PPM:Premier must step down

| 13/12/2012

Alden.jpg(CNS): The opposition leader has said it is untenable for the premier to remain in office and called on the UDP to oust him from the top government job. Alden McLaughlin said that if they do not take steps to remove McKeeva Bush by 3pm Friday, the opposition would call for a special meeting of the Legislative Assembly to hold a 'no confidence' debate, giving every member the chance to declare where they stand on the issue. He said Bush could not possibly continue as premier or a cabinet member while on police bail and suspected of committing serious crimes, including theft.  His sentiments were echoed bythe North Side MLA, who said the country needed to know if the UDP supported the premier in his intention to remain in office.

In a statement from the PPM, which followed a short release from the premier’s office Thursday that he was remaining as premier, McLaughlin pointed to the problems Bush now faces, given his arrest Tuesday, and the continued cloud of suspicion over his head by staying in the job.

“It is untenable that the premier of the Cayman Islands should have to obtain the permission of the police every time he is required to travel overseas to conduct the country’s business,” McLaughlin said. “It is untenable that for the foreseeable future business people will have to explain to any foreign investor or person doing business in Cayman how it is that the Premier of the Cayman Islands continues in office after having been arrested and bailed on suspicion of having committed serious criminal offences.”

The opposition leader said Bush could only continue as premier and a minister of the Cabinet with the support of his colleagues.

Speaking to CNS on Thursday, Independent MLA Ezzard Miller also pointed out that, while the premier had said he was staying put, no one had heard from the UDP and it was up to them whether he actually did or not. Miller questioned why the country had not heard from them and wondered if cracks were appearing in the, until now, steadfast loyalty among his government colleagues.

“We need to hear from them how they can justify supporting him in office and if they do not support him, in the interests of the country, I suggest they need to remove him at once,” he said.

The opposition leader said the Cabinet and the government back-bench could not remain quiet and hope that this blows over. 

“It is not going to blow over and arguments about 'innocent until proven guilty' are not relevant.  We are not prejudging the guilt or innocence of Mr Bush. That is a matter for a court of law, should he eventually be charged and prosecuted,” the PPM leader stated. 

He added that the issues were the degree of reputational damage being done to government and Cayman by Bush continuing as premier and the potential for the investigations to be unduly influenced by the mere fact that the subject occupies such a high office.

“It matters not whether the potential for undue influence is real or perceived for even the perception is damaging to the application of justice,” the PPM leader stated, adding that it was also certain that Bush would be distracted by the fact that he is beinginvestigated for such serious criminal offences.

He called on all of the UDP Cabinet members and back benchers to take the necessary steps to remove Bush and appoint another of their number as premier.

“If they do not do so by 3pm tomorrow, I intend to immediately petition the speaker of the House to call a special meeting of the Legislative Assembly early next week to consider the recent arrest of the premier and his suitability to continue as premier as a matter of urgent national importance. Should the speaker decline to exercise her discretion to call a Special Meeting, I shall endeavour to obtain the signatures of at least seven members of the House to compel the speaker to do so."

Although Miller confirmed that he would give his support to the opposition leader, he said it was conditional.

"If there was to be another Lack of Confidence motion filed," he said, "it would need to have a secret ballot, otherwise it will not work as the opposition needs the support of the government back benchers to oust the front bench and, in turn, the premier, which is an unlikely scenario without anonymity,” he said.

Secondly, Miller said, there had to be a request added to the motion that, should it fail, the governor use his reserve powers to prorogue parliament andcall an election for eight weeks after the debate and let the country decide who should lead Cayman.

In an effort to sway the UDP members, the opposition leader said in his statement that the current situation could not be about what is in the best interest of Bush or the UDP government, but the best interest of the reputation and image of the Cayman Islands. McLaughlin also put out a wider plea to the community and public at large to also demand that Bush return to the backbenches until the election.

“We shall therefore be turning to civil society and all right thinking residents of these Islands for support in taking the first steps to restore pride, trust and confidence in our government,” McLaughlin said.

Although there have been various statements from the country’s industry and professional bodies and although there is very serious concerns about what the premier’s arrest could do to Cayman, all except the politicians have stopped short of actually calling for the premier’s resignation publicly.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    What nonsense!! Imagine the Governor, the Commissioner of Police and the Opposition is against the Premier because they envy him. Nonsense!! It is exactly what happened in Sheldon Brown's book the Mayflower after the corrupt Prime Minister was given bail. How did Sheldon Brown know this before it happened?? Only God knows. But we at the church are praying for him. I am convinced that God is using him to reveal what is hidden from many of us on this Island. God bless you Sheldon and please give your life to God.

