Two more suspect dengue cases under investigation

| 27/02/2013

(CNS): Another two people with no travel history to country where dengue fever is endemic are suspected to have contracted the disease transmitted by mosquitoes locally. According to public health officials 42 suspected cases of the fever have already been investigated so far this year following on from the 94 cases reported last year.  The latest two patients were not residents of West Bay where most of those who have contracted the disease locally have stayed but one was from Bodden Town and the other George Town. Neither patient has been admitted to hospital.

Eleven results were received during this week from the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA) but only one was positive for dengue. So far 121 results have been returned 42 have been positives, 75 negative, and 4 were inconclusive. Local health officials are still waiting for a further 15 results.

Of the 42 confirmed cases this year only 12 had reported a travel history to endemic countries and 30 had no travel history, suggesting that they had acquired the dengue fever locally. Most of those patients were residents of West Bay where 25 transmissions appear  to have occurred. Meanwhile three people were residents of George Town and two from Bodden Town.

While thirty people have been admitted to hospital everyone, so far, has made a full recovery.

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