UK wants CI election watched

| 21/02/2013

uk spy.jpg(CNS): The overseas territories minister has asked the local government to allow official observers to cover the Cayman Islands' general election. Premier Juliana O'Connor-Connolly has said that Mark Simmonds made a formal request when the new government delegation went to London at the beginning of this year for a team to be present in May, although no specific concerns were raised. The premier stated that CIG was not opposed in principle but observers could not be allowed to cast a shadow of suspicion over Cayman's long held successful election record because of perceptions over the government transition in December. She said the attorney general was checking if the election law would need to be changed to facilitate the watchers but early indications were that the decision lay in the hands of the elections supervisor.

At the Thursday morning press briefing O'Connor-Connolly said that with a good track record of free and fair elections for many decades, the idea of having observers in Cayman could not be allowed to tarnish that image. The premier read from correspondence between herself and the UK minister on a number of issues, including the desire on the part of the FCO that observers were welcomed by CIG for the upcoming elections.

Simmonds said he supported the invitation of observers as it was good for the democratic election process. The FCO minister pointed out that observers had taken part in the elections in both the BVI and TCI and he believed that the officials there could attest to the success.

O'Connor-Connolly said that no decisions had yet been made and the governor was discussing the issue with all parties, in particular the supervisor of elections, as it would probably be his decision in the end. The premier said she did did not get the impression from her meeting with the UK minister that his request for the observers to attend the Cayman elections were as a result of any specific concerns about past elections or any potential issues with this one, as Cayman had a reputation for holding successful free and fair elections.

Nevertheless, while these days observers were generally invited into countries where democracy prevails, because of the timing so soon after the local transition of government, O'Connor-Connolly said she did not want people to feel that the observers were coming because something was expected to go wrong.

The timing referred to by the premier relates to former premier McKeeva Bush's arrest on suspicion of theft and offenses under the anti-corruption law which resulted in an opposition no confidence motion in the Legislative Assembly, supported by some members of the then government. This resulted in the collapse of the  UDP administration led by Bush and a transition to the now minority government and its very public split from the UDP.

O'Connor-Connolly said it was important that the success to date, and the high standards set by the Elections Office, under the supervision of her former chief officer Kearney Gomez, was acknowledged. She said Cayman had set the standard in the Caribbean for elections and the team had done “a wonderful job”.

The premier said that having observers would be a new element to the election but there was no fear about them on the part of government. However, she said, there had to be level playing field and she wanted to ensure the observers were not limited to the UK personnel but included commonwealth members and that there were no hidden agendas.

“We wouldn't want anyone to think there is evidence of a need for observers,” she said. “We need to weigh in the issue of interpretation when balancing the decision.” The premier warned that the very act of “sunshine” on the election would be undermined if it brought cloudiness.

Deputy Premier Rolston Anglin added that while election observers may have been something that signaled concerns or only invited to attend elections in fledgling democracies, in recent years they have attended elections in major democracies, including the UK, France and the USA, because having observers around elections now was a demonstration of transparency.

Anglin confirmed that the issue had first been raised at the Joint Ministerial Council with the Overseas Territories in London before December so there was no direct connection to what happened in December.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Many countries elections are observed by the Carter Center alone. See a recent list below:

    After the last election we should be willing to show the world that we can have a fair election, before and on election day. 

    The UK had international observers at their last election.

  2. Whodatis says:

    To the over-trusting and naive posters in the room that genuinely believe there is no hidden agenda behind this latest stunt … please wake up.

    Hint: Neverregard any instruction or "advice" by way of the UK on its prima facie merits or by today's reality.

    (E.g. In the coming years as we are preparing to become the newest sovereign country in this world, the media farce will relish in the "facts" of there being "investigations", although farcical in nature, (Ballantyne / MI6 / Tempura) and the "need" for "internationally observed elections" (i.e. 2013) in our recent past as a tactic to discredit our standing at that time.)

    I am in no doubt that a major change is coming to this country in terms of our sovereignty / identity.

    History teaches us how the UK behaves at times like these and all the symptoms are front and center.

