Mac warns of harder life

| 25/01/2013

(CNS): The former premier has warned the country’s young people that they must be prepared for a harder way of life. In a message delivered to the media ahead of National Heroes Day, which this year celebrates Cayman’s young people, McKeeva Bush emphasised the need for economic development in Cayman in order to create jobs for the next generation. Bush, who will not be handing out the awards this year as a results of his own battles with the authorities and his former political colleagues following his arrest in December, also talked about the need for strong resolve, even in the face of “nay-sayers and doubters”, claiminging that what he did as a leader was for that the good of all but just to do good was “a real struggle”.

“As we seek to educate our children, our youth, we must also ensure that jobs are available for them to aspire to, and that means a strong economy, which means viable projects in our Islands and the support for investors, foreign and local businesses,” he stated in the message released Friday afternoon, adding that doubt and uncertainty, purposelessness and confusion was unnerving and undermining.

“Peace of mind comes to us only when having faced all issues clearly and without flinching, we have made our decisions and are resolved,” he said.

“Understand that there are those who are always nay-sayers and doubters — and in this life will always find some way to accuse, point fingers and raise doubt; and know in building a nation, it is most probable that no plan we propose will be supported by all — and so for me as a leader, to offer any young person what I myself cannot support — or that I disapprove of — how could I afterwards defend it? No! I must believe that what I do as an adult leader is for the good of all — recognising that just to do good is a real struggle. And so perhaps we have all lived the easy way and now must prepare you for the battle of a harder way.”

Speaking about building a future, whether it was a better financial industry, diversification of medical tourism, major and minor industries, the Economic City, or some new business development, he said the country must build and create jobs for this and the next generation.

See full statement below.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Please just shut up and go away McKeeva ! Out of the current politicians who has lead this country and been an MLA longer than you ?…….none of them. You have been there over 25 years and it is YOU MCKEEVA that is primarily responsible for the mess that our country is in today and for the lack of opportunities for our young people !

    It is a real pity that Governor Stuart Jack allowed you to convince him to appoint a Commission of Enquiry into former Minister Charles Clifford speaking out publicly against you. If Mr. Jack had left Mr. Clifford alone he would have finished you off politically by 2009 and we would have been well on our way to economic recovery and to our glory days such that we enjoyed in the early 80's.

    But we live and we learn McKeeva but we will never accept you as the leader/Premier of our country again. You are done !!!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Must be talking about doing hard time at Northward, surely?

  3. Anonymous says:

    The poor bloke's irrelevant – he's just too thick to realize it.

  4. St Peter says:

    First Mac gave us all a harder life and now he is warning us that we will have a harder life…

    Sounds bipolar to me…

  5. Anonymous says:

    McKeeva Bush will go down in history as THEE horror story of the Cayman Islands. Hurricane Ivan did more to move this country and our economy forward in one night than he has done in the past twenty years. The best this country can hope for is to finally see his generous backside finally and permanently disappear behind that tall chain link fence.

  6. Anonymous says:

    We hate to burst that humongous bubble, our eternally honerable Mr. Premier, but the Cayman Islands can and will survive without you and your insanity no matter what you say and regardless of what you may or may not believe. Good bye and good riddance. Have a wonderful life in Northward and please stop trying to drag us and our country down with you.   

  7. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps we "all" lived the easy way???  Is he serious?  I carry three jobs while my wife tirelessly raises our children so that they are lead by example.   Perhaps running a country with a blank cheque while jet-setting around the world with your cronies and walking out of your bar tabs at local bars here in Cayman is easy stuff sure, but please do speak for your self Mr. Bush – I can assure you life for the common Joe, in particular in Cayman,  is hard work!  Oh and stop putting the "Hon" in front of his name…it's a disgrace to the word.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Mac who? Seriously, I couldn’t read the article because it was about stuff the formerly-relevant Diktater said. I mean, who cares?

  9. Anonymous says:

    dont worry mac. elio will continue to collect donations to support you so your life doesnt get any harder.

  10. Anonymous says:

    I'm hoping that life gets substantially harder for Mac. He has a lot he needs to atone for.

