New government takes Cabinet to the Brac

| 14/01/2013

cab 2.jpg(CNS): With their local MLA now at the helm of the Cayman Islands government, the Cabinet will be meeting on Cayman Brac this week. The new premier, Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, who is the second elected member for the Sister Islands of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, will be taking her new minority government and the governor to her constituency for a special meeting on Tuesday. Brackers will be able to meet the new government members at the Aston Rutty Centre today between 7.00-8.30pm, prior to the meeting tomorrow. Officials said Cabinet traditionally assembles in Cayman Brac and Little Cayman at least once every administration to familiarise itself with the concerns unique to those islands.

The delegation will include Governor Duncan Taylor, the premier, Deputy Governor Franz Manderson, Deputy Premier Rolston Anglin, Tourism Minister,Cline Glidden, Health Minister Mark Scotland, and Community Affairs Minister Dwayne Seymour, as well as Attorney General Sam Bulgin.

Officials urge residents of Cayman Brac and Little Cayman to take advantage of the opportunity to meet the senior government leaders who make the major policy decisions for the Cayman Islands.

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  1. Talking Sense says:

    Whether you like where she's from or what she's doing, she's EVERYONE'S Premier and you going to have to respect her because she's in charge! Besides if you cant understand a person wanting to go back to her home and show it off to others, fix it up and do the all they can for it…you shouldn't call yourself a Caymanian! 3 Islands, ONE country and ONE LOVE!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Oh Geez what is wrong with you people.  Now you complaining about a cabinet meeting in the sister islands. That's so good because it helps to stimulate the economy, well I hope they bought what they needed over there and they didn't buy it all here and transport it over. That would not be much help now would it.

    GOod move on the New Premier, not a fan myself of her, but good move, but maybe just a few minutes too late.  I feel her time has come and she should graciously bow out after the house is dissolved on March 26th.  She needs to realize she has caused more harm than good during her tenure.  She has held more important roles than any other member of the Legislative Assembly such as: MLA, Minister, Speaker of the House (you all remember she called us stranger!), then Deputy Premier and now Premier.  So, this late stage in the game she is expecting her constituents to think that having all that power in the past and doing nothing then and all these new fast forward events going down just a few months before elections in May.  We know she is only drumming up votes and doing it on our dime.  Please stop with the charade Ms. Premier we know all you have up your sleeve.


  3. Ol' Spansel! says:

    Listen I got something to say to some of you big nose Caymanians. I say "Caymanians" because you all call us "Brackers" and you like to think us different and that your better than us. When in truth the reality could not be more different. SOME of you selfish, ignorant people are so quick to bash and hate on Cayman Brac like we aren't good enough to waste a dollar or a word on. You have no care or concerns for your fellow Sister Island, as if we should be cast off from Grand Cayman tied to a piece a rope and throw out any all supplies to keep us alive, to feel as if you have done some good. SOME of you all have no honor. Majority of you that haven't been born or raised in Cayman Brac like to look at us as if we are the dirt on the botton of your foot and would wip us away at first chance. But I got news to you. A Cayman Bracker is Premier of "YOUR" Gov't now eh! Stupid old now good Cayman Bracker TOP of the food chain in the political world now eh! Better yet, she's a woman from Watering Place! I wonder how she got there, since she from Cayman Brac and she's a waste of time like the rest of us. Hmmmm? I wonder who took care of over 300 school children and gave jobs, food, supplies and any help necessary to the people of Grand Cayman when Ivan, huh? You all couldn't stop talking about Ivan for years and went on dismising Paloma because it was Cayman Brac like nothing happened. Just remember this not only did Grand Cayman Men build Grand Cayman back, but A LOT of Brackers did too! And we sure didnt't need your help to re-build Cayman Brac back oh no, the one or two that did come thank you and we do appreciate your efforts and your welcome to stay as long as you like, but as for the rest of you HATERS keep ur negativity, comments and disgusting attitude over there, WE don't want it! Remember this "CAYMAN BRACKER GONNA RUN THIS COUNTRY!" and when we sit it up right again, don't bother to thank us, just go about critquing us and bashing us. Thats just how we like it…. 🙂 

  4. peter milburn says:

    A pity that the spending is continuing small as it may be for this trip to the Sister islands .Lets hope there will not be any more trips to far flung conferences but I actually doubt that they would be that stupid to do that at this stage without getting the publics backs up once again.Hotels food and airfares for all.Better spent on something more worth while.

    • Anonymous says:

      Wha happen, you na hear bout the London trip?

