PPM members confirm first ever West Bay team

| 08/03/2013

ray farrington.jpg(CNS): Members of the West Bay branch of the People’s Progressive Movement confirmed the nomination of three candidates to run in the district for the first time on the Progressive’s ticket Thursday night. In the final official vote of the party’s Grand Cayman membership for the three larger districts, Woody Da Costa, Ray Farrington (left) and Captain Bryan Ebanks were confirmed as the PPM’s candidates. Although the party is still hoping to field a fourth candidate in what will be the toughest battle for the PPM, at present the last person has not yet been nominated.

Although the UDP is still expected to dominate the district vote, the split between UDP Leader McKeeva Bush and his two former West Bay colleagues, Rolston Anglin and cline Glidden, has opened a window of opportunity for the Progressives

This will be the first time that the PPM plans to take Bush on directly in his West Bay stronghold. In the past the party had given its support to loose teams of independents running in opposition to Bush but this is the first time since the party formed in 2002 as a grass roots movement that it will field candidates on its own platform.

While the PPM candidates will still face an uphill struggle to break the UDP grip on the district, not least because the anti-Bush vote in the district will be divided between the PPM candidates, the two Coalition for Cayman candidates and other independents, the fact that the UDP vote will also be split means that the district result is no longer a sure thing for the UDP.

Former UDP members and current interim government Cabinet ministers, Anglin and Glidden, will be running in the district. Although neither of the two incumbent MLAs have said how they will fight to retain their seats, regardless of their platform they will take some votes from the UDP candidates. Bush will be running with Captain Eugene and two other candidates, who are expected to be confirmed at the UDP conference this weekend.

While there is no doubt that Bush will retain his own seat and more than likely carry two more with him, for the first time in several years the certainty of a clean sweep for Bush in his own district is in question.

DaCosta, Farrington and Ebanks are all hoping that it is one of them that breaks the UDP grip and returns a PPM candidate for the first time from West Bay to the Legislative Assembly, in what would be an historic victory for the Progressives.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Total waste of time. Mac will be back in. Wait and see….

  2. Anonymous says:

    I see there are some PPM haters in West Bay. They hate the PPM leader because perhaps he stood his grounds with Mckeeva, Rolston and Ellio. Alden is a strong leader and some of the C$C and UDP'er don't like him because he won't budge and would not fall for their antics. Why should he? he is a better candidate than any of the UDP'er or the C$C, he and the other current PPM incumbants clipped their wings. They were the ones who stopped the run away train with laws. They introduced the Constitution,brought in FOI, they brought in the Bill of Rights, they brought in Human Rights, they brought in Anti Corruption laws. They build schools and introduced a school program , bringing our system in line with the rest of the world. They built roads, especially to West Bay to eleviate the congestion, they fixed and build Sporting arenas, boxing gyms, a New Government Building and stopped the spread out of Departments all over the place, they were going to build the Dock and the Airport too, but ran out of time and the recession came upon us. Yes, the PPM leader is well hated for all the things he and his colleagues did, but guess what? they did it for Country. Trust me they have a lot more solutions too, but I ask the question now, what solutionsdoes  the C$C and the UDP has? Just tax the Caymanians more, please the Investors, give concessions, promise a few jobs for Caymanians for a short time, give more statuses to people that has to depend on Social Services? Trust me, under the UDP with the guidance of the C$C the Cayman Islands has deteriorated into the Abyss.  They have now created a Welfare State and only has their eyes set on following everything Mr. Dart and his people tell them what to do. West Bayers I urge you to do the right thing this go around, Bodden Towners too and yes George Towners with your 6 Candidates…..Please VOTE PPM!  They are the party of doers, the party of solutions and the Party for solving  Domestic issues,the Caymanian needs and forimproved  Infastructure.  They will put the Caymanian back to work. Give them another chance!

    • Anonymous says:

      Ha ha! You mean the party of the DO-NOTHINGs! Just look at Anthony Eden. Kurt spends his time fishing while earning a huge salary. The PPM is so hypocritical! Why don’t you call them out on that? Also, any project they did we are still saddled with the debt and some people whose land Arden took for roads have yet to be paid. What if we can’t repay all this debt? No sir! No second chance for the PPM to leave us in bankruptcy for sure.

      • What debt? says:

        What debt are you talking about? The PPM improved the Governments cash flow. Remember we were spending significantly more in leases for Government to be spread out all over GT. Building the Government building allowed them to reduce these payments and convert a running cost into a valuable assett. The schools are the same, there is no giving away fo concessions for the schools, once they are paid for we own the buildings and land this is called sound investment. Same witht he roads, think how long you sat in traffic on your way to work in the mornings. Now there is hardly a delay. PPM built roads that opened up private land and allowed developers to move into new areas. These roads were bringing new opportunitites to the Eastern districts until the UDP took over. The schools were on budget until those jokers of a UDP added more costs tot he project. 