    • Anonymous says:

      Things have become harder for the average Caymanian they have to earn less, pay more and live on less.  Never in the last 50 plus years have I seen the average Native Caymanian  suffer so much while the new caymanians have it so good.  The Native Caymanians who once held the jobs in tourism, banking, government, statutory authorities and financial firms are no longer qualified to do these jobs, the qualified applicants are the new caymanians that have risen from the ranks of dishwasher, kitchen help, waitress and waiters, helpers, pre school help to take over these jobs while the Native population is displaced, how is that for you? this is only allowed to happen in Cayman.  This hardship that Cayman is faced with happened as a result of the mass status grants and the sooner Caymanians believe and realise it the better the country is gone, dog has ate the supper of ever Caymanian. One day very soon the natives will get enough and we will see the results of this.  I just hope that it will happen when we will be able to control it.  The elections is a few months away and I hope that people pay attention to all the candidates and choose those that will be able to lift the islands out of the current financial woes and not for those who will give them material possessions like a new fridge, stove, washer and dryer or a few dollars.  Caymanians dont need hand outs we need good jobs, opportunities for business and the dignity of not having to accept hand outs from social services to provide for our families like we did back in 1700s until 2003 before we became outnumbered.

      • Anonymous says:

        What you're saying might be true to some extent, but the average young Caymanian is very homogenous in what they choose to study (if they even go on to schooling further than high school that is). As a Caymanian, I really do believe that the problem with our young generation is the fact that they all seem to have a 'gimme, gimme' attitude. Nothing comes to those who don't work for it. In my graduating high school class (of 100+) I was one of 4 (!) individuals who went on to study the sciences at university. The other people who I graduated with that did go on to tertiary education all studied accounting, tourism, hospitality management etc. How can people think they're all going to come back home and work in the same sector? Especially now when jobs are far less to go around, not just in Cayman, but across the world. We need a push for the sciences and technology based studies in our schools, we need to diversify our economy, we need to diversify our work force. The government should reward high school graduates who show aptitude and interest in areas other than hospitality, finances and tourism. Ever notice how few truly Caymanian doctors, nurses and researchers we have? How many native Caymanians do you know are engineers or architects? If we made a base for these young Caymanians to go off and study and learn skills that they can then bring back to our island and truly contribute to our work force then we wouldn't have as big a problem with all these work permits and 'status'Caymanians. It's not like we have a shortage of remarkable, intelligent young people. We need to foster the love for learning and not just the idea that "I'm going off for a 2 or 4 year degree and coming back as an entry level accountant, insurance agent or what have you".


        • Anonymous says:

          Actually we have quite a number of Caymanian doctors – probably about 30 – some of whom have chosen to practise abroad.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I'm sure all those kids who got scholarships from the Nation Building Fund and were never vetted by the Education Department will face a harder life. 

    • anonymous says:

      Agreed they will face a harder life. If they did not have the grades to qualify for regular scolarships, they will have an awful struggle in the rigours of academic life. That plus the knowledge that they (or their parents) cheated in the first place has got them facing life already labeled as losers. I would hope that they do everyting possible to academically succeed in spite of a shakey start.

    • Anonymous says:

      To:  All political hopefuls in the May 2013 Cayman Islands general election

      I pray that each of you will seek to do justice by and to the Caymanian people by following in  the footsteps of the great leader of Barbados Sir Grantley Herbert Adams.  A man who loved his country so much that he set the foundation for Barbados current political stability and level of economic development.  There was significant reform and rehabilitation in the social sector, particularly in education, health and housing.  At the heart of any well developed social society these are the three areas that should take precedence.  Please do some reasearch on this leader and get some insight on some of the policies that would help Cayman with securing its foundation.  Cayman is in need of more social development, less buildings and investor driven development until we are better able to educate our people to participate in the whole development of the country, when the health care and housing need of Caymanians will be better addressed.  I am sick and tired of politician giving hand outs and doing special favours for individuals, when you give, please give to all in the form of education, health, and housing.  We don't need material things we need free education from the cradle to the grave, affordable health care and proper housing for each and every citizen.  These issues should have been addressed in the 1970s, 80s and 90s when it was easy to do so, but a million miles begins with the first step. 





  12. SKEPTICAL says:

    What the hell has bush known about the “Hard Life” in the past 10/15 years – he wouldn’t recognize it if it jumped up and bit him in the arse.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Yes, it will be harder thanks to him and his spend spend spend govt. who have achieved nothing in the past 3 and a half years. Why hasn't he done something to get the school leavers into work.  He promised so much and delivered nothing except law suits and scandal. 

  14. Big whopper says:

    Yea…thanks to him

  15. Anonymous says:

    Trying to begg your way back to power!


