Activist U-turns over dump

| 11/02/2013

yard-sign-1 (240x300)_0.jpg(CNS): One of the most vociferous campaigners against moving the George Town dump to Bodden Town has been ousted from the coalition campaigningagainst plans to relocate the landfill following his decision to run for office on the UDP ticket, according to members of the activist group. Vincent Frederick, who ran in the last election as an independent candidate and polled just 4% of the vote, is now believed to be joining the former ruling party, which set up the deal with Dart relocate the landfill close to wetlands in the Bodden Town area. CNS has attempted to contact Frederick about the U-turn, but according to activists he is no longer a member of the campaign.

“We consider this incompatible with a leadership role in the Coalition,” said Charles Clifford, the former environment minister in the PPM cabinet who is expected to run for office in the next election as an independent.

According to Clifford, Frederick has stated that he is still opposed to the dump, even though he is seeking to make his election bid with the party that entered into the deal with the islands’ biggest developer to open a new landfill on property owned by the Dart Group in Midland Acres in exchange for the George Town site, which the group has said it will cap and remediate.

Local residents against the move formed an official movement to campaign against the dump move and Frederick, one of the founding members, was scathing about both the UDP district MLAs who supported the dump move. Clifford said he hoped that Frederick would continue as a supporter of the coalition and of the cause, but given the circumstances, he could not continue on as a member of the coalition committee or as a leader or spokesperson.

Although the coalition is an independent, single issue, activist group claiming to have no political affiliations, some members may run for office under that single issue banner. Frederick’s decision to run with the UDP, the architects of the Dart deal and the decision to move the dump, is incompatible with the coalition’s goal, regardless of its claims of having no political links. The dump move was a fundamental policy of the former UDP government and the coalition is opposed to the policy — giving it a political persuasion, whether it chooses to acknowledge that or not.

The dump move was first announced by the UDP leader and former premier, McKeeva Bush, at the CBO conference in January 2011. That announcement was made just weeks after the public works ministry had announced that the Central Tenders Committee had selected US-based waste-management experts Wheelabrator to begin negotiations with the government over dealing with landfill on-site following a competitive tender.

In contrast, all of the PPM members running in the district — Anthony Eden, Osbourne Bodden, Wayne Panton and Al Suckoo — as well as the two eastern district MLAs — Arden McLean (East End) and Ezzard Miller (North Side) — have made it clear they do not support moving the landfill and the issue forms part of all their political campaigns, further illustrating the political nature of the dump move proposition. 

With the exception of those four PPM candidates, there have been no official declarations by other candidates running in Bodden Town, though there is considerable speculation about who might throw their hat in the political ring. Former UDP members, Dwayne Seymour and Mark Scotland, are expected to make a bid for re-election but it is not clear if the two men will run in a team with their current cabinet colleagues or chose another road to office.

Although Scotland has still voiced his support for the dump move, Seymour, who has always appeared less supportive of the move, has made no indication of where he will stand on the issue during his campaign now he is free of the collective party policy of the UDP .

Frederick’s decision to join the party that supports moving the dump was confirmed, the coalition group chairman said, when the committee members met on Friday to discuss further plans for the campaign to stop the dump move in the face of the upcoming general election. Frederick, having told the members of his intention to be a BT candidate and most likely with the UDP, was voted off the committee.

The campaign has not yet confirmed if either Gregg Anderson, another coalition leader, or Clifford, who is also believed to have plans to make a bid to return to elected office, will be running under the campaign banner. However, Clifford has reiterated his objection to the move and the position of the coalition, stating that it makesno sense for any government to move the George Town dump to an environmentally sensitive area so far from the source of where most of Grand Cayman’s waste is generated.

“The problem can be fixed where it is, without contaminating a new site. Every study, up until the point that government and Dart started promoting this harmful idea, has confirmed that the problem can be fixed at the current site in GT,” he said. “Any responsible government would admit that this deal only benefits Dart Realty and the value of its Camana Bay real estate holdings, to the detriment of our country, our district, our people and our environment,” Clifford added.

