Dump activist plans to run on C4C ticket in BT

| 11/03/2013

gregg anderson (261x400).jpg(CNS): One of the leaders of the Coalition to Keep Bodden Town Dump Free has announced his intention to fight for a seat in the May election for his district. Gregg Anderson, who has been campaigning for months against the ForCayman Investment Alliance, which includes the closure of the West Bay Road and a proposal to move the GeorgeTown landfill to Bodden Town, will be attempting to take his fight to the Legislative Assembly on the Coalition for Cayman ticket. He is asking people to end divisiveness in the country by voting for an independent candidate. Anderson says he is a 10th generation Caymanian, Certified Management Consultant and entrepreneur who has watched the economic, environmental and social decline of Cayman for the past decade.

“Having witnessed this, I simply cannot sit back any longer and allow the party politics and the related divisiveness to continue to tear our country apart,” he said.

If Anderson achieves the C4C nod he will be the first person to run on the group’s platform in the district of Bodden Town and may be the first candidate to test the theory of whether or not a coalition of people with differing goals can work together. While Anderson is vehemently opposed to the dump move, not all of those in the C4C share his enthusiasm for stopping that proposal. However, Anderson was emphatic when he told CNS Monday that he would not change.  "If elected, I will continue to oppose any effort to move the dump to my district," he said.

Anderson said Cayman needed “exceptional leadership with grassroots passion” and pointed to a community more fractured than ever before. “We are faced with serious challenges that only astute and well-qualified candidates can address. Most of what our country faces today has come at the hands of partisan and party politics. I firmly believe that an independent candidate can better represent constituents because they are not subject to an entrenched party agenda,” he added.

He said previous governments have pursued or supported large projects that may have delivered short-term growth but have left us with huge debts. He said he was advocating for a line-by-line budget review that would cut wastage and “foster efficiency”. He said he wanted to promote the renegotiation of the interest rate of the country’s existing long-term debt as well as “lean management principles”.

“I will seek an acceleration of the existing e-government initiative to further reduce bureaucratic wastage and also ease the cost of doing business with government for enterprises. Strong economic management and macro-economic stability must always be a key priority for the government and Caymanian people. I will insist that government follows proper procurement procedures and that due process, good governance and transparency be used as the guiding principles in key decision-making,” Anderson stated in his announcement for office.

Anderson also wants to see an amendment to the constitution to include a recall mechanism for political representatives that don’t perform.

“Included on my platform is 'Caymanian Enfranchisement', an initiative aimed at ensuring our immigration laws are revamped and enforced such that no qualified Caymanian is covertly prevented from filling a position that they can ably perform in. I will also advocate for amendments to our Trade & Business Licensing Law to better facilitate and not impede small business development,” he said.

However, Anderson did not indicate who among the C4C supported his campaign promises or how, if elected, he proposed to deliver.

See full announcement press release below.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Attention BT'ers. I dont know much about Gregg's personality and otherwise, but based on his knowledge of "Operating Business" and "Strategic Planning", he sounds like he might be a good candidate for the much needed kind of Politician who might do good to steer Cayman on a more hopeful path for the Future.

    Give him a try maybe?

  2. Anonymous says:

    He has always thought himself better than other people & he forgot where he came from! Wrong person to vote in Bobo!!

    Bt Voter

  3. Anonymous says:

    I would like to ask a question to the Coalition to keep Bodden Town Dump free. Can anyone speak on what they think the alternative should be since the CIG cannot afford to remediate or even cap the current dump in Georgetown. While I understand and respect your concerns I would like to know what the realistic alternatives are..


    Can anyone help me with an answer..

    • Anonymous says:

      Here is the solution, and only Dart wont like it:


      The Govt doesnt have money for remediating current site, nor does it have money to build the new facility in BT. therefore, the money that Dart is going to use to remediate the GT site, should be used to construct a WTE facility at the GT site

      • Anonymous says:

        Dont forget, he would also be using money to dig a hole and line it in BT, so that money could also be used to build the WTE in GT

        • Anonymous says:

          Again, why would he do that. I am sure the only reason he's willing to pay for it is to get is out of his sight. Where are the options that don't include darts money.. ?

      • Anonymous says:

         Sounds like a good Idea. But that still requires Dart to pay for it and from what I have read, creating a waste to Energy facility in George Town would cost in the range 75-100 million dollars. Is that figure incorrect ?

