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Government oversight

Government oversight

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Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC)

Office of the Auditor General (OAG)

Office of the Complaints Commissioner (OCC)

Information Commissioner's Office (ICO)

Department of Health Regulatory Services

Judicial and Legal Services Commission

Pensions Office

Constituational Commissions:

Human Rights Commission

Commission for Standards in Public Life

Constitutional Commission

Electoral Boundary Commission

Legislative Assembly Committees

Standing Committees

Finance Committee

Public Accounts Committee

Register of Interests Committee

Standing Orders Committee

Standing Select Committees

Standing Business Committee

Standing House Committee

Standing Select Committee on Privilege

Standing Select Committee to Overses the Performance of the Office of the Complaints Commissioner

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Advisory district councils

Advisory district councils

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(CNS Library): The government passed the Advisory District Councils Bill (2010) by eight votes to five in the Legislative Assembly on 31 October 2011. The purpose of the district councils is to advise MLAs but under the law they are appointed by Cabinet and not elected. The bill was opposed by Independent MLA Ezzard Miller and the opposition PPM party after government refused to reconsider making them elected councils or bodies chosen by all the constituency MLAs. As the bill passed, Premier McKeeva Bush said the bill would improve public participation and set in train an “evolutionary change” between the governed and those who govern.

In the news:

District democracy dashed


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Government boards and committees

Government boards and committees

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Government boards are set to over oversee various government entities. They are appointed by the current administration.

Adoption Board 
Advisory Committee on the Prerogative of Mercy 
Agricultural Development Committee 
Airports Authority Board 
Air Transport Licensing Authority 
Animal Welfare Advisory Committee 
Anti-Money Laundering Steering Group 
Aquaculture Development Committee 
Assessment Committee (Roads) 
Beautification Committees 
Business Staffing Plan Board 
CAYS Foundation Board of Directors  
CINICO Ltd Board of Directors 
Caribbean Examinations Council National Committee 
Cayman Against Substance Abuse 
Cayman Airways Board Of Directors 
Cayman Islands Development Bank Board 
Cayman Islands Film Commission 
Cayman Islands Monetary Authority Board of Directors 
Cayman National Cultural Foundation Board 
Cayman Turtle Farm Ltd. Board of Directors 
Caymanian Status & Permanent Residency Board 
Central Planning Authority 
Central Tenders Committee 
Civic Centre Management Committee, Aston Rutty Centre, Cayman Brac 
Cinematographic Authority 
Civil Aviation Authority Board (345) 949-7811
Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) of the Legislative Assembly 
Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (CPA) Executive Committee of the Legislative Assembly 
Community Development Action Committees (CODACS) 
Company Sector Consultative Committee 
Council for Professions Allied with Medicine 
Dangerous Substance Handling & Storage Board 
Department of Vehicle & Equipment Services Board 
Development Control Board 
Development Plan Tribunal 
E-Business Advisory Board 
Education & Training Board 
Education Appeals Tribunal 
Education Board Cayman Brac & Little Cayman 
Education Council 
Electrical Board of Examiners 
Electricity Regulatory Authority Board 
Financial Reporting Authority 
Financial Services Committee 
Grand Court Rules Committee 
Growth Management / Investment Advisory Board 
Health Appeals Tribunal 
Health Councils 
Health Services Authority Board Of Directors 
Hospital Complaints Committee 
Hotels Licensing Board 
Immigration Appeals Tribunal 
Immigration Board Cayman Brac & Little Cayman 
Information & Communications Technology Authority Board 
Investors in People Steering Committee  
Labour Appeals Tribunal 
Labour Tribunals 
Labour Tribunal of Cayman Brac & Little Cayman  
Land Surveyors Board 
Legal Advisory Council 
Legislative Assembly Committees 
Library Committee of Management 
Liquor Licensing Board (Grand Cayman) 
Liquor Licensing Board of Cayman Brac & Little Cayman 
Marine Conservation Board 
Maritime (Shipping) Sector Consultative Committee 
Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands Board of Directors 
Medical & Dental Council 
Miss Cayman Islands Committee 
Museum Board of Control 
Museum Law – Trustees 
National Council of Voluntary Organisations 
National Drug Council 
National Gallery 
National Gallery & Art Institute Board 
National Gallery Management Board 
National Gallery Trustees 
National Housing Development Trust Board of Directors 
National Hurricane Committee 
National Pensions Board 
National Roads Authority Board 
National Trust Council (Appointment of Certain Members) 
National Security Council 
National Youth Commission
Nursing & Midwifery Council 
Parole Commissioners Board 
Pedro St. James National Historic Site 
Pharmacy Council 
Pirates Week Festival Committee 
Planning Appeals Tribunal 
Planning Appeals Tribunal (Sister Islands) 
Plumbers Examination Board 
Port Authority Board (345) 949-2228
Price Gouging Control Commission 
Prison Inspection Board 
Private Finance Initiative Advisory Board 
Private Sector Consultative Committee 
Public Library Management Committee
Public Sector Investment Committee 
Public Service Pensions Board 
Public Service Pensions Board Trustees 
Public Transport Board 
Receiver of Wrecks for the Cayman Islands 
Shipping Sector Consultative Committee 
Sister Islands Affordable Housing Development Corporation Board 
Special Land Disputes Tribunal 
Stamp Advisory Committee 
Stamps Survey Board 
Street Naming & Property Numbering Committee 
T E McField Youth & Community Centre Management Committee 
Tertiary Education Council 
Tourism Advisory Council 
Tourism Attraction Board 
Trade & Business Licensing Board 
University College Board of Governors 
Utilities Advisory Committee 
Veterinary Board 
Water Authority Board 
Work Permit Board


