Taylor refutes Bush’s claim

| 14/12/2012

_DEW9187_0.jpg(CNS): Cayman Islands Governor Duncan Taylor has refuted allegations thrown at him that the premier’s arrest on Tuesday was nothing more than a vindictive witch hunt fuelled by the petty jealousies of the UK’s representative and political opponents. Speaking in Jamaica last night, McKeeva Bush came out fighting and pointed the finger firmly at Taylor. However, the governor’s office flatly denied the accusations. Meanwhile, in the wake of Bush’s denials of any wrongdoing and his insistence that he would remain premier, his party colleagues are understood to be holding closed door meetings while he remains in Jamaica.

The governor’s office stated Friday that Duncan Taylor had taken note of the comments made by the premier on Thursday evening, in particular that the investigation was politically vindictive, but said there was absolutely no foundation to the allegation. The office said that it would not be making any further comment regarding the accusations and the now broken relationship between the UK and the premier.

Bush has issued a statement that he intends to stay in office and will not resign; however, more than 24 hours later, not one of his party colleagues has come out to publicly support that position.

The opposition leader said Thursday that he would deliver a letter to the speaker of the House regarding a special meeting of the LA in order to press the UDP members to either publicly state their support for Bush or oust him from office in a no confidence debate.

The party’s silence in the face of their leader’s defiance and its failure to comment since Bush’s arrest on Tuesday indicates that the premier may no longer have the complete backing of all his caucus colleagues.

While his Cabinet and back-bench colleagues had supported him during the revelations about the police investigation into the infamous Stan Thomas letter, other financial irregularities and his part in the importation of a consignment of explosives without the necessary permits, the reality of his arrest appears to have shaken that support.

The premier, who is expected to return home this evening on the Cayman Airways flight from Jamaica, was hoping for a warm welcome from the public as supporters were organising a crowd to cheer Bush on. However, while Bush may retain considerable popular support, he may return to find he no longer holds the support of his party colleagues in whose hands his position currently lies.

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  1. Hazel Swindall says:

    I am British residing in the UK  and because of my Father's connection with Cayman Brac (his body and that of my Step Mother Angie Marian  Hunter are buried on the island), I have always taken a great interest concerning the Islands.


    I know for a fact that the current  situation with the Government, coupled with  the policing of the islands would make my Father turn in his grave.  He was for nearly 20 years an offic\\er in her Majestys Army  and staunchly British. Lest it  never be forgotton that the Caryman Isles are British albeit many miles from the Unitied Kingdom.  


    May I wish all residents for 2013 a reputation  you can  again  be proud of.


    Hazel Swindall

    step daughter of Angie Marian Hunter

  2. Anonymous says:

    What we have to watch and be mindful of is whether, the constant attacks against the Governor is to create pressure for him to leave, then in the interim will we have FRANZ MANDERSON as DEPUTY GOVERNOR in charge?


    Then if that happens, before elections…………..will Mr Manderson, also a West Bay voter be ableto stand up to UDP ………….(which means wishes of Jamaicans, who we can clearly see have more say over UDP actions vs Caymanians) regarding these attacks?

    All we can do is pray that native Caymanians and status holders who are tired of being intimadated start working together. In my opinion there has and continues to be a concerted effort by Jamaicans to make claims to other expats that 'Caymanians hate them' and then at the same time they are telling Caymanians 'the English and Fillipinos' are taking our jobs. I will note there may be few exceptions to Jamaicans who have never made such statements.


    This is based on my experience but my challenge to anyone reading this who are Caymanian haven't you been constantly told about expats by Jacans and to expats have you not experienced or know of someone who has been told by Jacan/s that Caymanians don't like them or expats and so befriend the expat (creating more support against locals)? Again there are some Caymanians who are angry and have not been helped with a productive way to deal with the rapid changes in our society and may react at times that will be labeled xenophobic.

    SOmetimes I do wish I had the resources to collect this data and show concrete research but apart from the denials and 'thumbs down' I will get, we have to seriously consider why the UDP have been advocating such division since 2000? As a Caymanian I have said repeatedly that calling the Governor names, blaming him or English Commissioners etc is bad for all. It demonstrates a lack of respect for our processes, procedures and fellow-man, period.


    For eg in the past MLAs could set moratorium on work permits of domestic workers from Jamaica without having fear of political teams or the electorate. They had the sense to set policies to try and plan development in a sustainable way which were not based on unfair discrimination but based on an attempt to control growth of the country.