CNS has attempted to contact Frederick and is awaiting a response.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    UPD= Uncle Dart Puppets

  2. Mrs. Rita Myles says:

    I just want to say that even though I am very dissapointed in Mr.Fredericks move to join the UDP party, it still would not change my vote for him running for the upcoming election.  This young man has the potential and the ability  to do what is right for this Country.  Mr.  Frederick is a stern politican and we need more people like him to fight for the rights of every Caymanian and our Country.   CNS,  have you any updates as yet or a chance to talk to Mr. Frederick to see if he really  is going to run as an independent  canidate or join the UDP?  Please do keep us informed.   To my Caymanian people please I am asking you all, to stop sterotyping, please stop judging and try to respect yourselves and each other.  Mr. Frederick as we know, has not come forward to tell us his side of the story or his decision of which way he intends to run.   I did understand that the collation team has voted him off their team, but that does not mean that this young man is joining any affilliate party (UDP)  We are just sitting here being judgemental.  Everyone deserves a chance to be heard, in other words a person is innocent until proven guilty?   Please my Caymanian people let us hear first from Mr. Frederick and if you have anything to say about anybody, please keep it the Caymanian way with kind gentle words.  May God bless you all and may he bless our cayman isle.  

    Rita Myles

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey Vincent – I know you have to do what you feel is right for you and your family and it saddens me that you feel the UDP is the way to go!  Your voice as strong and passionate as it is will be muffled by the UDP continued corruption it plagues on our people!

    • Anonymous says:

      And the election results are: Independents, PPM and UDP how go figure? My parrot just told me that he heard from higher sources that the UDP with the Hon. W. McKeeva Bush in charge is overall the winner of the May 2013 election.  Please someone wake me up and tell me that this is wrong and just a joke.

  4. Coalition For A Dump Free G.T. says:

    Good for you Vincent, you just won my vote and the 47 others I control.

    • Anonymous says:

      Mr Bush. You dont live in BT and I am not sure that given the investigations you still have the kind of following you controlled in the past.

      • Anonymous says:

        I have heard that the Nation building fund, where he spent our money on churches is now paying off for him.  At least one church in  particular is backing Mac.   I also love how politically expedient it is to get saved every 4 years before election. If it were so sad it would almost be laughable.  The sad part is there are voters who buy into it.

        • Anonymous says:

          You also have to be baptised in the name of the Father, The Son, and the Holy Ghost. Mac is the Father, Foolio is the Son, and Capt. Eugene is the Holy Ghost.  

      • Anonymous says:

        19:25  Please do not bet on that, or you will loose.  They lick him down, they pick him up, he is a hard man te dead.  McKeeva Bush is still very strong in Bodden Town.

        • BTer says:

          But nowhere near as strong as he used to be.  I know plenty plenty former UDPers who have completely lost faith in the party due to McKeeva's antics.  Thankfully many BTers have seen the light.  We can only hope that more will.

    • Anonymous says:

      Holy Sh…Is there anybody left in Bodden Town? Is you Mac? Do you buy…oh forget it.

      • Anonymous says:

        No man a na Mac bro. A runnin independunt. Da clown already ga do odda 46 woters in my distric unda mannas wid Wincent. He know po ol Mark n John na goin no place no mo bacoz he dam foolshness bout the dam dump.  I bringing in a conteena load a betta friges from Miami f dem. A ga fix da joka. N y no wha? Wen a get in a ga tell mista Daat go head n put da dam dump in my distric cos a wan be on he side man. Das wey da dollas is bro. T hell wid dem dam broke ass foo foo Boddn Townas nohow.

  5. Kmanlady says:

    As a Bodden Towner, when I heard that Vincient was running again in this election, I had some hope, but now hearing this, i am shock, disappointed. Yes Vincient, please tell us how much you were paid or what you have to give back for this betrayal of your supporter & country,  I cannot support you now and anyone that are in favour of the FCA deal especially the moving the dump to BT and closing of the west bay road….How many more wolf in sheep clothing can we expect to merge up for the upcoming election.

    Charles Clifford, you,  Ezzard & Arden so far are our only hope for the betterment of our Country. 

    Kmanlady- A very very disppointed Bodden Towner.

    • Anonymous says:

      Kaymanlady, very disapointed in Bodden Town.  The nerve of you to say such a thing.  We vote for whom we want.

      Bodden Town is goingto carry the swing this election, and we do not want any outside districts influence.

      We are not voting back in PPM, if that is what you are looking for.     They need to take a seat now.  Same old, same old. We are not voting for Chuckie, or XXX.  We cannot trust them.


      As I see it the only two decent persons left to vote for is Vincent Frederick and Dwayne Seymour and who ever runs with them.  End of discussion.

