Road closure in question

| 24/02/2013

wbay road 1_2.jpg(CNS): Following what appeared to be much more enthusiastic commitment to the West Bay Road closure last week in the absence of the premier, at this Thursday’s press briefing Juliana O’Connor-Connolly pointed to more pressing priorities than the gazetting the new road and the controversial closure of the local highway. Last week the ministers indicated that the closure was imminent and likely to happen by Tuesday or Wednesday of this coming week, but the premier appeared less keen to commit to an exact date for the road’s closure. This comes in the face of expectations that activists could be taking legal action this week to stay the closure.

Although the Cabinet members have claimed that the process being followed under the NRA agreement between the roads authority, the government and local developer, the Dart Group, is lawful and the same as any other road closure, campaigners say that the West Bay Road, as a significant highway which has been in public use for decades, cannot simply be closed under the same system used to close side or neighbourhood roads.

Dart has already begun work on what government has said will be enhanced facilities at the Seven Mile Public Beach in preparation for an international volley ball tournament taking place at Easter, but what appeared to be the imminent closure of the first 1000 feet or more of the 4000 feet stretch that will eventually be closed may not be taking place quite as soon as the parties had envisaged.

It is not clear what action is being planned but there are questions about the legality of the road closure process because of the length of time the West Bay Road has been closed. And while Cabinet said that the government was now legally obligated to close the road because of the agreement signed with Dart in December 2011, government may equally be facing other legal issues if it does close it.

In addition, opponents to the closure have raised significant questions about the enshrined rights of access to the beach, which will be undermined when the West Bay Road is closed, as well as the dangers of having only one road in and out of west Bay when the goal was to have two and, worse, having that one road go across a bridge.

Cabinet ministers dismissed those fears on Thursday, with Cline Glidden stating that the enshrined access to the beach was still there and the public rights of way from the road to the beach every 200 yards applies only where the beachfront is developed. His colleague Mark Scotland also said the single road was not unlike the situation now at Grand Harbour with just one road going into George Town from the East.He dismissed fears about the bridge saying a single access road may be able to address problems of access should the bridge be compromised.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You really have to ask yourself whether this protest is against the road closure or Dart in general. In my opinion this road closure does nothing but improve access to West Bay (You only have a single road in and out right now), and improve the public beach area for the use of Caymanians, Expats & Tourists. There's not really agreat deal wrong with that is there?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Ask yourself if everyone would be complaining this loudly had Stan Thomas or another previous owner developed this land.  I seriously doubt it.  

  3. Anonymous says:

    Here's a suggestion McKeeva Bush. Provide the Cayman public with the real details of the For Cayman 'deal' that we've been asking for for the past two years. We have an election coming up in May, remember? Perhaps that revelation is going to get you less wotes rather than more wotes? Is that the reason we don't have the information we've been asking and patiently waiting for for the past two years? Wake up Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      And may I add make all details public with how much of our Island hsa been SOLD to Dart!


  4. Whodatis says:

    Why is it the outside world constantly criticises Caymanians for being backwards and archaic when it comes to animal rights and the environment – however, there is hardly ever an outrage at times like these?

    When we stand up against the destruction (EESP / WB road closure / public beach proposed changes / extensive GT port development) and artificial "enhancements" to our natural sites we are then regarded as backward, xenophobic and anti-development nimby's.

    The USA and UK has literally hundreds of miles of barren and desolate coast – protected from "development" by the strongest of legislation.

    However, the very milk cow of this country is recklessly promoted, marketed and sent to the slaughterhouse on a daily basis with the apparent backing and endorsement of outsiders.

    I only hope my fellow Caymaians are paying close attention.

    • Anonymous says:

      Whodatis, the west is generally in favour of PROGRESSION. Hence more rights for people and animals and protection of coastline.

      The closure of WB road at this in my view is an enhancement-it is taking air and noise polluting traffic away from the Islands best feature, SMB. That is my view is progress. I think most of SMB should be pedestrianised and shut to traffic, what a major boost to tourism that could be with more business sprining up, more jobs..

    • Anonymous says:

      Caymanians have already destroyed this natural area by awful development.  This proposal will improve what there is now.  By the way the rest of the world does not really care about Caymanians because nearly all of the rest of the world has never heard of the word Caymanian.

