Interim gov’t illegal says Mac

| 20/02/2013

cab 4.jpg(CNS): The former premier has described the current minority government as illegal but McKeeva Bush said he and his remaining UDP colleagues, who are now in opposition, are not going to make a fuss about it as those government MLAs will soon be out of office. Bush said he was not going to be like the opposition was to him by causing trouble for the interim government, even though he claimed it was illegal and not really a government. “I don’t know what we’ve got,” he said Tuesday night at a public meeting to open the UDP’s new offices. However, he said it did not matter as they would all be gone in a few months when they were voted out by the people at the election and the UDP returned to office.

Although Bush has said that the UDP campaign has not yet been officially launched, the opening of the UDP’s new headquarters in the capital provided an opportunity for the beleaguered party leader, who remains on police bail and under suspicion of various offences, to laud his achievements in office and make promisesfor the future.

As a critical battleground in the 2013 election, the UDP made a major event out of the office opening, which attracted around 250 people, boosted by the congregation from the church Bush has recently begun attending in George Town, the Church of God of Prophecy, Victory Tabernacle.

The UDP has not yet confirmed the team it will be fielding in the battle for George Town and by extension control of government, but the appearance of Rayal Bodden on the platform alongside Mike Adam, Ellio Solomon, Renard Moxam and John Foster, who MC’d the event, has added fuel to the mounting speculation that he is the sixth UDP man who will be standing in the capital.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    For BITTER or WORST, till May we shall part…..

    • Anonymous says:

      The status grants of 2003 if not illegal is absolutely criminal in my opinion just look at what it has done to these islands. 

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mac…just shut up and wait until May when you realize no-one wants you and you are finished. You and every member of new and old UDP administration are slime.

  3. Anonymous says:

    A very long time ago, in a far away land way over the horizon, there was a mystical country where unicorns padded in verdant pastures. It was a peaceful place, the envy of the world. Many people from distant lands gave up their birthright to seek out this utopia, and many indeed were successful, but one dark day, a wicked goblin arose. He told the happy people that they could be even happier if they would let him be their leader. Well, the happy people, wanting to be happier readily agreed to this. They made him their king. Not too long after this, the wicked goblin began to reveal his true colours. He invited his friends from other goblin kingdoms and between them, they divided the happy country. Soon, the happy people became very unhappy and ……late now, I'm going to bed.

  4. Anonymous says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    What should be illegal is the practice of allowing anyone who is the suject of ongoing police investigation(s) to run as a candidate in an election. Now that’s something you can write into the Constitution Mr Bulgin. I’ve even included the singular and plural possibilities for you.

  6. Anonymous says:

    How does a grade 8 educations add up to a constitutional law degreee?


    Only in West Bay.

    • St Peter says:

      Not only in West Bay dear…

      In Jamaica they were exchanging it for a doctorate degree…

      Ok then to be fair the doctorate was being exchanged for 3000 status grants + an 8th grade education…

  7. Anonymous says:

    Mac, the only one out of politics come May 2013 is UDP and its associates.  That's for sure.  We've had enough of you all.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Anyone else getting calls around dinner time from people purporting to be from a Texas-based survey and research company, "the Tarrance Group", and asking to speak with youngest registered voter in the household?  When asked, the callers refuse to identify the source of financing for this caper, or why they would want to sepak to the youngest member, but I have to assume that this subterfuge leads back to a youth UDP drive.  They've called us multiple times now. 

  9. Anonymous says:

    He should feel right at home then.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Hey Uncle Steve, for the sake of your country and your fellowman, please do not put any more bright ideas in McManiac's head.

  11. Anonymous says:

    There once was a politician named Mac

    Who at school was exceedingly slack

    "It's no problem," said he

    Rubbing his hands with glee 

    "I prefer red over black!"

  12. Anonymous says:

    And Mac would know what was illegal and what wasn’t? Sorry this is absolutely hilarious coming from him!

    • Anonymous says:

      I was just about to say, he should know if ANYBODY should know what illegal is..

  13. Humpty Dumpty Pajamas says:

    Mac, your escapades are finished. No more first class tickets, 5-star hotels, michelin-star restaurants. All you did was galavant and raise the cost of living for all of us to pay for it.

    • Castor says:

      Maybe not, I suspect he will be the next Premier. Watch and see.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yes, this is what worries me. All those "unknown" independents in George Town have the potential to screw us over (again) and put him back in power. Luckily for me I have options and am putting a contingency plan in place as I write, but not before I vote with this thought in mind: ABB (Anybody But Bush)

        • Anonymous says:

          ABB will get the UDP re-elected as you split the votes.

          • Anonymous says:

            Not necessarily, could vote straight Progressives as the lesser of several evils!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Actually if you believe the statement it's really quite revealing.  If he (Bush) believes that the Interim Government is illegal is it not his place and responsibility to see that the rightthing is done.  Bush with that statement has told us that he is ok with things that he considers illegal to go on without challenging them, which may be why he finds himself in the position that he is in now.