    It is sad that the disrespect  of Caymanians, most expats and the Governor are being promoted by one party, ALL its members and even the other party is so close to also being puppets that we have to wonder if it's too late to get anythng back on track. But greed, guilt and an opportunity to control our MLAs is at an all time high and continues to feed division and that was never the 'true' Caymanian way. 


    • Anonymous says:

      10:44 Please stop presuming.  Of course you would not like Franz Manderson either.  Know why? Because  He is a Caymanian.  That is the whole long and short of this dilema.  You people do not want to see Caymanians in any position.  But Mark my words the day will come that caymanians are not going to be passive and the airline will be running free passage to all European countries, Canada and USA.  Continue fighting against us.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yawn. You have to be passive because without all the furreigners Cayman would just be another criminal run drug transportation site. Now, sit in the corner and shut up.

      • Anonymous says:

        I am a Caymanian and  the prospect of a Caymanian in charges scares me too!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think the country will finally wake up to the reality that having an insane man at the helm is not in the best interest of anyone. Hopefully, his UDP cabinet will wake up also and realise they are promoting a man who is destined to go over the cliff and take the country with him. Time to grow some balls and backbones – UDP cabinet and backbenchers. Do what is right for the country and what is left of your reputations.

  4. Anonymous says:

    As a voter I noticed a change in many of our politicians to preach an anti-colonial message since 2000.

    Coincidentally people in West Bay also noticed a change with the new party UDP and the obvious links to Jamaica, where an anti-colonial stance led to independence. On many occasions I have had friends from Ja who thought I could be persuaded to speak against the British and so support the UDP.
    However, I have always tried to address policies and local issues based on the impact and not the individuals here. Addressing our issues at a micro-level cannot be underestimated………charity begins at home. If Caymanians are made to feel they can use the history of the UK from hundreds of years ago and evenpractices today (many of which I do disagree with) to build up anger in locals who will benefit from that position? 
    My question to my Jacan friends who stated that argument was, if I judged all British people on those grounds, how would they feel if I then judged all Jamaicans based on their governance, reports on their level of murder rates & corruption, close ties to our political parties and made public protests against their influence on every issue that needs to be addressed by our politicians?
    So I wonder if Mr Bush as head of the UDP is sharing the feelings of his UDP members and supportive voters when he blames the UK? Isn't he just representing his Jacan people with these remarks/constant support so that the British may then make sure Jamaicans and Jamaican status-holders are treated more favourably than locals?
    In reference to his recent 'arrest' why haven't we heard anything said about the legal department, AG or police officers? I would bet that the usual anti-colonialists will start blaming the Commissioner and if the head of the Financial Crimes Unit is British he will be included.
    My questions are made with all due respect to the Premier that he should also not be judged unfairly or assumed guilty and also agree that the Jamaicans should acknowledge how much he has given them, even if it meant at times that his own people suffered. Paid in full now?
    Politically, good timing of the arrest and now remarks against Governor, since may gain sympathy from many West Bayers and Jamaican-Caymanian voters who may have been re-thinking the UDP as their choice in 2013.  Gotta love politics………so many possibilities, so many levels right?
  5. Anonymous says:

    The UDP should not call themselves a party. A party membership would be able to vote to remove their leader if the MLA's are too spineless to do so. However, it does show that ALL of them still support Mac and the "One Man Rule" he has almost destroyed our country with. They are all guilty of the damage that he has done and will continue to do.

    West Bayer who has never voted UDP. 

  6. Anonymous says:

    Had to be an ignorant West Bayer to write that. The rest of people here are hanging their heads in shame while your kind of ignorance is being posted in his support. Thank God the majority of the people of this country have better sense and decorum. I am so glad that I have no connections to that district.

  7. West Bay UDP supporter says:

    The greatest want ofthe world is the want of men,–men who will not be bought or sold; men who in their inmost souls are true and honest; men who do not fear to call sin by its right name; men whose conscience is as true to duty as the needle to the pole; men who will stand for the right though the heavens fall. Men and women who are not afraid to be called traitors when they are doing what they believe to be the best for our country.
    Have every confidence that the rest of the UDP party will do what is right for the country.

  8. Anonymous says:

    So….UDP support in West Bay is a based upon a cult of personality rather than a genuine political party, right?

  9. Truthseeker says:

    Traitors to Cayman?  

    I think not. More likely traitors to the the West Bay gravy train.  

    Consider the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan.

    West Bay was furthest from the fury of Ivan, and yet the first significant aid received  (from a Princess cruise ship ) was almost entirely dispatched to West Bay ( on McKeevas orders according to my Port Authority sources). 

