Last minute push for OMOV

| 17/07/2012

ballot box hand_0.jpg(CNS): With the time for campaigning almost over, supporters of the OMOV campaign are urging people to go out and vote ‘Yes’ on Wednesday. Given the high bar the government has set in order for the 18 July referendum to carry, anyone who stays home will be indirectly voting ‘no’ even if they support one man, one vote and the principle of equality in democracy. As they make the last minute push to persuade people that apathy will be this ballot’s biggest enemy, the OMOV campaign has made arrangements in each of the electoral districts for transport to take people to the polls if they have no means of going under their own steam.

The opposition leader and head of the PPM said that, with the bar set so high by government after it hijacked the campaign, which had been led by a groundswell of grassroots support for equity in the community, people cannot be apathetic about their vote. The referendum will only carry if 50% plus one of the entire electorate vote ‘yes’, regardless of the percentage of turnout.

The greatest challenge on Wednesday will be the turn out,” said McLaughlin. “Voters ought not to be intimidated or frightened by the premier and his cohorts as they have a vested interest in preserving the current system as it has served them well and they are relying on it to secure themselves in office at the next general  election. The UDP is not interested in the best system for Cayman but the one that they believe is more likely to see them re-elected,” Alden McLaughlin told the electorate on the eve of the historic referendum.

Ezzard Miller, the independent MLA who spearheaded the original petition for a referendum on the subject to take place in November, urged everyone to go to the polls on Wednesday and make sure that they carry someone with them and vote “yes”.

“It is very, very important that people come out and vote in order for OMOV to win the day,” he said, adding that anyone who had any difficulties getting to the polls could call one of the numbers posted below to get a ride to their local polling station. “If you stay home your vote will be counted as a ‘no’," he warned. “Be part of history and be one of those 7,583 people needed to bring about democratic change.”

Miller said that throughout the campaign the supporters of one man, one vote and single member constituencies have been consistent with their message and educating voters on the reasons why they believe OMOV is more democratic and equitable.

“By comparison, the government has changed its position over and over again in relation to this critical issue as members of the front and backbench offer different ideas and opinions from day to day,” he said. “The UDP is not interested in true democracy but manipulating voters to vote straight.”

With considerably less resources at its disposal and relying entirely on private cash to fund the campaign, the OMOV team has worked on campaigning door to door and holding small meetings to explain their position. Bo Miller, one of the committee members, said the campaigners would continue Tuesday as member try to persuade a few more voters who are still unaware, unsure or undecided to vote ‘yes’ before midnight, when the election law prohibits further campaigning.

“We are still optimistic,” Bo Miller added. “And we intend to make the last push on Tuesday and take the campaign on to the streets.”

Anyone needing a ride to the polls on Wednesday 18 July can call the following numbers:

NS — Ezzard Miller 327-5757
EE — Arden McLean 916-0630
BT — Al Suckoo 916-1689
GT – Barbara Conolly 916-5419
WB – Woody DaCosta 916-2470
PPM Office — 945-8292, 945-1776, 926-4717 or 916-5419

Check CNS throughout Referendum Day on Wednesday for crucial updates on the voter turnout across the six electoral districts, which will be critical to the overall result. Once the count starts, stay close to your computer to check for the live results.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    who is counting the votes?   with non-votes defaulting to "NO" the glaring necessity of an independent firm to count/audit the votes is evident. 

  2. Anonymous says:

    Still Undecided?


    Voting "YES" makes you the boss. Under the current system, the MLA's who are members of parties are obligated to act in accordance with the wishes of their leaders. With OMOV, the voter becomes the boss and the MLA's are directly accountable to you first and foremost. The party comes second.

  3. Anonymous says:

    So if less than 50% +1 of the electorate turn out, but the majority of the votes counted is YES.  Mac still wins.  Sounds like vote rigging to me.  The government should not be permitted to ignore a majority.

    Also the wording in the referendum quesiton is biased as it puts the word 'Only' in front of cast one vote, deliberately making it sound as if it is a lesser option.