    For example;

    • divide and rule tactic (e.g. deny one Premier his necessary requests on behalf of the country yet grant same requests to other Premier)
    • spies on the ground (e.g. aforementioned "investigations" and constant calls for UK "investigations" by British "law enforcement personnel")
    • unnecessary ruffling of feathers (e.g. FCO's reckless announcement of ongoing yet confidential RCIPS investigation into Premier Bush)
    • promotion of political and societal instability (e.g. see above)
    • excessive economic controls and restrictions to ensure pressure within the country (self-explanatory)

    P.S. Whodatis is not anti-UK (well, perhaps anti-UK government – but that wouldn't be anything out of the ordinary … even Brits hate their own government today!) – I am simply pro-Cayman. Unapologetically so.

    Whatever the outcome, my fellow Caymanians, let us remember that the main objective of these political games by the powers that be is to ensure and entrench instability within this country.

    Our reaction will determine their level of success or failure.

    Let us all see the bigger picture and stand tall – together.

     – Whodatis

  3. Anonymous says:

    We surely do not need any UK folks here–all that does is certify us in world’s eye as a third world backward country. Contrary to most comments here..they are only looking at operations during the actual election,… are fake ballotts being put in boxes, are votes being counted in a dark room somewhere, does someone goes in booth with you, are vote boxes being switched from polling station to counting centers,….that kind of thing. Not whether someone bought you a fridge or whether someone of free will is told who to vote for (even on paper), …vote fraud is to do with the casting of ballotts and their counting. That’s it. And I think OC and Kerney and the elections office does a great job and have for years.

    • Anonymous says:

      They didn't really need to ask for permission you know. You might want to keep that in mind before getting all wound up. Cayman is a part of the UK not an independent country.

    • Diogenes says:

      So we rae not a third world country, but you can buy a vote for a fridge. Hmmmm.  Seems your point is not that we do not need them at the election, but before it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I suggest that we request the UN send observers to the UK to observe their elections….after all if they have ultimate power here, send us a governor every fouryears, we need to know that their elections are fair too. Seriously.

    • Anonymous says:

      The UK did have observers last time. 

    • Anonymous says:

      The UK had international observers at their last election.

    • Diogenes says:

      I would politely suggest that the Cayman electoral system is slightly more liable to manipulation than the UK's, given the limited number of people involved and the incredible practice of allowing people to "help" someone else cast their vote. 

    • Cowitch says:


  5. Voter in GT says:

    So far I like:

    Tara Rivers, Roy McTaggart, Winston Connolly, Joey Hew (should not have joined PPM), and Stefan Baraud (for resigning from UDP in the height of Big Mac's power and corruption, that took balls and integrity).

    Bring on the business people and NOT party-politicians.  Woody Foster, you are a champion for literacy and education, please run too.

    Good luck to our best and brightest and I pray that no former politician is elected, they ALL let us down.


  6. Proud New Caymanian says:

    Gov make certain this happens!!!!! The questionable practices witnessed at one man, one vote showed me that West Bay must have been suffering for decades. Give the people a fair and reasonable election free of manipulation. Save Cayman and its future.

  7. anonymous says:

    " However, she said, there had to be level playing field and she wanted to ensure the observers were not limited to the UK personnel but included commonwealth members and that there were no hidden agendas." Didn't she attend, at great expense, the Commonwealth Conference in the South Pacific? Good grief, you'd think she'd have the most basic idea of how Elections Observer's operate, and the required impeccable qualifications.

  8. Anonymous says:



    In the 1990s, international election observation focused on elections in countries with weak democracies or democracies in transition. In recent years, however, there has been an increasing number of observer mission monitoring elections in long-standing democracies, including the United StatesFrance, the United Kingdom and Switzerland.[citation needed]


    International organizations such as the Organization of American States, the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe, the European Union, the Commonwealth Secretariat, the Council of Europeand the African Union regularly deploy monitoring teams. The United Nations no longer provides monitoring services, instead it focuses on electoral assistance. Individual governments also participate in monitoring efforts, generally under the umbrella of an international organization. These national efforts are normally managed by the local electoral commission. A wide array of NGOs also participate in monitoring efforts. The Carter Center, for example, played a key role — with the United Nations Electoral Assistance Division and the National Democratic Institute — in building consensus on a common set of international principles for election observation.[3]

    International observation is complemented in many countries by domestic observer groups.