      • BTer says:

        I really really hope you are not foolish enough to put your vote where your mouth is.  Thank God there aren't many like you left in BT.

      • Anonymous says:

        Anon 1051 so we are to vote for Seymour who sat on his behind and let Mac do as he please and then play rescue the country after all the damage is done?

        And Fredrick on a committee to block the dump coming east but still running with the party that proposed it. Whether I agree with the dump coming east or not that is confusing and certainly not worth my vote.

        PS you are going to hear a lot of people come forward for this candidate and that one, for these two we thank you for the extra funds in the public purse.

      • Anonymous says:

        How many 47 people is there in Bodden Town and how many McKeewa Bush's controlling them anyway? I am a Bodden Towner and I will NOT be wasting my votes on either Vincent Frederick or Dwayne Seymour. Just one of the reasons is that either one of them, and indeed both of them, will very obviously contribute to making the ludicrous idea of a dump in Bodden Town a reality. It truly astounds and grossly disappoints me that Vincent simply cannot see why McKeeva so suddenly must have him on the UDP rampage to continue destroying this country.

      • Anonymous says:

        To 10:51 please read my comment again.  I speak only for myself as a Bodden Towner… it seems like your are not capable of raeading and understanding what is said…or I have an extra pair of eye glasses that I can donote to you for it seems that you cannot see what you are reading….Kmanlady…

        Very disappointed in Vicient, Dwayne and Mark for the poor respresentation and the presentation of a dump on our beloved Bodden Town…I  hope you receive in ten fold what you sow 10:51.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Or as the story could be put "Unimpressive man does unimpressive thing".

    Lest we forget, this man was a narrow minded xenophobe last time –  It even got this silly “There is too much traffic on our roads because there are too many foreigners,”. 

  7. Anonymous says:

    CNS, isn’t your headline a bit presumptive?

    You said he hasn’t responded to your queries as to his position but the headline is so definitive that he HAS made a u-turn

    • Anonymous says:

      They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Vincent with his arms around McKeeva's neck at his birthday party says everything you need to know.

  8. Anonymous says:

    So what? He isn't a legitimate threat anyway… 4% vote last election? McKeeva really scrapping the bottom of the barrel for candidates XXXX

  9. Big whopper says: mussa mad bobo!!

  10. Anonymous says:

    If anyone votes for this nut job in Bodden Town or the ones who are in now, it will be difficult to know which voters are more ignorant…. Bodden Towners or West Bayers.  God help us in May.

  11. Anonymous says:

    It is very sad to know the kinds of people that we have in this country who would run for election.  No measure of integrity whatsoever, they use this word very lightly- maybe they should read the dictionary again.  What this country needs is men and women who will stand up and be counted on, not bend or break over every glittering offer.  Every person in every district in Cayman needs to realise that before the cast any votes they ask themselves- is this individual been bribed into a decision or have they been bribing others to gain support?  Crooked campaining leads to crooked leadership.  Please don't be fooled- yes many are nice people but what a man will do for a dollar changes the perspective altogether.

  12. Anonymous says:

    CC 2013

  13. St Peter says:

    I just found out yesterday that this is the Chinese New Year and that this is the year of the SNAKE…

  14. Anonymous says:

    Vincent, the only question i have is how much did they pay you this time?

    Can you see you are only being used to split votes?

    You have no solutions, no ideology that you stick to and no support base.

    Now you are running with a group who supported delivering garbage (literally) to your district for your people.

    Now instead of standing with the Bodden Town people you are

    devaluing their intelligence by believing they will vote you in to bring a dump which will

    devalue their land,

    devalue their environment and

    devalue their future opportunity for residential and clean commercial development in the Bodden Town area.

    How disappointing.


    • Dred says:

      Well Vincent we see now what you are truly about.

      Do you realise that it does not matter? We still will not vote for you. How many votes you got before? At least then you were a nobody now you are a somebody but known as a turntail. As someone who can be bought. Worthless in otherwords.

      Chuckie please run so we can have some real options.

    • Anonymous says:

      Smart man,  Vincent, very good move. you did the right thing.

      We can"t stop development just because a small group of people decide to run a mock and brainwash the public that this   infrastructure will be bad for the country. This country needs to move  forward, with or without those political voices.

    • Stiffed-Necked Fool says:

      Now that wha we call selling out for the almighty Dollar – what a downright shame!