  2. Anonymous says:

    It would help if the PPM would lead by example and disband their party followed by the C4C, then the UDP would have to do the same..If there is only UDP remaining I doubt they would want to remain in that manner.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, right now the problem is the UDP. They are running the country. Into the ground, that is.

  3. needlecase says:

    11 December 2012 – This from News27:-

    "The Opposition Party is weighing in on Tuesday morning’s arrest of Premier McKeeva Bush. Opposition Leader, Hon. Alden McLaughlin says it’s too early to call on the premier to step down. / Cayman 27′s Tammi Sulliman has the interview in the video. / Independent members weigh in on Premier’s arrest / Independent MLA’s Arden McLean and Ezzard Miller believe the time has come for the premier to step aside. The two held a press briefing Tuesday." Video – http://www.cayman27.com.ky/2012/12/11/opposition-independent-and-c4c-group-weighs-in-on-premiers-arrest

    Now for the FLIP-FLOP.

    13 December 2012 – from News27:-

    "Now that Hon. McKeeva Bush has stated he refuses to step down as Premier of the Cayman Islands, Opposition Leader, Hon. Alden McLaughlin, says enough damage has been done to the island’s reputation and 'Mr. Bush cannot possibly continue as Premier or as a member of the Cabinet.'" Video – http://www.cayman27.com.ky/2012/12/13/opposition-leader-now-calling-for-premier-to-step-down

    LOL.. Alden always amazes me!  After he dogs on Ezzard / Arden and rest of Opposition, he makes a U-turn and declares what they were declaring all along. Mr. Flipper did the same thing with the Rollover Policy. He was FOR it and now a year ago is AGAINST it. The same with the "one man one vote", he questioned the group of activists including Ezzard as to why they were calling for a referendum and pushing the issue when he would ensure it would be passed if people elected him. Then after some weeks singing that tune, jumps on their wagon.


    (Expecting alot of thumbs down from ppm commenters)


    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe you could better understand this process if it is in simpler terms.  For example, you would tell your son he can't drink when he is 17 1/2, but when he is 18 then you tell him he is now legally allowed to drink.  You are not flip-flopping, you are intelligently advising your son based on the law of the land.

      Everything in due time.

    • Anonymous says:

      He did not flip flop.  His first statement he said something to the effect he was going to give them 24 hours to do the right thing.  The next day when they had not he called for the premiers resignation.  I think it was clear form the TV coverage when he spoke that he was offering the UDP MLAs a chance to act. They failed to do so.

    • G.Towner says:

      Alden may appear to be a FLIP-FLOPPER or Mr. Flipper like you put him, but at least he thinks before he speaks, and whenever something arises that is detrimental, he is not scared to change his position. McKeeva appears to be someone who wouldn't never admit he is wrong; Alden is not like that, and that is why I would prefer him anyday over Bush.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just for the record I am not a PPMer or a C4Cer.   But nevertheless you got my thumbs-down.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Alden is showing the international community that our Opposition Party is competent and well grounded.  He has shown that they are not playing politics.  Instead they gave the UDP Government the chance to act by making McKeeva step down.  Now Julianna, Mike, Rolston, Mark, Dwayne, Elio, CG and Capt. Eugene have proven to all of us that they are 100% in support of the Premier and unwilling to make him step down.  Now, Alden is appropriately calling for his resignation by callling for a meeting of the LA and a No Confidence vote.

    Thank you Alden.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Alden Mclaughlin please do me one favor. "Please stop the Flip Floping"   You could never be a good Opposition leader and dont even think if being premier.  Hand the mike to someone else and come off the platform.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Alden does not over react.  He considers matters carefully beore he speaks.  He considers the effect his words and actions will have on Cayman before he takes action.  He cares about this country.  Mac does not.  All his actions prove that.  I;m not saying he didn't start out caring about the country but something has changed big time. He is arrogant and looks down on his people.  His mouth is like an open sewer.  He is now blaming the governor for his conduct.  He needs to take responsbility for himself. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Like when he got into that punched up with Elio great poise and leadership on display

  7. Truth says:

    Here is ANOTHER chance for PPM to prove itself able and competent enough to lead.  Can you get this guy out of office before he goes to jail or not?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Gather signatures & once the signatures reach 1/2 or more submit it to Duncan Taylor ( governor), that will get him to step down! No confidence by the people not ppm!


    • Anonymous says:

      You can't force Mac to step down with a voters petition. The UDP membership or the UDP MLA's need to vote to remove him as leader of the party or one of them needs to join the opposition in a vote of no confidence. 

