Cruise visitors hold tax demo at Ugland House

| 14/12/2012

IMG-20121213-00379 (215x300).jpg(CNS Business): Around fifty visiting cruise ship passengers caused something ofa stir in George Town Thursday afternoon with a demonstration outside Ugland House the home of legal offshore specialists Maples and Calder. The protesters were traveling with the US based magazine The Nation on a special cruise and social justice group CODEPINK took the opportunity to highlight what is seen as the injustice of large companies being able to avoid paying their fair share of taxes in the country’s they are headquartered because of the use of tax shelters. Tighe Barry a film and TV producer and a member of the demonstration (left) said the target of the protest was the American government and not Cayman as he said he was well aware it is a tax free jurisdiction. Read more and comment on CNS Business

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