    East End was hit hard, but after the initial devestation, they had Mrs Oldie.  Thank you!

    Bodden Town, the hardest hit., had no one. We were without power for three months, most people were without water for weeks/months. We saw no politicians for months. Today Bodden Town is still littered with Ivan destroyed buildings.

    Deny that.



  10. Anonymous says:

    He said it was broken with the Premier, not the Cayman Islands or it’s people. Do not minimize the difference, as in reality there is a HUGE difference, HUGE!

  11. Anonymous says:

    I'm sorry to all you environmentalists, but Ifor one, will not be stopping a canal from north to south cutting west bay off. There is no doubt, not all districts are equal.

  12. Catch 22 says:

    “The party’s silence in the face of their leader’s defiance and its failure to comment since Bush’s arrest on Tuesday indicates that the premier may no longer have the complete backing of all his caucus colleagues


    If you hadn’t used the word “may”, then your statement would only have been conjecture, spin, fluff and outright misdirection.

    Regardless, it still is.

    Let’s put it simply.

    If they stand for him, their political careers and reputations (businesses) are damaged!

    If they stand against him, their political careers and reputations (businesses) are damaged!

    Catch 22.

    How stupid to put yourselves in such a situation.

    Live with it and enjoy the consequences.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Mr. Taylor please accept my apologies. All Caymanians are not alike. We appreciate your efforts to retain ordinance at the helm. Please don't shirk from your responsibilities or allow yourself to be bullied by these unedicated politians who are worried about their own pockets and that of their supporters.

    He has gotten away for so much for so long they think he is above the law. Lay it on Sir.

    Please don't think we are all cut from the same garment. There is still some honesty left amongst us and do really appreciate your services.

    If you have to bring down half of the U.K. Bobbies get us through this turmoil and you will shine in the end.

    God bless you and give you the strength to stand fast to that which is good

    • Anonymous says:

      20:19.  Want to be British"  Uncle Tom"  Give up the slave mentality.   Cayman has been freed from slavery stop holding unto your sugar cane and saying Massa yes Massa.

      • Anonymous says:

        Cayman don't want to be "British" we are BODTC and by extention British.  Sorry to burst your bubble we did not have any sugar cane plantations and saying Massa yes Massa.  That was a Jamaican thing.  Cayman has never had the slave mentality never had it and never will.  Let me say it to you again happy to be British; God save our gracious queen, long live our noble queen, God save the queen, send her victorious, Happy and glorious, Long to reign over us, God save the queen.

  14. Anonymous says:

    What a shameful disgrace this man continues to be to our country. God help us.

    • Cayman Culture says:

      Bush you mean.  I think Mr. Taylor has done a fine job with the mess he was handed. 

  15. Anonymous says:

    Class vs. Ass

  16. Anonymous says:

    Glad they've finally officially acknowleged the relationship is "broken." We can stop pretending we're friends now.

    • seesaw says:

      Err…think it actually reads broken relationship between the governor’s office and premier bush.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Cayman/UK relationship isn't broken, just the UK Mekeva relationship. I was hoping to use a nice car analogy, but couldn't think of one so I'll use a brothers analogy instead.  The UK is big brother and Cayman is the little brother.  The brothers love each other, but one day the little brother gets this really loud little dog as a pet.  The big brother tries to be nice and like the dog, but every night the little dog sits outside the big brother's bedroom door and just barks all night.  Whenever big brother comes to the door to try to stop him, the little dog just runs away but comes back to bark some more as soon as big brother goes back to sleep.  Despite is best intentions; after four years of this the big brother is just DONE with that little dog.  The brothers still love each other, but there is now an obvious strain in the relationship.  The relationship can probably be completely repaired, but little brother will liikely have to get rid of the annoying little dog for that to fully happen.

  17. Anonymous says:

    The other rest of the UDP are cowards and no balls to stand for what’s right! This also tells a lot about you as independent candidates! Birds of a feature flock together & you’ll fall together!


  18. Anonymous says:

    Where are the UDP membership? Don't they have a say? Shouldn't they be able to call a vote to remove or retain him as Leader?

  19. Anonymous says:

    One way or the other we will soon know if ANY of the UDP MLA's really have Cayman as their priority or themselves.

  20. Anonymous says:

    Handbags at ten paces when the Premier returns?