      • H.A.M says:

        Please do not encourage further expenditure on trips aboard, Ju-Ju please use a telephone or set up a video conference to save monies.

    • Anonymous says:

      So, I guess Brackers arent worthy of hosting Cabinet over in the Brac.  Let's stop bickering on spending on the Brac, really?!! If she didnt pay the Brac any attention they wouldbe complaints, when she do, you all still complain…smh

    • H.A.M says:

      Do we really expect better from a Premier who spent more time flying around the globe and racking up air miles with a body guard to keep her safe? Why did not delegate all the travel and focus on FCIA responsibilities?

      • Anonymous says:

        You go ju-ju! You help the Brac and thank God you have reach the top and showed you didnt forget where you came from, I am a young lady and I am proud of you. Ker-Ker should respect you and stop bashing you, but I love and respect you for doing your job and being to busy to respond or pay these comments any attention.  No matter where you spend dollars in your country or abroad, you cant please all, you go ju ju!! You're doing a good job and you're a  good example for CAYMANIAN WOMEN!

  5. Anonymous says:

    What a waste of public funds.

    An FOI request needs to be made to District Administration or the Premier as the how much this who trip is costing the government.

    The marl road has it that they bought brand new furniture for the conference room to host this event and threw the furniture that they had in the conference room away at the dump. They did not even have the decency to ask other government departments of the private sector if they wanted any of the furniture they just disposed of it at the dump. Do not let them tell you otherwise because I know persons who went to the dump and collected some of this disposed of furniture as there was nothing wrong with it.

    Same sh…..t, different day. She is no better than what was there before – egotistical and vindictive.



    • Anonymous says:

      When its not your money it dosent matter. Thats why I am not going to vote for no little hurry come up person.

    • Anonymous says:

      Same circus – different  clowns!!

    • Nickolas says:

      I do not know what Marl Road you are on, but I think you are on the wrong course.
      When District Administration needs new furniture, they get “hand-me-downs” from the CIG offices in Grand Cayman. The beat up and broken furniture that District Administration received from Grand Cayman is what they threw away from the old Day Care Centre. Persons who were there were told to take the furniture if they could make use of it. However, most people didn’t want to because of water damage to the chipboard material. As for the “brand new furniture” that District Administration “bought”, the Public Works Department revarnished old furniture that was already there and could be used.
      Please do not bring anymore souvenirs from your Marl Road trip.

      • Anonymous says:

        Wrong again Stop telling lies. People got good furniture from the dump that was put there by District Admin. Stop lying.

        • Eyewitness says:

          The truth is, the desks hauled to the dump were in poor shape.  There was also a very old copier with cracked glass — no idea if the glass was cracked before being hauled off.    I saw one person taking a formica-covered chipboard desktop off, but not taking the entire desk.    I'm glad to see materials being recycled — I only wish more people would do so.    

    • Anonymous says:

      An FOi to District Administration? They are so "stressed out" doing absolutely nothing/nada/zero/zilch on that dead in the water island that they could never come up with an FOI answer. I worked there for a while and it is a pathetic waste of money -no one has anything of substance to do and their civil service salaries are the same huge amounts as Grand Cayman. The place is asleep until someone from Grand Cayman comes and then there is a bustling about pretending to be heavily involved with "issues". Then afterwards, back to sleep again. What a farce.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes they ran down to the local WalMart and bought all new furniture. Are you delusional? Julie hasn’t been Premier long enough for them to plan this cabinet meeting on the Brac and order new furniture in on the barge. PWD did an excellent job of refurbishing what furniture they could get a hold of to make it presentable for the cabinet meeting.

      When you talk about how many concessions the Brac gets, just remember how much we pay for food, gas, electric and water compared to Grand Cayman. The cost of living is much higher here and the little building concession we get only helps some people who can afford to build.

      On the Brac, we have the wherewithal to re-purpose old things into something beautiful. Maybe your old, judgemental minds could learn a few things from us.

  6. Anonymous says:

    You have to remember that she want us Brackers to see her seated in parliament as the PREMIERE. This have nothing to do with the interest of the people. They all want multiple votes but the people are denied singular representation.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I still am in shock and awe that not only did Jon Jon manage to get himself elected but now has a minstry.  All that stuff we are taught about being good and honest and working hard and sacrificing and getting education and striving in the work place to reach our goals was actually hogwash. 

