP ou of it because I don't think he even discusses it with them before putting his hare-brained  schemes into action) has  closed down  more than half of the businesses that operated in George Town and now they are going about closing down the  estaurants hotels and condos on seven mile strip.  It seems that Mr. Bush's way of getting money flowing into the islands is by allocating it to the Dart Group.  All the money somehow seems to flow directly to Dart doorsteps.  Please do not expect the Governor, the FCO or any one else to sort Bush out.  Let us  the people get rid of him once and for ever next year – give him a preview of how it will feel by voting and passing OMOV.  That will shake him up and show him  that "we the people mean business"

    All I can add to that is, AMEN TO THAT MY BROTHER (OR SISTER)!!!   TIME TO SHAKE THINGS UP!!!


  3. Anonymous says:

    In the words of Bush Marley: " I'm giving and I'm giving and I'm giving away, I'm giving and I'm giving and I'm giving away, I'm giving and I'm giving and I'm giving away, as long, as I can get, for myself !!

  4. Anonymous also says:

    I love when one of  our real estate "Leaders" does radio ads saying lets get going with the For Dart Alliance deal.  He is showing his greed and lack of real understanding That before long Dart will own his real estate company and he will be acting like our current leaders and kissing Darts boots.

  5. In Perso Nator says:

    Planning Department …
    Please confirm the government has obtained all the right permits for their signs that are popping uplike fireworks on 4th of July…
    If not, trust you will be taking U to task…

  6. Sir wastes a lot says:

    Stinky dinky doo, smells like a Ryan deal number two!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Can we give our dear Premier away instead?  We won't need to defend that one, I think you will find little opposition to that move.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Instead of a duty waiver, duty should be paid at the time of importation. If the guidlines provide and duty is to be exempt, then the importer should apply to have the duty refunded.  This is the same practice if you were exporting goods where duty was paid on import.  There are too many people bringing in items duty free because they are on the same bill of lading as duty waived shipments. 

    Uncle Ken and his employees will benefit under this duty free grant. Maybe Uncle Ken will now open his own shipping and clearing company in Cayman.  Oh wait! I heard he already has! 

  9. Anonymous says:

    More rubbish by Bush here again…i don't beleive anything he says at all!

  10. Anonymous says:

    With 100% duty waivers, what incentive is that to buy from the local vendors?  How is that going to help the local economy?  The schools, the Government Offices and various other projects on island have been granted duty concessions. All of the materials are imported by the contractors and very little is purchased locally.  I don't have a degree in economics, so would someone educate me, please?

    If Dart imports something under his waiver, how are we Caymanians going to be sure that he is not really importing materials for another project, like Camana Bay, which is not a duty concession?  Which customs officer is going to inspect to see if the materials have been delivered to the designated duty free project?  Who is going to police that Dart is actually comlying with the terms of his duty waiver?  I have seen many Caymanians and local businesses prosecuted for customs offences.

    Why for 30 years??? Why not 5 years???

    I need answers. I will be voting OMOV!

  11. Michel says:

    Another good one to swallow; when you think that nothing else can insult your intelligence, there comes another curve ball ! I honestly feel that the people need to more supportive by showing that they are not afraid to take a stand and put your name to your feelings. As a people it has always been our downfall, let's say " Not this time BoBo ". You just might set an example and influence others. Please stand up for your rights ! No chance of back back then. God Bless, Michel Lemay.

  12. Anonymous says:

    omov is a positive change but we we need new blood & somone who has the country in heart!

  13. Anonymous says:

    If McKeeva wants to talk tourism – we'll talk tourism.  It is an abomination.  All you do is cater and kowtow (poorly, I may add) to the HIGH END tourist.  That is where your advertising dollars go and all marketing campaigns revolve around SMB. 

    I want to know why when I had visitors down last month the diving staff at XXXX divers told them that the acceptable tip in Cayman is 25%.  Disgusting.  Sure – you can open more room stock.  Sure.  But you'll most certainly put Cayman in the heap of "ordinary" rip off destinations.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Here is something extracted from the Anti-Corruption Commision's Newsletter:

    Corruption means that decisions by public officers are not taken for the public benefit but rather to serve private interests. When corruption involves public officers it wastes the public’s resources and public money. In this sense, corruption contributes to the deterioration of democracy and diminishes the community’s trust in all sectors of Government.