    • Anonymous also says:

      Those who choose not to voet do not care. Those who vote do. If 50%+ who care say yes it should pass.

  4. Anonymous says:

    "I just heard John John Seymour say in Bodden Town tonight that if you vote for the SMC and OMOV, people will know who or what you voted for, and you can be victimized. Can the Ellections office make that go un-corrected? Ask Radio Cayman if you think I made this up."

    I think the Electoral Office, the Anti-Corruption Committee, the Governor, the Police Commissioner and the Public Standards Comission, should all look into the comments made by this politician as it is a blatant attempt to intimidate and scare people with the subtle threat of victimization.   This ALONE should demonstrate why you need to go out and vote YES, why you should be fearless and show them who is boss – YOU, not them.  They are accountable to you, not the other way around.  THE UDP ARE RUNNING SCARED BECAUSE THEY DON'T WANT TO BE ACCOUNTABLE TO YOU.    MAKE THEM ACCOUNTABLE TO YOU.  THIS IS ABOUT YOU HAVING THE POWER, NOT THEM.  THIS IS ABOUT YOU HAVING MORE OF A SAY IN HOW YOUR COUNTRY IS RUN AND ABOUT YOU HAVING ACCESS TO YOUR REPRESENTATIVE, NOT HAVING THEM SHIRK RESPONSBILITY AND HIDING BEHIND OTHERS OR PUTTING PARTY INTERESTS ABOVE YOURS.  THIS IS NOT ABOUT VOTING FOR UDP OR PPM, THIS IS ABOUT YOU HAVING THE POWER AND MAKING YOUR POLITICIANS ACCOUNTABLE TO YOU.


  5. Anon says:

    Mr. Colford Scott clearly stated on GIS Spotlight that ONLY THE BALLOTTS  can be counted – THEREFORE IF YOU STAY AT HOME YOUR VOTE WILL NOT BE COUNTED AT ALL – neither "yes" nor "no"

    • Anonymous says:

      Dead wrong.   If you stay home, you will be automatically contributing to the NO votes.  When you do not go out to either vote yes or no, your staying at home will be viewed as a NO count.  That is because the high standard set by the ruling Government is that it must be 50% of registered voters + 1.  So if you sit on your ass at home, you are essentially agreeing with the ruling Government's No stance against its own referendum.

  6. Whodatis says:

    In these last hours leading up to referendum day, the only thing I am certain of is that OMOV will guarantee "one man (person), one vote".

    None of the other claims, promises and supporting arguments (accountability, better representation, etc.) for the change are guaranteed as they are all subject to the character of individuals elected to office.

    How many of the characters have changed / will be changed?

    Will we still not have the same UDP vs. PPM battle?

    Will we not be subject to 4 years of the good or bad decisions made by those elected to office? 4 years is a long time and the fate of countries has been forever changed in far less time – just look around the world today for a few solid examples.

    Regardless, everyone should go out and vote tomorrow.

    All the best to each and every one and to Cayman as a collective.


    • Anonymous says:

      You and Libertarian seem to be the only ones sitting on the fence. If you don't vote, you are just as guilty for sending us into full rule like tci.

      • Whodatis says:

        Excuse you??

        Umm … what part of; "Regardless, everyone should go out and vote tomorrow." did you not understand?

        Furthermore, your scare tactic of full British rule is as shameful as the scare tactics being forwarded by certain elected members of the UDP.

        I sincerely hope you are not a member of the OMOV committee, for if so, you have just justified the suspicions that many people now appear to have about certain members of that group.

        Amazing how politics and (the thirst for) power have the ability to morph any individual into the same old status quo, isn't it?

        • Anonymous says:

          Thirst for power. Come again? An anonymous poster posts two lines of their reason for voting for OMOV and they must be a member of the OMOV Committee?  

          • Whodatis says:

            Respectfully, I believe the issue of greater importance is that of the mounting suspicions surrounding the motives behind OMOV.

