Man robbed in early morning street mugging

| 27/10/2012

(CNS): A man was reportedly robbed of jewellery and cash during an early morning mugging on Saturday while walking through a car park off Lawrence Boulevard. Police said that the 21-year-old man made the complaint to them at 7:25am. He told police that he was in the parking lot near the A La Kebab Restaurant at around 3am Saturday when he asked another man for a light but was then robbed of his gold chain and CI$100 cash. The police said the victim received a slight injury during the incident. The robber is described as about 25 years old, dark complexion, slim built about 6 feet tall, short dark curly hair, with a Caymanian accent and wearing a short sleeve baggy t-shirt.

After the mugging the robber got into a silver car waiting nearby, which had three other people in it. The robber and his companions drove off towards West Bay, the police stated.

Anyone with information on this incident or who was in the vicinity during the time is asked call 949 4222.

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  1. Billybob says:

    If you walk around late at night with gold you fall squarely within the "asking for it" category.

    • Anonymous says:

      Really?  People are getting bludgeoned unconscious from behind, crushed to the ground on their skulls, and robbed of their possessions…and you would sympathize with the cowardly home-grown recidivists that perpetrate that?  

    • Anonymous says:


      Asking for it????

      I think not.

  2. Anonymous says:

    At least one other mugging behind Cimboco same night.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Is jewellery the cause of all the robberies these days.  Cash for gold is so easy to get.  When are we going to do something about the gold rush??

    • Anonymous says:


      Cash for gold is the problem????

      What the hell is wrong with you.