  9. Paper Ky, Really UK says:

    Why should the UK even ask?  They should inform the territorials that the observers are coming.  Being polite might be the answer, but civility can be misunderstood by people who overvalue their own importance.  And by the way observers, the whole process is riddled with corruption.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Exactly how does one go about getting a bribe Uhm I mean incentive well actually I mean a thank you for placing say 6 votes in GT???? Seriously I have been hereover 30 years and never once have I been approached with anything, never once have I asked for anything remotely resembling a favor or assistance, heck I don’t even know how to go about getting in on a numbers game or how to get drugs, all I know is my cost of living and doing business keeps going up, service keeps going down and I’m deemed not good enough to sit on any board even with expertise to sit on several because I wasn’t born here even though I have lived here longer than some who will be running in this election. Clearly being law abiding does not offer material rewards during election time but it sure makes it easy to sleep at night and face myself in the mirror in the morning.

  11. Michel Lemay says:

    It’s a good thing and don’t be ashamed of it. When I voted last election I saw little papers being passed to certain persons. I figure it out when and who the numbers where to mean and this was in West Bay. Same party that who passed it thrue the fence in GT. Yes I am glad that they will be Observing and you know once corrupted, Always corrupted so the’ll try it by using their gunboys. Right? Just the facts.

  12. Anonymous says:

    It's a dangerous mission, but I would like to volunteer to observe!!


    I will hopefully observe Mac being charged before registration closes and then all our political crooks get a severe drudging in the polls, and then hopefully getting on the next banana boat out of here..humiliated as they deserve to be..

    • Anonymous says:

      MAC HAS BROUGHT THIS DISGRACE ON ALL OF US…so it is understandable that the UK can't trust us to hold clean elections.

      In one period of unchecked greed and madness, Mac. and the UDP have reduced us to a 3rd. world territory in the eyes of outsiders.

  13. Anonymous says:

    "It's not the people who vote that count. It's the people who count the votes." (Josef Stalin)

    This quote is loosely attributed to Stalin in regards to a vote on a committee, but regardless of the circumstances, it has a frightening ring to it.

    Watched by who? This does not pass my sniff test.

    Please do not think that just because people come from the UK, they automatically have to be people of integrity. They are coming to do a job. If they are Lodge, I wouldn't trust them as far as I could throw them. This doesn't feel right. Just because observers show up, everything is going to be fine?

    I say we need observers to observe the observers and I would volunteer. Anyone else?

    If I didn't know any better, I'd say that McKeeva Bush has already been selected, will form the next government, and will resume duties as Premier come May. Just sit back and watch it all unfold.


    • Anonymous says:

      The people who count the votes are the representatives of all candidates and the Elections Office. It is almost impossible to cheat at this because everyone is in the same room counting and requesting to look at any ballot they want to. It is very well organised and all above board. I would not object to outsiders observing it tho'. Outside and inside the polling stations, especially in West Bay is where we need help to stop the cheating on May 22nd and the months leading up to i. 

      • Anonymous says:

        West Bay and George Town wasn't the only places.  What about going to the elderly and getting them to x for you.  Politicians shouldn't be busing people and going to rest homes/hospitals/homes getting the elderly to sign.

    • Anon says:

      Cayman loves insane conspiracy theories. What is the agenda? There is none, move on people!

      If Mac is running I would welcome independent observers. I don’t trust these UDPers at all.

  14. Anonymous says:

    This is not an insult to all Caymanians, this is exposing behaviours that took place in 2009 and wishing to prevent it from happening again. Take your heads out of the ground we have people in our community willing to do anything that it takes to be powerful. Shame on those that are party to this behaviour.

    I am glad to report that we are not all alike but the sad truth is the honest ones are in the minority. God help us

    • Anonymous says:

      I say let them come!!!

      As a Caymanian I say if we have nothing to hide we have nothing to worry about.


    • Voter in GT says:

      You mean SHAME on the PARTIES for THEIR behaviour!  No more paved driveways or washing machines.  Blatent $$ cash was flying around during the last election.  