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Statutory authorities & Government-owned business

Statutory authorities & Government-owned business

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Statutory authorities and government companies are owned by the government on behalf of the people of the Cayman Islands but are legally separate from the government. The ownership relationship exists regardless of whether it is reflected in the form of shares or a formal capital holding.

Statutory authorities:

Cayman Islands Airports Authority (CIAA)

Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA)

Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)

Electricity Regulatory Authority (ERA)

Health Services Authority (HSA)

Information Communications and Technology Authority (ICTA)

Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands (MACI)

National Roads Authority (NRA)

Port Authority of the Cayman Islands

Stock Exchange Authority

Tax Information Authority (TIA)

Water Authority (WA)


Government-owned companies:

Cayman Airways Ltd (CAL)

Cayman Islands Development Bank (CIDB)

Cayman Islands National Insurance Company Limited (CINICO)

Cayman Islands National Museum 

Cayman Islands National Cultural Foundation

Children and Youth Services (CAYS) Foundation

Cayman Islands Stock Exchange Limited (CSX)

Cayman Turtle Farm (1983) Limited

National Drug Council 

National Gallery of the Cayman Islands

National Housing Development Trust

Public Service Pensions Board

Sister Islands Affordable Housing Corporation (SIAHC)

Tourism Attractions Board

University College of the Cayman Islands (UCCI)

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Firearms case fixed for January trial

Firearms case fixed for January trial

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(CNS): Despite being in custody at HMP Northward, two men will have to wait until next year to face trial for possession of an unlicensed semi-automatic firearm because of the backlog of Grand Court trials. Roger Moore (27) and Osbourne Douglas (25) were arrested by police in May when officers reportedly recovered the gun from a car the men were in after it was stopped in George Town. Douglas and Moore both pleaded not guilty to the charges on Friday, which the court heard hangs on DNA evidence, and were remanded in custody until the five day trial on 28 January 2013.

The crown claims that the car driven by Douglas was stopped by the police and the men got out of the car. The weapon fell from the pants leg of Moore.

Douglas then tried to grab the weapon and struggled with the police officer, who was eventually able to retrieve the gun. The George Town man had originally pleaded guilty to obstruction following the arrest and was given a sentence of sixty days. He was later re-arrested and charged with possession of the automatic handgun after police found what they say is Douglas’s DNA on the gun.

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Murder cases stalled with appeal result outstanding

Murder cases stalled with appeal result outstanding

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raziel.JPG(CNS): Two outstanding murder charges against a West Bay man have been stalled in the court system as the parties involved wait on the results of a Court of Appeal decision. Raziel Jeffers had an appeal against a murder and attempted murder conviction heard by the appeal court in July but the panel has not yet delivered its verdict. Local Attorney Richard Barton told the chief justice on Friday that two indictments against his client could not progress as no decision had yet been received from the higher court and the further charges against his client were dependent on the outcome of that appeal.

The 28-year-old man’s murder conviction of the fatal shooting of Marcus Ebanks and attempted murder of several other young men during a 2009 gang-related shooting in Bonaventure Lane in West Bay was based heavily on evidence given by his former girlfriend. The same woman is also the crown’s main witness in the allegations against Jeffers for the murder of Marcus Duran and Damion Ming in March 2010, also in West Bay.