  5. Anonymous says:


    It appears that everyone has forgotten the real facts surrounding this deal.

    All the land on both sides of the West Bay Rd including all the beachfront land is PRIVATELY owned and has been so for over 40 years.

    The Cayman Islands Government is giving up just a length of road – nothing else!!!!

    In return they are getting:

    1. A new dual lane modern, safe road with new lining roads into multiple WB areas.

    2. A doubling of the Public Beach with massively improved amenities and facilities.

    3. A whole bunch of PRIME FREE land in Barkers and South Sound.

    The CI Gov is getting plenty more value for the few thousand feet of knackered old West Bay Rd.

    In return for moving the West bay Rd the new development site becomes viable and CI Gov wins again with stamp and import duties, work permit fees and improved vacation income.

    By the way, CI Gov has compulsory purchased many parcels of land all over the island at the 'pre-developed' price without a whisper from the Truly 4 Cayman bunch. CIG didn't tell people they needed the land for a new road, or a new school or a runway – NO. They paid fair market value on the day and then developed the property afterwards, making these lands much more valuable.

    I urge everyone to have some common sense and realize that this is a good deal for Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      Your simple 3 or 4 paragraphs of logic and reality trump the utter nonsense that CNS and most commenters to this blog seem to make.    If only they poured this energy into volunteering for something more worthwhile, instead of spewing nonsense of how badly they have been wronged.   Its so annoying. 

    • Anonymous says:

      You forgot one thing…Value for money which should have been number one on your list.

      Our corrupt governement continues to keep us in the dark and it appears that you and the Dart PR machine are trying to do the same.


      Time longer than rope

    • British Bulldog says:

      It's not going to happen, mate. So get used to it and stop getting your knickers in a twist as you type from your office in (I'll bet) Camana Bay, calm down and take a long nap. Maybe when you wake up you'll understand that the road, all of it, belongs to the Caymanian people, not folks like you and me. And by the way, you reference "moving" the historic West Bay Road. Can we please decide once and for all – is it  "closing" or "moving"? Thank you.

    • Anonymous says:

      that sounds just like what that ole wart from North Side would say – is that Joey Ebanks by any chance? if not, well you sure do sound like him! have a seat please !

    • Anonymous says:

      You "BIASED OBJECTIVE" are missing a few important points in this deal that ends up with the closing of West Bay road. What is worst you have replaced known facts for your LIEING OBJECTIVE.

      1."Government giving up a length of road and nothing else" is as blatent a lie as can be told in view of the fact that The "piece of old road" that the develouper gets also comes with th eelimination of the 20 foot setbacks on either side, therefore the develouper gets an extra 80 X 4000 plot of land that he can build on 100%. Also, the only piece of land left on the pinensula is Crown land, and that too is thrown into the deal just to make everyone feel good.

      2. "WE are doubleing our Public Beach" is also in fact a LIE. By definition a beach is the frontage on the water, not the adjoining supporting property, otherwise, by your definition ALL of Cayman would be Beach Front property. What we are getting is a bigger parking lot NOT more beach. The fact is that we are again throwing in numerous 6 foot right of ways, of actual Beach Front property (on the water) into the deal just to make everyone feel good.

      3. "A whole bunch of PRIME FREE LAND". What about the bunch of free  Crown land by Salt Creekthat we are throw into the deal just to make everyone feel good.

      By the way; what exactly is the measure of a "bunch of land" anyway? That kind of therminology is rampant with you Pro Dart people and is the root cause of of why everyone else knows that there has to be something one sided about this whole deal.

      Why can't you and Dart be specific about everything and every red cent that is involved in this deal, since you (they) are so sure that the Caymanian People is definitely, positively getting the best of this deal.

      I know that we are getting "a bunch of something", just not sure what it is.

      • Anonymous says:

        16.32 all emotion and no fact. Easy to call someone a liar when you actually don't want to see fact for what it is.

