Local dengue transmissions slow down

| 14/02/2013

Aedes_aegypti_feeding (234x300).jpg(CNS): With only two new suspected cases reported to authorities this week and all four of the latest test results received by the authorities turning out to be negative the transmission of dengue fever locally maybe slowing down. Public health officials said Thursday that two new cases are now under investigation for dengue during the week of February 3-9. Meanwhile, four results were received during this week from the Caribbean Public Health Agency and all were negative for dengue. These results are included in the 33 cases which have been investigated so far this year, officials added in the latest update on local infections.

The onset of the last confirmed case was on January 18, officials added. However, two more cases are under investigation and one person was admitted to hospital for treatment.

Neither of the latest two patients have a travel history to an endemic area. One is a resident of George Town and the other lives in West Bay.

Since the beginning of 2012 127 cases of suspected dengue have been investigated. Of those 109 results have been received forty of which were positive. 65 cases were negative with four case remaining inconclusive and 18 results pending.

From the 40 confirmed cases only twelve patients reported travel history to endemic countries so 28 people had acquired the dengue locally, 24 of which were from West Bay, while the remaining four were from George Town and Bodden Town.

In total since the start of 2012 30 people have been hospitalized suspected of having dengue and treated for the disease which is transmitted by mosquitoes.


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  1. Anonymous says:

    showers are coming tomorrow, soooooo.  

  2. EYE ON THE ISLAND says:

    The Health Minister under the PPM failed to disclose this information. Question is, will PPM return this same Minister to head our Health Department? We do need competency.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mrcu need to start back spraying planes & boats! Prevention is better than cure! We never had this problem before! Maybe they’re waiting for juju to get sick before they take action! !!