Cops drop shoplifting case against former MLA

| 11/03/2013

lydon best.jpg(CNS): Former Sister Islands MLA Lyndon Martin has been cleared of allegations of shoplifting charges on Cayman Brac following an investigation by local police. Martin told CNS that the accusations that he had stolen items worth a few dollars from a local Brac store were a malicious attempt to damage him. However, the former UDP politicianand Net News journalist, who was at the heart of the controversial Operation Tempura drama, still has another legal battle to fight as he has been charged with theft of more than $900 from the Creek and Spot Bay School PTA, an accusation he has also denied and for which he faces trial next month.

The former MLA, who arrested last April on suspicion of stealing $4.10 worth of goods from Tibbetts Enterprises, said he had cooperated fully with the RCIPS.

“Baseless allegations were made against me and were fully investigated. I cooperated with the police, as I understand that they have a job to do. The police did not find evidence to support levying any charges against me. I thank the police for their professionalism and I am happy that the system and justice has prevailed over malicious attempts to damage me," he added.

Martin also denies stealing $926 from the school association and will face summary court trial on the Brac on 25 April.

Martin told CNS that he has not yet made a decision whether or not he will be returning to the political hustings for the coming election but he has stood in every election since 2000.

He served as a backbench MLA in the UDP administration between 2001 and 2005 and then to lost to Moses Kirkconnell in the 2005 election. In 2009 he ran as an independent and again came in third place with just over 37% of the vote behind the now premier  Juliana O’Connor-Connolly, who came in behind Kirckonnell, who secured over 58% of the vote in his second time around.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    And just who does David Bodden think he is that he can just walk into the Brac and know what we need. He better have a good explanation as to why he has been unemployed for so long. Just another opportunist for the big monthly salary. David has never done anything for the Brac not even lived here in his adult life made no donations. Stay in Grand buddy you are not welcome here

  2. Anonymous says:

    Lyndon Martin has proven to the people of Cayman Brac that he is genuine and committed to them.  I do hope he runs.  The two representatives can not get along and have been pulling in opposite directions.  Never held one meeting together as the representatives of Cayman Brac.  When Lyndon was an MLA they were regular meetings

    Lyndon is approachable, and likeable.  His persoanlity makes it easy to make it with.  He can serve well with either JU JU (who he is family to and served together before), or with Moses K, who is his friend and worked with in the past.

    Lyndon can provide a unifying force that will give brackers a fresh sense of hope and inspiration.

    He has sacrificed much for a life of politics.  It is his turn now to show what he can do,,,


    Go for it Lyndon (Pim PIM)!!!!


  3. Anonymous says:

    Huh? He came 3rd with 37% of the vote. How is that possible? You need to amend that last sentence CNS 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      Entirely possible where there is 'one person, two votes' and three or four candidates.

  4. Anonymous says:

    David who? Oh that man that just appeared on the eve of the election that we don’t know nor does he know us. Where has he been during our hard times? Lyndon has stuck it out here and understands the life of hardworking brackers.

    • David Allen Bodden says:

      I may not know ALL of you, but "I know you all". See: I can even speak Bracker/Braca.

      I HAD to leave the Brac like my father before me;  to make a living. He returned and so will I.

      I didn't have many/any options in 1976. As I understand it from what is happening, young school-leavers STILL DON'T have many options. I consider that an indictment of those who have represented the Brac.

      I admire those who have "stuck it out" not so much those of the "ruling class" who had more options. But those of the very hard-working :middle" class, my "hat" is off to you.

      I am offering myself as an alternative; for good change.

      If I am rejected by Brackers, I will accept it, but will not give up on trying to make a positive difference. There are those who are looking for good change and deserve someone to represent them.

      David Allen Bodden; FACEBOOK David Allen Bodden.




      • Anonymous says:

        Far too many "quotations" in this "response" for you to make any "sense".

        • anonymous says:

          I took the quotation marks to indicate the intention of irony.

          • Anonymous says:

            It is ironic that you have obviously have no sense of what "ironic" means.

      • Anonymous says:

        And what makes you that person except that you are one of many displaced Brackers. Enlighten us voters please. Also when you plan on coming to meet your people or you just campaigning by face book?

        • David Allen Bodden says:

          I am coming to meet you and explain what makes me that person. I would expect Brackers to be skeptical, even cynical of anyone new o the scene. But in fairness, I have been campainging the last two weeks in the Brac. I will be back on Friday and ask that if you seek good change, then seek me out as I will you (if I know who you are) to reason with you.

      • Anonymous says:

        You may be able to speak Bracka, but you can't speak English!

      • Anonymous says:

        You hanging on to your  your brother's coat tails living high off the Hog for so many years and you talk about the ruling class…?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Lyndon martin never made himself rich during his term in office. Infact he sacrificed much. He has always been for the people, especially the youth of cayman brac. Ask the yóung people who has done most for them and they will tell u lyndon. Also ask the paloma victims and they will recall how hard he worked for them. Remember he was not a paid MLA then but still looking out for his people.
    He has received some blows to his character but he remains committed to cayman brac. Right now cayman brac needs sommeone with his committment and dedication that will keep them informed and engaged. The two MLA never hold meetings and can’t get along with each other.
    Lyndon is a seasoned represenbtative and able to bring a unified force from the brac. Keep on fighting lyndon

    • Anonymous says:

      I supported him once, but will not again — at least not until he matures and demonstrates that he embraces integrity and honor.   He has shown his true colours time and time again.    I don't dislike the man personally, however I don't belive he is fit for public office.  

    • Anonymous says:

      The above post is the most accurate one on this subject.  One of our MLA's will do stuff as long as it is beneficial to their pocketbook (or wallet).  The other seems to think that Cayman Brac is confined to a small area.  Neither one of them hold regular meetings with the people. 

      However, I must say that one of our MLA's works and lives here all year.  That MLA has substantially invested in the Sister Islands and has done an abundance for the young people here – need I list them???  The other MLA appears to come to Cayman Brac frequently but try to get in contact with that MLA.  Prove me wrong, when you contact that MLA's assistant they do not know where they are or what their schedule is (if they do know they are only sharing it with their dedicated supporters). 

      As for Lyndon, he has his faults like all of us.  XXXX

      All right, now the Cayman Brac public already knows all of this stuff.

      Lyndon, if you are reading this, you need to stop giving CNS reasons to publish negative information about you.  You are the best public speaker that we have and need to use your high level of education to the betterment of the community.

      Go Spartans,

  6. Anonymous says:

    With all the charges against him through the years there must be a conspiracy against the gentleman.

  7. Anonymous says:

    You gotta run and remove juju!

    • Anonymous says:

      You think the budget got problems now? Put Lyndon in office and see what happens.  XXXX  He's almost as bad as McKeeva.

      • Anonymous says:

        At least Lyndon has the ambition to show the world that there is more than two Bracers competent to run for the Brac. Go for it Bo Bo, I will be supporting you, at least what we see is what we get. Lyndon has alot of friends and will knock the wind out of somebodys sail. Good luck to you.

    • ?? says:

      Naa,   David can do that….