  6. Kato says:

    Everywhere else in the world are building on the opposite side of the beach and leaving the beach for locals and tourists alike to enjoy. I am baffled as to why government would allow this to happen? It’s a sad day in cayman when Caymanians don’t have a say in their country. I ask dart why is this whole for cayman alliance so important to him? I understand business is business but as a good corporate citizen why not listen to the voice of the people? Are we too passive? In other countries there would be riots and mayhem if this ever happened.

    I took a walk through camana bay the other day and noticed the average cost of a shirt was $85 dollars an ice cream cone was nearly $5 and a cenima ticket was $15. I ask who is camana bay for? Certainly not for the average Caymanian. So the question is who really benefits from this whole deal? Yes in the short term jobs are created and help pays the bills for now. What will happen five years from now? Look at the ritz and see how many Caymanians are employed there.

    People vote right and ensure Caymanians have a voice in the future. If we fail now we fail our forefathers and the next generations to come.

    • Anonymous says:

      There are so many factual errors in this post I know you have to be doing this to cause trouble because you're another hater. Please stop your foolishness.

    • Anonymous says:

      Cause #62 of 2013.  Writ issued on 25 February 2013.  The legal case is on and if there is any justice to be had for the people of the Cayman Islands, nothing further will be done until the court case is concluded.  And I hope Miss Ezmie and her co-plaintiffs win.

      Well done Miss Ezmie!

    • Anonymous says:

      You're not too passive who would think that when you complain about everything, if anything you are too hard to please nothing makes you happy always green in the eyes so why would anyone bother to try. And the reason you don't have say is because you and all your forefathers sold your country off a long time ago, spent all the money on shiny new trinkets and now there's nothing left to buy it back with, so you have to rely of deals like this where it's traded or given back to you, it is your own forefathers that failed you. Also there are some Caymanians that live in Camana bay just because you personally cannot afford it don't hate. It is a high rent district that caters to high rent individuals. And yes is not for the average person whether Caymanian or not. Hell I can't afford to live there and I don't buy $85 shirts but that doesn't mean I hate on the people that do. I am happy with the home that I provided for my family and we have more room that those overpriced apartments in Camana Bay, I prefer to shop in Fosters in Savanna than the overpriced one in Camana B, but that’s my choice so more power to the people that chose to live and shop there, it’s their right to spend their hard earned money that way they want and it doesn’t hurt me because I am not controlled by the green eyed devil like many of you are.  

      Places that are built for broke a$$es or people who don't want to or can't pay high rent are called Low Income housing or projects in some places, not Camana Bay and they will never have the same type of amenities and this type of place.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Pure Greed on Dart part and pure stupidity on the Government part. Just let Dart close the road in front of the Hotel and the Public Beach and leave the road from Tiki to Holdman corner/Salt Creek open. I do not see the sense of closing that stretch, when there are no development in that area. Another thing? who told Dart that the Caymanians will camp on the upper land side of the Public Beach, maybe only the dogs, but sure as hell won"t be the Caymanians. I really think Dart got Caymanians branded as stupid people, base on his association with Mckeeva. XXX  Listen to me Dart, leave our West Bay Road alone and instead concentrate on giving us a 2 land road in front of Camana Bay.  We are bottlenecking there every morning on our way to work. We are tired of looking at that stupid development call Camana Bay in Slow Mo. We are in a hurry to get to work man! We are not coming in there!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Young fellow it is not pure greed. It's his land on both sides of the street. Who is telling you that there won't be more development? Only a fool would think that Stan Thomas who bought the land first then Mr. Dart  surely didn't buy it to just make it  a picture on the wall. Right? Are you thinking straight? Why does he have to give Caymanians more beach? Why does he give more beach for the public? 

      I understand camping to be something for children who join the scouts. My father was in the scouts he never went camping . Probably because the mosquitoes were too thick back then. Camping is a new hobby because people can't afford a proper boat to sleep in.

      I agree with you on making 4 lanes straight thru Caymana Bay to GT. But I don't agree with how you talk about it . Thats not his bill , thats our Gov't. You don't know what you talking about. Caymana Bay is the best thing that ever happened in Grand Cayman . He's got parking and everything you need to enjoy your day for everybody of all ages. I see everybody in all races and creeds enjoying Caymana Bay . 

      Weren't the first arguement about the road you all needed to drive slowly thru that area to see the sea? It made you relax and calm down after a long day of work? Well now you can stop and park and buy a drink at the bar and watch the sunset. Everything you all are complaining about has been solved. 

