UDP: A picture of failure

| 13/12/2012

The detention of Cayman’s Premier on corruption charges has dealt a severe blow to the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP). On the Marl Road we have more rumours than green iguanas in Cayman; rumours about who will be next, who has gone away, who has set fire to files, transferred assets and even computers flung over the drop-off, to mention a few.

The handling of this situation by the UDP has been in keeping with the party’s ineptitude of the past three and a half years. Its lack of leadership ability, structure and competence is woefully obvious.

At this crucial time the ruling party should be the heavyweights, the bright minds, the leadership that should be stepping forward to instill confidence in its followers, not to mention the world at large.

We as a people need to keep this picture of failure to perform in mind, when next we have the opportunity to vote for a representative. No longer can we vote for Mr Nice Guy or for Miss So & So, because theyare a church sister or part of a particular team or party.

We must now look for qualities that will enable our representatives to lead, think and act in a responsible manner. Cayman is in the Caribbean, however it is not to be governed by the same ignorant and corrupt politics as some of our neighboring Islands. We have long passed that point.

I ask that you consider the sitting UDP members of government; weigh their accomplishments, moral behavior, principles, honesty and leadership examples. I have, and I find them lacking in strength of character and courage. They are not good examples to young Caymanians, nor are they competent to represent Cayman as we face the crucial time ahead.

The UDP is a dying dinosaur of old style carpet-bagging politics. It is on its death bed and Cayman will be better off when the party is taken off life-support by the voters.

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  1. Anonymous9 says:


    Gone are the days of old boy politics. Everyone is watching ever more closely now and social media will keep you on your toes.

    You can't trade favors so easily like back in the good ol' days from 20 years ago. I can't believe it has taken only the last 4 years for people to notice and speak out on the waste and favoritism. The church millions alone was enough for me to retch in my own mouth.

    Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

    • Anonymous says:

      What hapenned 20 years ago pales in comparison to what has been happening recently. Corruption is now the rule rather than the exception.   

  2. Anonymouse Man says:

    Tommy old boy you are right. You have given some very worhty advice. I wish you could make this into a flyer and put this in the hadn of every persons on this island. Thank you.

  3. Anonymou says:

    Whoever you are and which ever group you support, I would rather hear some solutions for this country's problems than simply bashing the UDP because if you have no solutions I sure don't want you or the group you represent in the next government.

    The problems are complex and with the governments capacity to borrow severely restricted the next government will need to be the A Team so bashing will not be enough and voters will need to look beyond bad mouthing and require solutions from the candidates to elected office.

    • Anonymous says:

      I have this feeling that the UDP will win the 2013 elections, they just have the numbers.    When I look at the results of the last election, I just know that there is now a strangle hold on politics that will not be broken anytime soon.  I see the same dissappointing results happening in Cayman as what took place recently in TCI.  Thank God EE and NS is safe for now because they still have majority native population but as for any other district forget it, natives outnumbered.  Have been a voter since 1980 and was able to correctly predict the winner of each election until last year which was a shocker.  There was no doubt about WB, NS, EE, CB & LC but anywhere else look at the change of demographics.  BT results was a shocker and just look how that district have changed over the years especially since 2003.  Not to mention GT, still scratching my head on that one, garrison politics at work even outright voter tampering and nothing.

    • Anonymous says:

      I wholeheartedly agree that there is no reason to bash the UPD. None! The people who are not already of the opinion that the UDP are a cadre of political nincompoops are either morons or comatose (or both) in my humble opinion . So continued bashing is just beating a dumb horse.


      Ok… now for solutions.

      Here are my solutions and due to your comment I am sure you are with me on this:

      1. Bush, the lands most infamous and prolific purveyor of  "badmouthing",  immediately resigns from office and never returns to the political arena.

      2. The House immediately adopts and passes a constitutional amendment eliminating the constitutional framework for political parties.