However, during his July appeal Michael Wolkind QC, instructed by Barton, had produced telephone evidence before the appeal court that indicated the key witness had lied on the stand about the day of the murder.  As a result, a question mark hangs over the advancement of the charges against Jeffers if the higher court upholds the appeal over the Bonaventure shooting.

With more than a month having passed since the appeal case was heard, Chief Justice Anthony Smellie told both the crown and defence attorneys to write to the Court of Appeal registrar requesting some indication of when a judgment could be expected as the outstanding cases could not simply be allowed to be continually adjourned without any understanding of when the issues might be resolved, he said.

Following his instructions to the lawyers involved, the chief justice adjourned the cases for a further four weeks in the anticipation that by the next appearance there would be some indication on the state of the appeal.

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Appeal reveals key evidence

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Public servants’ pay scale

Public servants’ pay scale

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Annual salary scale for civil servants 1 June 2010 – 30 June 2011

Unique Position by Grade Report – November 2011

Most senior positions:

Salary Range $160,020 – $176,628 Current number of employees
Chief Justice 1
Deputy Governor 1
Governor 1
Puisne Judge 3
Salary Range $152,304 – $172,296 Current number of employees
Attorney General 1
Deputy Premier 1
Financial Secretary 1
Minister 3
Premier 1
Speaker – LA 1
Salary Range $123,348 – $143,064 Current number of employees
Auditor General 1
Cabinet Secretary 1
Chief Magistrate 1
Chief Officer 9
Deputy Financial Secretary 1
Deputy Financial Secretary (Financial Services) 1
District Commissioner 1
Solicitor General 1
Salary Range $105,696 – $125,640 Current number of employees
Accountant General 1
Chief Education Officer 1
Chief Immigration Officer 1
Commissioner of Police 1
Deputy Speaker – LA 1
Director of Public Prosecutions 1
Director of Tourism 1
Director PWD 1
Leader of the Opposition 1
Member of the Legislative Assembly 8
Senior Assistant Financial Secretary 1
Senior Assistant Financial Secretary (Public Fin) 1
Salary Range  $96,372 – $117,420 Current number of employees
Assistant Financial Secretary (Financial Services) 1
Chief Fire Officer 1
Collector of Customs 1
Complaints Commissioner 1
Courts Administrator 1
Deputy Solicitor General 1
Director Lands & Survey 1
Director of Agriculture 1
Director of Children & Family Services 1
Director of Computer Services 1
Director of Environment 1
Director of Environmental Health 1
Director of Financial Services Secretariat 1
Director of Planning 1
Director of Prisons 1
Director Tax Information Authority 1
Director, Department of Commerce & Investment 1
Director, NEMA 1
First Legislative Counsel 1
Information Commissioner 1
Magistrate 2
Postmaster General 1
Principal Policy Advisor 1
Registrar General 1
Senior Strategic Advisor 2
Snr Legislative Counsel/Law Reform Administrator 1

University College of the Cayman Islands 

Salary Range  $71,616 – $96,336 Current number of employees
Accountant 1
Registrar 1
Dean 1


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Christie to probe Jamaica independence bash in UK

Christie to probe Jamaica independence bash in UK

| 02/09/2012 | 6 Comments

Greg-Christie-2_w370.jpg(CNS): Jamaica’s contractor general is undergoing a review of the public money spent on the country’s 50th Independence Anniversary Celebrations, in particular those that took place in the UK. Greg Christie said that as a result of a number of allegations made to his office of “irregular and improper government spending, and 'nepotism', in respect of the Independence Celebrations” and the public disquiet over the alleged lack of information on the public money spent in the United Kingdom, the OCG has written to Robert Martin, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Youth and Culture, asking for all the relevant documents.

“The OCG has requested a copy of the approved budget for the Jamaica 50 Anniversary Celebrations, together with a full accounting in respect of each budget line item to include (a) the particulars of all contracts that were awarded, (b) the names of the respective contractors, (c) the values of the respective contracts, (d) the procurement methodologies that were utilized and, (e) the locations at which the contracts were performed,” the OCG said in a release this week.

As well as examining whether the public got value for money, Christie will be looking at the alleged one million pounds sterling (£1,000,000) which was spent on the London-based Independence Celebrations; air transportation expenditures from Jamaica to the United Kingdom and back; and accommodation expenditures within the UK, as well as the various contracts related to the celebrations.

“In the interest of public transparency, the OCG will table the results of its review in Parliament,” said Christie.

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