      Please remember that Mr. Stan Thomas own this property first and he had the road approved to change to a sandy beach first !!!!!! Not Mr.DART. 

      • Caymanian by status and VOTING says:

        and the locals that owned this land before Thomas had a road to WB gazetted well before the year 2000.

        Don't make this about Dart.  All previous owners had plans for this land.

    • Anonymous says:

      Give Me Give Me Give ME, that all you people say, and you have the nerve to call someone greedy.Dart is not your King or you government. He owes you nothing..

      Sickening to here people who do nothing for themselves always asking for others to do it for them comments like this is why people down talk Caymanians althought they are not all losers like you. 

      • Anonymous9 says:

        Aw… You poor loser, did you not get any further in school than Mac did? Possibly even less from what I can tell in your prose.

  8. Cayman4 says:

    All I concern about is beach EASY access and parking. They can do whatever, but don't take away easy access to the beach!

    • Anonymous says:

      Look at the plans on NRA website.  The realigned Governor's Way clearly shows a turnoff into a large public beach development parking and taxi area.  Beach Volleyball will be "on", as usual, and no "Frogger" to cross the much calmer boardwalk.  No ambulances racing by.  No tourists getting runover.  Fewer burnouts, and rubber-necking Sunday drivers.  Looking forward to the calm.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Madame Premier,

    I am against the closure of the West Bay Road, in particular the fact that we will now have limited beach access. 

    However, I am willing to keep an open mind.  As you keep pontificating that this is such a wonderful deal for Cayman and its people, and as I have lived in West Bay my entire life and will presumably continue to do so, I have an vested interest in this deal. 

    My question to you is this.  Why is the agreement being kept a big secret, not to be revealed until the road is closed?  Do you really think that we do not have the common sense to think for ourselves?  Actually don't answer that, based on the Government that we voted into power, I can understand you thinking that most Caymanians are a bunch of senseless sheep. 

    Do not make the mistake of thinking that we are ALL sheep. 

    The road closure may be the best thing to happen to Cayman, but until all the details of the ENTIRE agreement are made public.  It stinks to high heaven, and neither you, nor the rest of the UDP will ever have my vote.  Good riddance to the whole lot of you. 

    • Anonymous says:

      One correction…you have the same or better beach access.

      • Anonymous says:

        Not true, you actually loose several 6 foot beach accesses and the land they comprise to the develouper all along the stretch of road that will be closed. We also loose the 20 foot setback on either side ofthe road AND the 40 foot road for a total of 80 feet X 4000 feet.

  10. yo-yo says:

    People think of the jobs and benefits of this Dart deal before you start criticizing. Have you seen any negative repercussions with Camana Bay?  None.  So please at least give the Dart Group a little support. They are supported by law to do what they are doing. I have never seen them done anything excluding locals and Caymanians.

    • Caymanian by status and VOTING says:

      Um, er….the choice jobs do not go to qualified Caymanians at Dart.

      Too many stories (personally too) of university degreed qualified Caymanians that go through the panel interview process with Dart and then an ex-pat is hired.  Yes, they have a decent ratio, but again the choice white collar IT, Marketing, and Accounting jobs all make locals dance then hire overseas.  

      Dart is good for our economy, but not perfect.  I pray our Immigration Boards STOP the favortism and DO THEIR JOB.   Put every resume side-by-side and deny ALL DART permits until every single degreed and unemployed Caymanian is working again.

    • British Bulldog says:

      Oh, dear. Can you really be that naive? Your country is being consumed.

    • Anonymous says:

      Of course we have ! the negative repurcussion from Camana Bay is that the struggling citizens of these Islands cannot afford to even shop at Camana Bay.  Another repurcussion is the fact that DART wants the dump moved from his CITY because its a sight for sore eyes and leaves a bad taste in the mouth of the visitors of his prestigious Camana Bay.  Please !

  11. Dave says:

    Why would you settle for one road out of West Bay?!  The population is ever increasing. At least commit to having two roads in and out of West Bay not one!