            In regards to "an anonymous poster posts two lines of their reason for voting for OMOV", that reason appears to suggest our country should modify our democracy and voting system for the sole objective of the removal of a single individual from office.

            In reality, it could be argued that an identical spirit exists on either side of the OMOV debate and clearly neither is hesitant about rocking the national boat to achieve their personal objectives.

            Whereas I support the notion of "one person, one vote" – that concept alone WILL NOT convince me to cast my vote for any propsective candidate.

            I expect and demand expressed manifestos and policies (party and personal) that speak to my concerns (as have been forwarded many times here on CNS) backed by some degree of guarantees and or ramifications at the end of their term in office.

            *These are some serious times in the Cayman Islands and playtime is over! As far as I am concerned, "trust" or "benefit of the doubt" have no place in our politics any longer.

            Anything short of the above is basically repeating the same process once again with a change of color being the only difference.

        • Anonymous says:

          So true Whodatis, so true the thirst for power has caused many wars.

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you mean, everyone that wants to vote "YES" should go out tomorrow – all the other people who are not in favour of OMOV needn't bother as their vote will be counted as a NO if they don't show!

    • Anonymous says:

      A relief to read some sensible comments…Whodatis. Keep it coming. Im of the same view,there will be no changes to accountability. 40 years I have wathched the political tricks and silver tongues….and the OMOV is no different today.

  7. Donnie says:

    I too heard the statement by MLA Seymour that if we introduce OMOV, people will know the day after an election who you voted for and you will be victimised.

    We have worked hard and spend a lot of funds to conduct fair and confidential elections in these islands and I hereby call on the Elections Office to respond to the statement.

    • Libertarian says:

      If that is true, more reasons why people should kick him out of the LA. He ought to be ashame of himself. Still… what are we achieving when we can't vote out a district MLA before his 4 years is up?  The OPOV will not give us that prevelege to even directly vote in our Premier!  So evenif we do get a OPOV system, what further change will we get?

      • Anonymous says:

        The further change you will get, is that you now only have  ONE (1) person to put the pressure on i.e. your representative, rather than 4 or 6 who all HIDE behind each other.   So if your government is doing something you don't like or you think it is bad for your country – you can put pressure on your representative to take your concerns to Government.  You see, with 1 representative representing a smaller group (with Cayman being divided into smaller groups of equal number of people in each group), you will know who exactly to put pressure on, for things that concern you and for what you would like to see in you country , and  he / she can't hide from you, or shirk their responsibilities by telling you to go talk to another representative in the same district.  That person will be directly accountable to you, and has to respond to your concerns, otherwise he/she will get booted out in next election for failing to perform.  People, this is not a political issue, this is not about supporting UDP or PPM, this is about YOU, THE VOTER, having more of a say in how you want to see the country run, your concerns, having direct access to your representative and not being sent to go talk to someone else, and YOU having more control and power over what goes on in your own country.   Your vote will also be equal to someone's in another district.  Your cousin in GT won't have 6 while you in another district only have 1, and vice versa.   So all have equal standing in voting, and one group can't manipulate the polls to their advantage. 

      • Anonymous says:

        OMOV gives hope of further changes. One step at a time. You can be sure there will be no changes if we stick to the current system.

      • Anonymous says:

        What you won't get are these good for nothing, waste of money politions who get elected based on the power of persuasion of one man, and who do or say nothing for four years except what they are told to say. If you listened to the rant in Bodden Town you would be rushing out to vote yes. It included many untruths including the claim that we should beware of all things red.

    • one point of view says:

      John John point is a  silly point for sure. He just saying that it will be easier to guess who you supported since the numbers were so small.

      With all the sides to this arguement …why should he not put up a silly point too ?




    • jsftbhaedrg says:

      I just realised that those are the only words i have heard Seymour utter in almost 3yrs in office.

      Lets do the math on that one:

      10,000 per month

      36 months in office

      16 words said

      $22,500 per word.

      Now that is a job I want.