        As I see it the deal to cap the dump and create a new one in Bodden Town Dart made with the CIG sounds to me like he doesn’t want the view of garbage from Camana Bay any longer and the only reason he’s willing to put up the money to create the new facility is to have it somewhere else, capping and landscaping the existing one would cost nowhere near what the cost of a WTE facility would be to build and run and again that would still leave it in his backyard. From his point of view I can understand why he’d rather have it out of GT so I don’t see why he would pay for it unless he was getting something out of it, in this case putting an end to and eyesore.

        If he has to pay for it, I am sure he will want to get something out of it. I don’t think he has plans on doing anything For Cayman unless he get something in return, that’s just business.

        It seems that in order to get what the people want the CIG will need to stop relying on Dart to pay for stuff. And find a way to pay of these things themselves so they don't have to make deals..

        So again The question I was asking is more or less what other alternatives are there without Dart being the one to pay for it,


      • Anonymou says:

        The usual Caymanian solution which involves no responsiblity and having someone else both pay and clean up their mess.

        • Anonymous says:

          That logic could apply to Dart's proposal aswell.

        • Anonymous says:

          The Mountain of garbage is not Caymanian's mess.  There are more expats here than Caymanians therefore this huge mess is a result of having too many people on this rock and no Government with foresight (as usual).

          • Anonymous says:

            Nice way to pass the Buck, So I assume you toss nothing in the trash. The point is it's the Cayman Islands Governments responsibility and not Dart Enterprises.

    • Anonymous says:

      Perhaps your question would be best put to the government to ask them WHY they haven't conducted an island-wide research project to establish what is the right site – rather than simply pointing the finger to Mr Dart's land and BT and saying (to the exclusion of any research whatsoever to establish a safe site) that this is it.

      • Anonymous says:

        I am quite sure that was becuase Dart offered the land at no cost and agreed to set it up, if another site was selected it would have to be purchased by government and setup on the thier dime..

    • Anonymous says:

      I would like to ask all those who are opposed to the dump remaining in situ, why did you knowingly moveto an area near the dump and now expect it to be moved (for your convenience) to a place where people live without knowledge that the government would in time decide to dump the dump on them?  If you lived in BT, and suddenly you were faced with this, would you really be so supportive of the dump move yourself?

      • Anonymous says:

        My question is not about my support for the move or not, I do not live in BT or GT I am actually in OMB. I am trying to figure out if I should or should not support it. My questions are to help me make a choice, I do understand the position of the folks in BT because they live there and naturally would not want it near them. I also understand that something needs to be done about it soon, which Is why I was inquiring into if there are other options that the CIG could realistically take regarding the dump.  They make it seem like this is the only option, if it is, we don’t have much of a choice. If there are other options they should be called out on them to see why they are being ignored. I’d like to find out more about the company mentioned above that would do it for just garbage fees where it is, if that is true, I am totally against the move.. If it’s because Cayman can’t afford the cost of fixing it where it is, a new site would be better than just letting it keep growing. As far as Dart paying to fix it where it is and having it stay there, I don’t believe for a minute that he would. It wouldn’t be worth it to him and it’s really not his responsibility. I can however understand why he’d foot the bill for a new site then cap and landscape the old one simply because it would look better from his tenants window.

    • Anonymous says:

      Boy your memories are short!

      The Central Tenders Committee invited bids and selected a company that would:

      – entirely finance the current dump site remediation

      – build waste to energy on current site

      – set up and run recycling and continue to manage the whole waste manangement operation for Cayman on the current site


      And it would cost the CIG not a penny beyond the garbage fees. 

      This is what should have happened!

      But Dart did not like it – so he made Mac overthrow due process and throw out the company selected by the CTC. 

      We would be well on our way to having our waste management problems solved by now!

      Thanks Mac! Again – thanks for nothing. A whole lot of nothing good in 4 years. 


      • Anonymous says:

        Any Idea what the name of that Company was and what type of Garbage fees they put on the Table. Also why hasn't there been any other mention of this. The only thing I here mentioned is that other offers would cost 75-100 milion dollars.. If you could point me in the right direction I'd like to read about that offer…Thanks

  4. Anonymous says:

    The dump is a positive thing! we need a recycling waste management facility & no where else in the world have a dump in its capital! The dump needs to be in a more secluded area & before you bash something make make sure and educate yourself on what it would be like etc!


    • Anonymous says:

      Maybe you should also educate yourself on the statement about nowhere else in the world having a dump (on the outskirts of) its capital?