    Corruption is a global challenge, and the Cayman Islands is not immune from its wrath. Corruption is a major hindrance to sustainable development and corrosive on the fabric of our society. Corruption undermines democracy and the rule of law, leads to human rights violations, distorts markets, erodes quality of life and carries the potential to allow organized crime, terrorism and other threats to human security to flourish.

    Simply speaking, corruption is inherently wrong – It is a misuse of power and position by public officers; an intolerable myriad of acts. Corruption undoubtedly undermines the integrity of all involved and damages the core value system of the organizations to which they belong.

    We believe that persons whom the public entrust with authority have an obligation to serve with integrity and honor. Greed and self-interest have no place in Cayman’s public service, and violations of the Anti-Corruption Law will bethoroughly investigated and prosecuted. Join us and act against corruption!




  15. Anonymous says:

    Mckeeva, How can you simply justy this?  You alone has singlehandly sold  Cayman out!  All for the love of money!   You are a public disgrace to us and that is why wehave to vote YES to OMOV come July 18th, 2012. You sir, will NEVER be honourable in my eyes.  You will go down in history as being the most disgraceul representative these Islands has ever had.  XXXX you WILL pay for your actions.

  16. CHECHE says:

    He needs to resign, like yesterday.

    Going forward, could we please elect someone moral, ethical, logical, educated, selfless,  etc. 

  17. Anonymouse says:

    Sooooooo Let me get this straight. Collect 100% of the occupancy tax from the tourist and he gets to keep half of it???? Skimming plain and simple. Cheating plain and simple. Piracy plain and simple.


    Here Mr Dart please take the keys to our island and do whatever the fu$k you like.  

  18. Knot S Smart says:

    I read this and then by chance I glanced out of my window and I swear I saw our Honourable Premier fly by heading towards the heavens, and then suddenly he dropped like a rock.

    And I thought 'Is he all right'?

    Then I realized 'Is he all right' was really the first thing that came to my mind when I read the article…

  19. Anonymous says:

    Getting things "done" in Cayman is horribly frustrating, especially when the government is involved.


    DART, on the other hand, has a track record of building high quality infrastructure on time and on budget. DART is a competent developer and project manager.


    The Premier recognizes the situation and is in the process of out-sourcing as much government activity as he can in order to "get things done". He is outsourcing a significant amount to DART. Is this a perfect solution? No, but it does have a lot of short term benefits. Long term benefits…..the jury is out.


    A better solution?


    1) Do some very hard work in the LA to streamline many of the obtuse laws of the land that have been enacted over the years to benefit certain well placed individuals. The immigration and environmental laws come to mind.


    2) Aggressively overhaul the civil service so that it functions more efficiently and is significantly smaller (fewer expats would be good when we educate and train more Caymanians). It looks like Mr. Manderson is starting down this road. I wish him success and encouragement, it is a tough and long term job.


    Having said all this, I believe that McKeeva Bush is not the leader that Cayman needs. He is in way over his head and is doing more harm than good.


    I do not have much hope for the result of the 2013 election, whoever wins will still not be the leader that Cayman needs, none of the current crop of politicians "cut the mustard".


    I hope that in 2017 we have a fresh slate that is made up of young, well educated, well trained, hardworking, and ethical Caymanians. I know of Caymanians who fit this profile. They are our only hope.





  20. Whodatis says:

    The bottom line is that there is not enough being done to ensure that these prospective jobs will be going to actual Caymanians and therefore "improving our economy".

    A quick overview of the current situation in the tourism industry is all the proof one requires to realize this fact.

    Granted, there are a myriad of reasons for this which include; low wages, cheap imported workers, harsh contracts / working conditions, greedy and power-hungry developers and managers, discouraged locals (Caymanians), disinterested Caymanians etc.

    E.g. Just recently a family member of mine was enjoying a day off work in the water up at Rum Point. While there, a group of tourists soon realized that they were Caymanian and almost broke their necks as they waded over exclaiming to one another; "Look honey, its a local!"

    This story would be funny had the group of tourists not been on island for 3 whole days before interacting with an actual Caymanian.

    There is a LOT to be done to get our tourism product back to anything remotely close to the early stage that actually put us on the worldwide map in this regard – and it is very sad that we have to GO BACK in time and REVERSE policies and practices that are commonplace today.

    Of course, all of this speaks to minimum wages, employment protection, recruitment of locals, attitudes of Caymanians etc. Surely, some will make snide remarks at this point, however, none of these factors can be isolated from the others.

