Ellio begs cash for Mac

| 21/12/2012

CollectionBox_LocalCharity.jpg(CNS): The general secretary of the UDP called on the party faithful to give money to the former premier of the Cayman Islands on Thursday night, in order to help him fight the legal battles ahead. Ellio Solomon asked people to give cash as he said the UDP leader, McKeeva Bush, was not a wealthy man but was now facing some hefty legal fees as a result of the allegations and investigations against him. Solomon said a committee would be established to manage the fund, claiming that, despite the accusations, Bush was not rich. He said the donations did not need to be large but if people could give even as little as five dollars it would help to raise some of the money he would need to pay his lawyers.

Although there have always been questions regarding Bush’s own personal wealth, he has always denied being rich because he says he uses his money to help many people. Although no longer the premier, Bush will continue to earn a monthly salary in excess of $10,000 until May at least, plus his parliamentary pension. However, given his current circumstances, he will need to fund a defence team himself, because his earnings are too high for him to qualify for legal aid.

Solomon made the call for donations during a public meeting in front of the courthouse in George Town, where he also began his own campaign for re-election in the district.

Attacking his former party colleagues for their part in ousting the former premier from office, the fourth elected member for George Town compared Bush to US presidents (who retain the title 'President' for life) and said he should still be called 'Mr Premier' as he was the first person to hold the office in Cayman. Miguel Barcelo, the in-coming YUDP president, the youth arm of the party, referred to Bush as the ‘people’s premier’.

Before Bush came to the podium to make his first public speech in Cayman since his arrest and fall from high office, Barcelo, Solomon, Capt Eugene Ebanks and Mike Adam all offered their support for the UDP’s beleaguered leader.

Solomon was the most vociferous against the former 'UDP 5', who, he said, had betrayed the premier. Describing them as "Judases", he said they had drank from the “bitter cup of betrayal” as they let the party and the country down. The general secretary of the UDP accused them of joining in the conspiracy to bring down the premier but they were no longer members of the party. At the May elections the UDP would return to government, Solomon declared, as they would have majority after running four candidates in West Bay, four in Bodden Town and a full six in the capital of George Town.

He continued to criticise his former colleagues and said the UDP had a duty to shake them loose. Although Solomon pulled no punches in his attack on the new cabinet, his main target was the RCIPS, which he accused of being a discredited organisation.

Heavily criticising the police over Operation Tempura and what he said were their false arrests, Solomon questioned why they had never brought the former police commissioner Stuart Kernohan back for questioning as a result of his role in that fiasco. Describing more of the mistakes he said the RCIPS made, he asked why the police were unable to arrest Hassan Sayed, the former president of UCCI, who had used a government credit card to steal some $300,000. Solomon criticised what he called this hypocrisy in the RCIPS which undermined its credibility, as he asked how much longer the people would tolerate the behaviour of the RCIPS bosses.

He said the police were discredited and not accountable to the people, despite the fact that the public paid their wages and paid for the mistakes. Given what he called the tarnished reputation of the organisation, he asked how the people believe the trumped up allegations against the premier and claimed the police were pursuing the agenda of the FCO.

Solomon asked how could it could be fair for a person, whether he was premier or not, to lose his job purely because of suspicion as everyone was innocent until proven guilty.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    He gone and done it again.  Now this just about takes the cake.  I swore the last time that I could never be shocked again by anything else that came out of Ellio's mouth, and then he goes and proves me wrong.   Good night Irene.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the Gong Show comedy break, Foolio – but we need to get back to the country’s business… Run along please. Big people talking.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Will 300 negative responses be an all time high? Please count this as a negative response.

    • Dr Dred says:

      I believe we have done more….can't recall the post exactly maybe it was teh Stan Thomas letter or the Mega Quarry can't recall exactly which it was but we did have a huge one before. Maybe CNS can shed some light on that.

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is disturbing. Meals on Wheels have the brakes on because of financial problems and hre are these people trying to raise funds to help The Mac. I hope people see how much this bunch really cares about the people of this island. Some of those people affected by the Meals on Wheels shut down probably voted for them too. Those funds should be used for a cause like that not to pay a bunch of high priced lawyers to fight the Mac’s battles.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, but the donations will go to Steve so everything is alright

    • Anonymous says:

      All programmes for the needy have the brakes on but that doesn't stop the current premier from spending enough on one overseas jaunt to feed all our hungry for 1 year.

  5. Anonymous says:

    in the words of Bernard Getz: 'I have five dollars for each of you'

  6. Overseas Caymanian says:

    God help the Cayman Islands and all it's people!

  7. Old Sea Captain says:

    Anyone that suggests something as ludicrous as this is not well and obviously needs his head examined by a doctor should not be allowed to sit in the Legislative Assembly.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Did you see how many trips he took since 2009? What I want to see is how much of OUR money he has spent on those trips. I hear the Nation Building Money is finish……so you all though that Mac was giving unnah money out of his own pockets…how daft!!  He was using OUR money to pay all you to make him look like Santa Claus……..If any body needs donation, we the people needs it back from Mac.  Look at how much this man has taxed us, he did not tax the rich man, the Investors….he taxed us the poor people of Cayman.  He give the rich people concessions.  Ellio ask him to sell his condo at Caribbean Club, ask him to get Michael Ryan to pay back the $6mio, ask him to get Dart to pay his fees and return the hotel taxes to Government. Ask him to get Shetty to pay his fees to Government. Ask his personal secretary Richard to pay back for those unecessary trips, most of which was for personal pleasures. Ask him to pay up for all those freebies he has been receiving at our expense. Ask him why he taxed his people so muchso  that some has fled the Islands. Ellio ask him Why???? Ask him why he treated his people like they were nuisances to him?  We have a lot of questions to ask him.  Now…. you got the galls to ask "US" to help him pay his legal fees…..give me a break man!!! Go fly a kite in Dog City!

  9. Mitzie Miller Tomlinson says:

    MR. Ellio you make me SICK, when you are doing Things like this. May be you all would like to help me with NRA MR. BRIAN TOMLINSON DR Bills , Y Not have a fun going for hem because it was all of you Y hem dount have a Job today, God is Good it just take time, and the day has come, and i am Happy,  Happy New Year because it is going to be a good  Year for US 2013. NO MAC.


  10. Anonymous says:

    Until recently I gave Ellio the benefit of the doubt when it came to being an out of touch fool.


    Now there is no doubt. He definitely is an out of touch fool. His stoopitity astounds me.


    How can anyone take this jurisdiction seriously when the electorate puts this type of uneducated idiot in a position of trust and power.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Isn't begging illegal?

    Just my 2 cents worth

  12. Anonymous says:

    Yes, I have 100 lempira for you as well

    • Dred says:

      You giving him US$5? You about as fool as them. I wouldn't give them one red cent.

      Big Mac and Foolio are making CI$10K a month. Big Mac needs so much Follio should give him his salary. I am sure 50K should do well to cover his fees.

      Wonder if Big Mac wants to talk about CUC Fuel reduction now?

      Wonder if he wants to discuss reducing duties on imports?

    • Anonymous says:

      and I'll kick in 4 lampreys as long as we're talking blood-suckers.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Ellio can donate the proceeds from the sale of his book. I hear he is in talks with Sheldon Brown's publisher to publish an OJ type "tell all" book in June. The title of the book will be "If I had been elected."

    • Anonymous says:

      … or the musical versions 'If I Only Had a Brain" and   'I'm Just a Girl Who Can't Say NO'

  14. Dr Dred says:

    I don't know about the rest of you but I am buying up popcorn and soda for the big day. I am also taking vigorous notes cause this is going to be made for TV you can bet when this all come stumbling down.

    I know this is going to hurt us but I am caught between writing a book or just recording this as a reality TV show.

    • Anonymous says:

      Elio I can recommend a sponsor for Mac's defence fund, this individual gives big contributions to politician.  I am certain that he would love to contribute to another political friend as hehas given so much to politicians in the caribbean to further his cause.   I was just searching and found an article about a Mr. Smith who paid over $8 million in gifts to politicians in TCI and Jamaica.  This man seems to be very generous please give him a call and he may even contribute $7 million to your party.  Hurry before you lose contact with him, google the information and when you make contract don't forget that I gave you the hook up so I need a little summ'ing because I did not get my road clean up this christmas and things tight you know uncle D did not give those turkeys this year wha happin?

  15. Anonymous says:

     Foollio, i have a hundred jamaican dollars to donate towards Mac legal fee, can you tell me where to drop it off? 

  16. Anonymous says:

    Mac because yuh go beg people for money, even your own UDP. supporters turn against you. they say you let them down, they never imagine that you would stoop so low.

  17. Anonymous says:

    As amusing as this is, lets get back to the countrys business, we have far more important problems, namely government budget and financial mess.

  18. Anonymous says:

    He gave millions to his church… From his nation building slush fund, Make them help him now then! XXXXX..he must have bought snuff friends with our money…go tell dem help you!