  8. Anonymous says:

    vote early

  9. Peanuts says:

    Boy the MLA's who followed Bush blindly down the golden paved path, are wishing that they  had taken the advice and crossed the floor. Now they have to go down with the Ship. Good riddance to them. Too late now, go hug it up.

    • Street observer says:

      Peanut @ 12;08, 17/7/12  You chatting rubbish. You don't understand that this is not a general election?

  10. Anonymous says:

    In other words he is saying that the UDP will victimise us if we vote yes.  It is well documented how they operate.  We don't have to think back very far, see what they did to Mr. Tomlinson.  I  think  that is reason enough to VOTE YES. Of course it will not erase victimisation overnight but it will send a strong message to the UDP that we are not allowing this anymore.  It will be a notice to them that we will fininsh it up in 2013.!! VOTE YES TOMORROW- I KNOW I WILL AND SO WILL MY IMMEDIATE AND EXTENDED FAMILY.  ALL 25 OF US.

    • Anonymous says:

      So you are going to vote YES because you want to do anything opposite of what UDP is suggesting?????  Glad you have a mind of your own and is making the decision based on what is best for your country but then again, if you're a man I wonder which head you are really thinking with??????!!!!!!!!

  11. Anonymous says:

    Go Ezz!

  12. Anonymous says:

    I will be happy when this over!! As a young person if i had to vote i would not why? because not once have the people telling you to "VOTE YES" had any meetings like how Mckeeva and his people did, i think its so disappointing there is still alot of people out there that dont know why they should vote yes.

    Tonight as it come to an end there will be two different meetings taking place one  in East End and the other in George Town telling the people of the Cayman Islands to Vote NO! This so bad cause the PPM should have been having a meeting tonight telling the people to vote YES cause thats what they want!

    But this country will never be any better, thats the sad part about it and the young people will never have say, politics will be politics time for some freash blood!!

    May the best win on Wednesday. 

    • jsftbhaedrg says:

      A meeting is where something is accomplished, constructively.

      A rally is when a bunch  of morons get up on a podium, blame everyone, point fingers, froth at the mouth and absolutely nothing is accomplised.

      I dont quite think you attended a meeting if it involved the UDP.

      For those voting Yes, we can decipher with our own intelligence, we do not need nor have the time to hear some rabblings on by an uneducted dictator to form our own opinion unlike the UDP faithful who would believe that rocks are actually anuimals if their beloved Macdipshit said it to them.

      • Anonymous says:

        besides the stand alone members of the OMOV committee do not have the government funding like the premier does to hold all the "meetings/rallies" the UDP have………..not to mention all the costly advertising that the UDP have engaged upon.  They must have endless monies available to them to promote their "vote NO" campaign…….

        Lets everyone who wants to vote YES – does so tomorrow, otherwise their vote will be "hijacked" and it will be taken as a "NO" – It amazes me that if someone doesn't vote, they cannot be consider undecided.  Of course not, that wouldn't be beneficial to the premier now would it.

    • Anonymous says:

      McKeeva and the UDP is supporting a NO vote.  However, McKeeva and the UDP are not using their own money to support a NO vote, instead they are using the public purse – our money – that is money from taxes and revenue raised from everyone, whether they vote yes or no.  How can this be considered right?  Unfortunately the NO campaigners do not have the benefit of having access to the public purse, nor the audacity to spend public money campaigning for OMOV – instead they are having to raise their own funds to support the YES campagain.  

      But having said all of that, you do seem passionate about politics and your country, even though you seem unwilling to vote, which I find terribly saddening.  Its a shame though, because the change you seek can only be brought about by voting YES to OMOV.  It will never happen under the current system of government.  So if you want change, its people like you who have the power to bring it aboutby getting off your chair, getting out of your house, and going out to vote yes to OMOV tomorrow.


      • one point of view says:

        The opposition has done nothing since the last election but campaign….all the while on a salary.

        And you have a problem with UDP saying it is not in your best interest to vote yes ?…While still looking out for your (your being the representative for the majority)  interest ?….

