CoP warns rumourmongers

| 12/12/2012

_DSC7472-web.jpg(CNS): The head of the local police is threatening to take legal action against the people spreading what he says is an entirely false story about his involvement in a road crash after drinking alcohol but not being asked to take a breath test. The commissioner of police (CoP), David Baines, has also pointed out that a picture circulating on social media of a sleeping police officer is not a member of the RCIPS. Baines said he was not oblivious to the fact that the emergence of the rumour and the picture coincide with the high profile sensitive police investigation currently underway, but the attempts to damage the RCIPS and his reputation would not undermine the probe.

“It has come to my attention over the past 24 hours that there have been two very separate but distinct attempts to undermine the credibility of both the RCIPS and me personally,” Baines said in a statement released Wednesday morning.  “It is not lost on me that these attacks come at a time when we are in the midst of a very sensitive and high profile investigation. However, let me assure the public, and those who would seek to damage both my reputation and that ofthe RCIPS as a whole, that we will not allow them to detract us from the job in hand.”

The top cop said he was aware of rumours circulating that he was involved in a car crash sometime in the past two weeks and, that despite the fact he was allegedly driving under the influence, he was not asked to provide a breath test to the officers at the scene.

“The incident referred to did not take place and anyone who suggests it did is a liar,” Baines stated emphatically. “I do not drink and drive and if I had been involved in a crash, I would expect my officers to act professionally and to administer a breath test, as per our normal procedures. Let me make it clear that it is my intention to take legal action against anyone who has made, or continues to make, pass-on or publish, these defaming comments.”

The commissioner asked anyone who has received such comments to come forward and name the people responsible to allow those proceedings to commence.

“I would urge anyone who believes that they have evidence of wrongdoing by me, or indeed of any RCIPS officer, to contact our Professional Standards Unit. However, if individuals don’t have confidence in the internal investigation process they should send the information to the Governor’s Office for attention.  I expect the highest standards of my officers, not least as that is what the public of the Cayman Islands deserves. Those same standards apply to myself and anyone else on the Island, as none of us is above the law.”

sleepy officer.JPG_.JPG_.jpgBaines also pointed to a photograph which has circulated on social media showing a sleeping police officer wearing a cap with a red band. “This photograph is being circulated with the headline – RCIPS at its best. The individual in the picture is not an RCIPS officer and the cap badge is clearly from another jurisdiction.”

Baines said although the picture has been circulating round the Caribbean for several months – the headline stating it is an RCIPS officer has only just been added for greater local impact.

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  1. As I see it says:


    Talk about speculation!! How could anyone in this world definitively say unless they know the person in the photo being circulated is a police officer? And how could anyone reasonably say- other than the person in the photograph that this person is genuinely sleeping? Anyone could pick up a cap and put it on and pretend that they are sleeping- There are a lot of imposters around would not hesitate to try and make a genuine statement for one reason or another and hope that it affects the targeted audience.

    So am I to understand that some people are so naïve that if a young adult male or female chooses to put on their dad's police cap or his uncle’s fireman cap and decides to have a photo taken for fun that it automatically turns that person into a police officer or a fireman?  There is too much speculation- people need to try and focus on the facts. It’s probably for this same reason amongst others- that attorneys and their clients are dead scared of Jury's because people seem to have such difficulty sticking to the facts at hand.

    I won’t pretend- yes it’s human to speculate- but trying to tear down the Commissioner and an organization such as the RCIPS is reckless and without substance. I only hope that the person/s responsible is found.

    For one reason or another -the devil seems to always find work for idle hands.

    Hunt for them RCIPS!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mr Baines congrats for standing up on this matter and letting us know what the people are trying to put you and the rips down.
    Now what would is go seize that person who is always calling in the lunch time talk show, band from the morning show oh and yes even from the coffee shop (lol)
    This man has made false accusations in the past about the police not doing there jobs and even made threatening statements to persons who don’t support (we u know who).
    Believe me Mr Baines this person would be the first to spread these rumours about you and probably wrote and email to the governor and fco by now.

  3. madazhell says:

    LOL – Action against Rumours – Didn't your mama tell you about sticks and stones breaking you bones and names not hurting you?


    Go solve a real crime.

  4. Anonymous says:

    So what is the difference in him threatening us and Mckeeva doing the same thing? Power is challenging thing to handle. Walk carefully my friend!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Hasn't Baines heard about the Marl Road?? Better get used to it if he is going to continue to live here.



  6. Anonymous says:

    Wow heavy stuff my brit policeman!

  7. Bud Bud says:

    Old buddy Mouth open kinda wide, a wander wha he dreaming bout?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Commissioner Baines, I am very proud of you and glad that you are taking a stand on this issue!  I hope that those who have information to help identify the culprits will stelp forward and provide it. It is about time that some of the rumourmongering scum on this island be dealt with and lessons be taught! Too many times good people are attacked through the spread of blatant lies by those who dislike them. They get away with it because no one is willing to come forward and say where it came from. I know of many incidents over the years where this sort of thing has happened and has marred the reputation of good, honest and hardworking individuals. There are many examples where someone was promoted because they were deserving of their promotion through hard work and skills but those who coveted the job started rumours saying it was because the person was in bed with someone or some other demeaning lie. Another example is when hardworking and well deserving people decided to resign their job for a better paying one but the rumourmongering lie was that they were fired!  There are also a few who decided to retire simply because they could afford to but the lies spread were that they were asked to retire or were "forced out". All lies to attack those hardworking, intelligent and lovely people who have worked very hard for these islands and live their lives above reproach but who are attacked by spiteful, lying scum. The list to go on and on and I'm sure many people know of other situations too. So, yes, Commissioner Baines take a stand Sir, leave no stone unturned and smoke them out! Deal with them and make examples of what happens to rumourmongering scum. Best of luck with that Sir .. best wishes for a grand outcome!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I'm surprised it only took a day for this attempt at intimidation to start. Commissioner Baines, most of the people in Cayman are behind you 100% in this matter and we will support you in any way we can. We know that you will do what is right, legal and ethical in this investigation. We know that this will be a very difficult and nasty part of your job to do and that the intimidation that is prevalent in Cayman at the moment will be directed at you and the others in the legal profession who are trying to do your jobs. Stand fast and know that we stand with you.