  19. Anonymous says:

    Ahhhh shucks KeKe….I would but you see…the price of electricity has gone up, as well as water, as well as food, as well as business fees with less business to go around and I have less income now…now if you help me figure out how this happened and who did this then maybe we can figure out now to undo all these idiotic price hikes…

    In the meantime you should go ask the idiot who made all this happen he will be sure to help you out…

    Now you wouldn’t know who that is would you?

    • Anonymous says:

      Those who received cabinet status grants in 2003 (those that displaced real caymanians) should be all too happy to foot his legal bills. Many of these people who were willing to kiss his cheeks, feet and ring are now running away from him like he is poision.  He changed every law that was of benefit to Caymanians because he thought that he and his party would be in power until the end of time he just did not know that the Myan calander was written for him alone and it happened a few days before time.   Where are all the white collar professionals that he went  seeking out to give them all the rights to Cayman Islands? Not only blue collars works and their dependants owe him big time many of the professionals and officer works (formerly helpers/nannies), business owner, land developers and investors owe him even more.  Like VH1, I ask where are they now?  I am no politician groupie or party failthful.  I  will vote of anyone who is willing to put country first and is above corruption.  I love the days when politicians were elected on the basis of country first and not what is in it for me?

  20. Anonymous says:

    True, but at least he has an English qualification, whilst most of those saying on their windows overseas that they practice Cayman Law, do not have any lawful Cayman equivalent.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Some of these politicians really frighten me. Their skin is so thick and their dignity so vanishingly small, they appear to be  psychological masochists. It's as if they define their own sense of self-worth by the amount of criticism they can generate. I thought Dr. Frank must hold some sort of record for his apparently limitless depths of hypocrisy, but Elio and Big Mac are right up there with him. Incredible!  I wonder if these non-leaders have any idea how much anger they've generated by their mismanagement of Cayman's affairs? They really are from another planet.


    And I'm tired of having to look at  those stock photos of our politicians, alongside the endless  stream of embarassing stories, showing those arrogant, pleading, falsely reassuring, puppy-dog faces begging  us to vote for them again, having driven the Country, and at least one car,  into the ditch.


    Perhaps after the next such story, you could print a portrait  of Sir Winston Churchill, just to lift our spirits and remind us of what a true statesman really looks like, and what a true statesman can achieve for his people when his heart is in the right place, which is not his wallet.

    • Anonymous says:

      Those politician that frighten you are so gone, they are forever removed from the halls of the LA.  I will now say to one and all NEXT! we have move on beyond them the curtains have closed, carpet rolled up and the lights are off.  This play has ended we are now accepting new auditions and looking forward to better performances. 

    • noname says:
      Based on some of the arrogant comments I have been reading in CNS.; IT APPEARS that the serpents in the legal profession seeking to take business outside the Cayman Islands so they can enrich themselves while they impoverish the economy of the Cayman Islands. There has been some very prejudiced and disrespecful national slurs cited against our local attorneys, Ms. Sherri Bodden Cowan, Mrs. Theresa Pitcairn, and Mr. Steve Mc"Field for spearheading the amendment to the proposed Practitioners law legal pundits have put forward for legislation to be passed. This not only will take a lot of business away from the Cayman aIslands but with it billions of dollars in revenue. Our local attorneys are to be commended for taking the stand against this and we need to give them our support and respond with input before the deadline in January. This too seems to be one of the undercurrent forces that has contributed to the attack on our premier as he vowed to pass the law to benefit and ensure the employment of Caymanian lawyers.

       Again, its time to put the brakes on importing attorneys from outside the Cayman Islands and make room for our own Caymanian 'Attorneys. Its time to put away that bottle of suicidal pills and get off the pipe!


  22. Anonymous says:

    Elio bwoy, you working my last nerve !

  23. Anonymous says:

    That's it!!!!  Please round up all these crazy leaders and put them all in a padded cell!  Elio have you completely lost your frikkin' mind????????????

    Take your bloody money and help him if you want but he sure as hell isn't getting a dime of my hard earned cash! 


    • Dr Dred says:

      Like 7 Up…never had it never will…


    • Anonymous says:

      The Uni-Poster strickes again.  How many times will you post the same tired replaies to your own posts?

  24. Anonymous says:

    It means he was called to the Bar of England and Wales. It used to be done by most attorneys  who had qualified there in the old days, but nowadays they add "(non-practising)" for the sake of clarity. Not a biggie.   

    • Anonymous says:

      It is a biggie because it is a breach of his professional obligations not to make the non-practising clear. How can we take guidance on a legal practitioners bill from someone who flagrantly breaches professional duties?

  25. Loopy Lou says:

    Now, I know that people can refuse to answer questions from the police.  One is allowed in law and in personal opinion to draw negative inferences from such a refusal.  But public officials should either actively assist the police or resign their public posts.  It really is that easy.  Why would someone who was clean of hands and pure of heart not be able to answer police questions?

    • Dr Dred says:

      Truth be known we have been asking these question since Adam and Eve were kids….Or it sure has seemed that long.

      I can only draw my own conclusions that when you fight to hide stuff and not answer questions that you have something to hide, why else then would you be holding anythingback.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Miguel Barcelo, the YUDP president, comes across extremely arrogant and pompous on TV.  In fact, when I was watching the youth and politics segment his whole demeanour reminded me of Mr Bush himself.  So it comes as no suprise that Barcelo referred to Bush as the 'people's premier?'.  Why anyone would want to act or be like a person that has ruined an economy is beyond me.  Perhaps he just wants to be rich. Be careful what you wish for Bush puppet. What goes around comes around!

  27. Kato says:

    After the ritz is sold, we should demand the stamp duty fee owed by Michael Ryan too?

  28. Knot S Smart says:

    Mr Baines, I see you are doing a few arrests. I always believed that you would.

    If possible would you please arrest Foolio next, for being a public nuisance by begging poor people for money for Mckeeva,  and you could also arrest him a second time for being fool-fool?

  29. Anonymous says:

    Big Mac, no can say you did not graduate lol, your friends in Jamaica make sure you did, only thing they forgot to give you your award.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Over 10,000 a month!?!?! I'm lucky to make that in a year. WTF

  31. I Speak Wookie says:

    Oh poor Mac-diddums, are you new Chinese bestest friends not returning your calls anymore?

  32. Anonymous says:

    Dear Santa, Is the nation building fund exhausted? I guess I won't be getting my fast car this year.

  33. Ritz says:

    Sell the Ritz condo. All sales proceeds will be profit and it will be more money than I would probably see in my lifetime.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Welcome to our world Mac.  Now you get to see how much we have been paying for CUC,fuel, food, water, etc.etc. – and all because of your mismanagement of our finances.  We can barely afford the essentials, let alone clothes and forget about any little luxuries.  This is all thanks to you, not the PPM.  You screwed us during a recession by hiking up the price of everything so that you could continue to travel and live in luxury.  Hope you enjoy the real world now. 

    • Anonymous says:

      A hope y trip up n pop y mout.

      • Anonymous says:

        Hush Mac – and please go back to school and learn the read, write and spell the Queen's English.  Yes, the same Queen who is the real head of these Islands. 

  35. Anonymous says:

    Ellio i thought Big Mac was sick in the head, but you are SICKER, Mac is a disgrace to the Cayman Islans and you talking bout people should still refer to him as the Premier, which is a bigger disgrace. Do you kno that this MES is international? How fooler can you get? Bwoy you are the biggest  ASS KISSER I HAVE EVER SEEN. what is your point? what are you trying to prove to Big Mac? what secret is Big Mac holding for you? I'm sure u know that only a matter of time and he will be broke so he wont be able to give you any thing more. Bwoy wake up from your sleep the entire country is laughing at you.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Its pantomime season in the Cayman Islands – and I'm laughing till me belly hurts!!

  37. noname says:

    Yes big Mack, the old folkes back home in Jamaica use to say time is longer than rope and you can do what you want but not as long as you want. I hope those jamaican QC take every dollar that you have along with all your assets. and i earnestly pray that justic will prevail in this situation. You need to go back to the poverty life you once have where you will  have to go back to doing GARDENING to make two ends meet.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Ellio, perhaps you should ask all of the owners of the companies who benefitted from the Nation Building Fund by being given the business of, say, providing hurricane shutters, to contribute. I'm sure you know them VERY well. 

  39. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, you already spent too much of our money on your perks as premier and first class travel. 

  40. Anonymous says:

    Go ask Mr Dart if he will help you now?

    • Anonymous says:

      People like Dart has moved on long ago. If you dont have Power you are no use to their cause. Dart now has to deal with the Fabulous Five and they have already indicated that they will continue to serve Dart any dish he wishes.

      • noname says:

        I'm sure all the high rollers that the premier has been wining and dining  while ignoring his poor suffering Caymanian people, oh, these high rollers will come to his rescue.

        Like the Feds woud say if Maccan get Dart to put up  $100,000 then I'm

        certain the Faithful UDP  followers will raise enough to match whatever Dart flaunts of his billions that the US can't get their hands on!