  9. Anonymous says:

    Alden, late to the party, as usual…zzzz

  10. Anonymous says:

    this man should have been removed from office a long time ago on the grounds of gross incompetency…….

    cayman deserves what it gets for voting this man in along with his udp puppetts….

  11. Anonymous says:

    Ppm & the udp are a waste of time! They got us in this $$$$ problem now!


  12. anonymous says:

    The PPM did the right thing this time. The leader of the country gets arrested, you can't be too inhumane. Is not like the PPM just want him to step down. You would try to give him and the other members of the UDP to do the right thing and ask him to step down. Asking Bush to step down is easy. Knowing Bush, even after he gets sentence, and is in Northward, he still would think that he would be the most suitable to be the Premier.

    The real problem is that the UDP is not a party, it is a one man show. They can't take one step or make one decision without the Premiers input.

    If the Premier step down, there is know one to step up. They all would have to step out.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Enough. He needs removing by force.

  14. Slowpoke says:

    Governor, just call early an election!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Alden McLaughlin you have my backings.  I am appalled at the perceptive that the UDP supporters have of you, but do not allow them to distract what your role as a minority opposition is, its is up to those UDP members to grow some backbones and ask their leader to step down and resign.  When he is not around to tell them what to say and do they are clueless!  By now they should had made a party statement on the matter.  They are real losers.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Ezzard do you think the UDP is supporting the premier? i think so.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Step down for what.  I can see you looking for trouble.

  18. Anonymous says:

    What appears to be the PPM's "wait to measure the public reaction' tactic is humourous at least and disgusting and dangerous at worst! All sorts of things can happen in our country while they, the so called opposition, wait to see how the public will react and then seemingly jump on the most popular side. How sad for these previous islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      PPM followed protocol to allow the Premier an opportunity to do the right thing and step down, and to give his party, the UDP the opportunity to remove him if he did not resign on his own.

      Since none of the UDP MLAs have called for him to step down, now the Opposition is.  Thank You Alden.

  19. Anonymous says:

    Good call. I don't see why it needs to be a secret ballot though. I'd like to know which MLAs consider it OK to have a man suspected of serious criminal conduct as premier, so that I can be sure to never vote for them.

  20. Anonymous says:

    If I recall correctly when the Constitutional meetings were being held, I had asked the question if the population could remove a member of Cabinet by Referendum and Alden said no, it had to be done by the other members of the LA.  My opinion was that, that was not good.  Another problem was that I do not recall there being a provision for the Governor to remove or suspend any MLA or Minister if they were suspected of corruption, or other misconduct.  Again, I felt there needed to be proper checks and balances in place.  A third issue I had was MLAs casting lots and horse-trading amongst themselves for who would be Ministers.  In my view Cabinet, because they represent the three Cayman Islands, should be elected by a national vote.  We aught to know who are putting themselves forward for the various portfolios and ministries so that we can judge who would probably make the best government.  As Cabinet only has one collective vote, we then only need one representative for each District and that includes only one for Cayman Brac and only one for Little Cayman! 

    Now I know politicians don't want to hear that because it takes away their ability to maneuver and horse-trade themselves into power, but we do not have an enhanced Constitution with this yoke that we have always had.  Here we have an untenable situation where a Premier has been arrested and refuses to step down and no one can remove him!

    If I do not hear candidates in the next election set out clear enhancements to the Constitution and other relevant laws to rectify the lack of checks and balances that are the root cause of the problems we currently face, I will not be voting for any of them because they are all out for themselves and will take us to hell in a hand basket and I will be able to sleep at night knowing that I did not contribute to giving them the power to do it.  I am sick and tired of the stinking politics with no one really having the willingness to do what needs to be done.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Why? He hasn’t done anything wrong…

  22. Anonymous says:

    Yes we the UDP are supporting Bush and we are not asking him to step down.   North Side if you know somethings that other people know you would ask your representative to step down.  Every body number soon play.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Mrs. Mary Lawerence will not allow any such action.   She is a biased UDP supporter.  She demontrated this by visiting Mac's yard along with the other blind and guilible minnions!

  24. Anonymous says:

    He should propose amendments to strengthen our extremely weak anti-corruption and conflict of interest laws at the same time – that would have about as much chance of being passed by the current government as the no confidence motion

  25. Anonymous says:

    tens of millions of dollars short and hundreds of days late

  26. Anonymous says:

    I guess it took two days for him to get instructions from Anton Duckworth on what he should say next and approval to act like a leader.