    • Anonymous says:

      Disappointing yes. Surprising, no.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Is this a joke?  He gone and joined the UDP?  Shoot, even the devil not associatiing with them anymore.  Well, he sealed his fate.  BT never electing another UDP or anyone close to that bunch again.  No way!

  16. Anonymous says:

    I dunno what the big surprise is.., on the day of the 2009 election Vincent was wearing a blue UDP campaign t-shirt all day long and shouting his support for the UDP.


    "Fool me once shame on.. you, fool me twice… i can't get fooled again." – George W. Bush

    • Anonymous says:

      Caymanians have become one big sell out and where's the money group, except for about four of the candidates that are running in this election, I would not give a dollar for the whole lot most are sell outs without integrity. 

  17. Getup-Standup says:

    I support Mr. Frederick's move if he decides to run on the UDP ticket. In fact I don't care what kind of ticket he is running on, who he is running with, but I know he is getting my VOTE and the VOTE of my family.  I am tired of the false representations that we the people has gotten so far from the three jokers that are currenlty in office. We need men and women that have the interest of Bodden Town in their hearts, we need people that will do what have to be done to get the job completed regardless of fear of loosing office.

    Vince…standup my brother, we will catch you if you fall. and that will never happen.

    • BTer says:

      So how do you work out Vincent works for us when he is now backing the very people who want to dump the dump on us?  You're making BTers look almost as fool fool as da Bayers who keep voting that other UDP idiot in. 

    • Well Written Vincent says:

      Well written Vincent LMAO

    • Look Yah! says:

      So what you are telling us, is that all you Fredericks will vote for Vincent! We already knew that but no great loss!

    • Anonymous says:

      Do you vote for your family or just tell them how?

    • Anonymous says:

      I am not voting for anyone associated with UDP.  I am voting for honest people who have integrity, education and COMMON SENSE, whose hands are clean and whose hearts are in Cayman.  I am voting for the 4 PPM members in BT.

  18. cow itch (:))> says:

    dis gras piece beginning to stink… sh..t  .. me jus realiz me garbage pile up ova me ouse!

    • Resident says:

      Of course cow, with no dump truck for the past several days, you wont be the only one complaining 

      • Caymanian by status says:

        Sonething smells with this no garbage collection and I call POLITRICKS.  Don't tell me you got no money to collect our garbage Julianna cuz your trips to the Far East and Europe alone would have covered ALL the garbagemen's salaries!

        Can ANYONE in Govt use simple common sense.  I could fix this within a WEEK.  Step 1.) But a Lands and Survey street atlas $45 and look at all the homes with block and parcel numbers and street addresses  Step 2.) Announce IMMEDIATE enforcement of all garbage fees and only residents who have paid their fees will have their garbage collected.  Step 3.) If your garbage fee is not paid and you have garbage sitting out for more than 14 days, you will be prosecuted.

        Step 4.) Stand back and watch the line out the door at Govt building to collect the overdue residential garbage fees….(set up online payment- easy Govt IT Dept)

        Let's see…..How much $$$ would the Govt collect very-very quickly?  A LOT!!!

        Gee, so pay for the services as we should.  Simple folks….

  19. Anonymous says:

    "Although the coalition is an independent, single issue, activist group claiming to have no political affiliations, some members may run for office under that single issue banner."

    sounds like C4C

  20. Anonymous says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Do you think he is trying to break the record for the lowest number of votes polled? I guess he will at least vote for himself???

  21. Anonymous says:

    Welcome to the circus Cayman. We would like to present to our audience the one and only Mr. Vincent Frederick who will perform his latest and best magic trick of being both for and against the UDP. You'll have to watch very closely or your eyes will completely miss this one. Next up will be the famous Mr. Mark Scotland and the hilarious Mr. Dwayne Seymour with their special magic trick. They will be demonstrating how to shove a dump down the Bodden Towners throats and then get re-elected by those same Bodden Towners. It is guaranteed to be a day of unprecedented fun and excitement. Our former premier will shortly be performing a special disappearing act as well. This is a very special show that you certainly don't want to miss. Tickets are being sold at the gate by foolio the clown. Please do not buy your ticket elsewhere as all proceeds will go to buy new fridges for a most worthyless cause. Other featured magicians will include Mr. Foster the weatherman who will demonstrate how to make it rain whenever he says it's going to be sunny, and our very special Capt. Eugene will show you how to pull paychecks out of a hat without hitting a lick. Stay tuned folks.     