  41. Anonymous says:

    Here is an idea for raising funds for this cause Foolio….line up Mac, Mike, Eugene and ya foolish self under the big tree outside the Legislative Assembly every day 8:30am – 5pm and charge the public $5 a shot at each backside with a good old tamarind switch or $10 a lick with the ever faithful cow cod! I would probably be there every day!

    • Anonymous says:

      You deserve a National HERO AWARD for your idea. 

    • Anonymous says:

      I would be in the line all day, I would take my best shot and just go to the back and line up again and again. It still would not be enough punishment for what these two have done to our country.

    • Dr Dred says:

      Hey in the spirit of fund raising how about this….

      Let's have Big Mac, Foolio, Mike and Eugene stick their faces in a in those holes where we can throw rotten eggs at for $5 a throw and the people would line up from here to rum point. Hell after that he might be able to buy out Caymana Bay. People would fly in to throw egg at the former premier. Hell we might be able to make it an annual event.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh my, this has got to be the funniest post I have ever read on CNS.   I would go back in the line over and over again and cut in front of the other people too, I doubt I would get tired.  Here's another idea, Ellio.  Set up a kissing booth, line up the 4 of you, and charge $5 a kiss.   Wha ya just say to me?  That one bound to fail? Alright then, on second thoughts, yeah, I don't think it would work either.

  42. Truth says:

    You would have to be the worlds dumbest fools to fall for this scam.

  43. Anonymous says:

    This man has wasted our money on Rosie's church and the Academy and now has the nerve to come begging. Is this a joke?

    • Anonymous says:

      Who, what, or where is Rosie’s church?

    • Anonymous says:

      No money was "wasted on Rosie's church". The BT Church of God, pastored by Winston Rose, was in the process of implementing building plans for a new church when it was approached by the government to enter into a partnership with the government to construct a multiple purpose building which could double as a hurricane shelter and serve the needs of the BT community at large in that respect. The additional costs to bring the building to hurricane standards, as costed by the Government quantity surveyor, would quantify the government contribution. Government has made certain payments in accordance with that agreement. That is all. 

  44. Baldric says:

    Ellio, I got the name of a guy up by the North Pole who may be able to help but it may be a bit late asking for this year … plus he's too busy to return calls right now.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm Hmmm, those Jamaican QC's gonna be exPENsive. Here's a quarter, call someone who cares.

  46. Anonymous says:

    Really Ellio…you need to stop drinking the Koolaid that Big Mac is serving..Talk about going down with the ship.

    I'm sorry to tell you but if this is your stance on "what I see happenin" around here, your political career has just ended. 

    I guess the name Foollio was right!


  47. Anonymous says:

    With utmost respect to the people of these islands, is Elio Solomon a typical Caymanian? Thumbs up for yes. Thumbs down for no. And, if your answer is no, how then did he get elected to a representative of the people of these islands?

    • Anonymous says:

      He broke the law along with the other George Town UDP candidates and had someone handing out pieces of paper on election day with their names and ballot numbers on it. The police have the evidence.

    • Anonymous says:

      Guess who? What – with their broom sweeping, pot knocking & tribal chants – all new to Caymanians, so don't even go there.

    • Anonymous says:

      That's a pretty dumb question/comment. Was Richard Nixon a typical American? If not how did he become president of the U.S.? Ellio was the 4th elected member for GT, but Nixon was elected by a majority of the entire U.S. voting population as president.

      Almost by definition politicians are not "typical".

  48. Anonymous says:

    was is not Bush that implied anyone arrested is a criminal when he stated the country shouldn't provide legal to criminals?

    So even in his own eyes he is guilty

  49. Anonymous says:

    When $$$$$$$$$$$$ politicians are more interested with saving their PARTY and their job then we the voters must make sure they are not re-elected. The country needs people that will put the Country 1st.

    There is only 1 way to do that, elect people that have been succesful in their personal life and have high ethical values, not people that have failed in everything the have done weather as self employed or as an employee.

    • Anonymous says:

      I would really love to see some of these Caymanian success stories compete against businessmen and business that have real competition in the real world and not the fixed eutopia that exists in Cayman.
      All the time restrictive immigration and business laws exist here we will never trully know the validity of Caymanian business or those who run them from within a monopoly.
      Take care Cayman that you don’t just replace one lot of fools for another, without openness in the market how an you be sure?

      • Anonymous says:

        No matter where in the world you go, there are protectionist policies.  Some of the biggest companies in the US use them to their advantage.  Let me give you two simple examples.  Non US airlines cannot take passengers from one state to another while flying two or more legs into the USA from an international destination.  Secondly, non US flagged ships have similar caveats.  So before you criticise Cayman, please take a second look at other countries and perhaps you just might conclude that we have been probably more liberal than most.  Thank you.

        • Anonymous says:

          But you are free to set up your own US-based airline or cruise line if you wanted to compete in that market- there is no local ownership law that says it has to be 60% owned by a US citizen. In fact, invest that kind of money and they'll probably throw in a free US passport as well. That's the genuine comparison. Cayman business laws ARE protectionist, and probably more so than most countries. One can argue about the reasons and whether they are justifiable, but not the fact that they are designed to protect local business from competition

          • Anonymous says:

            At last, a real world view that makes common sense. Unfortunately for these islands, too many people believe they are in some way enriching the economy by protecting their own narrow self interest. Open markets and a free market economy is the only option if true wealth for a nation is to be acheived, (even the Chinese get that) Cayman's problem is that fat cats make money off the backs of international financial institutions and their own people. What happens when the international banks go elsewhere, to islands that don't have a culture of endemic corruption, unstable government and ever increasing taxes. How long do you think this rock will survive without international investment?

            The point is that until Cayman's businesses and businessmen can be judged fairly alongsideinternational equivalents then how do we know their credentials are sound and that they are competant to run for government?


          • Anonymous says:

            Actually they are not primarily designed to prevent competition but rather primarily to ensure Caymanians benefit from their economy and do not become excluded from it.

            • Anonymous says:

              Precisely, and that helps who? That kind of naive and blinkered view is crippling these islands as the few profit of the backs of the many, many of them being the poorest in society. These policies are nothing to be proud of, it is shameful that so many are at the mercy of so few on an island this small. You would do the Caymanian people a huge favour by allowing competition in so that prices were forced down and employmentcould rise, so enriching all and not just those who are lucky enough to inherit family businesses.

              • Anonymous says:

                Not naive. Ask those that watched the destruction of Jamaica, the Bahamas, and Cuba what happens when outsiders take control and exclude locals from even domestic aspects of the economy.

          • Anonymous says:

            Actually they are not primarily designed to prevent competition but rather primarily to ensure Caymanians benefit from their economy and do not become excluded from it.

        • Anonymous says:

          Nobody is saying that other countries don't have their issues with protectionism, of course some self interest is valid. However, when your whole immigration and business policy is based on a monopolised market then how can real competition, good business practice and competant management be judged?

          Caymanians are the first to shout when the cost of living rises, however because they want to keep Cayman for Caymanians, (whatever that means) your own business community is free to price fix and basically rig the market. We live in a global market, what would happen if every country stopped outside trade from operating within their borders, the whole of the worlds economy would collapse over night. You can't run an economy based on francise alone, you have to embrace the necessary evil of corporate organisation to force prices down and create a genuinely free market economy. We may not like it, but purchasing power is key to supply and demand.

          Its grossly hypocritical to think that you can allow foriegn financial institutions to operate from these islands and then feed off the wealth they promote, but not allow those same investors to operate within Cayman without Caymanian 'partnerships'. Which we all know are basically devices for individuals to enrich themselves at the expense of others. 

          No my friend, Cayman is definately not a liberal market or anything like it. To believe so is niave at best and irresponsible at worst as ultimately it will be Caymanians themselves who will pay through a higher cost of living and rising unemployment. Look around you, its already happening.

          Controlled immigration and business policies are the only way forward, but until these islands open up and stop the few from controlling the many by cornering the business market then issues such as the present catastrophe in governement will keep happening.

          Greed is your worst enemy, not immigration or an open market.

          Thank you and Merry Christmas.

      • anonymous says:

        Ok Bernie Madoff We'll put you in charge.

  50. Anonymous_awoa says:

    I hope Foolio has his fire suit cos he’s getting flamed right now……really what a sad attempt to beg beg beg beg, I hope he realizes we are not so foolio ourselves

  51. Anonymous says:

    I certaintly won't be donating to a defense fund as I have my own bills to pay. However, I am sick and tired of all those who claim that McKeeva has millions of dollars with no evidence to back it up. Why don't you all stop claiming that McKeeva has millions of dollars until you can show a bank statement that proves it? Saying it over and over does not make it true, if it's not really true. I would tell everyone that I had millions of dollars if I believed that just saying it could really make it happen.

    • Anonymous says:

      Let me clarify. The word is 'had', not 'has'.

      In an unrelated topic, I just heard that the Hard Rock casino in Florida is undergoing some major upgrades.

    • Anonymous says:

      Hey the guy gets $750,000 for 'consultancy fees' for just one land transaction. It takes me years to earn that.