    The year is 2012 and the (regular people of) World are growing wary of globalisation, unfair practices, exploitation of foreign workers, subsequently lagging local economies, value for money, and unscrupulous developers / rich people.

    No one wants to actively contribute to such practices today as every world citizen is currently affected by these things to some degree in their respective countries. (Imagine how it must feel to escape to "paradise" only to find the same wolfish elements entrenched in this environment?)

    It is for the above reasons why I am primarily opposed to this particular element of the "ForCayman" alliance – and believe me, there are many others!

    (Furthermore, can we please introduce a policy that bans any future accumulative, multi-faceted "deals" or "alliances" in this country?! I may not live the life of super-wealthy but I sure do speak their language … and rest assured, it says; "If you are not of us, you are about to get shafted as was the guy before you!")

    For the Cayman Islands to have any hope of a generally, stronger local economy and thriving tourism industry certain changes simply must be made.

    Obviously, that is easier said than done as the status quo is clearly prepared to fight tooth and nail to prevent this as heaven forbid – they take home only $17m instead of their usual $20m at the end of the financial year.

    Interestingly, that difference in profits for those at the top can be the deciding factor in generational and socioeconomic crime and stablility in our community.

    Lastly, and most crucially, at the end of the day, such factors are the very foundation of our tourism industry. If certain changes are not made beforehand, then the incentives and discounts on offer to Dart or any other developer will all be for naught.

    Of course, all of the above is simply my personal opinion and take on the matter.


  21. Anonymous says:

    Chuckster can you please put your law practice on hold for a year and come and deal with McDinejad like only you can BoBo ? Lets finish him politically for good. Take out the head and the body (puppets on string) will fall same time !!!

    Cayman cannot afford anymore of this man !

  22. Anonymous says:

    Dart and the Government now have a method to get rid of any competition as any increases in the tax affects Dart less than anyone else.


  23. Anonymous says:

    Our Tourism is lots because there are no Caymanians to talk to the Tourist and give them our history and stories of the past and Present. Face it we need to put our people in positions where the tourist can feel at home and on vacation.

    Buildings are not the solutions it's our people.


    • Anonymous says:

      By the crisp accurate prose, this must be the work of one of those top local professionals denied success by the magic glass ceiling.

      • Anonymous says:

        Very few expats working in the tourist industry use "crisp accurate prose".

    • jsftbhaedrg says:

      Those opportunities are there for Caymanians, its called the watersports and service industry i.e. restaurants, bars and hotels.

      The issue lies with the salaries people in those positions earn, i.e. $4hr which most, if not all Caymanainas turn their noses up at. I agree with you, these positioons should be 80%+ held by Caymanians. I also dont understand why they dont work these jobs either considering you take home an easy $150+ tips each and every day, minimum.

      I am a Caymanian and i did the watersports / service industry when i was in my teens to early twenties and i loved it.

      The very few other Caymanians I did come across in the same positions  either didn't show up for work within the first week of their employemnt (i.e. took sick days!) and were fired or they just stopped showing up.

      • Anonymous says:

        I was making between 40-50K KYD per year as a bartender on this island.  It is a shame that young Caymanians feel that serving is beneath them.  All you need to be successful in the service industry is to show up to work, work hard, be friendly and be willing to work weekends and holidays.  Unfortunately to many young Caymanians, these conditions are considered unreasonable.  

           In Bermuda, only locals can work as bartenders because it is such a good job.  I'm not saying it should be only Caymanians, but I do think that young people of this island need to reaslise there is a reason why people come from all over the world to work in the service industry here.

  24. Anonymous says:

    This is a totally unsatisfactory explanation by the premier and further reinforces my feeling that it is absolutely necessary for him to retire from holding public office. And any developer, in particular one feeling that he has Cayman over a barrel, should bear in mind that successive governments might well reverse decisions made by the present government, including the reversal of any land swap for crown land.

    • Anonymous says:

      The trouble is that the agreement ties their hands so that they govt. will be sued if they attempt to reverse those decisions. 

      • Anonymous says:

        So what is the problem with getting sued? McKeeva does it all the time.

        • Anonymous says:

          Hell he even buys his way out of it with millions of someone else's money. Perhaps we should sue him, Cayman?

