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PPM calls for action

PPM calls for action

| 04/11/2012 | 88 Comments

Alden.jpg(CNS): In the face of the premier’s latest spat with the UK, which the opposition has described as bordering on “treacherous”, the PPM has called for action. Warning that Premier McKeeva Bush’s behaviour could bring down direct rule to the Cayman Islands from the UK, the opposition said the business community as well as the public at large needed to loudly condemn the premier’s behaviour and use the power of public opinion to make him see his actions are not welcome. Following the defiant behaviour of Bush in face of pressure from the UK to honour his commitments, the PPM says he is deliberately pushing the British to their limits in order to provoke an unnecessary crisis to distract away from his unpopularity.

“We have only to consider what has happened in the Turks and Caicos Islands to understand what the need for intervention by the UK Government will do to investor confidence in Cayman,” the opposition party said in an official statement released on Saturday. “The UK’s suspension of the constitution of the Turks and Caicos Islands derailed its financial industry, destroyed small businesses and ruined the quality of life of its residents and citizens.”

The statement pointed to the fact that it was not just the UK that was losing lost patience.

“We can all see without help from the UK what Mr Bush has been doing. But now his foolishness is drawing the country into a completely unnecessary crisis, with no upside for Cayman, and a very deep downside. He is playing brinkmanship with the stability and economic fortunes of the country and in doing so he is inciting the UK to take actions which ought not to be necessary. This is more than merely irresponsible, it borders on treacherous,” the PPM said.

The opposition described Bush’s sabre rattling with the UK as a “desperate last measure” to attract votes and detract away from the lamentable record of mismanagement.

“The premier’s determination to sign on to the CHEC project in defiance of the obvious principles of good governance set out in the FFR (which he signed last year) is inexplicable and irrational — except on the basis that he has lost his senses altogether, or that there is something in it for him personally," the PPM stated. “It cannot be that he sees an advantage for Cayman in having a new China city right where passengers disembark, competing with our existing businesses; it cannot be that he sees an advantage for Cayman in having an army of Chinese workers to construct the facility while thousands of Caymanians remain unemployed."

Urging everyone to make their opposition to his behaviour widely known and calling for a mass demonstration, the PPM, which is in the process of re-grouping ahead of the May elections, said it was time for right thinking men and women to stand up and condemn the “madness” because Bush will react to public opinion.

See full statement from the PPM below.

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