    • Anonymous says:

      I would doubt that McKeeva does not have a healthy bank account — even if not In his name –but I am sure he has assets he can sell. As someone said, the Ritz condo, for instance, which should be near half a bil in value right now. Why should Caymanians contribute to a fund for Mac, out of our hard earned meagre income? Most of us are struggling to keep a roof over our heads. Let’s get real, Mac has assets and I personally feel it is poetic justice for him to lose those for his legal fees and it would be a shame for him to accept money from Caymaninas struggling to holdthings together in these difficult times.

      • Anonymous says:

        $1/2 billion for a Ritz condo? lol. Not even mac was that mad. He though the whole development was worth that. I agree that he has to be worth several millions though.

  52. Anonymous says:

    I found Ellio to be a bit unsettling in his attempts to stir the crowd into a frenzy, politics in Cayman is still young but I expected a bit more cerebral discourse from Ellio and less carnival show barker.

    • Cowitch says:

      Elio is trying out a Michael Manley/Adolf Hitler style rabble rousing. Elio, you still haven't told the truth about your supposed degree. Can someone from Computer Services please tell us if his salary there was based on a degreehe didn't possess? 

  53. Anonymous says:

    ELIO, why don’t you sell that fine ride WE BOUGHT YOU and give the money to yo daddy?

  54. Anonymous says:

    All I want for christmas is to keep being entertained by these people. I can't believe they have the nerve to beg for cash. This guy has millions of dollars to his name, he just doesnt want to give up his lavish lifestyle as punishment for being a total embarassment to our country and negligenty abusing his power. Plus, if he's so knowledgeable about the laws of our country then he should be able to defend himself.  

  55. Anonymous says:

    I don’t care in the slightest about McKeevas personal problems!!

    Its all very entertaining butid much rather get back to our country’s business, thank you.

    Where are the government accounts
    Where is the KPMG assessment
    Where are the civil service cuts
    Mla pay cuts to cover the costs for these 3 additional mlas that we need like hole in the head
    We need get budget and spending cuts in ASAP!

  56. Reality Bites says:

    Now we will see how much faith Mac has in Steve McField, Theresa Pitcairn and Sherri Bodden. Do you think they will form the core of his legal team? 

    • Anonymous says:

      I used one of them once for a consultation and got less tha reliable info

      • Anonymous says:

        well, i wasnt laughing as it cost me big time

      • Old and Wrinkly says:

        Steve's office window lists that he practices in London even though he is not listed as such by the Bar Council.  Odd how we can have double standards about people holding themselves out as practising in jurisdictions they don't live in. . .

    • Anonymous says:

      Chewbacca was born on Endor . . . .

      Since Mac was so keen for Steve and Theresa to head up all public defence work and he is now a poor man of the people, if he has any integrity they will be his lawyers.  And the man has so much integrity he speaks about it internationally . . .

      If people don't want to get into legal trouble they shouldn't go shootin' people up.  Or words to that effect.  To quote Mac.

    • I Speak Wookie says:

      "Chewbacca lives on Endor, but did not get promoted despite his obvious talents because of a discriminatory policy by evil neo-colonial Ewoks"  Yes, I can see the closing speech is going well.

  57. Anonymous says:

    Bush can always sell his two condos at the Ritz if he needs the money!

    • Anonymous says:

      Selling the condos will be difficult due to all of the economic uncertainty that has been caused by Mr. Bush.


      Ironic, that.

    • Anonymous says:

      And his boat… And some of his houses….and some more crown land….

    • Anonymous says:

      He dun sell one!!!  Check da man…


    • Far Canal says:

      Already sold….

      • Anonymous says:

        How did he get them in the fist place? I mean, is it not possible the proceeds belong to us?

  58. Anonymous says:

    I am confident that his lawyer friends won't mind to work for free – surely, that would be a good way to demonstrate their loyalty and friendship!

  59. Anonymous says:

    I don't need to repeat what everyone else already said in regards to the statement that Bush is broke, but  I am very confident that Foolio himself will hand over his savings to the Ex-Premier since he is such a loyal follower and believer. Surely, all the other loyal Bush supporters will stand in line to donate their funds! Just in my experience, friendships and loyality usually end when it comes to the almighty $$$$$

    For everyone other current and aspiring policitian please take note! It is very very windy on the mountain top!

  60. Dr Dred says:

    Since Big Mac can get his Doctorate I guess I can too since I have forgotten things he will probably never learn….

    Okay. Let's do some analysis of money so as to take a real view of Big Mac's situation…

    His Salary if I recall correctly is about 12-13K per month and basically have no expenses. Let's also consider the fact of the double dipping and Real Estate commissions to see how "difficult" his life must be.

    12,000 x 43 months = CI$516,000 with Pensions @ 2/3 salary = CI$850,000

    Real Estate commissions for Cambridge let's say is only 100,000 per annum over 43 months = CI$358,333

    Now he also does "Real Estate" consulting in like what he did for Stan Thomas and we see he can make several hundred thousand there also but we will only consider his 2 core incomes.

    Between monthly salary, dbl dipping with pensions and real estate commissions his annual income works out to be CI$337,209 (CI$850,000 + CI$358,333/43×12).

    This represents just short of 10 years of my salary not withstanding the differebce is HE BASICALLY KEEP ALL OF HIS and me, well I have about CI$2,400 per annum left after my bills.

    So if I looked at it in that way with what I have left against what he has left it would take me 280 years to have what he has left over the course of 1 year of his life and he is asking me for money????

    Now these are what I believe tyo be reasonable guesstomates but I don't believe I am too far off.

    What this is is a ploy to gain connection between the people on the street who are poor and going month to month pay check to pay check and him and simply there is no difference. He has taxed us into poverty. Most of us are loosing jobs and have ability to survive as all of our savings have been used up. He wanted us that way so we would listen to his BS when he preached it such as JOB CREATION. He has caused 7 times more job loss than job creation, actually infinite more since he hasn't created any jobs.


    His only complaint is now that he will have to actually pay his own way. No more FREE lawyers or FREE utilities. He will actually have to pay for stuff.

    Sacred Vessel defense will not work on this case. You will have to actually DEFEND yourself here.

  61. Expat and Caymanian says:

    Sell your condo at The Ritz Mac – sorry not a dime from us.

  62. Anonymous says:

    Guys, don’t be fooled! This is about Mac losing his nation building fund. How on earth is he going to buy appliances now unless we establish another fund for him? Mac campaigns on buying votes and his campaign money has been taken away from him. That’s all there is to it.

  63. Anonymous says:

    Is Elio out of his fricking mind????

    Tell McKeeva to sell his unit at the Ritz…that will be more than enough to cover any legal costs that he has to pay.


  64. Anonymous says:

    I am a poor Jamaican living here and I do not beg anybody anything.  I go to work everyday.   So, please go and work.

  65. Anonymous says:


    Please disappear from public life – both of you!

  66. Anonymous says:

    This lack of common dignity is as sad as it gets.  Solomon's call for a few dollars for Bush puts him in the gutter as a common beggar.

  67. Anonymous says:

    HAHAHAHAHA…best laugh I’ve had all year!!

  68. Knot S Smart says:

    Ellio tell me again – how many properties/homes does Mac have in Cayman, the Bay Islands of Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Asia, and how much is the Florida home worth again?

    I  am good at selling real estate – maybe I can assist him in selling them?

    What about companies in BVI and other countries?

    Say what? He dont have anything in his own name?

    What about you then Ellio – wanna sell  the Benz to help out poor Mac?

    Is it true you have a nice boat too? I can help you sell your duplex and other properties.

    Say what – you dont want to sell them to help your good comrade?

    The poor Jamaicans cant afford to give him anymore. The churches are broke, all of his supporters that he has been dishing our tax dollars to – are broke.

    We thought that withdrawing our pensions was nice, but its all gone now, and Mac's tax increases did not solve the recession problem either.

    Can you help us out Ellio?

    Can you and him sing for us too?

    Its Christmas…



  69. Anonymous says:

    OMG! I m so embarrssed and ashame to know that Elio is one of us,  Caymanian! You are the BIGGEST ass kisser I have ever known.

    McKeeva, Elio, Mike and Eugene do the Cayman Islands a favor! On Christmas day or New Year Day, your choice, the four of you go up to Pedro cliff, hold hands and jump together, never to be seen or heard from again. You bunch of pathetic individuls would be doing us all a favor. 

    $$$$$$ for McKeeva's defense team, how low can you go? Ask Mario sell some of those fast cars XXXX to assist you. Ask all those white rich Jamaicans that have supported his XXXX and not to forget all those XXXX in Cayman and all those not in Cayman that he tried to cash in Cayman with to pay his legal fees.

    GO TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. Anonymous says:

    Thanks CNS, for giving this its own article, rather buried over in a summary of the meeting- this deserved its own treatment – the audacity, the sheer ridicularity of it … These people are ca-razy’ touched’…!

    Other media houses should take notes! This is why CNS has you beat, they on top of real news and ain’t afraid to tell the story properly and frankly.

  71. Anonymous says:

    Is it gonna go towards the missing $10K that he apparently has to pay back? 

