George Town harbour front road remains closed

| 04/03/2013

P8300073.JPG(CNS): High winds and waves from this weekend's Nor’wester have covered the roads around the harbour front with debris and remain closed, police said Monday morning. Motorist are advised to avoid this area, where waves are still crashing onto the roads. The RCIPS closed a section of North Church Street, from the junction of Goring Avenue to South Church Street, from lunchtime Sunday and it is not yet clear when the roads will open again. Cayman experienced cool weather over the weekend as a cold front over Jamaica and a high pressure system over the western Gulf of Mexico interacted, causing fresh northerly winds and rough seas. A small craft warning remains in effect.

According to the local weather forecast, the cool weather will persist for most of this week and moderate to fresh northeast winds and rough seas will persist through Tuesday evening.

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  1. British says:

    Wonder if this'd be a valid reason for Cline to advocate the closure of this road (as well)?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sell George Town to DART

  3. Anonymous says:

    Mac and Julianna will also try to blame / pin this one on the PPM too I suppose…, just waiting for it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    One of the major problems this morning in traffic was because the drivers at the stoplight by cricket field going in direction of SmithRoad/Cayman Prep was that they drivers were NOT waiting to see if there would be room for them to drive through the light. Instead, they just drove through the light and sat in the middle of the intersecstion so those cars coming off the bypass to go straight into town had to WAIT sometimes even 3 lights for the cars to get out of the intersection.

    Those inconsiderate drivers who blocked the traffic in the middle of the intersection cause people to have to wait 30 minutes on that stretch of road.

    Whereare the traffic cops during traffic snarls such as this, they could have made tons of revenue by ticketing those cars blocking the intersection.

    And it also sickened me as I sat in traffic and watched cars going past me in the other direction with BABIES in their arms in the front seats, toddlers standing in the back seat, one even with his head out the window.

    Our laws need to be enforced; this is why the laws of this land and the RCIPS are a joke.

  5. Chris says:

    hmmmm…..lets guess… a fresh debate will start as to why we need to give Harbour Drive to Dart since inclimate weather closes the road once or twice a year……..SMH

    Its interesting to note that even in the midst of this Nor'wester the West Bay road remains open.

  6. Native says:

    I have to commend the Police Service in their fight against robbery. Note when was the last time you heard about mask robbery in Cayman. Its been quite a while now and I suggest that the criminals the Police have now are well processed, because it could very well be that these robbers are in their custody. That is why we are experiencing a silence until of course they release them. The weather has always been an opportunistic time for commiting crimes. So I hope the Police continue to keep up the good work in making these islands safe.

    • Anonymous says:

      The robberies are still happening – just not reported. Not sure why you started this thread of comment on a weather story.

      • Anonymous says:

        How can you solve something if you do not know it is happening? I guess this is another one for the telepathy and time travel crime unit?