  21. Anonymous says:

    what a stupid man, he has gone again & aired Cayman's dirty in the public forum once again

    And to an audience of one of the most corrupt countries in the world.

    as bad as Jamaica is if this were ever to happen to their Prime Minister or any minister in fact that person would resign, and this should be the case here too


    on another note if you plead or are found guilty (DUI) the same goes

    Anglin should resign his post also 

  22. Lachlan MacTavish says:

    I have remained silent for month's now feeling that some very capable citizens and residents of our beloved Cayman Islands have been doing a great job demanding change in our leadership and political system. For over 2 decades I have championed against Political and Government corruption.

    Cayman, this is not a time to attack the premiere and the Deputy Premiere. These attacksare meaningless.

    The Cayman Islands was once a beautiful country with beautiful people attracting world businesses and tourism. Not now and never again under our present leadership.

    To the UDP members. 

    This is a time to not think about your leader, to not think about yourselves, it is a time to think about your country and the wonderful people that live there. I am not attacking you, I am asking you to finally accept all the facts and information from over the last 2 decades and accept that the present leadership will continue to ruin your wonderful country. Step up, speak with the rest of the elected members no matter a PPM or independent and stand up for what is right. The path you follow now will bring down your country. Stand up show your people that you are thinking about them and the country.

    Lachlan MacTavish

    • Anonymous says:

      Lachlan, you are making the same assumption that many people are. The assumption is that the UDP membership has the not only the integrity, but the intelligience to make a correct choice. I'll be more specific if they possessed integrity or intelligience would they have chosen McKeeva Bush as leader?  They are just as self-serving as their leader. As far as they are concerned, like their leader, as long as they are still cashing paychecks everything is fine. Understand?  To ask them to become something they are not which is to be capable of intelligent thought and to appeal to them to do what is appropriate, is a waste of time.

  23. Frank says:

    "regarding the accusations and the now broken relationship between the UK and the premier"

    That my friends, is a wrap for Mr. Mckeeva Bush.

    • Anonymous says:

      Everybody is so blinded by their hatred of the premier that they  have lost sight of what the UK is actually doing. The UK is  using the Cayman public like puppets to try and remove our own Caymanian premier.

      The UK doesn't like it when they can't have their way in the territories, and the premier does not allow them to have it or walk all over Cayman and its people.

      The UK looking for yes men in government who will jump at their beck and  call and Mac is certainly not that man.

      But, if you were to get what you want and the premier actually steps down, I hope I don't read here of any complaints when the UK starts to dictate to any of the other weaklings that are dying to be premier. Da wha ya get!

      My opinion only.

      • Anonymous says:

        All the UK wants is for your government to show a little competence and more honesty.

      • Anonymous says:

        I don't see the UK harrasing Bermuda or BVI these islands are being run in the proper way and they have leaders are concerned about the welfare of their people.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Come on UDP – Man up and do the right thing. Present a vote of no confidence when Mac returns otherwise he is going to bring you all down with him.
    Hold on to the bit of credibility you have and some of you may still have a seat in May, but back Mac and you're all gone.

  25. Anonymous says:

    The UDP's dithering is nothing out of the ordinary

    • Anonymous says:

      …they're quiet because their MOUTH is in Jamaica. Ellio, poor man, doesn't know which way to fire off his ever-running mouth.

      • Anonymous says:

        They're quiet because their paycheck is at stake. Remember what happened to Brian Tomlinson and The Port Authority Board and so and so and so?

  26. Anonymous says:

    Supporting a party leader who is being investigated by the police is far different than supporting a party leader who has been arrested and is currently released on police bail. Sorry about that, it’s just the way things are.

  27. Truth Hurts says:

    At least our Governor is calm, measured and professional and has some class. He clearly has a significant command of the English language too. It is very reassuring to have people like him looking out for the Islands.

    • Anonymous says:

      I like how he spoke in Jamaica and not here!! GET THE F OUTTA HERE. It's time for change, and it's best to start with him. If the Jamaicans were so pleased to see him, it be best he stays there, were he is actually liked!!


      • Anonymous says:

        15:23 Let me tell you something that you may not be aware of.  IF IT WAS NOT FOR JAMAICANS IN THIS COUNTRY ,  Cayman would go back to the days of old.   Yes we may give them opportunities, but they play a big part in this community.   When they Shop, they shop till they drop, When they Drink they drink till they drop. Besides renting your apartments.

        FOSTER'S, KIRKS, &  HURLEYS  do very well by Jamaicans shopping there.  Stand outside one Saturday or Friday evening and watch. All shops bars, clubs, hairsaloons see who are in there.  Who washes your  dirty Laundry,  and mind your Spoilt children.  Stop being ungrateful.

