CAL denies emergency on returned Cuba flight

| 23/01/2013

cropcm554x330_1022-caymanairways737-300owenrobertsintl.jpg(CNS): Officials from Cayman Airways have confirmed that flight KX 832 from Grand Cayman to Havana, Cuba, returned to Owen Roberts International airport this afternoon as a precautionary measure due to a technical issue detected during the flight but denied it was an emergency. The flight landed back in Grand Cayman 30 minutes after departure and the passengers were immediately transferred to another aircraft. CAL said that emergency first responders were at the airport for the plane's arrival, as per the operating procedure of the Cayman Islands Airports Authority, after receiving notification from Havana air traffic control that the flight was returning with a potential technical problem.

After the passengers were transferred to a different aircraft, the flight to Havana then subsequently departed at 3:30pm and landed in Havana at 4:25pm.

“Cayman Airways, however, wishes to emphasize that the return was not declared an emergency by the flight crew to the Cayman Islands Airports Authority,” a spokesperson for the airline said. “At no time did the captain declare an emergency in flight as the situation did not warrant it. The captain’s decision to return to home base was a precautionary measure and one to also allow any necessary repairs to be accomplished with minimum disruption to the airlines operating schedule.”

The airline stated that as a result of the delay created, flights KX 106 from Grand Cayman to Miami and KX 107 from Miami to Grand Cayman departed approximately an hour and 40 minutes behind schedule. All other flights remain on schedule and Cayman Airways expects no further delays for the reminder of the day.

“On arrival, the technical issue was confirmed as minor by our maintenance crews but as Cayman Airways is committed to the highest levels of safety we commend Captain Grizzel and First Officer Chris Witt for their decision to return as a precautionary measure,” said Cayman Airways President and CEO, Fabian Whorms. “We sincerely thank our customers and the public for their continued support and understanding and apologize for any inconvenience caused from today’s delays,” he added.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    buy some new planes to replace these veteran……

  2. Kadafe says:

    Better fly on CAL if you don’t wanna get left! That’s the
    Most dependable airline we have here! Not like A.A

    • Anonymous says:

      Bullsh…t. Not when our lives are at risk with these old planes that Cayman Airways continue to use. Better to be late than dead. CAL need to buy new planes.

      • Anonymous says:

        If you think Cayman Airways planes are old check the age of some of American and Delta's B757's and MD80's. Anyways it is not how old and aircraft is but how well it has been maintained. They are machines built to last for years and years. That is why they cost millions of dollars to buy.

        Do your research..the airline with the youngest type of aircraft flying in here is probably American with their new B737-800 and even there no all of their fleet has changed and there is some of them are as old as the B737's Cayman Airways has..

        Google the tail number of any of the commercial aircraft you see on the ground at the airport . It would surprise you to see how long they ahave been in existence.

        BTW…Give Cayman Airways a break…I am sure you are one of those people that lined up for tickets when there was a hurricane because your airline of choice left you behind. You were damn happy to get your a$$ in that old Cayman Airways seat and then when you got back complained about it being too expensive…Get a life! Stop complaining!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Well done to Captain Grizzel and First Officer Witt.
    Happy landings!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Why is this news…this type of thing happens everyday all over the world and to every airline.

    Is is because it is Cayman Airways? I have never heard of any other airline having any problems except for when it is a Cayman Airways aircraft…Last year i was supposed to leave on an American Airlines flight and we were delayed and later put on another flight because wouldn't go with the tyres that were on the aircraft and we had to wait for another flight from Miami to arrive.

    • Anonymous says:

      I would imagine this is news because certain bad mind people are all over Facebook about CAL having an emergency landing and it harms their reputation in such a small place.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Now only if the rest of CAL staff could be as professional as the pilots we might have an airline of epic proportions!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Captain Grizzel!!! Another fine BRACA!!!!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Why does the press always have to create drama around Cayman Airways when every day the other airlines that fly here have the same issues?

    On my return from Miami on December 27, my American Airlines flight was delayed 3 times and I watched two Cayman Airways flights come and go while I sat there with my young child. Our flight arrived around 11pm that night and not one word was said about it in the press. When I got off the plane that night there was another American aircraft sitting there. When I was going through Immigration the officer said that both American afternoon flights were delayed and in fact one was cancelled and they had only got one flight out at about 8pm that night because both planes had broken down…Again not a word in the press!! This on one of the busiest travel days.

    Give Cayman airways a break! They have the best pilots and the best safety policies and they should be lauded by the press when they make decisions such as Captain Grizzel did today. I am sure the reason he did so was to not have the aircraft grounded in Havana where they have no maintenance base and could have had an aircraft out of service for days while they move personnel and parts to Cuba to repair and return the aircraft to service.


    You did good Timmy!! …don't let all this crap get you down! Keep up the good work!

    • Anonymous says:

      Every single flight on AA I took, was delayed. I only fly CA from now on.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Good Job Timmy!!