    • Anonymous says:

      Dear Premier Bush

      The way back to power is to do the right things:

      1. Repeal the status grants of 2003 (only wish that you can)

      2. Should have implemented the Community Enhancement fee (only wished that you did)

      3. The Old Craft Market Site lease it to Natives (only wish that you had kept the building)

      4. Leave the West Bay Road Open (only wished that you did not start the ball rolling)

      5. Don't listen to the people who want you sell out Cayman (please rid yourself of them)



  16. Anonymous says:

    No thanks to you, Mr. Bush.  Like another poster said, you take all of our money and spend it on yourself and your Bushits and we are left with a high cost of living and trying to provide for our families.  Go away and take taht sign down.  You are not our Premier.

  17. Anonymous says:

    “…just to do good was a real struggle”.

    What? What does he mean? So now he admits to “bending the rules”. Comments like that would ruin a political career in almost any country. But not here it seems.

  18. Truth says:

    Mac talks,  fools listen.

  19. Adult fiction says:

    One last kick at the cat eh Mac?  The people you refer to aren't 'naysayers' and 'doubters'.  They are ordinary citizens, who as you say are having a tough time. And have been while you weren't there.  You could have shown your concern for this by toning down your frequent trips and your many stays at five star hotels but you didn't.  You could have put your money where your mouth is also by not collecting a pension as well as your generous salary but you chose not to.  You could have fulfilled your role as Minister of  Finance by realistically stating government finances but instead you pulled the wool over and basically lied.  Now you have the audacity to lecture young Caymanians telling them 'tings is gonna be tough'.  Can you tell them why??  Perhaps, as an example, you could have pointed out the million dollars in travel expenses you incurred, or the hundreds of thousands of dollars and more government spent settling lawsuits on your behalf or explained the reasons for a police investigation into your abuse of a government credit card.  Tings may be tough but not nearly as much as they could have been if you'd stayed.

  20. Anonymous says:

    can only image how hard it must be for you now Mac, you must be missing that Government credit card and national building fund. poor you.  NOT!

  21. Kato says:

    Mr. Bush it is because of you and your so call UDP party that has made life so damn hard. Because of you, cost of living has sky rocketed to heights that we Caymanians are struggling to survive. Because of you small business are closing because ou hiked permit fees, insurances, etc….and gave the big companies consessions. Because of you our west bay road is gone (our heritage). Because of you families have to send their children to school hungry because of your 3000 status grants. Because of you life now is much harder….do you think the next generation will know what we once had? You are so far out of touch with your people. I guess the jets the tailored suits the big check from stan Thomas and the chauffeur driven car went all to your head.

    Never in history does the future looks so dim and grim for Caymanians even with the so call independents.

  22. Anonymous says:

    why is he still talking…I mean he's nothing more than a disgraced former premier who came very close to destroying this island for what appears to be personal gain.  I sincerely hope life does get harder for him, all UDP members and WB religious palaces that have no roofs.  Killa may need to sell hid hummer.

  23. Anon says:

    How could this ‘man’ even be allowed to speak at this event? Times will be harder in the short term because of waste, greed, mismanagement, and foolishness. Times will be brighter if the people of this Island vote country first, appliance second.

  24. Anonymous says:

    Guys, please resist the impulse to continue giving this yahoo a forum to show what kind of an axxhole he is. We know. His crap is now just fouling your print.

  25. Anonymous says:


  26. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps our life is going to be harder because we put the UDP government in place and alomst four years now we still are no closer to a cruise port nor has there been any push for alternative source of revenue. At least the PPM disd something.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, the PPM did something.  They spend money like it was water.  They set Cayman up for the fiscal problem it faced in later years.

  27. Anonymous says:

    If life gets any harder for Caymanians we will be no better than third wold.

    • BORN FREE says:

      He is so correct. Life will be harder for him in the near future, & it nothing to do with Cayman's economy!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Who cares what he thinks?


    • Anonymous says:

      although he was failure….. he wanted cayman to be a success……

      • Anonymous says:

        You might be correct. However, I suspect that he wanted West Bay to be a success.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Maybe the reporting of his witterings could be moved to the Viewpoint in future.  That is where the views of washed up has beens like Dr Frank and Mac belong.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Please go and build your own nation,we are sick of lies from all politicians many investers and businesses that promise the earth full of jobs untill they get what they want, we can build our own nation thank you……you just wake up or what.