      Throw ALL the party bums out and let the few upstanding business people who are running come together and fix this mess the "politicians" got us into.

      I see a lawyer, a top acountant,…THESE are the NEW Govt.  Fellow voters, do not follw a party or empty crony promises this time around.  Think for yourself and help us get out ofdebt.


  15. Anonymous says:

    Tell them to hurry and not wait for Election Day, maybe they can check on all the washer/dryer, fridge and stove giveaways + the $100 bills prior to the day.

    Anything that can help return this community to some sense of honest and integrity has my wholehearted support.

    We should be ashamed of ourselves for having got to this stage. I am really  embarressed  that our principles have dropped so low to obtain the reputation we have for this island. May God help us.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Who's paying for this?

    Come on people! open your eyes as much as you hate your local politicians. Don't you see what the UK is really trying to do?

    Think who is your real enemy, they are playing divide and conquer as they have done for hundreds of years, they are the masters at that. Stay united as a Nation if you want to be treated as one…

    • Anonymous says:

      oh dear 13.07 -keep taking your medicine and remind me exactly what the UK gets from here apart from expense and trouble?

    • Anonymous says:

      Stupid comment!

      Cayman has every right to be an independant Nation, and then it can be treated as one. It has chosen not to seek independance, it is therefor an "overseas territory", and must meet the standards laid down in this and all other things. As others have said, there have some distinctly strange practices at election, fridges are only one example, "help" with voting another. So, if you want to avoid oversight, go independant or self police the politicians, and the best ofluck in either of those!

    • Anonymous says:

      – signed, UDP

  17. Baldric says:

    OK OK no need to PANIC ….  When they call I'll tell 'em that someone BROKE IN and put that new HDTV on my wall while I was at CHURCH !!

  18. Anonymous says:


    Let's not forget the people who are just as guilty of corruption when they accept gifts as set out in sections 96 of the Cayman Islands Elections Law 2009 Revision.

    The following persons shall be deemed guilty of treating under this Law- 
    (a) every person who corruptly, by himself or by any other person, either before, during or after an election, directly or indirectly, gives, or provides or pays, wholly or in part, the expenses of giving or providing any food, drink, entertainment or provision to or for any persons for the purpose of corruptly influencing that person, or any other person, to vote or to refrain from voting at such election, or on account of such person or any other person having voted or refrained from voting at such election; and

    (b) every elector who corruptly accepts or takes any such food, drink, entertainment or provision.

  19. Will Ya Listen! says:

    They don't need to watch the elections. They need to watch the politicians after the election.

    The third world corruption, abuse of power and indifference to the people who voted them should be monitored daily. If we can't do it, or the governor wants to continue to hide behind the big soft sofa of the FCO then we deserve an intervention.

    It's shameful to suggest we can't manage our own affairs, and I mean no disrespect to anyone by saying it,  but someone needs to do something instead of everyone doing nothing.

    • Anonymous says:

      Remember the G T ballats in the B T boxes some years ago.

      remember the 2 B T candidates last election.

      What about the people being certified as sick so others can get the ballat.

      What happened, yaaaaaaaaa you nothing.

  20. Anonymous says:

    What a great idea! Wonder why the premier is only telling us about this now instead of when she got home from the trip. Maybe to pave a few driveways before the observers get here?

    The observers need to be here very early to watch the bribery cash and electrical appliances changing hands, with the RCIPs on hand to investigate such cases.


    Cayman, this is good. The FCO knows what goes on here, so does the Governor, so do we all, so lets talk about it openly. Any vote bought is democracy lost. We have to vote for those the will do the best for Cayman, not the most for themselves. And if you vote the ones in that only will do the best for themselves, and who need to pay you to be elected, then Cayman may as well go independent and suffer the fate it delivers to itself. You will deserve it, and soon become Jamaica or Haiti II. Want to go that way? Then don't take bribes.

    • Caymanian and voting says:

      Okay….OPEN. ?!? There is a developer in my neighborhood who is going door to door asking people to sign a document so He can buy back (for 1/3 the worth?) Land for Public use.