    • CHECHE says:

      The information is out there for you to educate yourself if you so wish.

    • WhoIsForCayman? says:

      Why don't you contact one of the people at the numbers listed above. I am certain the would be happy to have a converstaion with you, answer your questions and then you would be able to make an educated decision. Don't be intimidated by the rants of the UDP, ask your questions and get answers. Then make a choice

  13. Anonymous says:

    At the UDP meeting in Cayman Brac on Saturday night ( 14th July) it was really interesting the way Elio presented it to his Brac audience.Let's just say he took certain liberties with the truth.In other words had he been in court he would be guilty of not telling the "whole truth".He told Braccers that it would be a good thing for them to have a say in who was elected in George Town and left it at that .HE FAILED TO TELL THEM THE WHOLE TRUTH THAT GEORGE TOWNERS AS WELL AS VOTERS FROM ALL THE OTHER DISTRICTS WOULD BE CHOOSING THE REPRESENTATIVE FOR THE BRAC.THATS RIGHT,IF AS LITTLE AS  1200 VOTERS FROM GRAND CAYMAN VOTED FOR TWO CANDIDATES OTHER THAN THE TWO PEOPLE DESIRED BY CAYMAN BRAC VOTERS ,THEN GRAND CAYMAN VOTERS AND NOT CAYMAN BRAC VOTERS WOULD END UP CHOOSING THE BRAC MLAs EVEN IF EVERY SINGLE BRAC VOTER HAD VOTED FOR THE SAME CANDIDATES.The same is true for North Side and East End .YOUR MLA WOULD BE CHOSEN BY THE DISTRICTS HAVING THE HIGHEST AMOUNT OF VOTERS In other words;North Side and East End  each have about 600 voters out of over 15000 registered voters ,so guess who loses in a head to head fight.This national vote thing would be used simply to foce the will of the larger districts upon the smaller ones.THIS MEANS THAT A MLA ELECTEDOR ASSIGNED TO REPRESENT ONE OF THESE SMALLER DISTRICTS CAN GET AWAY WITH DOING ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FOR THAT DISTRICT,HAVE EVERY SINGLE REGISTERED VOTER WANT HIM OUT AND VOTE AGAINST HIM  AND HE COULD STILL GET RE-ELECTED IF THE VOTERS IN THE LARGER  DISTRICTS WANT HIM.So the next time that Elio starts this conversation just ask him to tell the you this part of the story.This idea of a National vote is being put out there to get you to vote no and for no other reason.After the referendum, if the OMOV people are defeated ,you can bet that the UDP will not be pushing for a national vote anytime soon ;they simply will not be able to sell it to the Cayman Brac voters and they need that Brac vote .After Miss Julie retires that might be a different matter ,but not before.If you are thinking about voting no because you want to hear more about the national vote ;FORGET IT.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Too little, too late. Where have they been in canvassing districts all this time? Not everyone is tuned in to Radio Cayman or sits in front of the TV all day.

    I admit I am still a bit unclear on how the OMOV can be totally effective in all CI constituencies, and I imagine that ther are hundred like myself. In such cases people will generaly stick with the status quo. 

    • Anonymous says:

      "To Too little too late" you ask where have they been in canvassing districts all this time?  They have been out in every district. The question is where have you been while they were out canvassing.  The OMOV phone numbers are listed above- if you need some explanations please call one of them. 

  15. durrrr says:

    Alden may well be correct to say that the UDP is not interested in the best system for Cayman, but it seems to me that the proponents of OMOV aren’t really interested in the BEST system either.

    Where are the studies considering all available options? Why is OMOV better than James Bergstrom’s suggestion ( Why is it better than a national vote?

    Why hasn’t the Law Reform Commission prepared a report on this?

  16. Anonymous says:

    I am still not convinced that this OMOV thing is any more than politicans and wanna be politicians jockeying for position the next election. I look at the list here and it is replete with PPM supporters and the independent member Ezzard Miller.