  27. Anon says:

    Politics in Cayman is so sad. It is kind of like watching Dumb and Dumber! Don’t you guys have better people than McKeeva and Alden to chose as a leader? So sad because they both crave power and are both incompetent

  28. needlecase says:

    Alden McLaughlin has a way of saying one thing and then turning around and saying something else. I thought he declared on News27 that Opposition shouldn't be so quick to call for the Premier to step down… Now he is declaring that he should step down! 

    Which is it?

  29. Anonymous says:

    “His hands are clean and his heart is pure” LOL

    Between those two jokers this place will be 3rd world in 2013

    • Y U T E says:

      Hey BK gary, the C4C is new to this, just a bunch of has-been upset former UDP'ers, who don't know too much about the politics of the situation, so please try go fight another battle. It will not help your group of rich white collar backers to fight against the opposition in hope that it will return your udp to power because the UDP is dead! It is an old trick C4C, but it will not work because even though you can heal the sick you cannot raise the dead & the UDP is dead!

    • wow says:

      It already is.. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Nice try PPM and while you are at it take away his passport and PhD too.

  30. Anonymous says:

    R@$$ he just got the memo what the Leader of the Opposition is supposed to do or what?

  31. Anonymous says:

    You would think by now that the opposition would know they do not control the house.  How on Earth would they think that any motion would now suddenly amount to anything more than hot air?  Start the petition.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why are some of you people looking for a war in Cayman.  Have you thought about that.

      • Anonymous says:

        Some of us people are actually looking for peace and prosperity, and an honest and transparent, intelligent,educated Government that actually gives a damn about the Cayman Islands and our people. Have you thought about that?

    • Anonymous says:

      How many times do you have to be told that the man cannot be removed by a voters petition?

  32. Anonymous says:

    Start the voter led petition requesting his resignation – send signatures to gov'nor and it will be done.

    • Anonymous says:

      As nice as that would be, the premier cannot be removed by a voters petition. The Opposition has tried to bring TWO votes of "no confidence" to the LA and the UDP have proved themselves as bad as Mac is by keeping him in power. Even if a petition could remove him, it would take months to verify all the signatures as legitimate voters and have the desired result. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Ok Let the Chamber of Commerce begin the Petition, we are just dying for that.

    • Anonymous says:



      Now what happen to process over substance? you hypocrite!

      let the process begin. Why do you want to now take this to the streets and not let juswtice takes its course . Is it beacuse  you all hypocrites know you will lose this one again.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Alden and PPM only just figured this out? Shocking bests describes the lack of political acumen by this lot

  34. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for finally getting around to this matter. PPM ga be slower than the Rembro, Now please make sure you have enough votes to pass the motion unless you will look like a moron again for the third time!

    • Anonymous says:

      Hush you all mouths Please.


      PPM is now using smart politics.  All politicains should wait and think before they go off and fight and speak and run thier mouth.  Alden did the right respectiable thing and waited unitl he saw or understood what the Primier would do or say.


      I am sure Alden had his statement of requesting resignation teh same day becasue he knew what the Dictator would say.


      We as a people are tired of their fighting and bickering.  PPM did the right thing and with held their decision to say on what they Premier or UDP should have done.


      These little boys have to stop fighting in the LA like children and pointing fingers and fighting and get down to the business of what we put them their for.


      We can watch drama on TV.  


      We need them to get to thebusiness of the country and stop looking on dirt on eachother, stop the TRAVEL, stop the corruption.



    • B. Plate says:

      Rembro? More like the Kirk Express. When the weather got bad they used to turn her around and go forwards in reverse!

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you understand that the opposition is made up of the minority, and the government by nature is formed by having the majority?  So the job of the opposition is to call on the conscience of the Government to consider their decisions. So now I ask you how can the PPM'S guarantee they have enough votes? Why not call on the upstanding members (if there is any) of YOUR Government to support the oppositions call so WE all don't continue to look like morons to the rest of the world.

      • Anonymous says:

        That is exactly what they are doing. They need one UDP MLA to grow a pair and vote with them.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Well said…

  36. Anonymous says:

    Too late again PPM. Please tell Alden several groups like C$C have called for the resignation of Premier Bush 48hrs ago.

    • Anonymous says:

      Too late for what?  Didn't you read the Progessives' statement which was issued on Tuesday?  Anyhow, tell me what C$C going to do now?  The Progressives are going to try to remove Mac. At least they doing somerhting else except talk,  It"s the like of Jude and dan scott and Jimmy bergstrom out mckeeva there in the first place.

    • Anonymous says:

      You all wasting your time fellas!

      leave the man alone. come up with a better way of moving this country forward and you might be considered.