    This is the reason why our country is in the mess that it is in now. Too many of us are happy turning a blind eye to the illigal things going on in our government and our communities. 

  15. St Peter says:

    Last night I dreamed that both me and Mac had died on the same day – I think it was one of them there asteroids that hit us…

    Anyway I was looking all over for Mac so we could talk about the good old days when we were jetsetters from one exotic location to the other…

    The problem was I searched all through heaven and could not find Mac – so I just used my new wings and went flying to see if I could find anybody else that I knew…

  16. Ya Mon says:

    What the hell is that irritating buzzing in my ears?  It comes, it goes, it comes back again… man I wish it would go away for good!

    • Anonymous says:

      The buzzing we all hear is more irritating than a mosquito in th dark

      Go away Mac…just go away.

    • Empty Chair says:

      The thought of Northward is really messing with his head! 

  17. Anonymous says:

    We should listen, if anyone knows about things that are illegal it is this man.

  18. Anonymous says:

    I've read about new independant candidates declaring for GeorgeTown, where are the new independant candidates for West Bay? Stand up, we need alternative choices!!

  19. Anonymous says:

    His new church consists of all the Jamaicans he gave status to who can vote for him as "Caymanians"  Get it?????

    • Anonymous says:

      It seems like he gets "saved" just before every election.  I bet God is real happy with the way Mac uses him for his personal political gain.  I don't wnat to be anywhere near Mac on judgment day.

    • Anonymous says:

      All the sensible and highly educated Jamaicans. Who want the best for Cayman will vote for him. We put the people of the country 1st not the bittered caymanians who find time to bash people and the country needs every one attention and help

      • Anonymous says:

        No sensible, highly educated person in their right mind would vote for Mac.

      • Anonymous says:

        You're very obviously neither sensible nor highly educated. Just like McKeeva.

      • Anonymous says:

        "The country needs every one attention and help, (that's coming from a sensible and highly educated Jamaican, folks). Yes, the country needs help because of four years of McKeeva's uneducated senselessness, yet idiots like you are hell bent on voting him back in because you have been bought and paid for at a very cheap price. Do yourself and Cayman a favor and go home.

  20. Anonkymous says:

    "Not going to make a fuss. Nope not me. Nooooooot gonna do it. Nope.

    They're illegal, but you won't hear me say so. Nope. I don't know what we've got. It's not a legal government. But you didn't hear that from me. I won't be like my opposition was – calling them out. Saying they're no good. Telling the voters that they're useless. Nope, not me.

    Those five nobodies won't have the pleasure of hearing me whine about it. Nope, they won't. Cuz I am not saying a single word against them. Not one word. Not gonna say that they stabbed me in the back. Uh-uh. Not gonna say a word, not one word, you hear me? You won't catch me calling them out. No suh… I wouldn't dare say they're not really a government. You can't quote me. Nope not me.

    I'm not even gonna say it in public. Not even in public. I will not be saying it on the platform. I wouldn't dream of telling anyone not to give that bunch of 'I don't know whats' the time of day. No siree bob. Not this ya Bayah.

    And hush about the opposition. Cha. I is the opposition too now. I got numbas too yah nah. Opposiiiiiition…pshhhh! But I got nuttin' to say on that bunch neither. Nope, not me…I gone sit right yah so, and chill til May. Calling up people and telling them to come go with me. I gots wuk to do. I gotta get that there premiership belt back. My WTF Raw belt!

    Unna needs to sit down and be quiet. Like good l'il chilrens.

  21. Anonymous says:

    The Church of God has got the selling point of apparently being the Church of God which must makeit better than other churches, but really I prefer the Church of God (Universal) because it just sounds that bit bigger. 

    • Anonymous says:

      And I think you get free tickets to Universal Studios and they have the Harry Potter ride now.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Was Joker-Mac wearing a jester's suit? He make me laugh so hard.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Why is it that only Mckeeva is having public meetings? Where are all of the other declared candidates and parties? 

    Give him his due at least he is out there even though Iwon't be voting for him…with the exception of Elio I like the candidates he is bringing to George Town.

    • Anonymous says:

      Just a drowning idiot grabbing at every straw.

    • Anynomous says:

      11:02  all the other candidates is not having meetings because they well and know that the UDP will ring the bell in May 2013.   So my suggestion to every one is this "So as not to loose your vote you might as well vote for the UDP, because they are going to take it by a Land slide that is for sure.   Same thing is going to happen in Bodden Town West Bay and George Town and Cayman Brac.   M<aybe East End and North Side too.    What some persons do not realize is that people who were not for McKeeva Bush last election is for him now.  He has become stronger amongst the people and have more supporters now.   By them arresting McKeeva Bush, what they did was made people feel sorry, and sad, because they then remembered the good he has been.  So,  People who was not for him is now for him, trust me on that.