      He is telling all the neighbors that he is going to run in this election.  So that sounds quite intimidating and strong-arming and I'm SURE against the election laws?  He has not announced his candidacy, but a lot of regular folk are feeling pressured to sign his request in case he gets into office and then discriminates again them or their families.

      Your two cents?

  21. -- says:

    IMHO, marking ballots in pencil is wrong.  We should "tick" the box using ink. 

  22. Anonymous says:

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with transparency, it however leaves a few in answered questions, voter fraud I not not be an issue of such in the Cayman Isalnds, i stand to be corrected,it is fair to say that elections in Cayman is always fair and no large scale or minute voter fraud. We must now ask ourselves the question will there be an additional cost to the Cayman Islands? Was this a request from the Cayman Islands? Is there an International watchdog over the U.K election?

    • Anonymous says:

      Election Observers are normal in many third world countries where family votes are exchanged for products and services and in places where long deceased voters remain on the voter registry and show up to vote on election day.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, the UK elections did have international observers. 

    • Anonymous says:

      You need to be in West Bay on May 22nd. Watch for the bus bringing the drunks and druggies and even people who are mentally incompetant  to vote, the persons who "help" them to vote and what happens afterwards.

  23. Anonymous says:

    Love it! Bring it on, if we truly have nothing to hide let them observe all they want.

  24. Anonymous says:

    This is an insult to all Caymanians. Full stop.

    • Ya Mon says:

      Don't take it personally.  It's all wash out in the end, with a new laundry set.  Just go over to your new fridge and grab a beer and chill out.  In time, it'll all be as smooth as a freshly paved driveway.  I mean, it's not like any Caymanian would ever take a bribe for their vote, right?  Ya mon…

    • Anonymous says:

      No, it's not. Only those who have something to hide will object.

    • Anonymous says:

      We can certainly think of ONE Caymanian that it would be an insult to.

    • Anonymous says:

      I am a voter and I am not insulted.  I will be only too glad when we tick the box with a pen and don't care who wants to watch.   I have nothing to hide.  I do not take bribes – I do not sell my soul for a washing machine

    • Anonymous says:

      You have let your government insult you for years.  Full stop.

    • Pipple Popple says:

      Caymunkind.  Full stop.

    • Anonymous says:

      This Caymanian is not insulted. Full Stop.

  25. Chris Johnson says:

    TheOfficial observers need check the sales of washing machines and refrigerators. In addition they need check on the importation of ashfelt to see if the figures have suddenly jumped.

    • Anonymous says:

      never heard of ashfelt, enlighten me na! lol

      • Anonymous says:

        So the man made a spelling error Mr Perfect.! At least he has the balls to put his name to his articles most of which are very contructive.

      • Anonymous says:

        Asphalt? That's what happens when to use voice-to-text.

        • Anonymous says:

          You can spell it however you like – it is still one of the major prezzies, sorry, I meant mistakes, in Cayman. Second only to fridges, roof repairs and $100 bills wrapped up in a t-shirt. Oh, and I forgot  marl…..

        • Caymanian by status says:

          CNS can you add spell check to your text boxes?  

      • Anonymous says:

        Assfelt sounds like sexual harrassment.

    • Anonymous says:


    • Anonymous says:

      Thanks Chris, that was funny as hell. Having known you for a long time, and knowing that you came here in the late 60's or early 70's I didn't know that you were familiar with some of our old stories about people wanting their "ash felt". LOL.

    • What? says:

      Sorry – you felt what?  I'm pretty sure there's a rule against that…

  26. Anonymous says:

    This seems rather unnecessary, the deficiencies in the system have nothing to do with voting day, they have to do with the multi vote construction. Why would, say Bush, try to interfere with the vote in an illegal way when he can do so within the law? He knows that he only has to convince small numbers of gullible people to vote not just for him as first elected, but also for the dummies alongside for second third and fourth members, do that in two constituencies and the system is yours, you control the MLA and so ignore it until next election day!

    If this team do arrive, they should concentrate on the other anti democratic practice, call it "fridge supply", free paving, or cash handouts through an uncontrolled National building fund, it is (in my humble view) corrupt, thats what they should be concerned with!

    • Anonymous says:

      You obviously haven't been in West Bay on Election Day if you believe that. 