        • Anonymous says:

          What debt? You’re joking right? You must be fool fool. Because of them the UK has their stronghold on Cayman. And they are not done yet. You wait. Why do you think the Governor has again extended his stay? All thanks to the PPM. I will never forgive them.

  3. WB voter says:

    What make of fridges are they offering?

  4. Anonymous says:

    I will be voting for all three. The UDP are done in West Bay, split up or not. 

  5. Anonymous says:

    About time UDP in west bay get a run for their money. It’s time now West Bay vote for a better future.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Glad to see Mr. Woody has decided to purt is hat back into the political race. He is a great guy that is smart and kind. Me and my family will never forget how he helped us a few years back during one of the darkest times of our lives. Mr. Woody you got the 9 votes in my yard and I will campaign hard and heavy to make sure you have a seat representing the little man like me and my family.

    West Bay desparately needs a man like Mr. Woody, we are drowning and nobody is willing to throw a life line if it does not benefit him or herself.

    • Anonymous says:

      Can someone please tell me exactly what this guy has been successful at? Even Vivendi couldn’t stay open. Can his own family please tell the public whether they would put their heads on the chopping block for his trustworthiness?

    • Anonymous says:

      This patriarchal voting thing is a big part of the problem. It's a symptom of the general failure to apply independent and logical judgement to decisions. If you have nine adult family members living in your house, you must have a very big house.

  7. Anonymous says:

    DaCosta definately got my vote in West Bay. Ray maybe, Capt. Brian maybe, but No to UDP and C$C. C$C is too closely linked to UDP and I hate deception.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Can someone tell me what exactly What any of these three have done for West Bay? Nothing!

  9. Anonymous says:

    I wish they were not running as PPM.. I just can't put that bunch out of my mind..I will be sorting through the independents in West Bay and picking my votes..Sorry parties this year I have had enough…

    • Anonymous says:

      The PPM 2005 – 2009 Government did a lot of good and made some Honest mistakes.  With the exception of the independent members from NS and EE (who was a PPM'er) I'll challenge any other group or indiividual MLA's since 2000 to make that claim and have it standup.

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree. The PPM, though fundamentally honest, has been disappointingly irresolute and over-cautious in both power and opposition. It still has the same uninspiring leader; so, really, what has changed (or will do so if it comes to power)?

      This year the PPM has got some credible candidates, but I for one am not voting for any of them until they change their leader. Only then can the PPM start to look half-way decent. I’m convinced the present incumbent is not up to the job.

    • Anonymous says:

      Typical c4c propaganda any post like this is normally coming from some c4c idiot

      • Anonymous says:

        You must be a PPM idiot then. I still don’t understand why CNS allows posters to call people names, but since you started it…

  10. Anonymous says:

    About time UDP in west bay get a run for their money. It’s time now West Bay vote for a better future.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Capt Bryan – MAYBE!

    The others.. a waste of time!

    • Anonymous says:

      . Mr Farrintgon and Mr DaCosta are sons of men of men of superior calibre and integrity and if they are similar to their respective fathers, those are men  needed to represent West Bay.

      As for Capt Bryan, I do not know much of his background but he has been a vocal supporter of many issues and his father of a daughter of whom he must be justifiably proud. I feel that the three of these men can help to provide West Bay with political representation of the highest order. I do hope they find another high order candidate ( someone of impeccable honesty, integrity and breeding)  to provide a full first class  team for the district.

      • Anonymous says:

        You are right about their fathers but that didn’t translate to the sons.

  12. Anonymous says:

    The PPM is gonna get crushed like a cockroach in the district of West Bay.Mark these words

    • Anonymous says:

      Will you be voting for the return of corruption, theft and abuse of public funds by elected members and cronies, who are the cockroaches?

  13. Anonymous says:

    Glad to see Ray running for MLA, the Farrington's are a good, solid family of high integrity.  I'll be voting for you Ray.

    • Anonymous says:

      But he doesn’t even live in WB– the same for DeCosta

      • Anonymous says:

        So what! They grew up in west bay with longstanding west bay families. The law says they can run in west bay.

      • Anonymous says:

        Does Mike Adams live in GT?

      • Anonymous says:

        Arden lives in Savannah, Kurt lives in Newlands, Mike lives in West Bay, Winston lives on SMB, what's your point?

    • Anonymous says:

      ray and decosta don't even live in WB — why don't they run in GT — don"t come here when you can"t live here – and run for office

    • Anonymous says:

      He had a grand-uncle who served the district for a very long time so it is in his blood. He also has an uncle that served West Bay so he truly does have a double dose of what it takes. Only draw back I see is that he has aligned himself with the PPM. Albeit this is the case, he has mine and my families vote (total of 27) but we wil vote for him as though he was an independent.