    • Anonymous says:

      Perhaps you should educate yourself as to the situation of dumps elsewhere in the world – then you'll realise your point is moot.

    • Anonymous says:

      You need to be educated, the current plans do not include waste to energy or recycling they are basically giving us two lined pits and nothing else. Anything else that is required will have to be added at the Governments expense. Meanwhile DART remediates the existing site and turns it into prime real estate and sells it or develops it and once again we see the “walue for money” that the UDP claim we are getting. DART spends less than 20M and gets 100’s of millions worth of prime real estate and someone gets a cut. Who among the UDP were most in favour of this deal? Mark Jon Jon ? You could both import a lot of friends from Mexico and have a nice fiesta one weekend to celebrate nah true?

      • Anonymous says:


        what could he possibly build on that site without having to remove all the garbage..

  5. Anonymous says:

    For all of those who say that Greg is not the 'politician type'


    Good lord thats exactly why you should be voting for him!


    Honest, serves the community, inteligent, successful, grass roots – has the people's best interest in mind. 


    If I could vote in BT I would vote for him. 


    • Anonymous says:

      Funny that you can't spell the word "intelligent" – but I digress!

      Put it this way – he's no politician material for many reasons. He's not a people's person and honestly I have seen no track record of volunteerism or commitment to helping others. This dump committee thing was all planned ahead of the elections so that alone will not get a vote from me.

      There are no many negatives associated with Gregg for him to EVER get my vote. XXXX

      In business he has failed miserable. Only God knows what services he's offering as a management consultant but being a director on CMZ which is plagued with issues and no doubt would seek to use his government connections is more than problematic (if he were ever elected – which won't happen but just saying). This alone shows poor judgment on his part. Did you bother to do any due diligence on the other directors? Especially since he's teaching a anti-money laundering course at the Chamber? Seems to me he needs to brush up on his skills in that department.

      He has not traditionally look out for Caymanians in the workplace and in fact has sought to bring them down. I have proof of this and once he starts campaigning I will be asking some tough questions when he gets on the platform so I hope that he's ready to stand by his track record in this regard.

      Now let's not discuss the failed radio station – that was a huge joke from the word go!

      I could go on but the bottom line he's at the bottom of my list for BT. He will not get a serious consideration from me. NOT NOW NOT EVER!

  6. Peter Zuffrie says:

    Once you put yourself forward seeking public office, you will get a lot of blows.

    Here's a simple query Mr. Anderson: your Press Release says you are a 10th Generation Caymanian, how is this possible:

    1)  when your Dad was from Jamaica; and

    2) yes, I realise that the Caymanian is from your mother's side but how do you get 10 generations – let us say each generation lived for 50 years, 10 generations would take us back 500 years. In 2003, Cayman celebrated its 500 years of discovery and we are now 10 years on from 2003, so the Cayman Islands have been discovered 510 years ago, yet we are expected to believe that you have records going back 500 years. if each generation lived 60 years then your 10 generations would go back 600 years which is even before Cayman was discovered: so your ancestors would have to be Arawaks and/or Caribes. Is 10 generations an innocent mistake Mr Anderson?  

    • VOTING MOM says:

      I agree these 10th generation folks need to scan a family tree and please share it with us just for simple edification.  My family goes back 8 solid generations to original William Bodden born 1772 and William Eden 1737.  However, it is very possible to have 10 generations here so have a trip to the archives.

      I do not doubt the sincerity of Gregg Anderson and believe his family's heritage headstones are up on the walls in the Webster Church in Bodden Town.  And unlike Mac and other politicians who go to church and speak out to their congregation when it serves them, this man has been attending church quietly without fanfare with his family every Sunday for as long as I can remember.

      I'm not sure about the dump project.  I am for recycling and against mount trashmore.  I hope for a good solution to benefit all the people. This is only one iussue and I think Gregg has the business background to be a fair leader.

      I support Gregg Anderson as an educated passionate businessman who works tirelessly with his church, Rotary, Chamber of Commerce, Toastmasters, Youth mentoring, and I do not see ANY other Bodden Town candidates that GIVE SO MUCH BACK TO THE COMMUNITY  year after year after year….Gregg is the prime example of selfless community giving.

      Sorry UDP and PPM Bodden Town Candidates.  This man has been walking the walk and talking the talk for decades.  He is proof of a dedicated community man.  

      • anonymous says:

        If you haven't seen any, it's because you haven't seen all. Simple.