    The UDP on the other side is out campaigning and promoting the other side.

    The OMOV committee is made up of wanna be politicians.

    This morning Ezzard and Arden are on Rooster badmouthing McKeeva and crew and saying McKeeva is trying to get rid of them by trying to get the people to vote no against OMOV. Thye are also saying that they are the only ones that hold monthly meetings with their constituents. Isn't that for political expediency becausee as far as I remember I don't remember Ezzard or Arden doing that thelast time they were in the house.

    The UDP will be on later this evening doing the same thing. I am sure they will have similiarbadmouthing for the PPM and the independent candidate.

    The "wanna be" politicians of the OMOV and the declared PPM candidates will be on later on Rooster saying why we should vote yes..Some say it is how they will break up the party system so that they can get elected. I think they are wrong here and it's a mistake to think that doing this will get them elected.

    This is why I am not convinced. In my entire life, I have never met a politician that I can trust or one that doesn't change his stripes once he is in the house.

    This is not about helping me and you the average man on the ground. If it was it wouldn't be a political football. This is about how two parties and wanna be politicians will ensure themselves a seat. I hear the talk about accountability and I laugh…Shouldn't they all be accountable? Are we saying that every politician up until now has not been accountable? Come on politicians that is what you say about each other in every election campaign. So are you saying that none of you were accountable to the people. You are saying now that if you divide my country up a little bit more that you will be more accountable? You are a politician, let's be for real, accountability can only come from statesmen. I haven't seen one of them in a long time.

    Country first my friends, go out and cast your vote because you are entitled to and that is your God given right but in doing so remember we are doing nothing more than the politicians bidding. It is my strong opinion, that not much will change particulalry as politicans are the proponents of this whether you vote yes or no. Politicians are a breed on to themselves and don't let any of them fool you whether they wear red, green, blue or white, call themeselves UDP, PPM or independent, it makes no difference. Politics is a dog eat dog world and these folks will continue to seek to divide us to get our votes. Remember that is what continues to divide us. Think for yourselves!

    I pray God's blessing on tomorrow's vote.





    • Anonymous says:

      Amen though it was just me that was feeling this way..They are all in it for themselves..Watch the next election? The "Roosters" (pun intended) will come home to roost. 

  17. Anonymous says:

    Although I support the omov, I am afraid not enough people will show up.


  18. I'M VOTING NO... says:

    Being "Power hungry" is a very dangerous position to be in.

    OMOV they asking for accountability…well we want answers to all them Caymanians that have been made redundant!! He didn’t stand by them then, what makes you think he will standing by us now!!

    The poor will be poorer and the rich will get richer!!

    They talk about curtailing…I want to know what he doing to Caymanians that are holding his hand?

    That is why we all must go out on 18th July and vote NO!!

    • Anonymous says:

      With all due respect, (and there aint much due here), you post and your opinion are utter and complete bullshit.  You clearly have no clue what you are talking about.  Perhaps best to keep silent rather than show your ignorance.

      • jsftbhaedrg says:

        I was watching the new episode of "The Newsroom" on HBO the other night and Ithere was a particluar part where the news anchorman stated his distaste for those politicians / those involved in political campaigning who deliberately lie to mislead the public in order to gain support / win elections….

        He stated that they should be referred to as Liars / labelled as Liars like those who are found guilty of sex crimes for the rest of their lives……

        If only….


  19. V says:

    I’m voting YES!

  20. Peanuts says:


    In Bodden Town last night it was said by a UDPMLA that " People will know who you vote for in the One Man One Vote system, and you would be victimized" how pathetic. I am embarrassed by the statements being made, do they not hear each other, These comments are heard around the world, people must think we are a bunch of third world crazies. All these desperate men trying to stop the tide from coming in.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Disgusting the lies that the NO campaigners are putting about, trying to misleading the people into voting No.  Only an idiot would not be able to see through this and realise the NO campaigners are throwing out all these lies and misleading facts because they are scared stiff of the Yes campaign succeeding and then having to actually do their jobs!  With or without OMOV the concept of private ballot still exists and nobody would (or should) be able to find out who voted for who, let alone victimize them if the Electoral Office are doing their jobs.