  25. Shocked says:

    AND I QUOTE:“In the last ten years, we have lost the majority of the rooms in the former Hyatt Hotel, the Sleep Inn, Indies Suites and the Courtyard by Marriott, the one now under discussion. We need new hotel rooms; that’s the way we can grow our tourism," he said.END QUOTE 


    Let me give you a little advice MR. Bush, the reason for the decline in tourism has nothing to do with lack of accommodations it's the other way around! What has happened since the early 1990s when Mr. Norman Bodden placed a moratorium on any more hotels and/or condominiums, you and your group that were in power at the time listened to greedy developers and others who made you an offer you could not refuse, so you let them build and flood the market. Guess what that did? Let me tell you! Whereas the Hotels we had at the time were at a high rate of occupancy even during the summer months, room rates were reasonable thus the high occupancy rate! And another important factor was that most of the staff were locals which added to an atmosphere of being in the Caribbean. From front desk to gardeners,you found locals in all these positions. Guests would ask, and get correct answers to questions concerning the Island. We had the best bartenders who made deliciously exotic drinks with names like "Cayman Sunset" and the guests sat at the bar along side well known locals like the General one of many local fishermen to whom the visitor became endeared. They were able to order from their menu Local Food prepared in the original manner, served by a smiling face wanting to know and asking if ERY TING WAS  AWRITE! Thats "Cayman Kind"  These are the things that made the visitor come back time after time, knowing that they would see the same people who took care of them when they were here last. Not some stranger from someplace else who knew nothing about our Island. These people are doing their job which is what they came for.  They could care less about a visitors impression of our Island.

    So after listening to the greedy developers and lifting the moratorium, not only were there too many rooms, but much more expensive rooms. This was the problem! Because occupancy rate is the key to success in the Hotel Business. And because we had to many rooms and more expensive rooms, hoteliers were forced to cut service and staff to maintain the bottom line on their financials , thus  the competition begins and so the decline of  a wonderful tourism product that we were famous for, and is now at it's worst in  history.


    I don't know all the answers Mr. Bush, but I can tell you  more hotel rooms is not one of them. What we need is a Minister of Tourism with the foresight to get us back to some semblance of what we had and were famous for; by reviving  "CAYMAN KINDNESS" which can only be achieved by insisting on a decent wage scale for locals and putting them back to work. And don't tell me caymanians don't want to do this kind of work. There were some one hundred fifty of us at the Holiday Inn which was torn down and those workers were promised jobs at the Ritz, but not one of those great bartenders that worked there got a Job at the Ritz or anyplace else.  But you Love Us!!  Thanks but No Thanks Mr. Bush>

    • Anonymous says:

      What an excellent post! Those of us that remember those good days are so saddened by the greed that has transformed our island into the garbage dump it is today.

    • Anonymous says:

      My thoughts, exactly.  Thank you for expressing them for me. 

    • Morse says:

      You forgot to mention the Seaview and Beach Club. Of course before that we lost others. In effect the building of condos in the place of hotels finished up as a short term gain in the form of stamp duty at the expense of tourist tax, employment and ancilliary monies from tourists. Many condos are never rented out and remain empty throughout the year. Governments should have obviously restricted the number of condos and now it is too late. Apart from the Dart land and maybe two other parcels on West Bay beach you cannot contruct a sizable hotel unless you do a Ryan and build it on the other side of the road. And we all now know how successful he was!
      At least Adrian does us proud at Sunset!

  26. Anonymous says:

    bush has been the the most useless leader ever…however what he is saying here is 100% right…

    what are ezzards solutions?????

    • Anonymous says:

      bush (with a lower case b) has been the most useless leader ever. Period. Full stop. End of story…oh wait, there's more…what are Ezzards solutions????? My, My, this bruised and battered, scratched and worn paper thin record is still faithfully playing it's little tune away. What are Ezzards solutions. Well you see, Ezzards solutions to the most useless leader ever is to harrass the hell out of him, to set his ass on fire to see if that can get him going in a straight line. It doesn't seem to be working very well but that is certainly not because Ezzard is not trying. It is MCKEEVA'S job to run the country, and it is plain and simple WRONG to blame Ezzard for not doing that for him. Our beloved Mckeeva most certainly would not have that in any case. If he had his way with the only politician in Cayman who's EARNING his pay, Ezzard would most certainly be picking coconuts in North Side with Mr. Brian Tomlinson, (sorry Brian). Can we please put what is left of this poor old record back in its cover and put it back on the shelf…please. It could well be worth a few dollars as a relic one day.