  72. Anonymous says:

    Mac and Foolio Hellium, listen up!  A lightbulb just went off in my head!  I have come up with an ingenious, absolutely no-risk, fool-proof plan for you to raise the legal funds, and it will not mean shamelessly pan-handling to the poor people of this country, like you are doing now (for god's sake where is your dignity and self-respect?).  Here is my plan step by step, follow it strictly and yuh nah go wrong!   

    (1) Go check yuh BFF Lord Dart, tell him that he owes yuh big time!  Because you truly believe in the ForDart Alliance and would go to the ends of the earth fighting for it. 

    (2) Go check BFF Mikey Good Buddy Ryan.  Remember that lovey dovey posey cosy photo that the 2 of you took for the media, standing side by side?  Well, go flash that photo to Mikey to remind him of the good times and how far the 2 of you go back together, and tell him that it is because of him why your taxpayers are short of $6M, which if we had gotten it like we were supposed to, then maybe, just maybe, we could have put some of it towards your legal fund.

    (3) Go check CHEC (pardon my pun) – your newest BFF – I am sure they will be falling over themselves to help yuh out – seeing how yuh "went to bat for them"so hard to get the Port job, to the point where we all wondered if you had serious case of Chinese fever.

    (4) Go check dear ole, long-time-no-see friend, Stan Thomas. Tell him that this time though, he must not "stan yuh up", not like the last time with that last real estate bill yuh sent him.  This is no jokey jokey bill.   This time is for real – you really need the funds for a good cause.  

    (5)  And last, but not least, don't forget to stop by the brilliant surgeon Shetty (maybe he can "transplant" some of the duty / permit concessions and waivers you gave him for the next 100 years,towards your legal aid fund to help you out with your troubles). 

     In short, so that you remember what to do, in case the list is too long and confusing for you, go check all those wealthy developers you wooed and struck deals with at our expense, while we bent over and painfully took it in our respective rears.

    Signed:  Donkey Face

  73. Non-Party Member says:

    The extent of the (former) premier’s fortune will be revealed, make no doubt. Fasten your seat belts, folks.

  74. Anonymous says:

    I believe this exercise to be worthwhile. Votes for the man may or may have not resulted from favours, outright bribes, promises and countless other unethical courtesies based upon financially indiscretions, my hope is that this shameless plea will go largely unanswered. The reason? While casting a vote is free, doling out cash for the man will be a quite a different matter. My hope is that once and for all by the sheer lack of financial support for this absolutely outrageous request for legal funding this man will realize that his legend he will leave will serve little more purpose than silly bar joke fodder and will ride out his last few years in silence out of the public eye.

  75. Anonymous says:

    NOW…..This beats all I have ever seen or heard!!!!

    • Billy U.D.P Freemoneyforvotes says:

      This is so easy. Lets see, Mac got 3000 votes in west Bay last election, if each one that voted for him sold their property for $10,000.00 (quick sale) that would bring in $30,000,000.00. That should cover his legal fees. Please call me I'm in the buying mode.

  76. Is it upside down? says:

    This seems like a worthy cause… the Premier is accused of misusing public funds….and now some idjit wants the public to donate him money to…. defend himself. I’ll have to stand back to see what’s wrong with this picture.

  77. Anonymous says:

    Maybe he can apply for some of that Nation Building Funds. Lets get this straight all of you persons or Ex- or current UDP. Mckeeva Bush has not helped anyone with his own money or to anyone interest. It has and always will be about Mckeeva. He has abused the peoples money over and over. Look at that nation building funds? How on earth could that be legal? As abusive as Social service is, this Funds was created for the Social Service Rejects. Ellio make it sound now like he also gave people so much. He let persons access their Pensions monies for what purpose?. Show me 10 persons that made any good use out of the monies? I can tell you for a fact I know one individual that took the little bit of pension and went straight to Honduras on a pun pun bling Spree. Not a cent to his name now. So how does that help the future stability of the country? Those same persons will end up becoming a burden on the country, and more than half would be from the batch of the 3k plus grants. Ellio you should be ashamed of yourself for going so low as to beg the public now for what was given to them. just pack it up and stay home. Go on a long trip you and Mac. No need any more mud slinging or causing further harm to the country. Yes Mac did mean good at some point. But in the end. As the story book ends. "The Pigs are the Best".

  78. Sad Caymanian in exile says:

    Ellio! Ellio! Ellio! Soon the people will be calling you on the talkshow again, Ellio! Your political days are numbered, my friend! You have been a poor representative and a big disappointment. All the talk you had on the Rooster, we expected better of you.

    • Anonymous says:

      OMG who is giving the people who lost their jobs money??? Give the premier money for his legal problems..you gotta be kidding and the nerve of Elmo i mean Ellio!!!! Come on people have a re-election as soon as possible

  79. Anonymous says:

    WOW…… looking for words >>>> WOW 1st April is really to far away I know today is Dooms day 2012…. Nice laugh to carry us out with …… but  WOW and WOW again absolutely no words WOW……………………………………………..

  80. Kato says:

    Now this takes the cake. We have been taxed to the point people have to work two jobs just to survive or sell off some of their assets to reduce their debts before the bank forecloses. Now we must pay and support mr. Bush? Wow only in cayman!!

    England really needs to take over at least their taxes are reasonable and transparent!

  81. Kadafe says:

    After Ellios disgusting attitude on tv the other night
    He has the nerve to ask us for something? They can both go down the drain as far as I care!

  82. Kadafe says:

    All the excessive and elaborate ‘free’ traveling on the people’s money
    Seems to have somehow came back to haunt him in the form
    Of a legal bill. Well I’m sure his house should be able to cover the bill.

  83. Anonymous says:

    Bush has a fortune and we're ALL about to find out just how grotesque it is, and how he earned it.

  84. peter milburn says:

    What an absolutely scandilous request from Elio Solomon.Couldnt believe it when I heard him ask for that on the radio so thought I had not heard correctly.Then I see it on CNS.What nerve and yet some will give to this LOST cause.Wake up you Dodo heads and elect someone who will get us back on track.

  85. Anonymous says:

    Foolio & Keke you can go and (pan handle) in GT with
    Capt frank sparrow with his parrot on his shoulder lol!


  86. Anonymous says:

    Good boy Ellio! Now role over…and beg…beg..beg dammit! High five! Good boy here’s a treat!

  87. Anonymous says:

    Tell him to apply for legal aid. I am sure the charges will be serious, oh, but wait, he cut the legal aid budget. Sorry Mac! You’re on your own on this one. Maybe some of those persons you gave status to can share their social services cheques with you.

  88. Anonymous says:

    Hahahahahaha….He made ti to where he is by giving away fridges etc….you think those same people are going to shell anything out for him? Good luck with that one!

    A man with a Ritz condo and a 65' Hateras Yacht ain't gonna get no cash from hi ssupporters by crying poor!!!

  89. Anonymous says:

    Maybe Mac should apply for legal aid. I hear that is what the poor people do when they need a lawyer.

  90. Old Fart says:

    So I take it he will be switching out the turtle meat for iguana this christmas? He's gonna have to remember how to cook now and come back down to Earth…where the rest of us reside. HELLOOOO.

  91. Anonymous says:




    Oh my.  This is priceless.  This really is a gift that keeps on giving,

  92. Anonymous says:

    The average Caymanian famiy gets about – $3 – 4000 per month and many are getting almost nothing and this man who will still get about $8,000 per month as an MLA and another $?8,000 from the pension double dip is askingus for money. He must be joking, or he thinks we are complete idiots or maybe both.  Let him use some of those 'real estate commissions'.

  93. Anonymous says:

    Ellio could take his George Town Christmas cleanup crew to West Bay and clean McKeeva's yard now that he can no longer afford gradening services.


    How about that Ellio? How many of your  "supporters" are willing to work for free for the cause now that you no longer have the Christmas cheque book?

  94. Anonymous says:

    Elio… I was not shocked by your position. But … Seriously, enough damagehas been done to the poor people of this country without you asking for then to give five dollars at this time of year. You disgust me.

  95. Anonymous says:

    This article came out too soon. It should have been saved for April 1st.  Really Ellio????

  96. Anonymous says:

    CNS I gave you money to support your legal bullying at the hands of this premier..now he is crying about his own legal bills.

    Mac, your sword cuts both ways! Anyways, if CNS was to countersue Mac now for bringing a baseless lawsuit I would again contibute to that cause.


    I remeber Billy Adam in West Bay saluting the Nazi ….that is how most will recall Bush as a tyrant not a premier and to you as HermannGoring enemies of the people.                            

  97. Anonymous says:

    Let's see…..in the couch I have……..damn!!!  I spent that for petrol to get to work!!!

  98. Tickle My Pickle says:

    This isnt a legal fund, this is a credit card debt fund

  99. Anonymous says:

    Wow. I want to say I am shocked, but honestly, I'm not. I would not give them any of my money even if I was rich! I a Baya, but Mac has never helped me with a bill (except to hike them up through the roof) and I will not help him pay his, especially considering the decisions he has made since he entered politics way back when. This is certainly not the first and doubt ably the last controversy he will be involved in. Ellio and Mac need to GO AND SIT DOWN! They are nothing but a bunch of inconsiderate XXXX with nerves of steel. I hope there isn’t too many mentally impaired persons in our country to fall for this scam.