    • Anonymous says:

      They should not know because it is supposed to be confidential.  This is just another scare tactic.  Quite honestly, I don't care who knows what I vote.  Its a free country and its my choice.  Neither will I let anyone else influence me by trying to buy my vote.  People need to stop being afraid of them.  They are not all knowing and all seeing.  They are not even intellgent enough to balance the budget so really, what are you afraid of?

  21. Anonymous says:

    CNS      Can you say what is the exact wording of the referendum question? I have searched the Elections Office website and cannot find it.Under the heading Notification of Referendum it states "TAKE NOTICE that a referendum will be held about whether electors approve an electoral system of single-member constituencies witheach member being entitled to cast only one vote." Note that it says "each member " and not "elector " hence the reason for my question.


    CNS: The referendum questions is: “Do you support an electoral system of single member constituencies with each elector being entitled to cast only one vote?” 

  22. CashHasEveryCorputSmiling says:

    Boy the UDP realy frighten now. They all bring class and colour in to the campaign now. Cayman really gone now. Money and greed take over.

  23. Peanuts says:

    I just heard John John Seymour say in Bodden Town tonight that if you vote for the SMC and OMOV, people will know who or what you voted for, and you can be victimized. Can the Ellections office make that go un-corrected? Ask Radio Cayman if you think I made this up.

    • Anonymous says:

      If he really said that, it is too scary for words.

      • Anonymous says:

        He really did.  But then again, they are saying so much lies and using so much scare tactics to try frighten people into voting No.  I can only hope that the people aren't stupid enough to believe all this bullshit.

    • Anonymous says:

      Would that not equate to corruption? Is voting anonymous?

      • Anonymous says:

        The UDP government has rigged the election so that "no shows" will be equivalent to a "no" vote.


        Therefore, the only people who have a rational reason to show up at the polls are the people who will vote "yes".


        Therefore, intimidation (overt and covert) is a very real possibility.

    • Anonymous says:

      'Sounds like a threat to me.

  24. sickntired says:

    Oh so now they want offer people a ride so they can vote!!  What about when people need food, bills to pay but no job, they are then no where to be found.  They need to go and sit down, no of these parties care about ppl and they all need to be voted out as they are not accountable!!

    • Anonymous says:

      If its accountability you want, you should be voting for OMOV then.  This is not a vote for either political party, its a vote for a proper and accounting voting system.

  25. Libertarian says:

    One thing is for sure, whether the one person one vote electoral system is passed or not, this referendum sends out a loud message that the people will have their way. Whatever the result is on Wednesday:  THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN.

    Nevertheless, when the dust settles, the question that haunts me: – will we do more to improve on our electoral system?  Will we have a bicameral legislature?  Will we be able to directly vote in the Premier so we can directly recall him?  I am not satisfied with this system nor the proposed one person one vote system. Still… will "change" work for the better? 

    • Anonymous says:

      Change will work for the better. One step at a time. If we wait for the perfect system we will be discussing this 20 years from now and nothing will have changed. 

      • Anonymous says:

        No we wont be waiting 20 years if Cayamnians will grow balls, but then again.. you are right, we cant even attend meetings and functions that  show cohesinveness, amongst ourselves.

        We will have to wait 20 years, for when  our adapted expats become the majority and take this country over.

        We just dont have it…sorry to say.  Example…, the patriotic things like hero's day, opening of the Vocational training school at Mcfields centre, public meetings for your own good, where were you all? I saw more expats at these gatherings than Caymanians. I see it all the time, 50 Caymanians in an association, meeting call…6 shows up.

        So sad… and you all will be the first one to shout… Im Caymanian! you dont understand what being a Caymanian is, it's not hiding behind the bush, gossiping, or maybe it is ?