    • VOTING GT and wish it were Bodden Town says:

      Nope, my family goes back 8 and well documented.  Easy math = younger parents than ours?

    • Sotong says:

      A generation surely is about 25-30 years? When you have children you are starting the next generation – so ten generations would be 250-300 years.

    • Anonymous says:

      Where did you get the idea that a generation is 50 years? A generation is the average span of time between the birth of parents and that of their offspring, or in Mr. Anderson's case it may refer to the actual number of Caymanian ancestors on either his maternal or paternal  line. 

      That was your point? Really? 

    • Anonymous says:

      Welcome to the Harry Potter world of Cayman.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well it worked for Sharon Roulston – must be a c$c thing then,

    • Anonymous says:

      I'm a ninth generation lazy pain in the ass but unfortunately it hasn't got me anywhere yet so I guess I will check Social Services and see what they can do for me.

    • Anonymous says:

      you are the fool.

      there are many 10th generation plus caymanians around. I am at least 10th – making my grandparents 12th or more. 


      a new generation comes every app. 25 years – and years people were here 250 years ago. 

  7. Whodatis says:

    Honestly, some of you people are simply disgusting.

    We live in a democracy here in the Cayman Islands, and that means that any individual that falls within the qualifying parameters to seek political election may do so.

    Considering that this is such a small community where much overlap occurs, it is a very brave move for any individual to put themself forward in this way.

    Sadly, some of us take pleasure in tearing down these individual before they have even had the chance to make their case.

    Wise people do not behave in this way … actually, it is a fool that normally conducts himself in such a manner.

    Clearly not everyone has to like or support every candidate that steps forward, but the extent to which some of you go to criticize another is very unsettling.

    I do not know Mr. Anderson personally, however, as with every other candidate, I look forward to hearing his opinion on the following issues;

    • What are your thoughts on development?
    • How will you approach the youth unemployment issue?
    • What are your views on a minimum wage for the Cayman Islands?
    • How do you assess the 50/50 population split in regards to Caymanians / Expats?
    • What are your views on the current state of trade schools / training / opportunities in the Cayman Islands?
    • How do you regard our dependency on work permit fees?
    • Do you believe that Caymanians are being treated fairly in the job market of their own country?
    • What are your views on the "general" work ethic of Caymanians? (Assuming for the moment that the people of any given country actually possess a "general" work ethic!)
    • Where do you see Cayman in terms of a British Overseas Territory in the next 10 years?
    • What are your views on the decriminalisation of "drugs" (marijuana) in the Cayman Islands?
    • How will you address the increase in crime?
    • What are your views on the frighteningly high rate of teenage / unplanned pregnancies in Cayman today?
    • Wake up Cayman says:

      I totally agree with Whodathis’s comment, some of the stuff posted is embarassing. After reading CNS for some years and it has become a “hand over forehead” feeling to read some past and recent articles/posts of the finger pointing, name calling, blaming others rather than take responsibility for your actions and amending past bad decisions.

      Whether we like it or not, the “good ole days” are gone. It was a wonderful and pleasant experience to grow up as a child, where the “bubble” consisting of parents, wide community, job surplus, Christian religion, strong culture beliefs and values that protected its people. The bubble has now burst. With changes in the markets and consumer tastes, fluctuation in foreign exchange rates, cost of living increases, influx of expat workers moving in as neighbours, increased educational standards required to perform certain job types, number of outsourced jobs to cheaper jurisdictions and rising level of unnecessary public money spent with no accountability, we need to act now then be proactive for the future. We can still adjust for these changes by educating our youth with hard and social skills, retrain the mature population, control the expat population and freeze certain jobs for locals, yet still uphold the strong culture beliefs and values that we know.

      We as wise individuals working tiresome hours to keep things afloat are frustrated with the current situation/climate. Surely we want to hear and consider the independent views from candidates on achievable solutions to current problems and for our future. We should concentrate on the short term, medium term and long term goals for:

      • Cayman’s unemployment sector
      • Youth and gang violence
      • Teenage pregnancy
      • Social attitudes towards diversity, equality, expats, youth and future planning. 
      • Lack of permanent housing options
      • Cost of living increases
      • Dump and recycling solutions and more….

      The past has provided solid evidence of poor management of funds, corruption, lack of responsibility, over spending, thrill rides all over the world with nothing to show for, arrest and court proceedings pending and lack of accountability. 

      It is so simple yet; some of you do not act upon it! Why?