  100. Anonymous says:

    I think McKeeva is making fun of us.

  101. 2+2=5 says:

    It is quite common for the apparently wealthy to suddenly say they have no money when it comes to paying for legal costs after allegations of fraud or corruption.  The reason is often asests have been placed sufficiently distant from the person during the course of accumulation but accessing them to pay lawyers' fees would expose those assets to being traced.  Of course I am not saying this is what is happening with Mr. Bush.  But it is odd that he is acting in this manner because he is a stateman, pure of heart and clean of hands.

  102. Power of the People says:

    That is fricking IT!!!!!! OMG if the people of this island and those bull-headed UDP supporters do not get a clue after THIS – there is no hope for them.

    William McKeeva Bush has been in government for over a quarter of a century. He has enjoyed the spoils of conflict of interests, sweetheart deals, grease money and God only knows what else. His bills are paid for BY THE PEOPLE. His inflated salary is paid for BY THE PEOPLE. His driver, butler, cook and whoever else are all paid for BY THE PEOPLE.

    The poor people of this country are all suffering. McKeeva's supporters are no longer the affluent and wealthy. They are the single mothers who need his help, the poor WB families that have very little income and the questionable characters that know where their bread is buttered. THOSE are the people that he would be asking for money – those who are on welfare and government hand-outs.

    No self-respecting, white collar person of decent moral stature would give a red cent to this man. No hard-working, honest blue collar person would either!!

    And yet, there it is. The request of the century to go along with the arrest of the century! Do they REALLY expect to ask the poor people of this country – those whom they have victimised, pillaged and for whom they have destroyed the future – for MONEY to pay for legal expenses for alleged crimes that (as yet uncharged) were perpetrated by a man who has gone too far and lost his marbles?!!?!??!?!!?!?!!?!

    Are we REALLY being asked that?

    I would consider (maybe) donating to a fund to replace a decaying liver in this man…maybe. I would gladly donate to a charity in his late daughter's name. Gladly. I would even buy one of his grandchildren a birthday present. But I WILL NOT…repeat…WILL NEVER!!! give a single red cent to a fund to pay a bunch of high priced lawyers to muddy the waters of integrity. NEVER.

    As for him not being a wealthy man…poppycock!!!!!!!! He has worked WAY to hard to accumulate his nest egg. He simply doesn't want to touch any of it because he knows that he may have to live off of it come May. Forever after.

    This speaks to this man's 'integrity'. That he would 'beg' the country that he has been dismantling and plundering to give of their modest and meagre earnings so that he doesn't have to dip into his storehouse. The gall! The nerve! The audacity.

    McKeeva, you are no longer a Premier. You never will be again. You are a sad example of a man who could have been great. Who had the charisma to do great things. Who could have led the Cayman Islands to the top of the world! Instead, you were destroyed by greed and hate and toxicity that made your people fear you and your enemies hunt for your head. You enlarged that target on your back and the arrow has now penetrated you sir. Deal with that. Knowing that your demise was at YOUR OWN HAND.

    You will forever be remembered for the BAD that you have done. For the disgrace that you brought to our fair islands and for the debacle and spectacle of what is to come. Your previous good works will be forgotten and soon so will you.

    I think that is more than enough punishment for the likes of you. But am relieved that justice will prevail as well, to sweeten our satisfaction.

    As for you Ellio…stop riding the tailcoats of a defeated man. You lost. Get over it…and yourself. You are clearly made of the same cloth and would be wise to re-evaluate your decisions and more importantly to zip your lip for the remaining 5 months.

    2013 – we wait on you with bated breath!

    • Anonymous says:

      Right on!!!!!

    • Dred says:

      And guess what? Those idiots will be sending money to him hand over fist….they can't help it. Bush picks on the mentally challenged…..

      Don't believe me?

      He raised fees which caused businesses to leave which made many of them go unemployed then he asked them to rally behind him…..What morons…

  103. Loopy Lou says:

    Ellio is a puppet.  It is so funny to watch him in action.  He makes me laugh.

  104. Anonymous says:

    Can he get cash for his airmiles?

    • Anonymous says:

      The Jordanian and Foolie need to set up a church.  From the NationBuilding Fund they could qualify for funds I believe up to one million dollars.  Then they could donate some of the monies to the legal fund of the former premier.   This is a sad, really sad to see and hear.

  105. The Crown says:

    WTFridge???? Look here.., go check Dart. But.., give him some time to come out of his XXXX salavation on almost being able to keep Easter campers off SMB.. Reportedly Bush has identical symptoms accompanied by a terrible rash of reality. Wha the rass, you know i've thought for along time that Cubans aren't the ones we should be sending off here. Mic you have increased every blasted fee under the Sun & have wiggled "tremendously" & now you want more! I have a Mexican one cent that i found under ten feet of Marl about fifty years ago that you can have..

  106. Anonymous says:

    what amoron!!!

  107. Anonymous says:

    I tell you what Elio. If Mac first reimburses us for all the, food, drink, extra curricular activities, first class and five star stayovers, I'm happy to contribute all of my gambling winnings. 

  108. but seriously though.. says:

    …on a rather unrelated matter (or is it?), does anyone have the slightest clue how to get rid of "many ticks" (Poly-ticks)?  All this "poly-ticks" can't be healthy & is bound to cause an epidemic.  Monitor the Rapid Spread of Division & Hatred amongst us over the next (5) months leading up to our general election which, May or May not offer any viable solutions. I really wonder though, besides Diabolos (The Father of Lies himself), who else benefits from all this mess? 

  109. Anonymous says:

    Please tell me this is some sort of joke!

    Ellio CANNOT be serious!

    Isn't this the same man that has stated before that he assists with paying mortgages for a few of his constituent members?

    Ellio, please SHUT up!  You not just missing a screw, you missing the whole tool box!


  110. Anonymous says:

    Keke ask: Mario rankine, m-Ryan, dart & all those rich guys you were kissing there a $$ for to help you!


  111. Former UDP member says:

    Everyone thinks Bush is rich because of the comments and news made against him, but do we really know the man?

    • Anonymous says:

      Well I know for sure as the Premier of the Cayman Islands(If someone could find  out how much he does make) – he makes a lot more than me- but I have to budget myself and not live beyond my means- and by the way I do help out people but I can't break myself and if I get in trouble and need a lawyer – to ask the public to help me out when some poor people are struggling harder than me .  I think that request was a slap in the face to all residing on this island ( including his supporters)

    • Dred says:

      Well lets look at this picture clearly shall we.

      Last I heard he was pulling 12k a month x 43 months is 516k in this term alone with basically no bills since we pay all his utilities and gas and cook and security. So in a little under 4 years he has made more than twice the amount of my home cost or more than 12 years of my salary withbasically nothing to spend it on PLUS he has a real estate business AND a “CONSULTANCY” business that from the looks of it makes him in one deal 15 times my annual salary and you want ME to help YOU?

      How exactly are you going to sell me on you being broke? I am not even bringing into account the “financial assistance” you get from your rich friends.

      You are a pathetic joke. This effort to try to create an image of you beinv like us is pathetic and insulting.

      Ellio go find a bridge and jump. Save us having to hear your stupidity.

  112. Anonymous says:

    If he wants donations he should make his personal finances public.

    You really couldnt make this stuff up. 

  113. Peter Parker says:

    He details his travel expenses, and I will send him a crisp $1 bill.

  114. Anonymous says:

    We're looking at Big Mac 20 years ago in Elio. George Towner, if you dont want a repeat of the last 3.5years, be smart and send Elio packing. He likes to use the word "irresponsible". his statements last night were the most irresponsible ever! GT for the love of country and my ears, please silence this annoying little (stuck in the 80's hair style) foolio! Please someone, call social services on me for child torture, if ever he's is speaking in front of my children at any assembly.

  115. Anonymous says:

    OMG!!! Enough already  I have some FREE advise for both Eillio & McKeeva – PLEASE I beg of you PLEASE keep quiet! No more press releases rallies etc. just STOP talking!.  I suggest that you spend the holiday season reflecting on your poor service to this country and going to church to pray for forgiveness.

    Also, from some of the comments we as Caymanians really are a hateful bunch the venom in some of the comments are actually a bit surprising to me. ALL of the electorate of these Islands are all a part of this problem. We sat back and allowed things to spiral out of control because we did not unite and loudly voice our disapproval of the complete lack of ethics and good governance by the former Premier.

    I partially listened to the UDP 5 today and all you could hear was integrity this and integrity that what happened to "integrity" over the past 3+ years when McKeeva was running crazy with his nonsense and complete lack of integrity. How convenient!