    • Anonymous says:

      Agreed! Why settle for 2? Thankfully there will be 3 lanes coming out of various parts of WB after this merging into 2 lanes for a few thousand feet and turning back into 3 lanes. There’s only 1 lane out of WB now. This concept really isnt that hard…..

    • Anonymous says:

      Ummmmm……..there will be two roads. Only a portion of West Bay Road will be closed. But two roads will enter West Bay (no one is shutting down the four way stop entrance, and then the new one, with eventually two new entrance points into West Bay). Why are so many people confused by this very simple concept?

      I’m personally excited about the new public beach park and the new modern highways being.

      And i a couple years time the brand-new hotel and resort. And ifits built with the vision of anything like Camana Bay we are in for something to be proud of.

    • Anonymous says:

      You only have one road now and govt cannot build the second for a minimum of 15-20 years!! You are giving up an old hurricane prone, two lane road 4 feet above sea level for 4 lane elevated road inland. You guys are crazy. Wish Dart had promised to build one of those roads to north side.

  12. Anonymous says:

    I invite a PR representative from DART Realty to kindly comment on the actual future public access for that land.  Some melodramatic people seem to assert that they will be forbidden to enjoy that area after the beach front road is closed.  My understanding is that the reclaimed area will become a healthy boulevard for pedestrian and cycling recreation.  Certainly the beach front businesses would shutter if that were not the case.  I look forward to the recreational scenario, if that's the plan, but please clarify so that the mongering can stop.  Many thanks.  

    • Anonymous says:

      Ask if the people will have a registered right of way over the land or is this just a promise that the people will have no way to enforce if Dart should change their minds?

    • Anonymous says:

      Ask your boss to disclose the full measure of the agreement and then we will talk.   Otherwise, your words are mere window-dressing, outlining only the benefits without disclosing the total cost.  


      "Cost" is sometimes measured in more than money, however, we'll settle for that.   If the complete terms of the agreement is accessible to the Caymanian people who are going to have to pay for it, then we can measure the worth of the agreement. 

    • Anonymous says:

      Looks like you may be that PR representative…

    • Anonymous says:

      Dart owns all the beach land their now do not sure what businesses you are speaking about.

      • Anonymous says:

        Surfside is owned by DART.  There are also other businesses in the area that will be cut off from traffic, TIKKI Beach, Calico Jacks, Duke's.  It seems unlikely that DART would want to ban non-hotel guests from frequenting their own beachside restaurant.  I think this whole area will be better for it.

      • Anonymous says:

        Dart does not own the beach and never will.  The Beach is free for all to enjoy.  He owns the currently derelict hotel (being torn down – thanks) and swamplands behind there that previously only feral chickens enjoyed.  Park your car, take off your shoes and go for a sandy walk, like you always could.  These tirades seem to originate from the holiday beach squatters, that in terms of cleanliness and thoughfulness, rank only slightly ahead of the feral chickens.  I'd be glad to see them displaced for something beautiful and new that we can all be proud of.  

  13. Anonymous says:

    They are all alike God knows May cant come that quick.

  14. Anonymous says:

    How can any MLA seeking reelection support this very bad and one sided deal? It is political suicide

  15. BT Bracca says:

    Julianna O’Connor-Connolly as a Premier or Deputy Premier and as a MLA cannot be trusted it is as simple as that!

  16. Anonymous says:

    She talks but does not show us the report.  She is obviously again transparency and is still a puppet of Dart and Bush.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Miss Julie is playing a game until she has her $1m park in the Brac designed built and paid for by DART. How can the Minister for Roads flip flop so much and expect people don’t see the games being played? She and the UDP cannot be trusted

    • Anonymous says:

      Any issue that was surrounded by contreversy, she abstained from voting. Unless i got her more power. She know what she is doing. Swaying back and forth in and out around the issues that could cost her politically.

      Just a darn shame that the CYB voters can't see it. I wonder how much better off they are since she has been in, living high on the hog? Oh, I take that back, they got good roads on the north side of the island.


  18. Caymanian by status and VOTING says:

    Street Atlas 2001, 2009, both show the road in dotted lines and gazetted.  This road is not a new idea people.  I hope it clears up traffic.

    PLEASE, change the speed limits too.