      • Anonymous says:

        We can onlyhope for a miracle.. for Dr Shetty to open a secure psychiatric unit well before the elections to house delusional people such as yourself. Seriously, if you truly believe what you just wrote you need your head examined.

      • Anonymous says:

        I and all those who thumbd up this post, trust you about as much I trust McKeeva… not at all.

      • Anonymous says:

        hmmn – trying…. trying hard….. naaah.. can't remember anything good

      • Anonymous says:

        I agree with you that he has alot of sympathy support and that he will take this election again. If Cayman Brac dont have anyone else to run then there dont need to be an election. Oh my God we hope not as we need to replace Ju Ju so badly . If what Mack say is true that this Government is illegal, when Ju Ju retires then her pension should not be based on Premier. Another reason for Mack getting more popular is because Ju Ju is no longer with him.

  24. Anonymous says:

    well one thing Mr.Bush said was true and that was yes i hope they all be voted out including his self. Because this is the worst mess i have ever seen this country to be in. In all my life and hopefully these new ones that's declearing to run stand by what they say and dont do as the rest once they are  in they forget  about who put them there.

  25. Anonymous says:

    Is Bush the only politician giving speeches? Sure seems like it. Where are the others?

    • Anonymous says:

      He's happy to use the media now

    • Anonymous says:

      Bush was always good at using his mouth to abandon…. old habits die hard… and just when we thought we were getting a bit of peace!

    • Anonymous says:

      The others are doing the same thing his previous UDP group did. Nothing. Let him dictate everything. Be warned. This is a plot to fool all of us voters.

  26. Anonymous says:

    The insanity is growing.

  27. Anonymous says:

    "I don't know what we've got" stated Bush.  Well,  I'll tell you what we got = leftovers from Big Mac who are just as delusional and corrupt!  We have a interim premier who traveled the globe, spent $50,000 to go to a postal conference in the Middle East!!??, used tax $$ to pave private land in the Brac and is as transparent as brick wall.  We have a deputy premier who is also the Minister of Education –he's such a good role model–being arrested and pleding guilty for driving under the influence with an "unknown" woman XXXX  and NO ONE HAS DEMANDED HIS RESIGNATION!!  We've got closed-door deals (FORCAYMAN) that are done in the shadows, only to let people find out if they submit a FOI or after its too late and a contract was signed!  What we have Mr. Bush is the Wikipedia definition of a Banana Republic thanks to you! 


    Big Mac–he's like herpes: flares up all the time and NEVER GOES AWAY!!  Let's pray that he's found guilty and is sentenced soon!

  28. Anonymous says:

    Well well Mr Bush. They're running you out of West Bay and they ran you out of 'your' church in West Bay, but I don't suppose they gave you back our two million did they? Or is that now allocated to buy fridges for the Georgetown electorate? This is going to be interesting indeed. Either we're going to elect someone to run our country who is out on police bail for alledged criminal activities, or our forever honerable former Mr. Premier is going to be charged and brought to justice before the eyes of the entire world. Very good worldwide publicity, Cayman. Mac and your 'new' associates, in your totally self centered campaining, would you care to give the public some clues as to how the Cayman Islands and our people are supposed to live out this world class disgrace?    

    • Anonymous says:

      If he gave a damn about Cayman and our people, or for himself for that matter, he would shut his backside up and go sit in a corner somewhere until the police come for him again.


  29. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for pointing this out Mr Pot. I for one am shocked to learn that the Kettle is non-reflective.

  30. Anonymous says:

    To the Pastor of Mac's new church- has the man repented his sins and changed his ways? Sure does not sound like the interests of transparency, how much did your Church get from the NBF? Did you tell your congregation they should support Mac?

    • Anonymous says:

      We sure have some brave churches in Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      How dare you ask a Pastor that question! He is just happy to welcome Mac and they are all praying that God will work a miracle so he is voted back in and hopefully get a few million $$ like the former church – wha do you? they are all a bunch of hypocritical money hungry demons hiding behind religion.

    • Anonymous says:

      The Premier still attends his usual church in West Bay, on North West Point Road. One of the things I have always loved about him is that he usually visits a number of churches where he has friends. I know this because he has been a guest at the church that I attend.

      I like his team of candidates, who are all indepedent thinkers and will most certainly want to see things done differently; however, I note that one of the favorites from out of West Bay has not declared her  candidacy, and I am talking about Cora Grant.  So many people are talking about her running but I am not seeing her on the platform with them. I personally would be dissappointed if she fails to run.

      Everyone close to her should encourage her to further serve her community,epecially seeing that she was recently awarded the Certificate and Badge of Honor for service to her community.  What an excellent introduction to public life – can't get any better luck than that.