        • Anonymous says:

          DARLING, LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING, I said nothing about Jamaicans leaving I said Bush, now I swear half of you jump to conclusions after skimming a comment and not reading it properly to understand fully what was said. What does me saying that Bush needs to stay in Jamaica where it seems he is liked/wanted have to do with the Jamaicans in this country?

          Please jump off. And by the way, my father is Jamaican, my hairdresser is a Jamaican, the guy that cuts my lawn is a jamaican and the guys that built the house I live in were Jamaicans, SO YES I am VERY aware of the impact they have on this Island. SORRY but the point of your comment IS INVALID. Go look for a comment that actually is targetting Jamaicans, cause mine was not!!!! Thanks.

    • Anonymous says:

      This has always been our problem, we would rather big up a foreigner rather than our own.

      That's why Cayman is no longer for Caymanians, because of our stupidity in not supporting our own. Do you think that only an English man can look out for these islands?

      The answer is no, that's why they want to rid us of our premier, because he's doing such a good job of defending  us that they see him as a threat.

      Each person in this  drama surrounding the premier has ulterior motives, and its not about love of Cayman either.

      Hope that each generation of our children is smarter and wiser and start looking out for each other rather than tearing each other down like we see happening in Cayman today.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Let us hope and pray that his colleagues finally do the right thing and support a vote of no confidence.  this is not about whether he is guilty or not, this is about saving Cayman's reputation, saving our financial industry and showing the world that we are not afraid to do what is right, however difficult it may be.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh, please. Everybody on this blog wants to see him step down just because that's what they have wanted all along.

      I can tell you one thing, if any of the other UDP members out of West Bay vote to oust the premier they not being elected in 2013 because West Bayers are not voting for  a bunch of traitors.


      • Anynomous says:

        17:47  and add Bodden Town to that too.  If they vote against the Premier they need to know they will catch hell up here.   I say let everything take its course and stand by the Premier until the Fat lady sings.

      • Anonymous says:

        The majority in West Bay has been voting for a bunch of traitors for 16 years. 

      • Anodarass says:

        "Honour among Theives" you say?

      • Anonymous says:

        Well then let’s have a vote to make West Bay independent from those of us with integrity and honesty. Last time I checked all of the voting public have a say not just those from West Bay, now mind you the rest of us don’t get all the “perqs” the UDP West Bay voters get but we still have the power of our votes and for most of us they cannot be bought.

        What I want to know is what happened to all those BBM messages that were flying about when Bush was in China from his co-party members who were trying to stage a coup, what the heck happened you had the chance then to force him out, just because it got leaked and he heard about it doesn’t mean you have to back down.

        Read the writing on the wall if you stand behind this man united then united you will fall not only in the political arena but in your professional lives, we voters will begin to boycott anything you are involved in, not a threat, just a promise you all have business interests and we have the power to take our money elsewhere.

        Voters put you in office voters can take you put of office and we can flex our reach further and bring your businesses down that is the power of a democracy in action, if you will not hear our voices then OUR actions will speak so much louder than your words.

        To our Governor, thank you for leading by example.

        To our police commissioner, you and your team have your work cut out for you, do not falter, there are so many who want you to achieve the objective of bringing this corruption to an end not because of vendettas but because it is the law and you are sworn to uphold it and it is the right thing to do.

      • Anonymous says:

        I am not surprised to read your comments.  Surely if you are educated enough to wite those words, you have to be intelligent enough to see what your premier is doing to your country.  We are regressing.  Soon, you will be back in the days my mother told me about, when the only income and support we had in the Cayman Islands was the income from the husbands and fathers going to sea for anytime from 1 to 3 years.  I am an only child and I had to do without my Dad for 5 years out of my life, while he went to sea as a radio operator on a large tanker and sent home his earnings for my mother and me.  I do not wish that on anyone, it was hell, only seeing your dad for 2 weeks out of 18 months.  We do not want to regress to that again, but if the current government does not wake up and smell the British tea, we will all be sorry;  those of us that caused it and those of us who live here and have enjoyed self-governing freedom.  I am only praying that the financial aspects of our small islands remain with us until you people wake up and do what is right for country, not how many new appliances you and your friends can glean from this disaster.

      • Anonymous says:

        And the views of West Bay matter because?

      • Anonymous says:

        Anyone who votes for UDP candidates next year would be considered traitors to the country in my book. West bay can’t have that many stupid people who still like Bush. By the way it’s Saturday. Has he returned from Jamaica yet? Whe him deh?