      My question is why do you keep voting for the same unattainable people over and over yet blame others?

      There is no ideal world or person but in this current day Caymanians and other legal residents need to vote for the best people to make those changes and fulfil the job.

      Think, listen and ask questions before you make your decision!

      Also, CNS re your last sentence why did you state, “However, Anderson..…………..or how, if elected, he proposed to deliver.

      From reading the attached document, Mr. Anderson addressed some of the issues with possible alternative solutions so I do not understand your last comment??? ???? Or did you update the document recently? I highly doubt that.

      Have a great day!

  8. Anonymous says:

    My family and I live in BT and the simple fact that C4C has to face is that they are either a party or they are just conning everyone, because everybody knows that no man is an island and CNS' valid question has exposed them very much so; where are they goingto get the support for their individualized campaign promises.  Those days are long gone.

    For this simple reason, we are supporting the PPM because they are cohesive and honest.

    We would like to see the Constitution changed to one man, one vote and for Cabinet to run as a group with every voter having the right to elect one group to cabinet and the ability via referendum, to remove them.  Each district can then elect one representative.

    We look forward to hearing what the PPM's plans are and intend to vote PPM in BT.


    • VOTING GT and wish it were Bodden Town says:

      you support a party?  please do researh on party politics in the Caribbean first. It has never brought anything but downfall.

  9. Anonymous says:

    He is not a very socialable person and he expect to get peoples votes?  If you don't want to associate with the people or affilate yourself with them, how do you expect them to vote for you?   In this election you have to be a peoples person, know their needs and wants.   The last-time I check he do not even associate with certain of his own family members.   I do not care what he supports for he surely aiant getting my vote.

    • Anonymous says:

      He like to grin up in David Legge's society magazine along with all those big moey people.

    • Anonymous says:

      I dont associate with some of my family or my spouse's family either, but that's more human nature than political office qualities, and doesnt realy mean anything when judging a candidate's qualities.

  10. CayStudent says:

    A friendly man, but definitely not the politician type. An activist and a politician are two different things and just because you've got a certification in management doesn't mean anything either. Politics is more than just that.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Is this a joke?

  12. Anonymous says:

    Offshore Alert made mention of him being a director for CMZ Group. Google it to read some interesting things about them!

  13. Voice Of Reason says:

    I am surprised that Mr Anderson has agreed to run on 1 single issue "The Dump" what does he intend to do about corruption, employment and the economy in addition to stopping the dump. And if he is elected and the dump is stopped what will he do then ? retire? 

    The Bodden Town people need to know the following facts:

    1. The new UDP team made up of Theresa Saunders and Berry are already out telling people that the C4C supports them. This is a contradiction because C4C claims to be anti-party. 

    2. The C4C are operating like a party and basically lie to the people and say they are not. They started on a lie and will end on a bigger lie. They are in Partnership with Mackeeva and this is a strategy on both tehir parts to split the vote and hurt the PPM.

    3. I have heard the PPM Bodden town team of Suckoo, Panton, Bodden and Eden talk about the economy, unemployment, corruption, and they are also against the dump. They are the best ticket in Bodden Town and have the mix of experience, education and dedication to represent Bodden Town. 

    The UDP and C4C are in bed together its plain and day, UDL-light (Fab 5) are hanging on by a thread. The choice is obviously clear who to vote for in Bodden Town and its the PPM or the BT4.



    • Anonymous says:

      Agree, I believe that C4C is there to split the votes and allow UDP to be re-elected to office. All they do is bash PPM.


      Why not bash Mac and the UDP? Is it because most of them are UDP affiliates with still close ties to UDP?


      Now that we just found out that Mac hire 10 Park rangers from the Nation Building Fund, along with all of the other questionable disbursements by Mac from the NBF, what does C4C have to say about the tactics of the UDP?


      For them to have any sign of credibility, they need to grill the UDP and UDP-Lite just as hard as they grill the PPM. If not, then they are in bed with UDP – plain and simple.

    • Anonymous says:

      C4C will not endorse any UDP candidate no matter what the marl road and UDP might say the UDP and PPM days are numbered.

  14. Caymanian Voter says:

    I used to work with Gregg and believe he is honest and hard working. I also used to work with Chris Saunders a s cannot say the same for him. I’m not voting parties, I’m voting for the man and what he stands for and who he is.

    Gregg has done a LOT for community efforts! He volunteers, goes to church in Bodden Town weekly, listens to the people and is a man of merit.