      3. Any political figure now in office who has done any "bashing" immediately resigns from office.

      4. The UPD and PPM  immediately disband.

      I am glad you are 100% with me on all solutions because you and I can both agree that Bush and his  UDP, and the PPM, have done much "bashing" and have offered few viable solutions and are therefore unworthy to lead our land. Why wait until the next election? Let the solutions start now! (Right?)



  4. Anonymous says:

    vote them out…all of them!

  5. Anonymous says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    Who are you now?

  7. Anon says:

    IF a precedent is set that the RCIPS can destroy our elected officials by arresting them (as they have done with Judges that we have later found completely innocent and compensated them in the millions of dollars), then the RCIPS have in their hands a weapon that can destroy anyone they choose in the Cayman Islands.

    Today, it will be Mac – and some Caymanians will not defend him because we don't like him;

    Tomorrow it may be another Politician – and Caymanians won't defend them because we don't like them.

    And then the RCIPS can arrest any Caymanian that upsets the wishes of the UK or some senior officer, and there will be no one to defend them.

    Think Caymanians. The seed you sow is the fruit you reap.

    Yes, Mac has been arrested – and as exciting as that is for those who hate him – remember the RCIPS can arrest anyone they wish – you can imagine how happy they were – but don't be judge. Give your fellow man the benefit of the doubt, even if you hate him for reasons you can't explain.

    If your fellow man is found guilty in a court of law, then you can rejoice. 

    • Whodatis says:

      My sentiments exactly!

      Excellent post.

      (My fellow Caymanians, never ever forget that the RCIPS is not of, nor belongs to, this country and our people.)

      • Anonymous says:

        Finally agree with that point, the RCIPS is neither for our people nor the UK.


        So whodatis, is the RCIPS for Ja now then?


        Note our recent recruits this year and when you look at factthat status holders are manily Jacan origin, who would you say is in charge, really?

    • Anonymous says:

      Anon 10:10 It is obvious that you are one of those blinded, befuddled West Bayers who put KeKe and gang in power. Contrary to your assertions, sensible persons are not rejoicing at his arrest but are in fact concerned about what he is doing and the effects of his remaining in office under the current circumstances on these Islands. Of course one would understand your pea brain's ability to understand that. 

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree with you in every way. We all need to look at the broad picture.  We are very close to being in the same position as TCI.  When the premier was embroiled in the First Cayman Bank fiasco, I was one of those people who suggested that he resign at that time and he could be sure of being elected in a landslide in the next election.  He did just that and he certainly was elected again in a landslide victory.  However, now he seems to be taking advice from certain members of his party, who realise that they will not get re-election if he is no longer in power.  Material things matter to most of our people now.  No one stops to look at the broader picture, like what is going to happen to us, if this keeps on and Mac does not resign, when the British decide to place us under their direct rule again.  Think of what that will be like and what will happen to the Caymanians who want to remain on our islands with our children and grandchildren.

        McKeeva needs to do the right thing for the entire country and step down. There are some of us who cannot take proper care of our sick people because our DCFS does not even have money to buy incontinence supplies for our bedridden family members.  We do not have connections with the ultra wealthy who can throw us a few crumbs in the tune of 200.00 every 2 months to buy depends for two people.  Put yourself in that category.  I am 68 years with a bed-ridden mother and daughter, and I get a total of 550.00 per month to feed them, buy incontinence supplies for them as well as all their other necessities.

    • Anonymous says:

      RCIP cannot just arrest anyone they wish. That is alarmistnonsense. They must have good reasons to suspect that you have committed an arrestable criminal offence otherwise govt. will be liable to a civil suit for damages. And you don't have to hate McKeeva Bush to take some comfort in the fact that no one is above the law and sooner or later you will be called to account for your actions. We should happy to know that we are a society ruled by laws. Most people are actually motivated by a love of truth and justice.

      Please, none of the demagoguery of trying to turn defending McKeeva Bush into everyone's patriotic duty.