  31. Doubter and Nay-Sayer says:

    This speech would have had more credibility for the youth of Cayman if it had not come from someone who had wasted away millions of dollars of the hard-earned money of their parents.  And speaking of education- just one of the settlements this government has had to pay would have put many of them through secondary education.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Yes Sir – that happened in 2 phases:

    When the Caymanian Middle Class was killed by the status grants, ang he resulting flood of demands on our infrastructure; along with the government caving in to big business, and their demands also!


    So who is listening to the locals??

  33. Anonymous says:

    Yes, the country will face a harder way of life due to excessive growth and wasteful spending by government.  On the other hand,  if he had told the young people that they faced a bright future because government was cutting taxes, cutting regulations to stimulate new business growth and was reducing the size of government, that would have been some really good news.

    It has been known for thousands of years that there is an inverse relationship between the size of government and the prosperity of a country.

  34. Anonymous says:

    I can't find the word honest in that statment

    • Dred says:

      You are assuming he knows of it or what it means much less how to use it in a setence.

  35. Anonymous says:

    Same old scaremongering!

  36. Anonymous says:

    Mac warms of harder life…for himself

  37. Anonymous says:

    Is Mac’s speech in line with his own self-reflection? After years of living the high life he too is preparing for a harder time ahead. I hope there’s some hard time ahead for him also.

  38. Anonymous says:

    We need a trade school or more of a trades focused path in our schools. Not every student is academically inclined.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ll teach mac how to paint.

      • Anonymous says:

        He was a gardener by trade before embarking on his illustrious political career – maybe he could teach that skill and he ‘brushes up’ ( pun intended) !

    • peter milburn says:

      Well said.That is something that is sadly lacking thanks to all of our past governments Just think of the many young people that could replace so many labourors that are brought in for the many jobs that are there young people could get with the proper local training.There are many local retirees that could happily teach these folks from their vast experiences during their working days. and would be happy to do just that.Lets hope our incoming new Govt with more forward thinking people will get the ball rolling FINALLY on this very important aspect of our future generations.

  39. Say Wha? says:

    Um yeah, sorry Your Forever Possibly soon-to-be Indicted Premier, but you're no longer relevant.  In fact, you never were…  But allow me to buy you a little sticker for your shirt – I know it'll make you feel important.

  40. Anonymous says:

    Mac, the enterprise city intentionally does not create jobs for this generation. Well done. Well done indeed!

  41. Anonymous says:

    Mac is so lost it's not funny.

    • Anonymous says:

      It is funny.  Very very funny.

      • Anonymous says:

        Apparently you think it's very very funny that his being lost has cost this country millions upon millions of dollars not to mention a ruined economy and a hugely scarred image on the world stage?

  42. Anonymous says:

    We do understand that to do good seems to be a real struggle for Mr. Bush. First he diminishes the "nay sayers and doubters" and then warns our young people that they must "prepare for the battle of a harder way" What a guy. Then he continues his gibberish by saying that the country must "build and create jobs for this and the next generation". We thought that was why we elected the UDP gowerment, Mr. Bush. Are you saying we shouldn't try to bring in the whole of China to build our port, and we shouldn't give millions to our church, and we shouldn't give tens of millions in concessions to rich foreign investors, and we shouldn't throw millions of someone else's money to the wind to keep our own backsides out of court, and we shouldn't waste millions of someone else 's money fruitlessly cruising the globe in style? Thank you Mr Bush. It seems to us you might actually have a point there. We'll see what we can do about all that. Then maybe our young people won't have to worry quite so much about "preparing for the battle of a harder way".   

  43. Anonymous says:

    although you were a complete failure as premier…what you say is true…and I fear what lies ahead for cayman after may 2013………

  44. Anonymous says:

    Hasn't the former premier got it yet? He has nothing of relevance to say. Cayman has moved on and he is so yesterday. Mr.Bush, it's over. Concentrate on your defence at your upcoming trial(s) and leave Cayman alone. It's a lot bigger than you are.

    • Anonymous says:

      Cayman has certainly not moved along. Ju Ju was part of Mack and more. We have to first wait and see what becomes of her before we can say that we have moved along. I know Mack must be dassapointed in her after he helped her so much. Remember years ago when they were enemies too when Mack told her about some property another. I never thought I would see the day when they were so close now its parting time again and perhaps unforgiveable this time.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Please, Mr.Bush, you are the last person to presume to possess the qualities needed to advise young people, or to refer to ones self as "an adult leader". You are demonstrably an example of what young persons should strive to avoid rather than emulate.