      Mr. Bush  needs to use his power of  persuasion in order to get this lady on his ticket, then he would really have the  dream ticket!

      • Anonymous says:

        Cora Grant, Certificate and Badge of Honourable for what? Just because she was a Mac supporter? He has many supporters that would make better candidates than Cora, what has she done to show that she would be a good representative? Oh I forgot that doesn’t matter to West Bayers.

        • Anonymous says:

          Come on 22:43 other women were given Badge of honors in this country who would be an asset to the Assembly, and those women who received it worked for it, not supporting Bush.  Check it out.

          • Anonymous says:

            I say congrats to all those women who have earned these honors, including Cora Grant.

            Knowing Cora, she does not care a bit about what is being written about her. She does not need the validation of others in order for her  feel good about her self.

            When I asked her about her award the other day she said that she wished it could be mailed to her,  rather than her having to go and collect it.  That,s Cora for ya, no hoopla for her. Just dred and down to earth.

            She got my vote Mr. Premier.

        • Anonymous says:

          If Mack takes her on then he has lost my support.

          • Anonymous says:

            Come on now hater , you know if he takes her on she is sure to win in West Bay. Your reverse psychology won't work.

            The woman is of sterling character – just goes to show that a hater will always be a hater, even when he can't find a good reason to do so.

            Go Cora, you got my vote.

          • Anonymous says:

            The only reason she might not go on ticket is if she decides not to. Practicall everybody in West Bay wants to see her run. She is good peeps! Go Ms. Cora, you have all four of my votes.

        • Anonymous says:

          You sound Jealous, and red does not look good on you – in my books anybody who gives up so much personal time to serve her community has the makings of a good candidate.

          I'm sure that she has learnt a thing or too from working at RBC at a senior level for over 20 years that can be transfered to the LA.

          These are the types of individuals that we need to run our country.

          She has my vote.





      • Anonymous says:

        Mack is not fool fool, after all he wants to win the election. Badge and cert is as common as diarrohea these days. Whats the big thing about that. She has learnt to say yes and no to loans

         so leave her there. Just look at what the lady from Cayman Brac did to him I mean ju ju.

        • Anonymous says:

          From what I read of the bio, the Cert & Badge of Honor was not at all related to Coras work at RBC.  Both UDP & PPM governments gave her the opportunity to sit on a number of boards and she took that opportunity and ran with it.  She served her country well via this avenue and should be commended not bad mouthed. 

          From her numerous hours sitting on boards she has put her country first and carried out her civic duty. More of us should try to give back rather than take or just sit around all day and criticize.

          Answer this: what have you done for your country recently? 

          Remember: ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for country. Guess the Governor saw the value that she brought to the table and th country and saw fit to award the honor.  Mr. Bush has nothing to do with the award and I doubt the Governor owes Mr. Bush any favours!


          If she runs in West Bay she has my vote, including my entire family of 15.

      • Anonymous says:

        Oh no…please Cora don’t go the Bush route. You are far better than that

      • Anonymous says:

        "I like his team of candidates, who are all indepedent thinkers and will most certainly want to see things done differently".

        Bwaaaahahahaha. You must be joking. Capt. Eugene is an independent thinker who would insist on doing things differently? Independent thinkers are not allowed in Bush's NUDP.

        Any ticket with Bush on it is a nightmare, not a dream.

        • Anonymous says:

          I like the new UDP ticket and I am voting  straight in George Town.  West Bay looks good too but would look even better if Cora Grant is on the West Bay ballot, she is sure to win, hands down.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Why is anyone paying this man any attention at all?

    • Anonymous says:

      Because he's the only one talking, as usual.

      • Anonymous says:

        You obviously don't listen to Cayman Crosstalk if you believe that.

        • Voter in GT says:

          I liked listening to the debate between the GT candidates on Cayman 27.  We may have some excellent businessmen stepping up.  Please look at their resumes before you vote.  I want some leaders who have more on their resume than their own business:

          NO MORE PARTY POLITICS- UDP & PPM, THROW THE BUMS OUT.   A few educated men do not need a party to hide behind, cronies, or corruption.  Send in the accountants and clean up Big Mac's mess.


    • Anonymous says:

      EXACTLY!!  Why is any one stressing over  McKeeva!!  Who the hell is Mckeeva??  Instead please go out on Election Day and show him who is boss.  There are many many decent, educated, hardworking, non-corrupted individuals standing for election this time around; let us put them in and show McKeeva and his minnions who  should really run things on this Island.  Forget about Rennard  Moxam,John Foster, or whoever chooses to sully their reputation/name by hanging around with McKeeva- give all of them some of his medicine.  GO TO THE POLLS ON ELECTION DAY AND SEND THEM ALL AWAY- FAR FAR AWAY FOR EVER EVER- AMEN