Boat captains wait on chief justice’s decision

| 09/10/2012

050 (244x300) (cpt bryan)_0.jpg(CNS): The dispute between the boat captains, the Port Authority and local developer Michael Ryan over the redevelopment and subsequent eviction of local boat owners from Safehaven was aired in the Grand Court Monday and Tuesday. Teams of lawyers argued the case before the chief justice, who is now deliberating the merits of the arguments. The country’s top judge, Anthony Smellie, said he would deliver his decision as soon as possible. In the meantime, the earlier injunction which stopped work at part of the site and allowed the captains to keep their boats at the dock remains in place until the new ruling is delivered.

The dispute between the parties focuses on the port’s deal with Ryan to redevelop the marina as a result of an earlier land swap and the captain’s concerns about both the temporary site and the dimensions of the new marina, which they say is not adequate for their needs.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah, that’s right, Mike Ryan shouldn’t be allowed to do this public project, which he is required to do as part of his contractual obligations under the deal he signed with the PPM government, which will cost his company millions of dollars! That’ll fix him! Let’s releive him of a contractual obligation to spend money on a public asset. I’m sure he’ll be crying himself to sleep every night fretting because he wasn’t allowed to spend a couple of million dollars on a government asset which is earmarked to be occupied by a bunch of whining freeloading local “captains”, all because a bunch of idiots objected to him doing it on the basis that HE owes the government money. Do any of you even bother to think for a second? I guess hate is as blind as love, and fool on top of it…

    • Anonymous says:



      You hit the nail on the head. Its all about hate and jealousey. most of us Caymanians do not want to see an expat make money, in this country, and much more of their own.

      This has now become  the norm of the country..investers bring it in and the natives spend it on building  Castles, BMW, boats, and vacations.

      Do these objectors realise that they are hampering the development of our port authority, which will serve the other 57,354 of us? come on guys it's not all about your selfishness  and envy. We  need to live also.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The boat captains don’t pay dock rental…..why do they have a say in this anyway????

    • Anonymous says:

      I wonder how wealthy these guys are if you figure they are carrying an average of 150 people a dayfor 4 days a week for according to them 20 years at 25.00 a person wow, go figure.

    • Anonymous says:

      The boat captains are Caymanians with DNA to Terra Firma and they can go dig up their bones from their generations unlike the developer of Safehaven.  This property belongs to real Caymanians with no where els to go.  If people without no DNA can come here and expect to get everything for free why should real Caymanians be denied a living in their own country on their own soil and on the sea that they were born to for free.  This is where the line will be drawn in the sand .  It stops here now because there is absolutely no where else on earth that would allow this type of foolishness to happen.  Those who don't like it know just what they can do!

      • Anonymous says:



        And so are the red Indians to our North. But you do not see them stopping progress.

        We have to give up this shit about DNA. For the last 38 years caymanians worked with these same investers and got far in life, you are not going to get anywhere with your attitude..i hear too much of it lateley.

        Why dont you sinsibly lobby like the red indians did? stop making enemies with your neighbours.

        Get with the times, there are no more real caymanians left, we are all dying out, your struggle will be  in vaine. With the human rights act coming soon, you will be beating your head against the wall.


        By a born caymanian

  3. Anonymous says:

    Michael Ryan should not be allowed to do ANY development in Cayman until he pays the 6 MILLION dollars he owes us. 

    • Anonymous says:

      The UDP government should not be able to sign any agreement until they pass the FFR.  Same concept.

    • Anonymous says:

      i like how you say "us" like her personally owes you money. get real