    Sir, focus your energies at this time on avoiding being caged at HMP Northward at the public's expense. It will be a far cry from lounging in a first class $12,000 plane seat to London, rest assurred. May God show you His undeserved Mercy.

  46. Anonymous says:

    It must be hard to not be premier any more but still have the "Premier's Residence" sign in front of your house.    Maybe you should do the right thing and take it down!

    • Anonymous says:

      He's worried it will cost the country too much to remove it.

    • Truthseeker says:

      I haven't seen the sign. Does it need/have planning permission? 



  47. Anonymous says:

    Mac can talk the talk.


    Too bad that he does not know (or want) to walk the walk.

  48. Expat and Caymanian says:

    And under your decade plus rule the schools failed. You failed your people, their children, and only helped yourself and your cronies waste good money that could have fixed education. Shame forever on you Big Mac

  49. Annie says:

    It’s a hard knock life, for us.

  50. Anonymous says:

    And in being a leader, one must respect the rules, laws, regulations and procedures that ensure fairness for all.  The good of all is not cherry picking and bamboosing those who challenge you to follow the rules and let fairness be the principle. We are prepared for harder days, for the last three years have certainly gotten harder for most.

    I remember Elio taking Alden to task over unemployment and today there are just as many if not more, who are unemployed.  Mind you, I give Rolston credit for trying to make the unemployable, employable again.

    And for projects that never got off the ground, like the Port project, if someone hadn't been so almighty we probably would have had one now.  And one calls that doing good? and is that a real struggle?

    It is my humble belief that the former Premier's credibility has expired he'd best just sit down and shut up.  The harder days we will face are of the UDP's making.  They rang the warning bell that the recession was coming and yet they continued to waste money, make foolish decisions that cost more money, give away government's land for a pittance, squander on travel and continued daily to dig us into a deeper hole!  Now the former Premier comes out and says prepare for harder days!  What a joke.  I am waiting to hear who is going to blame that on.

  51. Truth says:

    True dat.  He will not be around to hand out Intitlements to the Bushits any more.  Now they will have to earn their keep like everyone else.  By working for it instead of voting for it.  Talk about a sour grapes message.  As usual he is thinking more about his life then anyone elses.  Now more than any other time in your life you will get what you deserve.  No more.  No less.  Personally I can't wait to see how he does on his own dime.

  52. Anonymous says:

    We don’t need anyone to tell us what we need we need someone to help us get what we need! trade schools and other programs to equip us for the real world , just like they do in the country’s that all the work permit holders come from.

  53. Anonymous says:

    Why is he still delivering messages to the people? Does he think he is still the premier. Might explain why the sign "Premier's Residence" still has not been taken down.  

  54. Anonymous says:

    CNS can't you just boycott anything this man says, just as he boycotted you from media briefings?  I can't take no more of his shit, thought we'd heard the last of him, but he keeps coming back like a bad nightmare.

    • Anonymous says:

      That last nugget that won’t flush…

    • Anonymous says:

      No No don't boycott it.  His speeches always bring humour!

    • Billy U.D.P Freemoneyforvotes says:

      Title of this article should be, "Mac's past policies and decisions causes harder life".

    • Anonymous says:

      @17:09We haven't heard the last from the former Premier and anything from the new UDP and former UDP candidates will still represent their masters, they've just been willing to play the role of being able to think independently, until 22 May that is, when they hope they would have fooled the voters, majority of whom had already been looking at the alternatives.

      Voters beware of anything UDP, now or yesterday, if you really want a change after May 2013.


  55. Anonymous says:

    His maniacal and tyrannical reign are not without blame. This man should never be allowed to represent anyone else, ever again, except himself in a court of law as he faces charges over his impropriety. Be quiet, please.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mack should not be the only having to face the court. Lets be fair here. Do you really think we can afford the Hylton hotel? In fact almost every family on the Brac have a home on the Bluff for the same hurricane purpose, then there is the Ashton Rutty Center And the Seaman building. Then Ju Ju has a home for her and Mr Paul. No need for the Hylton hotel. Cayman Brac need piped water. Where is Percy we dont hear you out there anymore, Im sure that you did not get any paving to shut you up too.