    • Anonymous says:

      no one is questioning the usefulness of the second road – which is meant to be open ALONG with the existing one 

      • Anonymous says:

        There will be two roads into West Bay.  Only a small portion of West Bay Road will be closed.  

        • Anonymous says:

          Will you go off West Bay Road and back onto it? No? Neither will most people. Two roads means two full roads, not one road which has a 3/4 mile chunk closed.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes and the new road is needed and has been on the books for a long time.  The plan called for it to be the second route in and out of West Bay not the only route.

    • noname says:

      Nobody is denying that.  What was agreed was meant to be a bypass to relieve traffic from the WB Road which also shows on the atlas and was intended to remain open also.  Now we get to lose WB Road, and what was originally meant to be a simple bypass has been turned into a carriageway with numerous junctions to compliment Mr Dart's future development plans with the resultant subnstantial increase in the value of his land and properties here.

      This is not the deal that was presented to the public – not by any stretch of the imagination.

      • Anonymous says:

        There will be two roads into West Bay. Only a small portion of West Bay Road will be closed.  

        Also, when you say 'increase the value of his land and properties', keep in mind he is investing over a billion dollars.   This isnt the only place in the world where slight changes to roads are made to accommodate developments.  

        • Anonymous says:

          At that "small section" there will only be one road.  There will not be an alternative route.  That is the problem. Just two lanes each way but one road.

          Dart says the road right of way is wide enough for three lanes each way but the bridge is only two lanes each way not three.

    • Anonymous says:

      The new road plan shows 3 new roads linking into the new dual lane by-pass road.

      With limited mathmatical skills you can clearly work out that means bottle necks at the 4-way stop/Centennial Towers will be greatly reduced. More traffic can filter out of WB to GT.

      The traffic flow from West Bay west side will use the 4-Way. The traffic from West Bay central can use the 4-Way or Willie Farrington access road and Barkers, Morgan's Harbour and the Shores can use the Batabano Rd access.

      The CIG needs revenue to pay its bills. Looking at Stamp Duty, Import Duty and Work Permit Fees then it is logical to take the opportunity to make the only part of SMB that is not developed viable by moving the road. Back in the 70's, 80' and 90's CIG paid for development reports that all stated that the road neededto be moved to the middle of the SMB corridor.

      New hotels will bring in considerable stamp duty and import duties to CIG. The work permit income will also be greatly increased and finally the revenue from tourist taxes and tourist spending will greatly increase, thus benefitting many local businesses.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks for injecting some logic into this blog. I have no idea what these other people are thinking.

      • Anonymous says:

        You obviously do not know or understand about the concessions to DART. What is the total value of the concessions? How can cIG really benefit when the developer is also getting the room tax revenue, rebates and able to charge the CIG for all costs associated with the new road and hotel redevelopment?

        DART and UDP have lied to the public from day one. The plan has changed at least three times sincethe FCIA road show and the tax payer will be left with a hefty bill that the islands richest and most powerful developer should be paying because DART has received the most benefit. Tell DART to give us the full details and stop talking crap

      • Anonymous says:

        Actually the 1988 MGTP said we should have two roads: WB Road and the By-Pass. Suddenly we have discounted all of that.  

  19. Anonymous says:

    I watched this press conference, and the Premier said she had a legal and moral commitment to closing the road.

    • Anonymous says:

      On who's advice?

      • Anonymous says:

        Probably the same person who is giving her the legal advice on the Brac Paving that she is waiting on before commenting.

    • Anonymous says:

      I'm happy for you.  Did you believe everything McKeeva said without questioning it also?

    • Anonymous says:

      What does JuJu know about law or morals?

  20. The lone haranguer says:

    Close it, for Gods sake!

  21. Anonymous says:

    We intend to continue the preassure to keep both roads. Show us the the value for money report completed now a year ago…with all "amendments" too!


    • Anonymous says:


      There will be two roads.  Only a small portion of West Bay Road will be closed.   And the new roads will be 4 lanes rather than 2 lanes.  

      • Anonymous says:

        Which new roads (plural) will be four lanes? None of them. One road will have four lanes beyond Camana Bay  but Camana Bay will still be 2 lanes. I figure the 25mph sign Arden made them take down there will appear again soon too. 