  27. SKEPTICAL says:

    If Dart buys the Ritz Carlton and the Westin, they are going concerns which already produce tax revenue for Cayman – so government would immediately lose 50% of that income stream. As somebody else has said, if the Courtyard and Hyatt are refurbished and re-opened where will the stay over customers come from. Clearly, at present, we have quite sufficient rooms to accommodate the tourists who are visiting the island – what is the occupancy rate for hotels and condos. Look out for the news item on the Caribbean One channel on CITN – they are quoting stay over tourist number increases for other Caribbean destinations in the MILLIONS over the past couple of years. Top three destinations for US tourists – Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and Jamaica. Bush is living in Cloud Cuckoo Land.

    • Sykes says:

      Cuckoos, I believe are residents of the United Kingdom. If indeed bush is in the UK then two things have happened. The average IQ in Cayman has made a quantum leap and the average age has diminished.
      Maybe this is just a bird in the bush. Who knows.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Let us end this nonsense. Vote for OMOV on 18 July.

  29. Anonymous says:

    So why the secrecy? Why can't Bush do anything in the open?

  30. Thunder Storm says:

    Only a fool would go as far as denying what is clearly documented in writing!!


    I suppose this is Richard's fault too!!

  31. Anonymous says:

    Plan and simple, mac has to go! He has given the country away XXXX! This sell out has to go, I say we round him up and put him, dart and ryan on a plane and ship them off. Belize got rid of dart, Costa Rica got rid of ryan, why do we have to let them ruin OUR island. I'm sick of the go now where chat that happens on this web site! Let's do something about this! NOW before it's too late!

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh please no one twisted the arms of the generations of our greedy people in to selling their properties or businesses to Dart or any one else. The Dart companies made generous offers no doubt but at any time those who sold their land and their businesses could havesaid no, no amount of money can cause me to take away what I want to pass down to my grandchildren. It is our own greed that brought us to this point and now we have to sleep in the bed we sold. Dart has been living here for longer than many of you were born so to say kick him out, how about we kick out all the people who sold out because you are the ones who are the true vultures here and the short sighted ones, you saw a way to get a quick buck by selling land that was handed down to you or businesses that your grandparents and parents built up, that makes you the vultures who have no right to complain now. I know of many who still hold on to their lands and businesses, yes they struggle a bit and have to work hard and live simply but at least they can hold their heads up and say they couldn’t be bought. Bring on the thumbs down.

      • Anonymous says:

        Heard DART just bought land in Cayman Brac too.  There we go to DART Brac.  Interesting location and is being bulldozed as we speak.

      • Anonymous says:

        Don't forget that it is CAYMANIANS like Jackie Doke and Mark Vandervelde who are facilitating this deal in favor of Kenneth Dart, who is also a CAYMANIAN.

        Will the real Caymanians, please stand up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Anonymous says:

    This is what you get when the uneducated rule. What a shame.

    • Just Commentin' says:

      And just how did the uneducated get the opportunity to rule in the first place?  Oh…they were elected to office?  Hmmm…?  And who exactly voted them into office?  Oh, my…


      Perhaps you should have written:

      "That's what happens when morons are allowed to vote."

  33. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps you'll blame Ezzard for firing Brian Tomlinson next, Mr Bush?

    • Fed up with McChavez says:

      I hope the Governor is availing himself of the peoples' feelings about the dicktator (no it is not misspelled) rule on our islands.   McCastro has an excuse for every devious and underhanded trick he plays.  There are lots of places on this island where the jobs are all being given to the Phillipinos instead of the Caymanians.  Why?  They work cheaper and have less overhead.  They do not mind renting one house and living in it in shifts;  one shift works nights and lives during the day and the other shift works days and lives during the night.  We, Caymanians do not live like that, but if McKeeva Bush has his way, we, the Caymanians will be shipped off to some deserted island in the middle of nowhere while he gives away our birthright to the Darts, the Chinese and any other wealthy people who will put money in his pockets.  CAYMANIANS ARE NOW THIRD CLASS CITIZENS IN OUR OWN LAND AND IT IS BECAUSE THE GOVERNOR SEEMS TO ALLOW THIS MADMAN TO DO AS HE SEES FIT.  WE NEED HELP FROM ENGLAND AND WE NEED IT NOW. 