    I cannot stress how important the elections in May are to this Country. It will be pivotal. Honestly I have six votes in George Town and at that this point based on those who have shown an interest to run  I cannot pick one name in all good conscience. People start asking basic questions and not about what they can give you personally but what are their ideas and thoughts on getting this Country out of the dire circumstances that we find ourselves in. We have exactly the kind of politicians in the LA that we deserve because too much of us vote based on handouts, party lines,family ties,likeable personalites et. al and not on values, qualifications, experience etc. of the "job applicant".

    I am saddened and embarrassed by all of this nonsense over the past 2 weeks and wonder should I even have hope that things will get better or are we pretty much done???I do know nothing will ever change if we keep voting in the same people time and time again!


  116. Anonymous says:

    Did Elio actually request money from Bush, with a straight face? Seems like a joke to me.

    • Anonymous says:

      I need money to pay for my expensive car and other repairs.  Can't afford to maintain it now.  times are getting harder and I am at a lost, strapped for cash.  Can you HELP?

  117. Anonymous says:

    He doesnt have any condos to sell?

    • Anonymous says:

      He has the islands two leading real estate companies, Windsor and Cambridege. They must be worth millions (unless they were used as vehicles for illicit transactions but we all know that’s not the case or there would have been many more arrests). Sell them!

  118. Anonymous says:


  119. Anonymous says:

    Is it remotely possible that Mr. Bush's penchant for the high rolling lifestyle which by all accounts includes frequent visits to casinos is responsible for this dire situation?

    If that is the case, then it would be reasonable to think that this course of action has left him somewhat short and I actually feel sorry for him.

  120. Anonymous says:

    Surely all of his is Michael Ryan's fault? 


  121. Anonymous says:

    “Begs” = pathetic

  122. Anonymous says:

    This guy hasn't paid a bill in years! Meals, vehicles, petrol, CUC, flights, hotels (and apparently books and dry cleaning…) all paid for by you and me.  Meanwhile he's been double dipping his salary and pension, and making money on the side. Now he's crying poverty?

  123. Anonymous says:

    I'm sure there are other business interests too… btw – did anyone ever find out who owns that BVI registered company called Midland Acres?

    • Dred says:

      We will soon enough. Nothing is off the table, even the Stan Thomas affair. Keep in mind what they arrest you on and what they charge you for can be quite different. They arrested to serve warrants and get more evidence.

      Its going to be intetesting when charges are finally applied what they will be. Keep in mind that the Stan Thomas affair was not addressed in this arrest at all.

  124. Anonymous says:

    Really?  A fund to pay his legal fees?  Whilst I am not convinced Mr Bush has no disposable income (i.e. money in his bank account), if this is actually is the case then he needs to consider selling his Ritz condo and mountain of other real estate.  Asking for money when you have so much in assets is serioiusly taking the biscuit.

  125. Anonymous says:

    Ellio could have never been serious. I think he said what he said as a goodwill gesture, so people would continue supporting the Bush.  They know they have the monies.

  126. Anonymous says:

    Mac is a socialist and is proving both publicly and privately that socialism leads to poverty.


    Mac's personal financial situation is a direct result of his philosophy in money handling. He claims he gave most of his money away to those in need. Didn't he also do this with our country's money with the "Nation Building Fund"?


    A better way for him to have handled his wealth would have been to invest his money in secure high yielding ways that could produce handsome interest payments forever which he could then use to give to the needy. 


    It appears that Mac has killed 2 geese that lay golden eggs. One was the goose that made our economy productive as well as his own personal goose. Once the goose is gone, it does not come back. There are no more golden eggs. Mac is now on his own, begging those of us who's goose he killed, for money which we no longer have.


    • Anonymous says:

      You have a very limited understanding of politics if you think McKeeva Bush is a socialist.

    • Non-Party Member says:

      Socialism leads to poverty? No, that’s not true. Take a look at the countries of Scandinavia to enlighten yourself.

  127. Anonymous says:

    I can almost believe that he is a poor man if he ran his personal finances as well as the countries.  Although if I got in some legal trouble I too would have to flip my on tab..come on what the heck is this all about.

    Although asking for $5 sound a little like what the crack addicts ask me for on the streets of WB. HMMMM

  128. Verticalpig says:

    In God we trust – but best hire a few lawyer's as backup.


  129. Mat says:

    McKeeva Bush sung a beautiful song in front of the LA last night:

    "O the Conquoring Saviour shall break every chain,

    And give us the victory again and again…

    O the Conquoring Savious shall break every chain,

    And give us the victory again and again." 

    I love that song, but I think it belongs in a Church – not at a political rally!

    Where is the respect for the right occasion?

    And then you have Ellio Solomon running around the crowd to collect offering!

    Boy I tell you!

  130. Anon says:

    Keke and his few remaining pathetic supporters just slide further and further from reality each day. This is just the last gasps from a man and his cult followers as they watch their political careers crash onto the rocks of their own incompetance, greed, and selfishness. There is no one else to blame but YOU mac. You had the power and the opportunity to take hard but necessary decisions for the benefit of these beautiful islands. Instead your shirked your duty, refused to make those decisions, and caused untold damage.

  131. Anonymous says:

    Mac gave Steve a job when he got in, make Steve represent him for free now

    Call in some of them favors you all been buying

    • Anonymous says:

      Good idea, but I don’t want to hear of our finances being referred to as his sacred vessel.

  132. C'mon Son says:

    C'mon Son!

    How you so beggy-beggy????

    How can you say this man is not wealthy… he pays for NOTHING. Lord, the man has a personal cook at his home on the paid for by the people of Cayman… All he needs to do if turn off his Christmas lights this year…well, he dont pay for them either… Such a shame…


  133. Jarrett Nicholson says:

    How about selling your condo at the ritz?

  134. Anonymous says:

    Don’t remember Ellio trying help any of the constituents (regular people) like daphne orrett that Mac wanted to sue for giving her opinion on rooster, or the constituents from bt who tried to challenge mark n joke jokes eligibility as mlas. UDP went after them mercilessly and did not care if it bankrupted them.
    Plus Mckeeva been suing rooster, Austin, Harley’s entertainment and CNS and Wendy Ledger…. Where is their help Ellio?

    Or is your big mouth only available for those who you think can be of benefit to you?

  135. Snake eyes says:

    So who can I make this CASH donation to? Him poor nah true, sell a pair of his shoes and that might pay my bills and house insurance one lick. Not to mention you see the pawn shops, make use you damn gremlins.

  136. BTer says:

    He got plenty plenty cash – he just prefer wasting ours… damn fool.

  137. Anonymous says:

    CHeck ya friend Dart!!


  138. Anonymous says:

    Ask Killa for some of that $100K Nation Building money he got

  139. Anonymous says:

    CHeck ya friend Dart!!


  140. Anonymous says:

    Hmmn and here I was about to ask Keke for a loan.

  141. Anonymous says:

    Seriously? He wants us to foot the bill to fight charges that he took our money? Maybe his lawyers accept gasboy cards? Otherwise he should ask Stan Thomas or Midland Acres for a donation but don't be asking me, I am already paying for his mistakes.

  142. Anonymous says:

    Here's an idea, why can't there be a tax on the expats introduced to cover Mr Bush's legal bills?

  143. Anonymous says:

    Ellio, if you think Stuart Kernohan should have been brought back to Grand Cayman for questioning why did you fail to mention that in your lengthyaddress to the LA on Operation Tempura in October 2009?

    In fact you seem to have led the move to bury the whole investigation and take no further action over it.

    Make your mind up.

  144. Snake eyes says:

    Boy Squarehead GI Joe really gone bonkers. And asking for cash? Well if a man who makes $10,000 plus per month pension needs money for Lawyers then something is damn wrong. Not to mention the allowance for utilities and misc things for his home, which would have been one of his perks for being in government for the last how many years. He is not a wealthy man? Yeah because it is a probability that on the books most of his assets are not in his name. GI Joe we are not stupid, we got scholarships to go away to school and came back educated. It is just that when we came back the economy was so terrible that some of us couldn't find jobs. So you will not really fight for  Caymanian citizens struggling but a Caymanian individual, who is fully capable of pulling money from an offshore account and paying legal fees and probably able to still buy breakfast, dinner and supper for the entire population and still have money for blackjack and another flight to asia and back? Well as far as puppets go your master  got you up to the elbow. 


    Goodnight and Goodl luck Squarehead GI Joe.

  145. Anonymous says:

    $10,000.00 a month salary, owns Cambridge Realty, US$350K that we know of from Stan Thomas… (XXXXX) not paid a single CUC bill, Water bill, or a cent to a gas station and he's not a wealthy man?! You could not make this stuff up…

    • Anonymous says:

      Travelling overseas can really cost!

    • GG says:

      I never speak emotionally in regards to politics as I believe logic should preside, but what the absolute utter XXXX. How on God/Allah/Krishna/the ever expanding universe's green Earth could individuals such as Ellio, McKeeva, and the lot of them be elected?! If this was some pitiful country such as Pakistan where the majority of people have not seen the inside of a classrom I MAY be able to understand, but seriously? This is why, as a young Caymanian who is about to vote for the first time, at times I feel ashamed of my people. Time and time again I want to believe that we as humans want to do the right thing, that we are blessed with a conscience and intelligence, but am severely disappointed.