      • Anonymous says:

        broken record?

        You are Dart PR or wha? 

  22. Anonymous says:

    Good for you Julie!…Mark and CG, we are readying the moth balls…get prepared!

    • Anonymous says:

      I already went and cut my broom for Mark. Never again in Bodden Town. He had his day!

  23. Anonymous says:

    We need to protect Cayman! We can’t afford to take away this access and lovely view from the People of Cayman (visitors included) so that only Dart customers can have it. There was and is a better way for this deal to be done! As a fellow Caymanian he should not want to take away from the rest of us just because he have the money to do so. If you truly value this country “our country” then listen to the people and do the right thing. You will gain more respect (the kind money can’t buy) if you listen to the people.

    • Anonymous says:

      Excuse Me?! Are you serious. The only view of seven mile beach was garbage and litter thrown in the bush and then at the public beach, between all the parked cars and vans selling stuff. Take a look at the new public beach plans it will be twice the size with parking and play areas. 

      What are you talking about Dart customers? The development of the hotel on Seven Mile Beach and the new and improved Public Beach will be used by us all – CAYMANIAN and Expat alike!!!

      Yes, listen to the people – you are absolutely right about that!!! 90% are in favor of it. So, stop being a Dart hater and start seeing the benefit and improvements that this and other projects will have on our beautiful island.

      • Anonymous says:

        Well its our beach and our right to dirty it up if we want to, we like parking our cars in the sand and throwing trash on the ground who needs Garbage cans and when we're coming down west bay road you'd better get our of our way you shouldn't be on our beach anyway..

    • Anonymous says:

      Your access is increasing as now the Public Beach area will be three times as large, and will also include grassy areas as well, and a place for picnics.    Not to mention new bike and walking trails.   

      Id rather enjoy the beach area on foot rather than a 5 second drive by in my car.  

      • Anonymous says:

        What? The public beach will have the same linear feet of access, you have no idea what you are talking about! The depth of the beach area has nothing to do with access. Find some sense. 

      • JOBS says:

        Wrong. The public BEACH will NOT be increased. Grass areas and shade tree areas for picnics as NOT the sane as BEACH front property. If you are in doubt, ask any real estate agent.

    • Anonymous says:

      So many knee-jerk conspiracy-theory obsessed mongerors.  Where do people get this imagined idea that only Dart customers will have access to the beach?  Perhaps you also believe that Dart secretly bans non-Dart tenants from Camana Bay businesses?!?  Would that make sense for their tenants?  Why then would they ban anyone from their developments when they are spending Billions to convert swamps into beautiful spaces for everyone?  Surfside Restaurant opened just weeks ago and you think they want to ban locals from there?!?  

  24. Anonymous says:

    FOR GOD'S SAKE shut the road and let's get on with improving our tourism product – our future employment and future investment potential.

    If you want something to complain about why don't you question why you have virtual monoplies with so many utility and service providers here in Cayman.

    Are you happy paying SO MUCH for electricity/warer/telepone/internet? Are you happy that we will all be paying payroll tax or Value Added Tax in the very near future to offset the bloated overpaid civil service? Are you willing to allow Government and anti-competitive business policies stifle our economy and take our hard earned dollars leaving us with little left?

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE go and campaign about something that has a real impact on our future. The closure of this section of the West Bay Road could not come sooner! The land is used by drug users and once a year at Easter it is a cesspool and garbage dump ground when people ILLEGALLY pitch their tents on private land. It's a disgrace!

    WAKE UP CAYMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    • Anonymous says:

      Its a good thing you can't feel the many times I have pressed that troll icon because you would be in the hospital right now with serious concussions, bruises and scrapes all over your body !

  25. Kadafe says:

    You know. I would be alot happier with this deal if instead of this no strings attached land swap in barkers and smith cove I wish they would har used their brains and got dart to spend the equivalent value of those lands on building us a no strings attached dock for cruise ships to dock at. You know something very important? Not just land that will sit there. If this was the trade off including our new public beach and road of course then I could say I am happy with the deal.

  26. Anonymous says:

    read the last paragraph…. everything else is just nonsense…..