      • It's Our Job to Make Change says:

        THIS is precisely why this country is going down hill fast. STOP blaming EVERYONE else and start doing something to make a change.

        It is not the Governer's job to dictate terms to the goverment just as it is not McKeeva's job to dictate (XXXX). We are a DEMOCRACY! Everyone of us who is b!tching and moaning needs to get our collective head out of our collective arse and use our VOTES to make a difference. Better yet, run for office. And first and formost on the agenda, Vote YES to "One Man One Vote" next Wednesday so that next May we can have a fair and even playing field where some perhaps great men and women can step up and run without fear of being railroaded by the bullies in the governing parties. There are a wealth of intelligent, honest, inspired Caymanians who don't even bother running for office because they know there is no point when we get the idiots we have being voted in. In many cases purely because of their affiliations with parties.

        Let's vote people into government based on what they can do for this country, and what they are willing to sacrifice in order to make it great again. Not those who simply want power anda paycheck.

        Our "birthright" is that we live in a free and democratic society and are therefore able to effect change by using our brains, our might and our votes.

        Vote yes to "One Man One Vote" on Wednesday and then go to the polls next May and vote with your conscience rather than your wallet. Change is possible. But it needs to start with the voters. You and I can make this happen. Believe.

      • Anonymous says:

        They don't mind?  Have you asked any of them lately?  I'm sure the average Filipino would love to live in the relative luxury most Caymanians enjoy.  They live as they do because they must, and because they are willing to make sacrifices for family and future.  I could not agree more that Caymanians should be treated fairly in the workplace; however, to say that Filipinos are a) stealing jobs Caymanians actually want or b) somehow enjoy the sacrifices they make seems quite an exaggeration to me. 

      • Just Commentin' says:

        All the postings we see here on CNS begging the Governor and/or the UK to step in and wave a wand and magically remove Bush are prime examples of the attitude that has ultimately lead us into the stinking mess we are in now: The people of the Cayman Islands (not the Governor) screw things up royally and then expect others (the Governor not the people of the Cayman Islands) to clean up the mess. While I absolutely agree that Bush and his minions need to be shown the door, our reliance on others to clean up our doo doo is absolutely pathetic!

        Here is the stark realty of the where the responsibility lies: The people of the Cayman Islands (not the Governor) are the ones standing by and allowing Bush and his minions to do whatever they want. The people of the Cayman Islands (not the Governor) elected Bush and the current maroons into office in the first place. The people of the Cayman Islands (not the Governor) voted for a flawed Constitution that provided the basis for too much power being vested in the Premiere, his Cabinet, and the party in power. And now, the people of the Cayman Islands (not the Governor) are whining over their blundering stupidity.

        While I agree that Bush and the UDP need to go and go NOW, we – the people of the Cayman Islands (not the Governor) – need to first accept responsibility for the mess and then act accordingly. Once we have 24/7 protests and marches, along with strikes and have availed ourselves of all other legal means of civil resistance, I think the message will get through and it will become way too hot for Bush to remain in power.

        In my opinion, when things get hot-up enough roun' yah, and when Dart sees that his investments in this territory are threatened by a very nasty public sh_t storm against Bush and the UDP, Dart, being primarily a businessman motivated by the almightydollar will abandon Bush faster than rats abandoned the Titanic.

        Once Bush is finished as a politician Dart will move on and cozy up to whoever else is in power; that may pose a problem as the potential for too "cozy" a relationship with the new Premiere and government will still be a very good possibility. Which is why the people (not the Governor) need to send a very loud and very clear message that such political favouritism and poor governance will be dealt with severely by the people of the Cayman Islands (not the Governor).

        I would imagine the Governor is perplexed that the people of the Cayman Islands have done little but blabber and whine thus far.

        If Caymanians are now third class citizens in our own land it is because Caymanians (not the Governor) have allowed this madman to do as he sees fit. We need to accept responsibility, and then we need to square our shoulders back and bare our fangs and claws, and FIGHT!

        • V says:

          How do we bare our claws? What would you suggest we do to “fight”?

          Should we march down to McKeeva’s house and break down his fence and storm his house, drag him outside and beat him to a pulp?

          Should we occupy George Town for weeks and sleep on the steps of the LA to protest?

          Should we kick down the door of his office and grab him by the necktie and throw him out on to the street and say “you’re fired”?

