Three break-ins at Brac businesses

| 04/02/2013

(CNS): The Captain's Table Bar & Restaurant became the third business on Cayman Brac to be robbed in ten days Saturday night when one or more burglars broke into the premises and stole cash from a safe. This follows similar break-ins at a liquor store and a souvenir shop the week before. According to  Inspector Pearson Best of the Brac police station, cash and liquor were reported stolen from Big Daddy's Fine Wine & Spirits on 24 January, and the next day the RCIPS received another report that jewellry and watches had been taken from the Treasure Chest in Tibbetts Square. No one has been arrested in connection with any of the break-ins.

Police said that on Thursday 24 January at about 9:35am, they received a report of a burglary at Big Daddy's on Gerrard Smith Ave, Southside. Police officers investigating the scene found that entry was gained to the building through the front door by forcing the lock. A quantity of cash and liquor were stolen.

A search of the immediate area was carried out along with house to house inquiries. Inspector Best said that there are suspects at this time but no one have been arrested, noting that there are no CCTV cameras on the premises or nearby.

Further inquiries and information received led to search warrants being executed at a number of premises with negative results.

The next day, Friday 25 January, at about 8:44am a report was received of a burglary atthe Treasure Chest store in Tibbetts Square, West End.

Inquiries revealed that one or more culprits forced the front door and damaged the door casing in the area of the lock. Assorted jewelry and watches were stolen. A search of the immediate area was carried out as well as inquiries with other businesses in the area. CCTV footage was examined with negative results.

Further inquiries and information received led to search warrants being executed at a number of premises with negative results. 

On Saturday 2 February at about 11:00am Cayman Brac police received a report of a burglary at the Captain's Table Bar & Restaurant on Bert Marson's Drive, Southside. Police officers found that the rear door locks were forced opened and the culprit or culprits gained entry, stole cash from a safe and left as they entered.


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  1. Open your mind! says:

    Can any of you synics explain how are the police able to apprehend anyone without any valid evidence or reasonable suspicion of them committing a crime. Some make reference to te normal suspects, you must be daft, what valid reason do the police have to hold them or bring them in to question, besides the fact that their past suggests they have been involved in criminal activity. You will be the same ones to turn on the cops for breaching a mans rights. If the cops go and bring in every1 that they are told looks a way, then guess what? Lawsuit!, Harassment. Another 1 said scrutinize ppl on a one way ticket, again what is your valid reason for doing so? What is your valid suspicion? Another mentioned new faces on the Brac, last time I checked their passport never said they only belong in Grand cayman and have every right to be on the island. Point of the matter is, no video, no witness, just marl road talk and you say to the cops that a guy looks a way, go bring him in until he says somethig? How practical is this? New days ppl, think differently, breach of a persons rights can happy quickly and if some of your advice is followed the cops would be in problems

  2. Tickle My Pickle says:

    Just ask someone on the street. Chances are their cousin’s boyfriend’s brother is the criminal,

  3. Anonymous says:

    This is something that is normally seen in Grand Cayman. Really sad to see this stuff overflow onto Cayman Brac.

  4. Anonymous says:

    The Brac need cctv on the major junctions also!!


    • N Somniac says:

      Well how about we cancel all your duty waivers and other tax breaks, reduce per capita public spending to the same level as Grand Cayman and use some of that money to pay for it?

    • P A Rody says:

      maybe use the money due back from all the private paving, to pay for them

  5. Anonymous says:

    If you can’t investigate and apprehend on an island the size of the bracket then what hope is there. Sort it out. RCIP.

  6. A relative says:

    That is not good and need support of the people who know and high times for a good investigation. The Brac is one of our Sister Islands and deserves as much as we do here in Grand Cayman in terms of protection and proper policing. Too many looking beers early in the morning …

  7. Anonymous says:

    The Police wouldn't catch them if they were standing next to them.  What happened to the round up the usual suspects for questioning?  Or what about the latest newcomers to the island?  

    • Anonymous says:

      This refers back to every point made in the Can any of you synics explain post…. Just because someone has done wrong, does not mean that they will always do wrong (usual suspects)…just saying. And what about the newcomers??? Because I just moved to the Brac, with my family by myself, whatever, we/I are supposed to be questioned whenever criminal activty happens..that make absolutly no sense; and that speaks wonders for the future of tourism for our sister Island if that ever does happen. I ageee that the RCIP would have trouble catching if they stood next to the perp.. but here's a thought, how about RCIP do some good old fashion police work to put an end to this matter? I know it maybe hard on an Island of that size to track down the person(s) responsible, but I will keep praying for a change…it is an New Year after all.


      Really Concerned About How Our Islands Are Being Policed

  8. Anonymous says:

    Lots of new faces in Cayman Brac. I wonder if some of those are the ones involved?

  9. Anonymous says:

    This sounds like more professional burlaries that have plagued the Brac in the past.    Were the passengers flying one-way to Grand Cayman scrutinised?     Even if the criminals were from Grand Cayman (or elsewhere), it seems like they'd have to have a local accomplice.  

    I guess the Brac will have bars on their windows soon.   Sad.    I hope the RCIP dusted for prints and that they can make arrests/convictions soon.