  10. Anonymous says:

    New customer for a dentist:)

  11. B. Plate says:

    Sleeping policemen are a proven deterrent in certain traffic situations. Sleeping politicians less so………..

  12. Juanunos says:

    Whoever is doing this is wasting their time anyway because the serious investigation won't be conducted by RCIPS but by police and security service officers brought in from the UK backed up by an outside legal team – didn't you learn anything from TCI?


    • Anonymous says:

      Serious Investigation – you mean like Tempura? Yea, ok that's great! More UK cops here on a FREE all expense paid vacay!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Who do we ask or petition to keep them here?

      I am willing to pay a small 'expat tax' if it means we can subsidise them and get these sort of results.

  13. they don't fool me. says:

    Defamation is one thing but freeom of expression Is another. If a person express a honest opinion on the social media he should not be warned or threaten with prosecution.

    No Public Official should think themselves above scrunity by members of the public and even criticism on some occassion. (constructive)

    However people should state opinions separately from a statement of fact, a distinction which is sometimes hard to be drawn.

    If you say "Mike is a thief" you are making a statement of fact. Similarly if you state that "Mike's honesty is questionable" this is also a statement of fact. In both cases one would open himself to possible action for defamation i.e. Slander or libel provided all the other elements are present. Although the second statement sounds like an opinion,it is ineed a statement of fact.

    If you say "i would not trust Mike" you are stating your opinion which is not actionable in either forms of defamation stated above. It may be that you don't know Mike enough or you don't trust strangers(Mike).

    Honest expression of opinion  is always ok provided you make it clear its such. So people should not  make statement by blindly following hearsay staements without the facts being ascertained to be true. Just because a policman is dressed in a particular uniform and is of a certain ethnicity does not necessarily mean he is a member of the RCIP. neither does flashy news whch sounds exciting.


    • Anonymous says:

      Ironic that I heard this very argument put forward on Rooster this morning. The fact is that the Commissioner is absolutely correct in issuing his statement which is also freedom of speech! When lying scumbags make up deliberate lies to tarnish the good name of individuals that is not freedom of speech but a deliberate, dirty attack that should be dealt with. I hope the Commissioner will be successful in detecting where these lies came from and will deal with them as they should be dealt with. 

  14. Anynomous says:

    Mr Baines I am expecting you toget to the bottom of who posted this picture and made such allegations against the RCIP.  If you do not do this, then my comments would be that you condone the person who did such evil wicked act.

    It is about time that people pay for the wicked things they do to people in this Island.  I am hoping to read that you have gotten to the bottom of this wicked act and to have continued faith and trust in you, I am expecting you to take full action against the persons.   Get a court order to demand from what ever sources that have been rumor-mongering and saying things that are not true.  Charge them.

    Mr Baines if you watch carefully and read all the bloggers on the news you will clearly see where all this is coming from.  Evil doers who want to see this country destroyed, and they do not care if you go down with the ship.

    Top Cop I am sure you are a fair and sensible man.  If you exercise correct judgement you will come to realize that pure wickedness is taking place on this Island, just with the intention to hang a man.  Thank y ou for being wise, and sue them.  I just have a stinking  feeling that someone is going to get their ass sued very soon.

    • Wise Old Owl says:

      Since when has rumour mongering been a crime?  At most it would be a tort. 

      • Anynomous says:

        Is rumor mongering not also defamation of character.  Yes it is answerable in the court.  Try spreading a rumor about someone and see if you do not appear before the judge.

        • Anonymous says:

          So, as the post you were trying to respond to pointed out, it is a tort not a crime.

    • Anonymous says:

      Lets get to the bottom of the Bush investigations first though – all of them – as a matter of priority please.

    • Anonymous says:

      You have a "stinking" feeling? Is Stinky back and how is he involved in this storey?? And don't do the feeling thing with him, DOE said its not allowed. That would indeed be wicked.

      Glad I got that off my mind, been thinking about much more serious things recently.

      Mr Baines, go get the people who write this drivel. I know I am writing drivel, but it is not aimed at anyone other than the person who wrote the drivel before me. Oldest trick in the book is to smear somebody for doing their job properly and try to discredit them. I am sure we can all guess the sources.

  15. Anonymous says:

    A blatant and rather pathetic attempt to deflect attention away from the current government crisis.  The Commissioner and RCIPS will hold firm against this juvenile slur and continue to resolve this investigation in an even handed and professional manner.

    • Anonymous says:

      There are some living among us who would stoop this low and condone corruption at any cost.  Mr. Baines do whatever is in your power and the power of the FCO to bring these people to account for their actions.  Cayman and all honest residents must be protected at any cost. It is just a red herring.

    • WHAT A JOKE says:

      The nail hit firmly on the head – a typical childish knee-jerk reaction from bush’s brainwashed supporters.

    • Anonymous says:

      Haha like their stolen van and motor cycle hahaha