  27. Anonymous says:

    Thank you UK this action is welcome becase of what happened during the last election with the handing out of cards for who to vote for in the last elections and nothing happened.  Cayman's election is not clean as it once was too many corrupt people have entered the country and is now allowed to vote so we can look forward to any form of corruption and it must be stamped out.  Thank you big brothers and God Save our gracious queen, long live our noble queen.  God save the queeen

    • Anonymous says:

      The only arguments against allowing the UK oversight of the election appear to be wounded Caymanian pride. What these people fail to recognize is the harm they do to their own country.To deny the request from the UK creates the perception there is something to hide. Add this to Cayman's already damaged reputation from recent political events and more businesses will make plans to leave the jurisdiction whilst others will simply choose a more stable and transparent location to invest. It doesn't matter whether past elections have been fair or not. And to argue that UK oversight may be costly doesn't take the bigger picture into account. People have to swallow their pride and start taking a broader longer term view of things for the good of the country.

    • Lori Buchanan says:

      God save all of us, as well as these beloved isles. We should not be anxious about the unknown.If I am correct with my math where is all the money coming from to settle thesebills if this idea is allowed. Is it going to take a whole 8 weeks to count 18,000 ballots. Give me a break!!! And what about civil servants who can’t get a raise and the budget restraints. My, my the people shall PERISH for lack of knowledge!

  28. Anynomous says:

    Ms. Julie you need to step down.  You mean to tell me that you will sit quietly and allow this to happen.  This is the last straw, and I am sure Cayman is going to see some trouble come this election.  WATCH DOGS over who we vote for.  I really respected thenew government to a T but sorry after being aware of some happenings and now this,  No, no, they have to go.

    • Anonymous says:

      Julie did not say a thing about this when she returned from London. Guess she asked for it just to make believe that she is so clean and honest. This wont help her to win when she get that good opposition that is being groomed.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Free and fair elections for decades.  You must be joking right?

  30. Anonymous says:

    Lets hope that fear of loosing power is not overtaking ju ju. Only God knows what else will come out of that trip that they made to London. If there was no unfairness in the past elections nor no fear of any this election what the hell do we need to have any overseas observers for, tell me that again ju ju. I wonder how many Caymanians do you think is buying your crap this time. Dont worry if there is no other contestants you wont even need an election this time but if there is you will have to do alot of praying.

    • Anonymous says:

      Are you serious? What about the slips of paper handed out by the UDP in GT? What about the BT MLA's who didn't declare their interests? Including one who is part-owner of a paving company? Go drink some more green Kool-Aid! Don't forget West Bay either. 

  31. Anonymous says:

    That's great, at least they care about us and it's not about a control issue! At the end of the day they care and don't want to see us go down TCI road. bless the UK.

  32. J Salasi I. -111? says:

    We a see the ever growing subtle disingenious and surreptitious way our colonial handlers play their game, first if any leader stand against or not follow their precepts and concepts they seek to destroy him slowly by innuendo and manipulation of others. Oh my people can’t you see they trying to take advantage of we, better must come. History a repeat itself our beloved first national Hero was besseted uon same way as our own Mr Bush. Suffice it to say de evil man dem pon de wall a watch and wait. Rise Up Cayman people rise up and ake ya stand do not let them take away from you. Give us Liberty and in 8 years time leave us be.

    Self determination with Leadership with a future vision is what we have to face.

    Hail Caymanians Hail Up, Selassie I.

  33. Anonymous says:

    Mother England knows you can't trust Cayman crookery. Everybody knows that now.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Please let us have observers, we need them whether anyone wants to admit it or not. Especially in West Bay.

    • Anonymous says:

      Not just WB mon, Keke gone Nationwide now, jest not on our side

    • Anonymous says:

      We sure need them in the Fire Service, They have an officer being laid to rest tomorrow and dont even have money to buy a reef. hmmm wonder whos dealing with their budget?

      • Anonymous says:


        Why does an officer being laid to rest have anything to do with Fire Service budget?  Family should be paying for their burial?  Why do they need money to buy a reef?  