          Should we call Donald Trump to tell him he’s fired?

          We wanted a referendum and he’s trying to sabotage it.

          We marched against him and he told us to go home.

          We questioned him on public forums and he refused to have anymore press conferences or debates.

          We write about in in the press and he calls us devil worshipers, liars and fools.

          We stand up to him and he sues us.

          We implore the help from the Governor and he ignores us.

          So I ask again . Should we march down his street, tear down his fence, kick down his door and drag him out in to the street and beat him?

          If that is too risky for you then get off your ass and come next week vote YES. We’ve exercised many rights but this referendum is the only thing he is actually scared of.

          This referendum is how we will bear our claws.

          This referendum is how Goliath will be slain.

          The revolution will not be televised the referendum will.

          He’s shitting bricks because if OMOV passes, for the first time in the history of the Cayman islands…
          the people in power will not be as powerful as the people.

          The Bush Dynasty must and WILL crumble and McKeeva will be defeated not by another party or by another politician… he will be defeated by Cayman and her people.

          Vote true. Vote right. Vote yes.

      • Rorschach says:

        Tings keep goin like dey goin, bobo and soon CAYMAN gonna be that deserted island in the middle of nowhere…

  34. Anonymous says:

    Cayman is an out of control mess.


    The UDP, PPM, and the member from North Side are all to blame.


    Incompetence and micro-management rule the Caymans.


    Independence? It will come. When it does, be afraid for your capital (if you have any).


    Is there hope? Is there a way out of this mess? Yes, if some of the competent and ethical young Caymanians step into the political ring. It will take thick skins and a lot of courage to do so. I hope they step up before it is too late.

    • Anonymous says:

      There are quite a few of the competent and ethical your Caymanians stepping up and speaking out.  Sho them your support and respect by first of all voting OMOV and following up next year by voting them in and getting rid of the wasters once and for all.

  35. Anonymous says:

    HOGWASH.  Why the secrecy?   Why hide the details from the public?   If it is all SO GOOD for Cayman, why not let the public in on it from the start and let us know what exactly is being negotiated?   Where is the consultation before certain details are ironed out and signed?  No amount of justification can explain away the cloak and dagger processes being undertaken surrounding major deals that affect the country.   Thank God for Mr. Miller.

  36. Anonymous says:

    STOP GIVING IT AWAY is a good start to get money flowing into the country, Mr Bush.

  37. Dreadlock Holmes says:

    "once completed, the final NRA Agreement, any amendments and the results of the Independent Review would be made available to the public."

    Well la! de freakin' da!  The public will be informed once everything is..finalized?..and signed? That's an example of open government??

    Jobs. This is what this is about? Well then why wasn't the announcement made in respect along with the exact number of jobs. Included in that all the waivers, exact terms, and "concessions". The public have a right to know beforehand what is being "negotiated" in it's name. Because this doesn't sound at all like a negotiation. It sounds like extortion. Sign here.



  38. Anonymous says:

    And. . . er. . . how many jobs have been created during the UDP's term in government?

    • Gollum says:

      A cook position was created for someone too important to cook.

      Pearlina got a job because she didn't get elected.

      That is 2 jobs.  Did anyone ask Pearlina if she can cook?

  39. Anonymous also says:

    "need new hotel room"
    Please tell me the occupancy rate of the hotels an condos we have.
    Then tell me we need hotel rooms!

    • Dred says:

      I have heard all this crap on room stock but as far as I know we can count on one hand the days of the year where our room stock is insufficient to meet the tourism demand.

      So I would prefer us spend money on getting tourist TO Cayman than more rooms to split the tourism dollar that much more and make some hotels ala Westin be on the brink of Bankruptcy.


      • Anonymous says:

        The Premier and Dart ( I will leave the rest of the UDP ou of it because I don't think he even discusses it with them before putting his hare-brained  schemes into action) has  closed down  more than half of the businesses that operated in George Town and now they are going about closing down the  estaurants hotels and condos on seven mile strip.  It seems that Mr. Bush's way of getting money flowing into the islands is by allocating it to the Dart Group.  All the money somehow seems to flow directly to Dart doorsteps.  Please do not expect the Governor, the FCO or any one else to sort Bush out.  Let us  the people get rid of him once and for ever next year – give him a preview of how it will feel by voting and passing OMOV.  That will shake him up and show him  that "we the people mean business"