      There should be a mandatory IQ test provided to all who run for public office- I have no faith that any of these jokers would even qualify at the minimal requirement. Shameless, selfish, God complexed fools! Leaders are meant to be wise, they are to be strong, they are to be responsible and selfless. They are to make difficult decisions and sacrifice themselves for the good of the people who trusted them to show them the way. They are to have ears to listen to the cries of the people and balance morals, justice, and reason. These are all qualities that these wastes lack incredibly. Opportunistic, illiterate, undeserving traitors! To XXXX with every last one of you!


      And for XXXX sake, Cayman, wake the XXXX up!

    • Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

      Hey Foolio, go ask the Jordanian!

    • Anonymous says:

      Lets see if 2,500 people that received status in 2003 by cabinet would now donate $100 to the defence of Premier Bush this would more than pay for his legal fees.  On a serious note I feel sorry for Mr. Bush to see how he would allow himself to be placed in this situation because of taking the wrong advice.  In my opinion Elio is on a quest for power and will try to attain it at all cost. 

      • Anonymous says:

        2,000 of them could not possibly afford $100. They have little to no money, some still send what money they have overseas, and many are being supported by Government.

        The other500 have lots of money especially with the juicy government contracts some landed or high level government jobs certain maintained. Asking those of the 500 that actually still live here to give $500 each is probably a better way to go about it! It is suspected a few of them may already know payment methods and account details.

        Oh dear.

    • Dred says:

      This is all a political sham to make him seem like "one of them". What a farce.

  146. Anonymous says:

    Fellio " What the XXX have you been smoking"? i know you're from dog city but XXX. Isn't Mac collecting 2 pensions and a salary as an MLA approx say 20k per month, plus his other business interests, and now he can't afford to pay for legal services XXX Joke.

    Tell Mac to sell his 10k suites and 30k watches and his house..We are not giving him a cent…

    What about the poor criminal who can't afford legal sevices, they get legal aid and an average lawyer, NO big Mac has to have the best of the best 4 QC's from the UK! well Fellio tell your boss he makes 3 times as much as the average Caymanian and to go XXXXXX.

    Sorry for the laguage but XXX

  147. CHE says:



  148. Anonymous says:

    Dear Foolio,

    In response to your question "how could it could be fair for a person, whether he was premier or not, to lose his job purely because of suspicion as everyone was innocent until proven guilty"? I would like to point you to a post from an earlier CNS article "Bush set to face the People"…

    …If a police officer is accused of bribery he is suspended until any investigations either prove guilt or innocence… if a teacher is accused of child molestation he is suspended until any invistigations prove guilt or innocence… if a doctor is accused of murdering patients his license to practice medicine is suspended until such time as any investigations prove guilt or innocence yet when the Premier, Leader of Government, Minister of Finance, a publicly appointed civil servant in a position of trust is accused of abusing his office, theft and corruption his blind supporters start talking about "innocent until proven guilty"…

    Put it another way… the suspicion against Keke directly relates to his job… Minister Of Finance accused of Stealing… Minister of Government accused of abusing his office etc etc… This isn't quite the same as Minister of Education getting a DUI… But would be the same if say the Miniter of Transport got a DUI 😉

    What you cannot/will not understand (as there is no man harder to convince of the facts than a man with a conviction) or rather, you're not quite bright enough to get it… is that the accusations against Big Mac made his position untenable… had he just stood down until he was proven innocent (as he says he is) then there would have been no issue!

    • Knot S Smart says:

      Good explanation – but if Ellio cannot even understand why people are calling him 'Foolio'  I doubt he will understand this…

  149. Anonymous says:

    Could we please collect some donations to build an asylum for Ellio?

    • Anony Ms. says:

      I think we need to collect some funds to build an extension onto Northward.  We're going to need it!

    • Anonymous says:

      Now that would be money well spent. Because if this bro ever gets power we are ALL in serious trouble.

  150. Anonymous says:

    You'll have to ask Richard to write another letter to Mr. Stan, sir. By the way, did you REALLY buy turtle meat with all of that first $350,000.00?

  151. Anonymous says:

    Surely Mac's church could have a heart and give him back a million or so? Selfish buggers.

  152. Anonymous says:

    “Not a wealthy man”!!!

    Absolutely shameless!

  153. Anonymous says:

    Ellio you are a poor excuse  – Use that money you got from Stan Thomas and all that commission he got from selling them Ritz condos years ago – I remember NOBODY got access that them Ritz's condos but his wife's Real Estate Agency!!

  154. Please let me help you both. says:

    Mac and foolio  you can have  my 3.2 %  whenever they pay me back retroactiviely! But only thing is, well this embarassing but  I dont make as  much as you guys so it wont be much, but it is the thought that counts right?

    In the interim may I suggest  legal aid.


    • Anonymous says:

      I would suggest that Mr. Bush drop some if not most of his advisors, people like Mr. Ellio Solomon with his tirade and hateful speeches.  This blame game and one upmanship must stop now.  I am so happy that Mr. Solomon did not get the position of minister that he so desired because he would be the ultimate leader for life a title that he would have given himself.  That young man is drunk on power and in my opinion he suffers from narcissistic personility disorder.

  155. Non-Party Member says:

    I think that last statement by Elio just about sums it all up. The very notion that the position of premier could in any way be comparable to that of someone earning a livelihood (“a job”) is detached from reality. Also that the presumption of innocence until proven guilty would apply to the premier, the most public of all figures in our society. Total, absolute nonsense. Elio needs a reality check, to put it mildly, poor fellow.

  156. Anonymous says:

    Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt. Abraham Lincoln, Mr. Elio, I beg you please silence yourself, just chill, sit back drink some egg nog or stick a ice pop in your mouth.

  157. M says:

    I thought McKeeva had Dart on his side.

    • Anonymous says:

      Dart is always in transition. Which ever party works for him best 🙂

  158. Anonymous says:

    Heard it all now

    Cash for Bush

  159. Knot S Smart says:

    Please can I contribute a negative amount?

    Like say    -$1000…

  160. Anonymous says:

    HAHAHAHA HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!! Sounds like KARMA to me!

  161. Anonymous says:

    Not one red cent!

  162. Anon says:

    You are on your own Keke…….better dig into the own pocket for once.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh my goodness this must be a joke, the Myans must be right this is the end for some people.

  163. Afraid to Strap on a Pair Also says:

    I haven't posted in about a year but I haven't laughed so hard in about a year.  By all means;  let's start a defense fund for Mac.  If everybody just sold their refrigerator and donated $100 of the proceeds…

  164. The "Honorable" Magic Dragon says:

    Que Darts donation!

  165. Anonymous says:

    Has Ellio thought about selling his Benz for a good cause? Come on CNS. The comedy is going a little far now. Really.

    • Anonymous says:

      IF the Benz burning you – you need to see his Scarab boat – you gonna flip. Talk about money – aw man you gonna drool.

  166. Anonymous says:

    Who am I describing? Opportunist – a person who exploits circumstances to gain immediate advantage rather than being guided by consistent principals or plans. 

  167. Anonymous says:

    The Judas 5 need to feel shame!

    • Anonymous says:

      you mean the judas 3…mike, whogene and foolio….

      these are the real traitors against the cayman islands…

    • Bush the Betrayer says:

      you really comparing Bush to Jesus?

      There is only one traitor this country, thankfully he has been removed.

      Now after stripping the countries wealth into his own pocket he wants the  people to pay his legal bills. He is one of the weathliest ,well paid Caymanians on the island and he wants the poor and unemployed to starve themselves at Christmas, while he eats Caviar and drinks Champagne, to pay for his defence, I can only guess that he first tried to stiff the government with the bill.

      The man appears to be selfishness personified

  168. Anonymous says:

    Ellio is right!

    The RCIPS need to fix up their act if people are to view their arrests as sensible.


    • Anonymous says:

      The RCIPS do a very good job for which the public should be more grateful. 

      They're here to uphold the law. It's as simple as that. It seems that certain sections of the Caymanian population think they should be above the law.

      Can anybody imagine what this place would be like without the Governer and Police Commissioner? – it wouldnt be mearly close to being a banana republic anymore. 

  169. Anonymous says:

    I believe it was Bush who said there should be no legal aid for criminals.

  170. Frank says:

    Why should anybody give him any cash? He got himself in this mess in the first place, plus the public doesnt have this luxury when we need an attorney. He needs to pay his own way. Its not like he cant afford it with his extortionate salary, double dipping in the pension plus any other dealings he been involved in over the past few years.

  171. Anonymous says:

    Thats right Solly!

    The RCIPS still not explain why they never told the public for 6 months that their van was stolen.

    IF they will cover up a stolen van – WHAT else would they cover up??

    And don't say they didn't know it was stolen for 6 months.

    • Anonymous says:

      The RCIPS are not the problem. Criminals are the problem.

      If there was no crime there wouldnt even be a need for a police force. 

      So stop whining about them doing their job. 

      All the stolen van stuff is pure speculation.