    Good luck Gregg!

    • Anonymous says:

      Take another look at the picture, I think you are talking about another Gregg Anderson!

      • VOTING GT and wish it were Bodden Town says:

        Anderson was a senior manager at LIME.  Saunders was a senior manager at Digicel.  

        • Anonymous says:

          And? What does being a senior manager at a telecom company have to do with anything? As I recall Saunders was the CPA or Accounts Manager or whatever for Digicel for a short period of time. But what's the point?

        • Jonas Dwyer says:

          and also at hsbc

  15. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, but he is not a "People's Person" !!!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Classic. Is this the same guy that couldn’t even keep a radio station open?

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, but he had to good business sense to recover his investment and exit an overcrowded market where the remaining 14+ stations are struggling to survive in a very small market.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yep, he's another of these Caymanian "experts' in …………whatever, management I think he would say…..or HR, i have seen, or "consulting". He used to work for Cable and Wireless and always thought he was so bright they couldn't  possibly reward him. A prime example of the "failed person" that we have elected in the past to big salaries as an MLA and we don't need him or any of the rest of them ever again.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Gregg, I respect you as a person and I am 100% with you against moving the dump to BT. However, I am not sure about you being a politician.


    Being a good activist and being an MLA/Politician are two completely different things. As an activist, you are focused and have very few masters to serve. As a politician, you lose focus on why you started the jouirney in the first place and you will have many many masters to serve, and will find yourself trading off some of your values to please some people.


    As an Independent, your job of keeping focus and trying to push through your ideals and campaign promises will be 10x harder than those in a party with collectively-agreed ideals and promises.


    I vote in BT and I would feel a lot better if you didnt run but rather supported the party that is also against moving the dump to BT. You speak of divisiveness, you should understand that you running as an independent will divide votes between our cause of not having the dump move to BT, and will make it easier for Mark and Dwayne, or the UDP to be elected in BT – then our cause will be lost.


    Please re-consider, and lets support the party/group that will not move the dump to BT.

    • Kmanlady says:

      I am also a voter in Bodden Town.  Can you, please tell me which party/Group who do not want to move the Dump to Bodden Town so I can support them too…

      Go Greg…at least Iknow you do not want the Dump move to Bodden Town..


      • Anonymous says:

        The Progressives candidates (Anthony, Wayne, Ossie and Alva) do not support the dump coming to BT. Vote PPM all the way!!

        • Anonymous says:

          People, please. It is not a dump. It is a proposed profesional waste mangement and recycling center. The people of George Town do not want the dump to remain there . Why is it every time a new idea is producted it is shot down. We cannot be doing the same things over and over expecting a new result. The issue is, a new site is needed and no one want it in their back yard. So please lets call the issue what it is.


          Lets hear some real solutionsnd suggestions.


          • Anonymous says:

            Poster will you please read the documents.  A dump is a dump.  A dump is all BT is going to get, anything more than a dump has to be paid for in the future by our broke government.  If the government is broke how are they possibly going to find the money to fund any development of the DUMP in BT to the nice waste management facility they keep fooling people like you into thinking it is?  Read the documents.  All they are putting in BT is another dump.  Nothing more, nothing less.

          • Anonymous says:

            The current proposal is no such thing;   the current proposal is for Dart to create three open, lined pits and the garbage from Trashmore to be trucked to BT.   Dart would then cap the GT site without any soil or groundwater mitigation, thus ending Dart's obligation. 


            No, repeat, NO waste management or recycling facility or a 'facility' of any sort is proposed.   CIG doesn't have the money to truck the waste, nor finish the proposed facility. 


            This would create two trash sites for the price of one, benefitting only you-know-who. 


            Terrible deal that would ultimately only end up costing us all more money.    If we're to spend those dollars from our own pockets, Trashmore should be mitigated in place.   The process must be properly tendered — without consideration of personal benefit to politicians.   

      • Anonymous says:

        So far i think it is only the PPM party that does not support the dump moving to BT.


        Mark & Dwayne support putting or moving the dump to BT, but have no plan for dealing with the piling up of garbage once it gets to the site.


        UDP support putting or moving the dump to BT, but also have no plan for dealing with the piling up of garbage once it gets to the site.


        C4C claim they are not a party, just a group of "like-minded" independents, they do not also support moving the dump to BT as far as I know.

      • The PPM says:

        The PPM do not support moving the dump to BT