  27. Anonymous says:

    Let's stir up the bees for another round of stinging back and forths on this forum. Can someone please let me know when something actually happens with this stupid road.

  28. Anonymous says:

    Thank goodness. 


    Hopefully some sense is prevailing or will be force by the courts to prevail – before its too late. 



  29. Anonymous says:

    julie dosent like to face the music so she always have an excuse not to turn up to certain occasions such bas press briefings. Any way julie you dont fool us we are too smart and we know your style.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yep we know her style, two piece jacket and long skirt suits, a bun and a pair of loafers- I think that’s about it nah?

  30. Anonymous says:

    Please explain to the members of the flat earth society…it's time to move on.

    • Anonymous says:

      the backward people are the people who think developers should be able to buy everything for a price 


  31. Anonymous says:

    The Dart Deal Is so wrong! Enhance the road but do not close it! The former UDP ministers are senseless to admit it is a bad deal but none of the Failed Five have the guts to do what is right. The UDP past and present members will not be re-elected! You have gone against your peopleand have sold us out for 7 pcs of gold. We will never forget it! Everytime something happens and we have massive delays because we only have one road out of West Bay we will remember what party did this to us!
    UDP should stand for UNMERCIFUL DART POLITICS!

  32. Anonymous says:

    Are these activists taking the desires of all caymanians into account or just themselves. Is this what the majority of Caymanians want to put a stop to the road closer and an end to the dart deal?

    • Power of the People says:

      So what you're really saying is – If there are enough people supporting something that is potentially illegal…it's ok. As long as there is a majority to go along with it. It doesn't matter if it's right or wrong. Just that there are more on the wrong side to swing the vote.

      In my experience, rarely are the #s high when men and women take a stand against a moral belief. Whether I support their protest or not, I must tip my hat at their persistence to hold the gov't and developer's feet to the fire.

      This road affects the lives of West Bayers, so their voices should be heard. If you poll against the country's collective population, you will find most non-plussed and complacent on the issue. That would be an unfair poll.

      The deal affects the future of how Cayman does business with developers, via our government. A very dangerous precedent to set. Caymanians and permanent residents need to be more engaged in that respect. The opinion of work permit holders, visitors and other transients should be secondary as they do not have a long term vested interest in this country.

      • Kmanlady says:

        Very well said… thank you for your support, it is vey much received and appreciated.

      • Anonymous says:

        I was basically asking a question as to if the position of the majority of Caymanians is to have this stopped. I made no reference to wether it's illeagal or not. In my opinion if it is illegal the UK would have stopped it already just as they did with the CHEC deal. So let me ask again is it the majority of Caymanians that want the road closure and this deal stopped? 

        • Anonymous says:

          It doesn't matter. A legally elected government made this deal. Whether you or the majority of voters don't like the results of that election is immaterial.  What matters is that a legal government entered into a legal contract with a private sector entity. The UK has looked at this deal and signed off on it. Dart has since spent millions of dollars building a highway that is a condition of the deal. They have acted in good faith.  If the government backs out, the lawsuit that would follow will make the GLF debacle look like nothing. Some people seem to think the Government can just back out of this deal now, take the new road Dart built on Dart land and just havetwo roads and just tell Dart we'll pay you someday (because they certainly can't pay now). Not only would this be a violation of the FFR Cayman was forced into signing because of the overspending by the PPM, but it would have an impact on all foreign investment here. Stop living in an entitled dream world.  One other thing; just because you and 50 or 100 other people on this forum vehemently oppose the road anonymously, doesn't mean your the majority. And please don't try to use that fraudulent petition as way of saying there's majority support for keeping the road open.  First, it was a sham and second, many of the people who did sign were told that Dart would own Public Beach, which is not true.

    • Anonymous says:

      The road closing or the Dart deal ending are not the only two options. There have been several amendments already. Why doesn't the government negotiate a better deal for Cayman? If they truly want to distinguish themselves from Mac's government they should try to negotiate, not just accept what he in his infinite lack of wisdom thought was a good deal. 

      • Anonymous says:

        Got you, Thanks.. I was asking bacuase I only hear people complaining about the Road and the dump and was wondering if it would be better to have no deal at all to avoid these two things. At this point can they open back up negotiations for this or is the deal already signed.