    • Anonymous says:

      Just shows you where their real loyalities lie – in their pockets and not with the people of their districts and the districts themselves.

    • Richard Wadd says:

      Only a retard would Vote for someone like Vincent Fredrick.

      Unfortunately we seem to have more than our fair share of them here in Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      Excellent. I will try to set that to music. I hear a kind of ‘circussy’ tune!

    • Anonymous says:

      This is a good idea for a Barefoot Man song, as well as it could be recited at the next Run Down ! Hehe

  22. Anynomous says:

    Vincent Frederick is a good young man, I voted for him last year.  Although I have not seen much of him since.   I am definately going to support Dwayne Seymour this election, because the  only thing anyone can hold against Dwayne Seymour in Bodden Town, is that he is a Black man.   However he is a man with integrity; and he is one of the top candidates we can choose for this Bodden Town election.  This young man is caring about this district, he knows where he is coming from, and the one thing I like about him he was brought up with good manners and respect for all.  Dwayne seymour appreciates and love every one in this district, no matter your color or creed.  You could call him any hour of the night and if he is not busy he will return your call.  I like Vincent Frederick, and may consider voting for him again this year, but definately JJ is my first choice.  Dwain Seymour for Bodden Town.

    • Anonymous says:

      Joke joke (JJ), making fish tea for 200 pw\\eople every week end.  What a JOKE.  Vote for him he is a joke.  Love it.

    • BTer says:

      What R U on?  You seriously trippin dude.  Dwayne has done about as much for us as Mark did and Mr Vincent is now doing – absolutely NOTHING except dumping trash on BT.  And none of dem ever return calls or do the things they promise to do – all they do is pay us lip service but ALL BT candidates be warned – your constituents expect your loyal and dedicated service this year or you get no votes from us.  Dah wha you get for $**#ing over your own people and your own constituency.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well apart from the fact that his conduct since the last election has shown him to be dishonest, violent and stupid (see Court case for details).  Apart from these minor things you are right, there is nothing one could hold against him.

      • Anonymous says:

        Are you NUTS  12:10   Only a fool would not stand up to get his wife back.  I do hope you are keeping track on your home life.  Because just as Dwayne seymour got a surprise you may get a bigger one.   How can one hold it against the man for trying to fight for his wife, please, please check yourself.  I would have done the exact thing and more, so drop that idel chat.  It was his wife.

        What you should chat about you are not doing.  Check on the back ground of all of the PPM if you dare to and the back ground of many of the Independent runners.  They all have a very tall skeleton hanging in their closets.     Hiding from the public.  So please  come with something else my friend.

        • Anonymous says:

          And did it work or is her trainer friend from Miami still helping her with regular workouts?
          Trying to win your wife back by lying to her and getting beaten up in public. Keep it classy why don’t you?

    • No more mickey mouse town! says:

      Forget about the upcoming election for the moment.  Before we get to that I believe all constituents should take and pass a proficiency exam before they are allowed to vote.  It seems like once you're a nice guy and care about the community you're fit to run a country.  I'm a nice guy and love the people in my district but does that qualify me to run a country?  What ever happened to relevant qualifications?.  Remember these people are going to be making decisions which will affect me, you, and the ones that will come after us.  I vote to pull pan heads' voting rights!  The elected are only as good as the ones who put them there!

      Telling me crap about I voting for him because my family always wotes for him :S

    • Anonymous says:

      I assume that was tongue in cheek.

      btw how come you spelled Dwayne correctly 3 times and then misspelled it in your last sentence?

      Who is JJ? 

    • Anonymous says:

      What we have to stop doing is voting for politicians who return our calls and do what they can for us!

      Stop being so selfish, vote for people who can help the COUNTRY!! You got to get out of this discusting mental freez that a "good politician" is one who does everything for you right down to reading your obituary.


  23. BT Soljah says:

    In politics “Money talks”

    Vincent would have had more chance if he was an independent but now he gots less than zero chance

    • Anonymous says:

      Money is the Charmer and Bullshit is the Storm.  Show me the money, just promise it to me and I will run.

  24. Anonymous says:

    I suppose it is better than an activist dumping on a U-turn.  That could be quite messy.  And would definitely cause skids.