  8. Anonymous says:

    Ms. Julie found that her Brac UDP district committee were so thrilled that the new premier is from the Brac that they didn't care that McKeeva had been kicked to curb. This is playing to Brac  vanity: "Look – our Brac premier brought the govt. to us! We must re-elect her.".   

  9. Anonymous says:

    total waste of time and money….. but then again that kind of sums up cayman brac……

  10. Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      It explains 'why'.  Then again, 'why not'?  Grand Cayman alone does not constitute the Cayman Islands.

      • Anonymous says:

        With the large revenue contribution made andthe reduction in fees that is given to them, they are better off than the taxpayers in Grand Cayman.  It is baffling.

      • Anonymous says:

        I guess they don’t realize that decent, intelligent people live here. Maybe they should ask themselves why they have a need to offend the people of Cayman Brac.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why? you ask. Because this is great excitement for the people on the Brac!!

      She is giving them something to talk about this week. Oh just imaginehow fun it must be for them to see the Gurment running up and down in the SUV's, oh the chit chatter that will generate in the local gossip economy. Phones will be ringing off the hook throughout the coming nights.

      This will feed their high, from the usual boring norm. And with this "feel good" spirit they will once again return her to the House for another 4 years.

      She is smart, she knows how to keep them eating out of her hand. She fly first class, and they still stuck in the world's longest, isolated Economic Depression.

      So continue on Bracer's, continue to be blinded by foolish acts. it has obviously served you all well over recent years…I mean you must enjoy it.

    • Anon says:


      Why is the PPM and Ezzard/Arden allowing the Government to engage in this spending – why do they have the fly all these people to the Brac for a week to hold a meeting – is that the value for money PPM and Ezzard support.

    • P A Rody says:

      The roads and car parks are nicer

  11. Anonymous says:

    Despite numerous complaints about roads in disrepair, JuJu continues to ignore this problem. Instead of wasting our funds on trips why don't you resume road repairs and insist that CUC fix all the lights that they continue to charge the government millions for?

  12. Anonymous says:

    She got some fire under her this weekend from the Walton Dr residents in Spot Bay.  For two years they been complaining about an environmental hazzard and her Govt. has ignored their pleas.  Finally, Kerry Horek put some fire under her and she was on Walton Dr all weekend taking pictures and today the clean up crew is on the scene removing the garbage that has caused a massive rat infestation that the residents were being eaten out of house and home.  She wants to use it as a family dispute as the land belongs to a Walton.  However, she can't because when it became an environmental hazzard the people came to the Govt. for assistance and the Director of the DEH ignored them as well.  She has been the longest serving member of in the LA for the Sister Islands and she had been one of the laziest when it comes to standing up for the people of these two islands and doing what is best for them.  I hope the see just what it takes to get something done in Cayman Brac.  TWO YEARS of begging and just before Elections and a fired up Kerry Horek she does something.  Thanks to Kerry this mess has now been cleaned up, and not to her, she was threatened on live radio with a lawsuit naming the Govt. as a defendant and that's whyshe did something.

    • Anonymous says:

      Longest serving and laziest?

      Sounds like the Brackers that keep electing her need to rethink their position.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you Kerry. At least we have one Bracer with guts.

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you Kerry. At least we have one Bracer with guts.

    • Anonymous says:

      You do realize that the Cayman Islands is made up of 3 islands not 2 right?

      • Anonymous says:

        You missed the point – TWO (2) Sister Islands.The writer is well aware that there are three Islands but is referring to the two Sister Islands or as the Grand Caymanians would say Lesser Islands.

  13. Free Paving Driveways Parking Lots says:

    What they're all in the Brac today, can we close the airport, seaport and have Lime and Digicel suspent all service to the Brac until after the May elections and we'll save millions of dollars. 

  14. Anonymous says:

    Old habits are hard to give up.

  15. SANDFLY says:

    The competency level of our new Premier is lacking but better then our first. Maybe we just have to get through our growing pains. I would like to see the cost of this trip, the justification to try and understand the mentality of our second Premier. Please don’t let her off Island and canceling her credit cards will do the trick. I don’t think we can go through another $40,000 trip of hers.

  16. Anonymous says:

    This woman never misses a way to waste money. However I am grateful that she managed to spend it within the Caymam Islands

  17. Anonymous says:

    What a complete and utter waste of public money! Different year, "different" cabinet, same S##T

  18. Anonymous says:

    Keep on spending Ju-Ju, how do you think other countries that are made up of islands deal with local issues, the UK for example. Does the UK government go to every island to sample their 'uniqueness'? Of course not, this is just another excuse to spend public money that they don't have and justify their existence.