  35. Anonymous says:

    Prove that you are really transparent JuJu and let the watchers in.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Ok I think this is more a reactiion to TCI then Cayman….but in truth I have not problem with the observance as it will help our reputation which was terribly hurt by every member of UDP during the last administration….we all must remember that the false humitly they are ALL showing now is not their true colors…they are scum sucking pirates to the core.


  37. Anonymous says:

    they will want to be the supervisor next!

  38. Anonymous says:

    It sounds like a good idea.  Might it not be that they heard of the stuff that went on in GT last election?

    • Anonymous says:

      Not just GT. Check out the election returns in WB, see how many people were "brought" by bus to the polling station and "helped" to vote towards the end of the day. The rule of  only being allowed to "help" one person cast their ballot needs to be looked into most of all.

      We need all the oversight we can get, in order to prove that Cayman does not tolerate election fraud. This Caymanian is not insulted in the least by this request. If you have nothing to hide, you wouldn't be either. By the way, UK elections are observed by other people too. 

  39. Anonymous says:

    When a past premier, under investigation for corruption, theft of public funds and dynamite importation puts his name forward as a candidate, his appointed cronies and outside  government legal department lawers pissing away millions on parties and holidays, as well as he himself from the public purse, I am surprised there hasn't been a military detachment to round these bastards up and process them as and when they get to them. Crammed into the GT lockup would be appropriate. What a mess. And still I read about his hundreds of supporters, mindless grovelers with hands out.

  40. Len Layman says:

    I think this is a wonderful idea.  I see no reason why people with nothing to hide should oppose it.  To those who do oppose it I ask, "what do you have to hide"!

  41. Anonymous says:

    Can anyone explain why these observers are needed and who will pay for them?

  42. St Peter says:


    Just send down the order now about one man one vote…

  43. Anonymous says:

    External observers may be new but every candidate is entitled to appoint agents to observe every aspect of the voting process in Cayman, from the sealing of the empty ballot boxes, the preparation of postal ballots, the mobile voting procedure, the polling at each station on the day and the actual count. Candidates agents are even given tally sheets and can count each vote cast and have objections registered – and trust me they do. Agents can even demand recounts.

    We should be extremely proud of the transparency of the election process in Cayman and have nothing to fear.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree with you on the transparency once the polls have closed. However, whilst the polls are open and before election day is a completely different story. 

  44. Anonymous says:

    Here in Bermuda, the Government rejected the very same request from the UK. See link:

    I encourage the Caymanian Government to do the same. There is no reason to believe the local election will not continue to be carried out with competence.

    • Anonymous says:

       There is every reason to believe the local election will continue to be carried out with incompetence as has been done in the past..

    • Anonymous says:

      You obviously haven't seen the kind of cheating in Bermuda that we have seen in Cayman, especially West Bay. 

    • Anonymous says:

      So why worry about observers then??? Plus, what do you know about it? Why would you even say that?

  45. Anonymous says:

    I think it is a great idea. Even though it probably didnt change the outcome of the last election There were some lists passed around with who to vote for and some attempts at intimidation that were ignored by officials at the polling stations.

  46. Whodatis says:

    So much to say right now but I won't.

    Once again – I only trust my fellow Caymanians are paying close attention.

     – Whodatis

  47. Humpty Dumpty Pajamas says:

    > We wouldn't want anyone to think there is evidence of a need for observers,” she said.

    Au contraire! There is evidence.

    1) Last election there were 2 members (now Ministers) that did not disclose their business interests by the required date in the law but were still allowed to contest a seat.

    2) CNS published photos of leaflets that were distributed by the UDP's supporters on Election Day which is also against the law.

  48. SKEPTICAL says:

    Good – if JuJu believes that Cayman has always held “free and fair” elections, then let’s show the Observer(s) that she is correct. Presumably their Terms of Reference would include monitoring any unusual increase in deliveries of household appliances to private homes in the period immediately prior to the Election, and any movement of road surfacing equipment outside normal operating hours.

  49. Anonymous says:


  50. Anonymous says:

    It's no big deal. They just want to be sure they're no fridges passing around.

  51. Anonymous says:

    So are we now becoming like Haiti that we need to have International Observers for our general elections ?? 

  52. Anonymous says:

    Bring'em on. What's to hide?  Don't be so prickly all the time.